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Dec 31, 2016, 12:07 PM Clar Sisk http://www.anonews.co/40yo-pond-destroyed/ A comment I made in a post about Weather Wars the group having their post taken down.

On October 1st 2016, the United States of America handed over control of the internet to the United Nations. The United Nations has an agenda that will enslave this entire world, just like President Kennedy said. That agenda is given a name and was written into a document released by the United Nations in 1992, called Agenda 21. Last year, that committee met again, to add new nations on board, in conjunction with the Paris agreement. This is titled Agenda 2030, in which they want the document Agenda 21 fully implemented by 2030, that is just 14 years away. The Weather Wars of which you speak about, are a part of the Agenda 21 program, “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars” these wars are against all humanity. Whenever you, or any of us from this day forward speak against the United Nations program’s, we can expect censorship, especially given the laws signed into effect on December 25 by Obama, which makes the claim that all unsubstantiated speech, is propaganda, and can be removed, and it’s authors, penalized. That my friend, means that our free speech is gone, with the stroke of a pen. And we can now even be jailed for it. Americans as a people, have no hope of freedom again in this country, they gave it all away, no, let me rephrase that, they paid to have it taken away. http://asheepnomore.net/2016/12/25/merry-christmas-obama-covertly-signs-dangerous-bill-making-alternative-media-illegal/

Thank you John Minshell for this. I am absolutely disgusted by people who make the claim that they were once Jehovah’s Witnesses, then left the organization, and returned to the vomit of the Trinity Doctrine. I have no patience for blind ignorance and stupidity, and a belief in the Trinity is blind ignorance and stupidity. This entire doctrine centers around the missing “a” at John 1:1 and an entire belief system was formed around that missing letter “a” and because of that, the claim that Jesus Christ was God Almighty himself, infuriated a nation of people who also claimed to be descendants of Abraham, the nation of Islam, leading to the crusades, and endless wars since those days, in which hundreds of millions of people have been slaughtered around the world. What a person believes matters, false beliefs kill people, that is why it is crucial to examine our beliefs, and make sure of them. People make the claim that a person has the right to believe whatever they want to believe, NO YOU DO NOT. You have the obligation to yourself, your families, and all of humanity, to believe those things that are true, and to discard those things that are not, and how dare you, slaughter other innocent people over things that you already know are lies, how dare you join forces and cast your lot in with the liars. Just like Christ himself said, I look forward to the day, when those people who lie about God, no longer exist. And that day will come. It infuriates me, when I here a person say that they profess a belief in Christ and the scriptures, and with the very same breath, proclaim Jesus to be a liar. Insisting that Jesus is God Almighty, when he himself claimed he was the son of God Almighty, that he had a God, is the very same thing as calling not only Jesus, but his father as well, a liar. There is not one single scripture that supports the trinity, and this belief has been argues for two thousand years, and not only do people go fist to cuffs over it, but millions of people have been killed over it. This doctrine is as evil as the person who formed it. If Jesus was god, he would of said so. This belief system who’s entire system has as it’s foundation of the Trinity, has as it’s goal the alienation of man away from both Christ and his Father, which is exactly what Satan wants. This belief in the Trinity, invalidates the scriptures, and everything and everyone in them. It is the very foundation of most false belief systems, all centered around one single letter, “a” . Satan sits back and laughs at the willfully blind among mankind, and how easy it is to get man to slaughter each other. He points out to his cohorts, “Look at what I am going to do, I am going to take out one single letter in their Bibles, and just watch what these idiots do to themselves”!!!!!! And we did. You say this is a ridiculous analogy ?? Once in this world, in our days, one man stood up in this world, and told the world to go out there and start killing each other and we did it. Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito.His friends, joined forces with him in world domination, and hundreds of millions of people were slaughtered. Don’t say it cannot happen. America , since 911, has slaughtered millions of people in the middle east, all over a lie that they admit telling. And these stupid, ignorant Americans call themselves “Gold Star Families” for helping these lying bastards slaughter innocent men women and children while they sleep. It is never ok to believe things that are not true, you have the obligation and the responsibility to teach yourself, and in our days, it is a mouse click away. In today’s time, all ignorance is willful.


And here is exactly the problem, it is going right over the heads of people , literally. This was labeled “A glorious Sunset in California, from thousand Oaks, from someone I respect allot and who works hard for the environment. But heavy metals in the air that we breath, people seem to find beautiful, and that is just what Agenda 21 wants us to think, as they destroy the planet, “How Beautiful” it is to slaughter the blind ignorant gullible Americans. Nothing to see here folks, get yourself another beer and a new video game.



