Mass Shootings

I don’t believe that one single shot was fired in Las Vegas, except in the head of Stephen Paddock, and I think he was dead before all of the chaos began. I think what the crowd heard was blanks being fired, and from the tapes I heard it was belt rounds. With 20,000 cameras on that day, not one single drop of blood was seen. I called the police, the fire department, the EMT companies and two hospitals, and every single one of them refused to comment. Notice how a couple days later, it was stricken from the media. I do not believe for one second that the Saudis were involved in any way, this event like every single one of the so called mass shootings are, it is staged theater to get the guns, or else, show me the proof that one single person dies in any of these mass shootings. Not that our government will not kill the innocent to perpetuate their agenda, they proved that in Korea, Vietnam, Honduras, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and New York on 911, the Saudis had nothing to do with 911, it was the United States Military that brought down those buildings, we are the only ones who had the technology to turn those buildings to dust, and cut those massive steel beams into 30″ sections so that they fell straight down, turn off the FAA traffic control, and distribute the canned production videos to all of the networks perhaps months in advance, proving that all of the cable and media formats were aware of what was going to happen, owned by the globalist who orchestrated that event, it must have taken years to pull that off. No cameras operating at the Pentagon on that day, really, really. If you pull a card out of your sleeve in Vegas a dozen security officers will pounce on you, but they could not catch one single person being killed or wounded, there is no way in hell that Las Vegas was real, it was all staged theater, just like Sandy Hook, Columbine, Orlando, San Bernardino. Any time a thousand police cars show up to a crime scene, and hundreds of first responders for one single criminal, when children are marched single file, out in the open as sitting ducks for a real shooter, when all of the alphabet agencies show up in front of the cameras to pat each other on the back and say what a good job they all did, and they just happened to all be in town on that day, at that time, at that location, what are the chances, as 2,000 city employees all trample over the evidence if it was an actual crime scene. Hollywood has been making movies for along time, they are real good at creating fake actors, fake identities, computer generated facial profiles, anyone with a photo shop software can create a photo of a person, and then it does not take too much more effort to type a name under that photo. The United States of America is real good at making false identification documents, they have been doing this for witness protection programs for decades along with all federal agents, so making a photo, of a child, and assigning an agent to pose as the parent for that child, crying in front of the camera, and laughing at the idiots buying the story behind the camera, is child play to our government. And paying a grown ass adult a big fat paycheck, and paying off the mortgages for all of the homeowners that surrounded Sandy Hook, is real cheap, to move an entire nation to beg the government to take their guns. It is a fool that believes anything that the United States of America tells them, there is no innocent President, no innocent politician, and certainly no innocent soldier or policeman, and those people who say that we should thank our veterans for their service make me want to puke. Take a look at the sky, that is the United States Military, IE, soldiers, IE, Veterans filling the air all life on earth breaths with the poisons that will kill them all, including their own families, their own children, what sort of animal, kills his own children, just because a suit sitting at a desk tells him too, let me tell you, it is a soldier, a Veteran. Your own government is trying everything in it’s power to kill you all, and yet, you all go on defending them. Trump has not done a gawd damn thing except go to rallies. What sort of idiots are you to believe, that a 23 trillion dollar debt somehow translates to the greatest economic boom in the history of America, while at the very same time you refuse to see your own home towns main street all boarded up, what is wrong with you people. America, the people of America, every single politician, every single city council member, the President of this country, the Supreme Court, all of you people, defend, support, and probably wet your pants, as you demand and protest in the streets, child sacrifice in the numbers greater than 65,000,000 children by now, you people rip the heads off of those children while they are still alive, making the fires of Molech seem compassionate. This country can not be defended, it is the most evil nation of people earth has ever seen, Americans, as a nation of people, are evil to the core. Now I know, every single one of you will say “Not Me” well then who makes up the country that is committing all of this evil ? I was born here, I am 70 years old, an Electronic Engineer, I am not a stupid man, but I still have enough cognitive ability to see things clearly. The most horrible form of blasphemy would be to invoke God in any way in this evil, asking him to protect this evil nation, to protect the leaders of this nation, what a horrible thing to do, to ask God to bless the United States of America, the right thing to do would be to pray to God to destroy this nation and usher in His Kingdom, ok , then you would be on the right track, but praying for the protection of evil, is the very epitome of blasphemy.