Most likely tomorrow, on the 19th of December, the Electoral Collage will get together and vote Donald Trump into office. Technically speaking Donald Trump is not the President Elect right this minute, that does not happen until tomorrow, he is just assumed to be the selected President. The President of the United States of America, is not elected into office, he is selected, and placed in office. You have got your head up your ass if you think for one second that America elects it’s president, IT DOES NOT. Put down your beer, put away your video game controller, and actually listen to what the media is telling you. On December the 19th, the Electoral Collage decides who gets in office, and even that, is just a formality, they have no real say. It is not that America is ruled over by a dictatorship, it is in all actuality ruled over by a Tyrannical Cabal, which of course has it’s own hierarchy. Both Eisenhower and Kennedy spoke publicly of it, so stop thinking I am some conspirator. Kennedy said the goal of this Cabal was to enslave this entire world, and before he left office he was going to expose it, and shortly after that, he was killed. Eisenhower told us that their primary source of revenue was the industrial military complex and the money supply to run it. You have two Presidents there, plus Roosevelt, plus all of the media right this minute, telling you all, that it is the Electoral Collage, in the absolute most corrupt voting institution earth has ever seen, right in front of your face, telling you that your vote does not count, and yet for the past 2 months, all we have heard from the media is how Russia, and Putin have interfered in the election process of the American President, when in all reality, there is NO ELECTION PROCESS FOR A PRESIDENT IN AMERICA to begin with. How can Putin interfere in a process that does not even exist??? What the hell is wrong with you blind stupid ignorant patriotic Americans. You have heard a hundred times, that most of American citizens have voted for Hilary Clinton, so if we actually had a voting system in this country, she won it. So there is the proof of what I am telling you, and the Presidents of this country are telling you and all of the media is telling you, and tomorrow on the television all of them will be telling you, America has NO voting system for President. American Presidents are chosen and placed into office, they are not voted into office, and if you think for one second that the Electoral Collage votes a President into office, once again, my favorite saying that you have come to identify my writing style with, you have got your head up your ass. There are 300,000,000 million people in America, not one single vote of theirs counts. 538 people do the theoretical voting for this entire nation. Of those 538 people Donald Trump has the pledge of 306 of them I believe. 538-306=232 pledges for Hilary. 272 Electoral pledges are required to win. So subtracting 272 from 306 gives us 34. These 34 people decide over the will of 300,000,000 people, now you please explain to me, how this is NOT a corrupt rigged system. No other nation on earth, is more corrupt in it’s voting system than America, those are the facts as spelled out by your very own presidents, and the media. And yet to this very day, blind, ignorant, stupid, redneck , hick America and will slug it out in the poling booths to participate in a system that turns right around and throws those votes into the fire right in front of their faces. If every single person on earth voted for Trump, the election could still go to Hilary, if there actually was an election. Do not be mislead, there is no voting among the Electoral Collage either, it is all fake, the entire system is fake. You have just got to wake up to reality, things are not what they appear to be, this country is not what you think it is and it never was. I write to encourage you to think clearly, to get your head on straight, to believe in things that are true, and let go of those things that are false and learn to recognize the difference on your own, with your own brain. You cannot change this system, it would take everyone working together, and in this country that would require a degree of education and America, sad to say, is completely ignorant as a nation of people. Not on the individual level, but as a people, Americans are willfully ignorant. Do not go up against the Military or the Police, they will shoot you dead on the spot. You might be thinking that the police are working for the towns they are in, they are not, the police departments in this country have been federalized, and our federal government is under the control of the United Nations. The United Nations is under the control of the Cabal. The Cabal places your elected officials into office, not you, in the words of George Carlin, they have a club, and you ain’t in it. No one’s vote for any office in this country counts, not mine, not yours, not your grandmothers. Russia had noting to do with the voting system in America for the Presidency, America does not have a voting system for it’s President, the Presidential office is assigned seating. If Putin had the power to effect a presidential election, he would of used it for Obama, who caused him so much grief.Dec 18, 2016, 7:24 PMClar SiskUpdated Dec 18, 2016, 9:14 AMDec 18, 2016, 9:14 AMClar Sisk updated his status.A copy and paste from an Urban Renewal ” Sustainable” web site in Seattle, this my friends is the face of Agenda 21, coming to a neighborhood, not near you, “Instead of just saying ‘let’s do more of the same’, the housing authority dared to embrace a bold vision of using 28 acres of land so close to downtown. You can practically walk to downtown Seattle from Yesler Terrace. And said why don’t we take on ourselves environmental stewardship of building a dense urban neighborhood that is walkable, close to transit, and make our carbon footprint much smaller from 561 units to eventually 6,000 housing units. So that’s a very bold vision, but along with that, they also made a steep commitment to social equity. Unlike a lot of urban renewal efforts past and current, no one will be displaced, same number of affordable housing will be rebuilt. Residents of Yesler Terrace who want to come back are welcome to come back. In addition to that, they will build even more affordable housing along the full affordability continuum. So, when it’s all said and done, there may be up to 1500 affordable housing units where there was only 500.” We are going to take 561 units and turn them into 6,000 units, and they are dead serious. The plan is to stack and pack families into 200 – 300 square ft units.

The United States would never interfere in any countries election, they will simply slaughter every single person in your entire country. Life on this earth cannot live without the sun, solar radiation is crucial to all life on earth. Turn down the sun, and you turn down life, including your own. There is nothing man can do to change the temperature of the reflective energy of the suns rays upon our earth, that are dictated by the previously instilled laws of physics governing our universe, trying to do that is insanity. It is man, because of his greed, and domination over his fellow man, that turned this lush paradise into a scorched desert. The key to end global warming, is to stop warming the globe, not block the sun with geo engineering, as if man has the ability to do a better job than God, how has that worked out for us so far, seems to me that the only thing that man has accomplished in regards to this earth, is a lesson in how to completely destroy it. Climate change is not about how to move the sun further away from the earth to cool the earth, Climate change is all about how to destroy all life on earth, so that it doesn’t even matter anymore. You see the person responsible for “global warming” “climate change” “Geo-engineering” is the very same person that tried to end the life of man at the very beginning of man’s life in the Garden of Eden. This person tried to trick a woman into killing her own husband, and he fucking did it. So don’t think that he cannot also trick a lesser man, into killing his own wife and children. In times past, and even to this very moment, this person behind the chemtrails, that are killing us all, leads women to clinics where they sacrifice their children to him, and pilots spray chemicals over the heads of their own wives, husbands and children, mothers and fathers. In that last video I sent you, David Icke described the person behind the new world order as not being organic, like humans are, and he is right, the forces behind the evils of man, are in-organic, they are spiritual beings, and the scriptures do refer to them as reptilian, ie, snake, dragon etc. So don’t be quick to judge the linguistics of David Icke, just listen to his message, he proves every point. That does not mean that I am saying that it is literal snakes and dragons ruling over the earth, it is a metaphorical analogy, painted by the scriptures, as an illustration, to put things into human prospective’ s, so that we have something we can relate to. I don’t waste your time with childish banter, or things you do not need to know, it is life and death issues we are facing right this minute, and this is not the time in the history of man to joke and play around. Eve did not have to kill her husband, it is a choice she made. We do not have to kill each other, it is a choice we are making. If a man breaks into your home, and points a gun to the heads of your children, and with your voice you have the power to stop that trigger from being pulled, and you knowingly, deliberately remain silent, it is all the same as you killed your own child when that trigger is pulled. Apathy is murderous. When people no longer care that their own families are being slaughtered, and all they have to do to stop it is say no, all humanity is lost, and it will take a God to get it back. That is the purpose of my writing. What is killing mankind, although it can be stopped, will not be, this is going to get much much worse. Only God will be able to end the madness of man, so I write to you all, so that when he does, you will recognize it as him, accept his will, learn from the experience, and never, ever, allow this madness to happen again. It does no good to hit the like button, it only helps when you share information, Facebook only relays information that is commented upon, so comment. If you disagree with what I post, then of course, don’t share it. Bad language, harsh stern words, yes, but just how nice and polite should you be to a man who kicks in your front door to murder your family. You didn’t kick in my front door you say. That is allot like a German walking a Jew up to the door of the gas chamber, without telling him that when he steps over that threshold, he is going to die. Not sharing life and death information, with everyone you know, is all the same as you pulling the trigger yourself. Agenda 21 is not about helping the earth, or making you more secure, or improving your life, it is all about destroying this earth and all life on it, by the very same person, who has been trying to do that from the beginning of man. It is packaged and sold about protecting the earth and man, when all reality is the exact opposite. Like I have always told you, whenever your government speaks, what they really mean is the exact opposite.

I live in around Bakersfield California, it is in the San Joaquin Valley of California, where 50% of the nations food supply is grown, a rich agricultural area, or at least it was, before coming under attack by the globalist. I traveled 4 hours through the floor of this valley in the summer, and I posted a picture of one bug on my cars grill. When I was a child, there were times when we would have to stop and clean the bugs off of our windshield in order to continue driving. I have written tens of thousands of words on this very subject, how it is that we no longer have spiders, or insects, and I almost never see a bird, in a part of the country that used to have billions of them feeding off of the crops. But I think now, that what insects are left, and what birds are left, won’t eat the crops, because the GMO crops contain poison in them to repel the insects. I cannot even remember the last time I experienced a mosquito, almost no flies ever. This year we have had about 26 days of sunshine, and 11 months of clouds, not real clouds, but chemical clouds, in a part of the country that normally has sunshine everyday. We are killing the life on this earth, right down to the bacterial level. Poor analogy, and overused of course, but I am not as angry with Hitler, as I am with every single person in Germany that allowed this to happen and not said a word about it, but liquid apathy is what is being sprayed upon us all. In 4 years of screaming this at the top of my lungs, to this very day, in my town, only two people, Linda and Eve, outside my town, only Rebecca and Dennis have acknowledged it as even happening, that is what angers me the most, the blind ignorant apathy. Surely those pilots have families, that they are killing as well, what sort of man, will kill his own wife and children, just because another man tells him to, this proves to me at least how effective the drugs they are spraying upon us all, are.As you are watching this video, keep in mind the people that Trump is assigning as cabinet post in his new administration







A few years ago, I began to inform you all about Agenda 21, and since those days I have written tens of thousands of words on the subject, no one on my Facebook can ever say, as they are guided into the camps, that they were not warned, informed, and aware of this document being implemented, but rather choose to ignore the warning when it could have been stopped, it’s too late now, this is going to happen. There is not enough people willing to even acknowledge Agenda 21, let alone stop it. It is being accomplished incrementally, like the Jews being led into the ovens, in small groups, over a long period of time. One cabin in the mountains, one small 10 acre farmer at a time, one road seldom used, one water well, poisoned, one small town where 50% of the children have asthma, 10% autistic, one confiscated gun at a time, one disappeared homeless person at a time, one home red tagged at a time, one fire started by the government to herd the people into the cities out of the rural areas at a time, until it is your turn. I mentioned dozens of times about the internet of everything, which means everything on the internet, and they do mean everything, right down to literally your empty milk carton that you threw away this morning, they want to know where it is. Your caloric intake will be monitored, and reported, to your doctor, and to your HR department. No reason to provide you with health insurance if you are not going to follow Doctors instructions, and if you are not going to eat that pint of Hagan Daz, why did you buy it, at Ralphs, on December the 20th, at 5:10 pm, and half of it’s weight was missing on the 21st, and the empty carton hit the trash can on the 22, and your blood sugar and cholesterol and chemical composition of Strawberry Hagen Daz matched perfectly with the contents in your stomach. By the way, the DNA in your Vagina does not match that of your husband, what’s up with that?? Pay attention to the pill in one of the videos, “authentication device” it authenticates you, IE micro chip. . Every tree in the forest is being cataloged. I am going to post two videos, watch them, I told you this before, here are two other people telling you the same thing. These things are printed by the United Nations, and they are not kidding around about it. Under Agenda 21, there will be no printed paper, no books for you to check out, everything will be digital. There will be no private homes, that house you are living in right now, you won’t. No one will have a car. Men will not own tools. No guns, no gardens. Protein you say , well they are cooking that up for you as we speak. You will eat what they give you, or you will starve, or if you don’t eat it, your family doesn’t get it to eat either. There is allot of ways to make you compliant, and keep this in mind, they do not care if you or anyone in your family dies, they want 7 billion people wiped off the face of this earth. There will be no unauthorized sex. By their own admission. They are serious, you better wake the hell up real fast. You think I am crazy, don’t you, well I am just passing on information that your own government has put into print, so call them crazy, and call yourself crazy for not paying attention to what your own government says they are going to do to you. 1984, watch the movie a dozen times, take notes.



Thanks Guy for the advise, I have no dog in this race, I am not preaching to anyone, and I have no hope of opening the eyes of anyone. America is the only country that can stop, what America is doing to the rest of the world, including it’s own people. I am not a drama queen, what I am saying is easily proven all you have to do is look up, or talk to any emergency room doctor. I am in Southern California, and here is grown 50% of the nations food supply, the drought in California is being engineered by the United States Military, that is not drama, it is fact. Take a look outside, we have just about killed all of the insects, the bees, and birds fall from the sky by the millions, along with fish washing on shore. This is being done by aerosol spraying of poisons from Military planes, all over this world. I chimed in on a conversation that suggested that military soldiers would never do something immoral, just because a superior told them to, I am suggesting that in it’s entirety, that is all a soldier does, is commit atrocities against humanity, just because someone tells them to, and it is blind ignorance to suggest otherwise. I have no hope of stopping what is coming, Americans are anesthetized, into apathy, and the drugs sprayed from the planes are designed to do just that, that also is fact, not fantasy, fluoride and lithium are designed to sedate, that’s why almost everyone is sleepy all the time now, the nano metals being sprayed penetrate the blood brain barrier, once in the braid, wreck havoc with neurons, and there is no way to get that metal out, and the pile gets bigger with every breath we take, children in the womb, get their dosage as well. These things are fact, that can be proven, it is a mouse click away, it is in military documents, and in papers released by the United Nations. I am not Moses, and there is no promise land to lead anyone to, this earth is all we have, and at the moment, in this stream of time, it is America that is destroying this entire planet, and it is at the hands of the United States Military. So this thread contained comments about the honor-ability of soldiers, I am here to say, that there is nothing honorable about a man, that will kill his own wife and children, just because a superior officer tells him to, that is the bling ignorant brainwashed stupidity of the typical soldier, of any country, not just America, that is a factual statement as insulting as it might be, it is the absolute truth. For a country that has the resources to lead the world, where do we find ourselves. I was born here, in Bakersfield California, blond hair, blue eyes, white as snow. But I am saying, without apology or restraint, or reservation, that I am appalled and disgusted by Americans. it is not entirely their fault, for decades in the schools, they have been trained to become, the most stupid, ignorant, dumb bastards, as a people, this earth has ever seen, these fucking spoiled brat children, and I speak of my generation, sold our inheritance, and spent the money partying. We all pooled our money together, tax money, and we paid our corporations, all of their moving expenses, to ship their factories out of this country, lot, stock, and barrel. Americas set fire to their own country, for profit, tell me please, just how stupid and ignorant is a man that burns down his own house with no where else to live. But this is exactly the typical mindset of Americans as a whole, so I have no hope to lead any American any where, it is too late for that, this country cannot be turned around. It took 200 years to industrialize this country, it took 3 decades to tear it apart, by 2050, that is just 30 years away, earths population will be triple what it is today, with the corresponding demand on earths resources, getting a clean glass of drinking water, will be just about impossible in those days. America, cannot build this nation over again, and even if it did, with earths population doubling, it is a hopeless scenario. I cannot help those who will not even listen, so I write for myself, so that I can say, to me, that Throughout my lifetime, I did all I could possibly do, to help as many people as I possibly could. If what I write is repulsive to you, if you find yourself offended by the truth, recognize the name, and then don’t read the writing. Otherwise, join me, in warning others, of what is coming.


I wrote this in a comment about a book called The Truth That Leads To Eternal Life.