Politicians Will Save Us

If you think for one second, that either a Republican or a Democrat is going to do the right thing, then you are clearly not paying attention. Go outside, look up into the sky, see those Chemtrails that will kill you if they are not stopped, currently the Republican party is in command of the military that is doing that to this entire planet. Trump is in charge of the military, that makes Trump in charge of the chemtrails, think, think, think, our country has been taken over from the inside. Pence is no different. Both political parties support the pulling the heads off of children while they are still alive, again, BOTH PARTIES SUPPORT ABORTION. This entire country is evil to it’s core. Bombing foreign countries is agreed to by both parties, none more vigorously than Republicans. The republicans should have never participated in this, for three years this country has done nothing but wallow in this childish distraction from reality. If you support either party, you are in agreement with the evil deeds of this country, if you vote, you are throwing your hat, casting your lot, with this evil nation. The only way out is to replace all of the government with voluntary citizens, who do not get paid, but their expenses paid, no lobbyist for corporations allowed to even talk to a member of government. But you have to change every single government agent, from the top down to the city councils and police, and the reason for this is that all of our government, including our local city council and permit and supervisory agencies have bee corrupted by the United Nations Agenda 21 indoctrination. The Green New Deal, New World Order, Agenda 21, has been embraced by all factions of government, none more obvious than the democratic party, but make no mistake, we heard about the Green New Deal from Reagan and Bush as well. The Police have went through military training to enforce the New World Order, they are brainwashed just like anyone in the military is. That is why they also will need to be replaced by volunteers.Neither party protects the constitution, both parties are participating in the destruction of the first, second, and 14 th amendments, just the fact that our nation are having talks about destroying freedom of speech, freedom of the press, personal property rights, and the right to keep and bare arms, should prove to everyone that our government has been corrupted from top to bottom. Stop and frisk laws are another blatant example of how police departments have been corrupted and are no longer able to think and reason for themselves, blindly following orders like brainwashed zombies. You Americans need to wake up, and wake up fast, they are rolling out 5G at a blinding pace, and when it is turned on, there will be no going back, the world you once knew will be over, 5G is the invisible prison bars that will enslave you, just ask anyone who lives in China. There is no greater example to anyone who defends our political system than what we have seen happen for 3 years. Both parties share in this insanity, as does all of those who join in with them, like I say, you cannot buy the tickets, but the cap, buy the jersey, drive to the stadium, sit in the bleachers, buy the beer and hot dog, and then claim you are not at the game, if you take sides with either party, you are at the game.

Americans Did This To Themselves

I don’t know Trump, I have no idea what is in his heart, but the real men who run this world, we do not even know their names. No President has any power to do anything. He may be a wonderful guy, but I find that all Presidents are all talk, they give the speeches they are handed. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about that you can see with your own eyes, Geo Engineering IE Chemtrails, if Chemtrails are not stopped it will kill us all. Chemtrails are being sprayed by the United States Military, IE, Veterans. Trump is supposed to be the Commander and Chief of the Military. He could, if he truly wants clean air and water like he says he does, tell the United States Military to stop polluting the air and water that this entire world breaths and drinks, including his own family, but instead what do we find, an increase in the spraying and him touring a Chemtrail plane. It is cognitive dissonance to believe that everything is fine with the economy when we are now 23 trillion dollars in Debt. If all or your credit cards were maxed out, and you were selling your property to China to survive, would you really think that you were financially well off. The media tells us every single day how wonderful the economy is doing, they also continue telling us that four camel jockeys brought down the massive steel structures in New York with a box cutter and a beer can. I worry about Trump, in many ways ways just like JFK he often times goes off script and says things the globalist do not approve of, in my opinion, he should surround himself with his own personally hired army, make his own media broadcasting station and speak his heart to the American people, the media is controlled by the globalist, they are never going to allow him to speak the truth. Or, in order to protect himself and his family, he should resign, and get the hell out of Washington DC. It should be obvious to everyone of both parties, that for the last three years, neither party has done one single thing, both parties and the media are participating in this ridiculous charade going on about foreign governments interfering in our political system. It is impossible for anyone to interfere in a Presidential election in America, America does not have a Presidential election, we have an Electoral Collage in which 270 men place a man in office in which this man has been groomed for years if not decades in advance. If every single person who has ever lived on earth had voted for Hillary, Trump would have still been placed in office. It was the American people who took down the greatest economic system the world has ever known, we did this to ourselves, Americans destroyed their own economy, not China, not Russia, not Iran, not Iraq, Americans knew the price of everything and the value of nothing. Because of individual greed and self centered gain, we allowed the big concrete tilt up box stores, from China, to come into this country, and completely devastate our main street mom and pop stores that our friends and our families and our neighbors ran, and sacrificed for. Americans are the one’s who took down every single industry that our forefathers built, bleed, and died for. Like the spoiled brat children that Americans are, when we received our inheritance we sold it, took the money and partied until it was all gone. When I went out on my own and started my own business I could not get one single manufacturer to sell to me. It’s a long story, but that is still true to this very day. So this blaming China for unfair business practices, is ridiculous, China has every right to sell it’s products for what ever they want and it is not the place of America, to dictate economic policies to a foreign country, if we don’t like the price, don’t buy it. We, Americans, took down our industries, put them into a shipping container, and sent them to China to make our stuff for us, and then sell it back to us. We actually send chicken to China to be processed and mailed back to us. We gave every single manufacturing process we had to China, like Abraham Lincoln said, we did this to ourselves. In order to teach America a lesson, if I were China, I would refuse to sell anything to America, you want to hit me with tariffs, go right ahead, I simply won’t sell anything to you, you know that heart medication that keeps you alive, that you invented and used to make yourself, but to add to your bottom line you gave that business to me, well good luck getting it again, sorry. Same thing when the United States Senate brought Bill Gates before it and accused him of a monopoly, If I had of been Bill Gates I would of told the Senate ok fine, I will pull Windows operating system off the market right now if that makes you people happy, and then watch, as every single thing in this entire world, save the Amish, shuts down, because this entire world runs on Windows. Oh by the way, manufactures in China. And as regards health care, I would give Americans the choice, if you don’t want health care for others, I would also likewise make sure that you don’t get it as well. Every single time this issue of health care comes up, Americans will fight tooth and nail to keep their very own children from getting it, it is astounding to say the least, they only want health care for themselves, and no one else.