I have a different view about this book. I am not an apologist, and I believe now that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society are evil, they, as an organization, have left the truth, the organization ARE the Apostates. But I would not be the person I am today, I would not know the things I know today, including things that most people would not ascribe to religion, social things, things of the world, were it not for this book. I spent my working career as an Electronic Engineer in the field of music, and in Instrumentation, and from more than one indisputable source, it was told to me that the words of the song “Imagine” by John Lennon came to him from his study of this book. Few people will hold that song in contempt. Watchtower, false prophets, certainly, got some things wrong, certainly, conduct themselves in direct opposition of Christ teachings, absolutely. Molest children, they are guilty as a group, build weapons of war to slaughter innocent people around the world, all the while claiming to be conscientious objectors, for sure. Jehovah’s Witnesses as a group of people are evil, and I shared their beliefs for 50 years. But if it were not for the content of that small 192 page book, we would not have any of an EXJW community, or this group for that matter, so it begs the question, Why is that ?? Not everything in that book is a lie, most of the content of that book is the absolute truth. That book took 2000 years of Christendoms lies, and straightened them out in an easy to understand, comprehensive format. There are things taught in that book, that are indisputable biblical truths, that are not taught by any other religion to this very day, and certainly not before it’s arrival.That book established a pivot point in the intellectual grasp of Christian faith and it’s accompanying responsibilities. Yes, responsibilities come with being a follower of Christ. It is not possible for any book, not even the Bible, to prove or establish beyond question, the entire physical universe and all that is in it, including all life forms, and all interaction between those life forms, but somehow humans demand it. I did not begin to learn until this book and it became the foundation for all that I learned after it, and before a person can challenge, criticize, poke fun at or berate that statement, they should take a moment to review my accomplishments. Things I have designed touch your life every day, when you go to the market, the water that comes from your tap ( in towns without fracking), the music you hear in your cars, the music you hear in your homes, my designs have touched those industries, I am not an idiot. Scientology has a saying, “Stable Datum” that means reference source, things that are absolutes. We have physical laws that are stable in the physical world, that are absolutely true. They are referenced in math, music, physics, metallurgy, electricity, electronics, chemistry. Not everything in the physical universe can be altered according to personal preference or beliefs, like common core wants us all to believe. Likewise, the scriptures are very easy to understand, and once we finally learn, that arguing directly against those written words, become life and death issues, the importance of knowing the difference between truth, and lies, becomes physically apparent in the physical world. What a person believes is a life and death issue, indeed except for the condemnation of death, traceable from Adam to our time, almost all other deaths are caused by false belief systems. This book did not end, but rather began the dialog, to end false belief systems.


“When a warning would save lives, there is no greater evil than silence”
Clar Sisk

Harley‎ Freedom Prepper
Yesterday at 12:52am ·

I am going to take a minute to be real here. I’m pretty new to online prepping communities but one thing I see heaps of is people condemning each other for even considering the possibility that they won’t survive on prepping alone and may have to resort to raiding and robbing.
Perhaps this condemnation is the fear of the weak and vulnerable, perhaps it’s ethical humanitarian idealism.
Reality doesn’t care about what you think is ‘right’. Reality is unforgiving, even in normal life. Seeing the primal nature of humankind if SHTF is going to leave most of your personalities a mess. Your id, ego and superego will swirl like they’ve never before.

Your child has severe allergies, and you need an EpiPen. They’ll die without it.
Next door has one, but they don’t like you. They won’t give it to you.

Self preservation and Protectiveness are instincts that will drive you to do things that will make you unrecognizable to yourself.

What kind of SHTF situation would make you do things against your nature?

“The greatest lies, are unspoken truths”


One of the things that most Americans do not realize, and therefore, most of the people throughout the world, is that the Presidency of America is not actually a voted in position, it is an assigned position. Those who hold that office, are simply that, they are place holders, with zero authority, they don’t even have the power to take out the trash, and that is a literal statement. This is not an absurd statement, it is fact, and easily verified, go to google and type in Electoral Collage. The people of America, voted for Hilary, but the Electoral Collage, placed Donald in the office. Those are the facts. But the problem lays in the human psyche, getting a person to believe what that person already knows to be true. On the eve of the election CNN talked about nothing, except the Electoral Collage vote, and yet to this very day, almost every single American did not even hear that. From the media, every single media outlet it was made clear, that Hillary won the vote of the American people. The Electoral College, this group of 538 men, actually don’t even cast their vote until December 19, and until they do, not even the fake presidency of America, is real, it is perceived. Every single moment of the broadcast networks, covering the Presidential election was staged theater, it was psychological propaganda to keep the population under control, and make them believe that they have a say in their own government, THEY DO NOT. Today on CNN, Carol Costello, talked about this very issue, and yet I bet, not one person on planet earth, got what she was saying. America, currently, is the most powerful nation the world has ever seen, so it begs the question, if the President of the most powerful man on earth is an assigned position, who assigns that position ???? It is not the Electoral Collage, you can bet your life on that. This world is ran by a cabal of powerful men hell bent on dominating this entire globe. This cabal ( definition; secret political group ), was formed hundreds if not thousands of years ago. America is not the altruistic form of government that people have believed it to be, this experiment was no experiment at all, America was planed. America is not a democracy, it is a Demagoguery. The answers to the problems afflicting all of mankind, are elementary, addressable by any child. But humans have net yet even risen to the level of animal yet, because humans do to each other, things that even animals will not do. The United States of America, is the greatest terrorist country earth has ever scene, Genghis Khan had nothing on us. Right this minute, even in England, right over the heads of the people in broad daylight, the United States of America, it’s military, is spraying poisons over this entire world, at the behest of the United Nations. Go outside, look up into the sky, and see the trails of these poisons, and watch as they spread out to form a dome of toxic particles over your entire city, right in your face. This is the problem with humans, they will not even believe what they can see with their own eyes, hear with their own ears. This begs the question, who is it that is poisoning the world, and why are they doing it, it is not Donald Trump, nor is it Barack Obama, and it was not George Bush, they knew about it for sure, even Hilary knew about it, she is a globalist, chief spokes person for the United Nations. No President of any nation is doing this, it is the Cabal, that rules the world, that is poisoning the world. The President job is to make the public believe that the poison is good for them, the physical poisons, as well as the psychological poisons. This is often reinforced by the various false belief systems. Patriotism, Nationalism, Money, Currency, Religion, these are all false belief systems used by the Cabal to control the populations of earth. The less the population of earth, the easier it is to control. This is the goal of Agenda 21 – 2030. Go to you tube, look it up, listen like your life depends on it, because it does. This is not doom and gloom, fear mongering, it is out in the open now, in your face, you can see what they are doing with your own eyes, and hear with your own ears, all you have to do is simply wake the hell up.



I posted a video on Chem-trails awhile back. I mentioned a theory of filling the body with nano partials of metals, and then exciting those metals within our bodies by aiming resonant frequencies at us. I was told I was out of my mind. Listen to this video at around 17:30, but I encourage you to listen to this entire video, Chem-trails are something you can see in your skies right this minute. It is so serious, I cannot even begin to describe the consequences of this. Some of it is all about the money, some of it is all about controlling the food, some of it is simply to kill all life on earth.





Visits to predominantly Muslim suburbs emerging outside nearly all northern European cities, one question keeps recurring: Why have some of the richest, most educated, most secular, most placid, and most homogeneous countries in the world willingly opened their doors to virtually any migrant from the poorest, least modern, most religious, and least stable countries?

Other questions follow. Why have mostly Christian countries decided to take in mostly Muslim immigrants? Why do so many Establishment politicians, most notably Germany’s Angela Merkel, ignore and revile those who increasing worry that this immigration is permanently changing the face of Europe? Why does it fall to the weaker Visegrád states of eastern Europe to articulate a patriotic rejection of this phenomenon? Where will the immigration lead to?

There’s no single answer that applies to multiple countries; but of the many factors (such as secularization) behind this historically unprecedented acceptance of alien peoples, one stands out as most critical: a west European sense of guilt.

To many educated western Europeans, their civilization is less about scientific advances, unprecedented levels of prosperity, and the achievement of unique human freedoms, and more about colonialism, racism, and fascism.

The brutal French conquest of Algeria, the uniquely evil German genocide against the Jews, and the legacy of extreme nationalism cause many Europeans, in the analysis of Pascal Bruckner, a French intellectual, to see themselves as “the sick man of the planet,” responsible for every global problem from poverty to environmental rapacity; “the white man has sown grief and ruin wherever he has gone.” Affluence implies robbery, light skin manifests sinfulness.

Bruckner labels this the “tyranny of guilt” and I encountered some colorful expressions during my recent travels of such self-hatred. A French Catholic priest expressed remorse over the record of the Church. A conservative German intellectual preferred Syrians and Iraqis to his fellow Germans. A Swedish tour guide put down fellow Swedes and hoped he would not be perceived as one.

Indeed, many Europeans feel their guilt makes them superior; the more they dislike themselves, the more they preen — inspiring a strange mix of self-loathing and moral superiority that, among other consequence, leaves them reluctant to commit the time and money required to bear children.

“Europe is losing faith in itself, and birth rates have collapsed,” notes Irish scientist William Reville.

The catastrophic birth dearth underway has created an existential demographic crisis. With women of the European Union bearing just 1.58 children as of 2014, the continent lacks the offspring to replace itself; over time, this far-less-than-replacement rate means a precipitous decline in the numbers of ethnic Portuguese, Greeks, and others. To maintain the welfare state and the pension machine requires importing foreigners.

These two drives — expiating guilt and replacing nonexistent children — then combine to encourage a massive influx of non-Western peoples, what the French writer Renaud Camus calls “the great replacement.” South Asians in the United Kingdom, North Africans in France, and Turks in Germany, plus Somalis, Palestinians, Kurds, and Afghans all over, can claim innocence of Europe’s historic sins even as they offer the prospect of staffing the economy.

As the American writer Mark Steyn puts it, “Islam is now the principal supplier of new Europeans.”

The establishment, or what I call the 6 P’s (politicians, police, prosecutors, the press, professors, and priests), generally insists that everything will turn out fine: Kurds will become productive workers, Somalis fine citizens, and Islamist problems will melt away.

That’s the theory and sometimes it works.

Far too often, however, Muslim immigrants remain aloof from the culture of their new European home or reject it, as most clearly manifested by gender relations; some violently attack non-Muslims. Far too often too, they lack the skills or incentive to work hard and end up an economic liability.

The influx of non-integrating Muslim peoples raises the profound question whether Europe’s civilization of the past millennium can survive. Will England become Londonistan and France an Islamic republic? The Establishment castigates, dismisses, sidelines, ostracizes, suppresses, and even arrests those who raise such issues, demeaning them as right-wing extremists, racists, and neo-fascists.

Nonetheless, the prospect of Islamization prompts a growing number of Europeans to fight on behalf of their traditional way of life. Leaders include intellectuals such as the late Oriana Fallaci and novelist Michel Houellebecq; politicians such as Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary, and Geert Wilders, head of the most popular Dutch party.

Anti-immigration political parties typically win about 20 percent of the vote. And while a consensus has emerged that their appeal will stay about there, perhaps reaching 30 percent, they could well continue to grow. Opinion polls show that very substantial majorities fear Islam and want to stop and even reverse the effects of immigration, especially that of Muslims.

In this light, Norbert Hofer recently winning 50 percent of the vote in Austria represents a potentially major breakthrough.

The greatest question facing Europe is who, establishment or populace, will steer the continent’s future. The extent of Islamist political violence will likely decide this. A drumbeat of high-profile mass-murders (such as in France since January 2015) tilts the field toward the people; its absence allows the establishment to remain in charge.

Ironically, then, the actions of migrants will largely shape Europe’s destiny.

A former official in the U.S. departments of State and Defense, Daniel Pipes has taught at the University of Chicago, Harvard University, the U.S. Naval War College, and Pepperdine University. Pipes is the author of 12 books on the Middle East, Islam, and other political topics. His latest is “Miniatures: Views of Islamic and Middle Eastern Politics.” He writes a bimonthly column for many newspapers and leading Internet sites, and his writings have been translated into 35 languages. He also makes frequent appearances on television and radio. He has received two presidential appointments, has testified before many congressional committees, and has served on five presidential campaigns.

http://www.danielpipes.org/ For more reports from Daniel Pipes — Go Here Now.

http://www.infowars.com/expert-chemtrails-could-wipe-out-humanity/Shane Calkins

How are you all doing? Sleeping more than normal? Short term memory getting difficult? Sudden exhaustion? Respiratory congestion? Ringing in ears and headache? Odd small sores on your skin that don’t heal well? All signs of Aluminum nano particle poisoning and EMF illness.






A comment I made in a posting to the question of why it is that it is hotter after they spray us.

These are nano particles of metals, most of which is Aluminum, when they fill the air with aluminum it is like putting a lid on the pot on the stove, and it increases the temperature, the heat cannot rise and escape. The heat from the sun hitting the top side of this lid, this dome, can escape. I am going to try to say this without using the foul language that this comment demands, but let me make this clear, what ever it is that your government is telling you, the exact opposite is true. There is global warming, that is a fact that we can all see and feel, and it is man made. Spraying the air with aluminum is something that man is doing, must I say, man made. Global warming is caused by heat, not green house gases. We are covering this earth in concrete and steel, not trees and grass, this stores and reflects the suns thermal energy, and then our government, our Military, buts a lid on this thermal mass and brings it to a boil. In the words of the government, never let a good crises go to waste, and they jumped on the bandwagon of increased warmth because of how we are living, to make the problem exponentially worse. Chemtrails are not about solving the global warming problem, Chemtrails are all about creating global warming. Like fracking is not about sucking oil out of rocks, fracking is all about destroying the fresh water supply, so that the government ends up with control of all water. Well this is why it gets hotter when they spray us, that is exactly what they are trying to do, make the earth hotter. Folks, you have just got to wake up, because if we do not come together and stop this, it will kill us all, and most life on earth, even bacteria cannot survive Chemtrails because this stuff penetrated cell walls. The parents and family members of military pilots, should bring down the hammers of hell on their sons and daughters who are flying these planes, these pilots are murdering their own families, that is how brainwashed someone in the military is.