Will Veterans Stand Up

We want to always believe in the best of people, it is how we are made. I would like to believe that Americans will stand up and do the right thing, but all evidence is too the contrary. In order to become president in America you have to support Roe Verses Wade. It comes up as a qualifier every four years, in which if a person wants to be president they have to approve of an American woman pulling the heads, arms, and legs off of their children while they are still alive, this is child sacrifice no matter how you slice it. Americans have killed one forth of their entire population in the most horrendous way man has devised, 65,000,000 million of them, throwing children into the fires of Molech was humane by comparison. This is the truthful condition of American morality, and as if that were not bad enough, American Veterans then go to foreign countries and slaughter innocent children there by the millions as well. American Veterans guard and protect the poppy fields of Afghanistan, then put the heroin on military aircraft and fly it to the streets of America, where the police carry on with protecting the trafficking of drugs, and are given a stand down order for MS13 because the United States Government needs them on the streets to get the cash to fund the black ops destabilizing nations around the world, which is the goal of the United Nations, get rid of national sovereignty, in preparation for a one world government which every single American President has warned us about. This is why the Police do not fight drugs, because the United States and it’s Military and Police are the biggest drug dealers this world has ever seen. It is difficult to imagine that Veterans would suddenly wake up and realize that they have been tricked, because if you try to explain to a Veteran what is really going on, they are in your face protecting their cognitive dissonance in the face of all evidence, they will reject even the words of their Commander and Chief, if he contradicts their pre conditioned belief systems that they fight for freedom, when in all reality they fight for the bankers who launder the drug money. Some simple examples of cognitive dissonance of Americans are the narrative of 911 which is a preposterous lie, and because of that lie Americans, as a nation of people, then said well if Saudi Arabia attacked us, then of course that means that we need to attack Iraq , and the Clean Air Act of course means that we must then fill the air with trillions of tons of nano particulates, viruses and bacteria, which Americans can see happening right in front of their eyes, and yet at the same time become enraged at the suggestion that what they can see is actually happening. They will actually protest in the streets to demand that it continue, that is what the Paris Accord was all about, giving the American Military the right to fly unrestricted over the air space of just about every nation on earth, spraying the Chemtrails filled with nano particles of aluminum, which if not stopped, will kill all life on earth. This is global genocide, being committed by American Veterans. Imagine if you will, being a soldier in a military aircraft, flying over your own town, where your wife and children are living, and filling the air they breath with these poisonous chemicals that will kill them. Now as outrageous as this might sound, it is going on just like that as we speak. American Veterans, killing their own wives and children, just because a suit sitting at a desk tells them too. So I do not have any confidence that Veterans are ever going to wake up to reality because they are brainwashed zombies trained to suppress all normal natural feelings and emotions, turn them off, bury them deep inside, so that they can commit the greatest atrocities man has ever devised. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are examples, those people did nothing to America, but America vaporized them, while protecting the Imperial Palace. Voting is a perfect example of cognitive dissonance, because it is 270 men who place a President into office, and yet Americans will turn out by the millions to the polling booths, when the constitution says that their votes go directly into the trash. And few are more eager to vote than veterans.

Medals Of Honor For Dogs

Here you go , exactly what I talk about, you blind, stupid ignorant Americans. On prime time TV a news event with the President of the United States, announcing that they have given a medal and an engraved plaque to a dog. In the midst of Global genocide, Americans give out medals of honor to dogs. You stupid, stupid, people.