Governments Should Approach Internet of Things in Light-Handed, Strategic Way
How Close is the Internet of Things?
Internet of Things Helps Cities Manage Water”

I didn’t write this, it is from a blog. I am just posting this to remind you of “The Internet Of Things” that I wrote to you about, about, four years ago. The Digit Act has been passed, you should go to Google and type in DIGIT act and read something about it. The United Nations is dead serious about this. Emphasis on DEAD. In this sentence that I copied and pasted you will notice that the internet of things is helping cities manage water, that is happening right now, smart meters are being installed all over this country. These smart meters can be controlled by someone sitting at a desk, on the other side of the world. Why do I mention that the United Nations is dead serious about this, it is because the internet is now in the hands of the United Nations. The United Nations will soon be in control of every drop of water that you use. And every morsel of food that you eat, this is not fear mongering, doom and gloom, this is a fact, and the governments of the world are putting it in writing, and passing laws to enforce it. You are not paying attention, you need to put the beer down, get the fuck off of your video games, and get busy with the real life. If you have children and pets, the day will come when you have to decide who gets that drink of water, your dog or your child. If you think that that is an outrageous statement, that proves my point, you are not paying attention. These chips will be installed in every single thing you buy, every can of soup will be registered to you when you check out of the super market, and that can of soup will be tracked, if you drop that can of soup off at your neighbors house, and it is not authorized in advance, the cops will be right on you, don’t laugh at that, it is real, and it is coming. Even an empty milk carton will be tracked, all the way to it’s destruction at the waste site. This is not fantasy, it is the reality they are in the process of building to enslave all of us, and you people are sitting on your asses and letting it happen. Currently on television you will notice the commercials of “The Internet of EVERYTHING’ , what that means is, everything on the internet, right down to your trash. At this moment in time, if you are reading the things I write, it proves two things, that you can read, and that you have access to the internet, verification of all of the things that I write can be proved by a click of your mouse, ignorance in these days is willful, but that will not always be the case, if this system is allowed to continue, you will not be allowed to read, and neither will you have access to the internet. Again, verification of this statement is provable, I am not making this up, right this minute in our schools, children are not being taught to write, and they are being taught that math is irrelevant, and that any answer is acceptable as long as everyone else agrees with the answer, this is the foundation of Common Core. I only write things that are true, you no longer have the luxury of wallowing around in the mud of lies that you have been living in.


Military Involvement


In years past the Watchtower would have distanced itself from any company or entity engaged in supplying warfare technology. Not so today! Note the following excerpts from the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION in Washington, D.C. involving a company that, among its products, is an engine used in “smart bombs”:

We were organized under the laws of the State of Oregon on July 27, 1992 as Sky Technologies, Inc. On August 1, 1994, our name was officially changed by a vote of a majority of our shareholders to REGI U.S., Inc. We are controlled by Rand Energy Group Inc., a privately held British Columbia corporation (“RAND”), which, in turn, is controlled 51% by Reg Technologies Inc., a publicly held British Columbia corporation (“Reg Tech”).
Rand Cam Engine Corp. is a privately held company whose stock is reportedly owned 50% by The Watchtower Society, a religious organization, 34% by James McCann and the balance by several other shareholders. Mr. McCann has indicated that he donated the shares held by The Watchtower Society to that organization but has retained a voting proxy for those shares. Accordingly, in Notes (3) and (4) above, beneficial ownership of the 5,073,200 shares registered in the name of Rand Energy Group Inc. has been attributed to The Watchtower Society and Mr. McCann. We believe it would be misleading and not provide clear disclosure to list as beneficial owners in the table the other entities and persons discussed in this paragraph, although a strict reading of Rule 13d-3 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 might require each such entity and person to be listed in the beneficial ownership table.
Ceramic Rand Cam TM Engine On December 6, 2001 we announced that a U.S. Navy contract (SBIR No1-144) has been awarded to Advanced Ceramics Research (prime contractor) and REGI U.S., Inc. to build and test a Naval 0.5 horsepower ceramic engine. The proposed engine is a four stroke Rand Cam engine utilizing continuous injection and combustion in a single combustion chamber. The engine will be of all ceramic construction to permit high temperature operation, without cooling, to effectively burn heavy oil. This new motor will be developed for powering the U.S. Navy’s new Smart War-fighter Array of Re-configurable Modules (SWARM) low cost unmanned aerial vehicle. On April 4, 2002 we announced that we signed an agreement to grant a license to Advanced Ceramics Research, Inc. (“ACR”) for the Rand Cam based motors for 10 H.P. or less for the SBIR No 1-144 Navy Contract for the remote piloted applications. We agreed that a 5 year contract will also be granted to ACR for the Rand Cam concept motors for the commercial and military rights for the applications developed under the Navy contract for 10 H.P or less.



A few of my friends have an understanding of electronics like I do, so they will grasp this better than most perhaps. In electronics we have this chemical called Cramolin. Cramolin makes a paste that has cooper and aluminum particles suspended in it. What these particles do is they add greater contact area in the connection, and also dissipate the heat generated within the mechanical connections. Aluminum is widely known to be a very effective thermal conductive media, as well as being a relatively good conductor of electricity. I want to draw your attention now to directed energy weapons that are currently being deployed. Some people believe that some sort of CERN or HARPA weapon was involved in taking down the twin towers, I am not offering an opinion on that, but we do know for a fact certainty, that airplanes did not bring those buildings down and turn them to dust, and sever those steel columns every 30 ft, so that they stacked nicely in a pile, that my friends, did not happen with box cutters. Directed Energy weapons have been used on the battlefield in Iraq and in Afghanistan. I want you to think about this. What would be an efficient way of increasing the thermal transmission and dispersion capabilities of a Directed Energy Weapon on a living organism ???? Answer !!!! Fill that organism with media, that has excellent thermal conductive and electrical conductive properties, IE NANO PARTICLES OF ALUMINUM AND BARIUM. When our bodies, our blood, our brains, our organs contain nano particles of aluminum, and a directed energy weapon is focused at us, it will excite those particles of metals and agitate them, doing enormous destruction to the cells of our bodies, in essence, slicing us up into billions of pieces from the inside. Through Smart Meters, cell disruption can occur through high energy radio frequency transmissions right through the wiring of your home, cooking you while you are watching TV. Your body being filled with heavy metals, increases your conductivity by thousands of times. I look forward to hearing from you, there is a reason why this entire planet is being covered in nano particles of Aluminum, and the Elite are moving under ground, let me hear your ideas.




Exactly, these are beat frequencies delivered from haarp and repeated from cell phone towers, which aren’t really only cell phone towers. In addition to the skies being modulated by these frequencies, our own bodies have been made conductive, including our brains, because these metal particles are so small they traverse the blood brain barrier allowing our brains to become conductive, and modulated by these frequencies as well. It saddens me that to this very day, most people in this entire world, are still in denial of what they can see with their own eyes, it reminds me of the ashes falling from the skies over Germany during the Holocaust, and the German citizens never questioning the origin or cause of those ashes.


If you were wondering how the world powers would truly tighten their grasp on the liberties of its citizens, this is how it will happen.

Everything you do and say will be monitored and recorded to be used to shepherd you towards obedience. The United Nations has always been a force for world dominance, and this program will be enforced the world over.

This is already being done through social media, but because services like Facebook are not obligatory for all citizens, the next logical step is to force citizens to participate in this very program.

Are they running behind schedule? This was supposed to happen by 2017 in the United States:


The United Nations is already working hard toward the implementation of this goal – particularly among refugee populations. The UN has partnered with Accenture to implement a bio metric identification system that reports information “back to a central database in Geneva”.

And these new bio metric identification cards will not just be for refugees. According to a different Find Biometrics report, authorities hope this technology will enable them to achieve the UN’s goal of having this kind of identification in the hands of every man, woman and child on the planet by the year 203o.

The following comes from the official website of the World Bank…

Providing legal identity for all (including birth registration) by 2030 is a target shared by the international community as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (target 16.9). The World Bank Group (WBG) has launched the Identification for Development (ID4D) cross-practice initiative, with the participation of seven GP/CCSAs sharing the same vision and strategic objectives, to help our client countries achieve this goal and with the vision of making everyone count: ensure a unique legal identity and enable digital ID-based services to all.


You keep hearing this term, Electoral College bantered around, and on election night, that is about all you will hear about. Oh, you will hear all this talk about the polling places, and the security surrounding them, and voter fraud, and why they are not open, or why they are closed, or that they closed when people are free to vote and so forth. This is all a distraction, a circus, smoke and mirrors, theater, to make the people think that the government is on top of things protecting the peoples right to vote. There was this big thing in America about women’s right to vote, and about black’s being allowed to vote, and the scare that someone might cross the border and cast a vote, or that someone might come back from the dead and cast a vote, these things are distractions, that is all they are, smoke screens to make people believe that they have some kind of rights or that they are living in a country that gives them rights or protects their freedoms, but in all reality, the exact opposite is true. What ever it is that the government tells you, you can bet your life that the exact opposite is true. Ask yourself this question, if everyone’s vote counts, why do we have two separate and distinct voting systems in America, why do we count two sets of votes, and not just one. Some people say it is the checks and balancing of government to protect us against corruption, do you really believe that bull shit. Today we have the current president of the United States flying around the country in air force one, to drum up support for one of the candidates, at what expense is that, am I really the only one who can see the absurdity in this.

The Electoral College voting means this, your vote does not count to elect the President, you might fight to the death defending your belief that it does, but the truth of the matter is that it does not. All of those voting booths, those poling places, people rushing after work to get their vote in, people mailing in their votes, the voting instruction manuals delivered by the posy office, the 16 republican candidates, the debates, all of the talking heads on the networks, all of this is a dog and pony show. It means nothing, it is staged theater to entertain and distract you.

The Electoral College is a group of men, controlled by the men who rule the world.

California has a population of some 40,000,000 people, but only 55 people out of that 40 million are allowed to actually vote for the president.

New York has a population of some 20,000,000 people, but only 31 of those 20 million people are allowed to actually vote for the president.

District of Columbia, home of the white house, only 3 people are allowed to vote for the President.

Alaska, only 3 people are allowed to vote for the President.

Hawaii, only 4 people are allowed to vote for the President.

Arizona, only 10 people are allowed to vote for the President.

You get the idea, and here is another point, the electoral votes can be cast for whoever that person wants to vote for. And don’t you ever think for one second, that printing up a few hundred million dollars of fake American money, and buying a vote does not happen in this country. It might be tough buying 300,000,000 votes, but it is a piece of cake to buy 2, and that is all that is needed to swing an election in the god bless America country, just 2 votes.


We are hearing allot these days about the election process being rigged. I want to add these comments to the discourse before the election takes place. My greatest struggle in writing and sometimes in speech is controlling my tongue, and my spontaneous outburst of thought. I always say what is on my mind, how I really think, without thinking of how it is going to be received, or reacted too. But then again I feel strongly that it is warranted, this straight forward approach I have to telling it like it is, because most of the time the things I write and talk about are life and death issues, literally, people are dying, over the things I try my best to explain. My goal has always been, not to get you to think like I do, or believe the things I do, but to have critical thinking, so that you can think and reason for yourself, so that when you find yourself alone in this universe, you will have the tools you need, to build a life for yourself, and those who come after you. As my original mentor told me, learn things that are true, verify them, so that even if you find yourself alone in the world, like our first human father, you will be able to stand up for what is right, instead of just listening to what someone tells you to believe. Adam did not do that, he listened to someone else, Satan, rather than thinking for himself. I want you to think and reason for yourself.

What does this election have to do with life or death issues you might say ??? Because if one person gets into office, I can assure you that war is not far behind. People will be slaughtered over this. This is not hysteria speaking, entire nations are preparing for it. And what is even worse, is that this nation, the United States, is preparing you for war, either to participate in it, or to lay down and go back to sleep and let it happen.

It was President Roosevelt who said that “Presidents are not elected, they are selected”. That is not me saying that, it is a former President of the United States who said that, and don’t you think he should know, he was actually there.

In America there is this presidential election process called the Electoral College. “College” get it ? As in “fraternity”, and you ain’t in it, in the words of George Carlin. The Electoral College, is just that, it is a collection, a group of men who say who is going to be the next speech giver. A definition of “College”is “an organized group of professional people with particular aims, duties, and privileges : electoral college.” In the United States the Electoral Collage is a group of men who number 538. A majority of 270 votes is required for a presidential candidate to win an election. 270 + 270 = 540. Lets just say for giggles, that someone gets 269 votes, and someone gets 271 votes, that is a difference of 2 votes. How much money do you think it would take to convince those two persons to vote in the right direction ??? Or are you one of those people who still believe that every single person involved in the political process is as pure and sinless as the driven snow ??

There are two voting systems in a Presidential election. One voting system is called the “Populous Vote” that is to say, the voting of the population. This is where the population, the citizens of America, go out and cast their ballots for the person that they want to be president, of the two choices they are given. This is an illusion, to make the people think that they are electing a president, to make them think that they have a say in their own government, but let me make this one point perfectly clear, not one single vote cast by the more than 300,000,000 million citizens of America, counts in a presidential election, it is a fraudulent rigged system, exactly like you have been told from the beginning, but somehow refuse to believe, even when your own President tells you it is voting fraud, in a more massive scale than any other nation on earth. If you are reading this, than I am assuming you can read, or someone is reading it to you, then go to Google and type in Electoral College, and see for yourself that I am telling you the truth, YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT, exactly like your own government and all of the news networks are telling you, you are just too stupid to believe them. The definition of stupid is “ willful ignorance”. If every single American in this country voted for TRUMP let’s just say for the sake of argument, the Electoral College can still vote into office Clinton, because it is their vote that is counted, not yours. It is the Electoral College that elects a president, not the public, your vote is not worth the ink you used to cast it. It is meaningless, and in your face your own government is telling you that a thousand times per night in election season. Why do you think they mention so many times about the Electoral votes, it is because it is only those votes that are counted, not yours.