Well maybe after we finish going to war with Iran, we can then turn our attention to the homeless. But here in America it is illegal to feed the homeless or house them. This is why there is no hope, because most people in the entire world, support and defend oppression, this earth can feed and house everyone, it is just that most people stand between the gifts god gives for free, and the people that need them the most. Here is an example, I have a family member that does not want the homeless to sleep on the grass of the park, they want them arrested. There is a ditch running through our oil town that flows with toxic waste from the oil industry, one day we are driving over the bridge and they noticed people sleeping by the stream of waste, and made the comment that they were going to call the police on those people. This town spent around $100,000,000 on a sidewalk that stretches across the city, through eminent domain tearing down all of the buildings to do it, they built a public restroom, which is always locked because the homeless would use it. This is the mentality of the American people, and until we arise to the level of human, there is no hope for the homeless, until we all find ourselves homeless.

American Wars

I put the blind wilful ignorance of the people, who have actually drifted into the realm of stupidity, they simply do not want to know. No matter how much information is out there about the corruption of war, and how it only serves to kill the innocent and make the bankers richer, the people will to this very day offer up their children to the sacrificial alters of the battlefields, and hold into contempt and shame those who will not. I remember in the 60″s when I was a conscientious objector to the war in Vietnam and refused to go to Vietnam and burn people alive while they slept in their grass huts, and spray them down with Napalm while they were trying to run away, the men of this town I live in refused to work with me, and I could not get a job doing anything although I was an excellent welder in an industry that was begging for welders, no one would hire me. Americans love war, they love their trained killing machines that go to foreign countries and slaughter the innocent, and the rest of Americans sit on their sofas, on their fat Walmart shopping asses, and watch this on CNN and Fox as if it were entertainment like the latest Bruce Willis movie. Americans seem to believe that there is some sort of perverted form of honor in killing innocent people, they hold veterans of wars in high esteem. A modern generational example of this insanity can be found when the movie produced by Hollywood of two Airplanes hitting the twin towers of New York, had it’s primary actors get on various televised programs around the world, and reveal to the public, that is was a script they were following, and they were still convinced that the non fictional aspect of this story line was still out there somewhere to be found, the WMD’s were real, we just haven’t found them yet, but not to worry, they will turn up. And although it was Saudi Nationals that were the stunt doubles in this Hollywood Movie production, who never even bothered to show up on the set, that only served to re-enforce the story line that it was the innocent people of Iraq that deserved destruction, and Americans, in their blind patriotic fervor, were only to quick to slaughter the innocent while they slept in their beds, and we held parades in this country in honor of them. And we give GOLD STARS to the families of those who went to Iraq and killed those people who had nothing to do with the production of the fictional movie 911. We starved to death 500,000 children, words of our Secretary of State Madeline Allbright who said it was worth it. And the American people backed this up 100%. There was nothing that even God himself could do to stop the ancient Israelite’s from throwing their children into the fires of Molech. History testifies to the psychological control of cognitive dissonance has over humans. In the face of all realities, they are blind even to the physical effects of reality. The American people are so morally bankrupt, so debased, so evil, so corrupted to the core, that I cannot imagine, except for an act of God, pulling them up out of the hell they so richly deserve. To this very day, Americans pull the heads off of their own children while they are still alive, there is not now, nor was there in ancient Israel, anything God could do to save those people from themselves, so he led them into captivity. Americans are currently on a quest to kill all life on earth by filling the air with nano particulates of a variety of chemicals that will kill all life on earth, 80% of all hospital emissions are currently for respiratory ailments. We have killed 90% of the insects on earth, and our soils are dead because of the pesticides. These are only a couple examples of the physical realities of our own destruction, that we can see, feel, hear, taste , touch, and yet the cognitive dissonance of Americans leave them powerless to even save their own lives. All of this shows what I have said all along, Americans are the most evil people earth has ever seen, and the wars that they inflict around the world, pales in comparison to what Americans do to their own children, we have dismembered while alive 65,000,000 of our own children, we are indeed the greatest drug dealing cartel, terrorist organization earth has ever seen, and calling family members of the men on the front lines of this terrorist organization GOLD STAR FAMILIES, and now we are giving these returning terrorist that we call veterans free houses, while a family member of mine called these soldiers, “BEAUTIFUL” and people call the CHEMTRAIL filled skies, “BEAUTIFUL” only proves the point, that if there is indeed no God to stop this insanity, our fats are sealed by our own blind willful ignorance. Take for example the LGBT community, who protest in the streets demanding the diversity of immigration of the very people who put them to death in their own cultures. It is allot like inviting Jeffry Dahmer to your children’s slumber party. Try moving the West Hollywood night life into Dearborn Michigan and see what happens to you. America was founded so that the Globalist could break away from the domination and control of the Bank Of England and the Vatican, it is a Masonic nation with ancient goals of world domination and enslavement, disguised as freedom, justice, liberty, when in all reality the prison guards of our enslavement is our friends, our family, out neighbors, our countrymen, who have the keys to our cells, but are drugged into a coma, and I am convinced there is nothing that anyone can do to awaken them.