But even the Electoral College system of votes, the 538 men, that is just a shame as well. Presidents are selected long in advance and groomed for the position before they ever set foot into the oval office. Think people, think, reason this out for yourselves. The President of the United States does what he is told to do, or, dies in the process.

There is a group of financially powerful men, I say that because they are made of flesh and blood just like you and me, that run this world, and it is only a handful, and of that handful, we can rest assured that there is a hierarchy among them, with one of them being the leader of the cabal. In all cases like this, there is a well paid army that protects their interest and does their bidding, and right now that army is the United States of America. The American military does what this group of men tells them to do. When you look with a reasoning mind at all of the things that the American Military has done in just our lifetime, you can see the hand of abject evil in it. America is not the only pawn in this chest game, but it is the biggest strongest, for the moment. The useful strength of American might, by this international cabal, lay in the dumb blind ignorance of this entire population, these brainwashed thugs, this trained killing machine of the United States Military, spreads the terror of this Cabal around this entire globe, and all you have to do to prove this out, is open your eyes, and use your eyes to actually see things with, beyond your smart phone, and your video games, and your tv.

You have to be some kind of idiot not to see the circus, and the theater, of this entire last year of presidential election coverage by the media. CNN in particular for about 16 months, has done nothing but focus on childish banter between the candidates of which every single one of them is perfectly aware, that this is all staged theatrics to entertain the population, while the Bilderburg group makes it’s next move on the chest board of the world. And it sure looks like they have Putin in their cross hairs. I don’t think for one second that Putin is anything they want to be messing with, there is a reason why he initiated a 40,000,000 citizen participation in a civil defense drill, and told his citizens abroad to return to the motherland immediately.

Your own government is telling you that your vote does not count, just exactly what the hell is wrong with you, that you cannot listen and actually hear that. Nov 2, 2016, 2:19 PM



Corporate Tyranny
“We are dealing with a criminal undertaking at a global level … and there is an ongoing war, it is led by the United States, it may be carried out by a number of proxy countries, which are obeying orders from Washington …The global war on terrorism is a US undertaking, which is fake, it’s based on fake premises. It tells us that somehow America and the Western world are going after a fictitious enemy, the Islamic state, when in fact the Islamic state is fully supported and financed by the Western military alliance and America’s allies in the Persian Gulf. …They say Muslims are terrorists, but it just so happens that terrorists are made in America. They’re not the product of Muslim society, and that should be abundantly clear to everyone on this floor. …The global war on terrorism is a fabrication, a big lie and a crime against humanity.” (source) (source) – Dr. Michel Choissudovsky, Canadian Economist & Ottawa’s Professor of Economics


This is the place of refuge people hide in when you try to tell them that American soldiers slaughter innocent people around the world, and they rest in this mental state when you tell them that 911 towers were not taken down by box cutters, and when they find out that Saddam Husein did not have weapons of mass destruction, and when you tell them that once upon a time, if you were Catholic, and you owned a bible, they killed you for it, and that Jehovah’s Witnesses are Conscientious Objectors when they own the company that builds the engines for the drones that kill people around the world, that families of soldiers that invade foreign countries and someone in that country actually shoots back and kills one of the invading soldiers because he was the real enemy, they cling to cognitive dissonance when they believe that their vote counts because the television tells them it does. I fight this phenomenon in the typical American every single day of my life.


Mistakes In Creation

A friend of mine recently asked these question of me, and I thought that I would answer them publicly, since they are things I have been presented with dozens of times in my life.

And they are this, “That’s interesting, Clarence. I’m glad you still believe in the bible and have faith in its prophecies. Do you think though, in creation, that mistakes have been made? What about hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis? There has been violence in our universe and violence on planet earth. We know that. The earth has been pelted with asteroids. So has the moon. Geologists believe that at one time, there was only one large continent, and then that continent broke up and formed others. Or do you believe everything on earth – the oceans, continents, mountain ranges, plains, are static? Or is creation ever changing? There are mores extinct species than the ones that exist, and many of those are going extinct every year. We have evidence that the whole Midwest of the United States and Canada were at one time under a vast ocean. That’s not a theory; that’s a fact. Alaska was a tropical forest. Sometimes I think God saw what he had made, and left. What do you think? It boggles the mind, doesn’t it? It’s not anything like what we learned in the book, From Paradise Lost to Paradise Found. I think that’s what it was called, or something like that. “

So the first question is this, “Do you think mistakes were made in creation”?
The short answer is, no I absolutely do not, God does not make mistakes, but he does feel regret, he said so, but regret is not an admission of failure, or a mistake. His feelings of regret stems from what others did with his creation, not what he himself did. He made a beautiful home for his earthly family, and then in a spirit of ungrateful, unappreciative rejection, they proceeded to burn it down, and mankind has continued on that course to this very day. In this year of 2016, with our own eyes, we can all look up into the sky and see for ourselves, the current, in progress destruction of all living things on this planet, at the instruction of the United Nations Agenda 21 program of “sustainable destruction” and carried out by the United States of America Department of Defense, as if we needed defending from the laws of nature, and if we do, it is because we have violated them in the most horrific ways, from the Garden of Eden, where our first parents slaughtered their own children, to this very moment in time. And by extension of silence and apathy, all of mankind are participating in it. It is being done by Americans, and Americans act as if their lips, have been sewn shut, with eyes that will not see, and ears that will not hear. One more of the reasons why I continue to say, unapologetically, and with overwhelming evidence, that the most evil terrorist that mankind has ever seen, is the average every day American citizen. Right this minute, in your own town, American pilots, are flying American planes, over American cities, spraying down American citizens with poison that is going to kill them, and instead of the families of those pilots telling their sons not to kill them like that, they view their son, flying those planes, spraying them down with poison, as some kind of hero. Tell me please, just how sick, twisted, demented, disgusting, perverted, is the mind of the typical American, who can call a man a hero, that puts a gun to the head of his wife, children, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, and pulls the trigger? Most animals, do not eat their young, they protect them. Americans have not yet risen to the level of even the most debased animals when you can sit on your sofas, and drink your beer, and play your video games, and change the channels of your 1000 channels of so called entertainment, chewing gum for the mind televisions, while saluting the flag of the nation who is slaughtering your children, and you beg God’s blessing upon them for it. So don’t even think you can chastise me, for my language against Americans, the evidence of their depravity is overwhelming. Look up at the sky, and witness your destruction upon you.

So what does this paragraph have to do with, “mistakes in creation”??

This earth was perfectly designed. This entire earth was designed to constantly renew and repair itself, refresh air, water, soil, life. Instructions were given to man on its care. Take that Garden of Eden, and spread it to the entire planet, take care of the animals, fill the earth with your offspring. From tiny seeds grow trees for wood to build homes, without end. The roots of trees, wick up dissolved minerals from deep in the ground, drop them from the leaves onto the surface of the ground to create rich topsoil to grow food. This was God’s instructions to man, but what did man actually do.

Again, the short story. Man began giving birth, for the sole purpose of destruction, throwing their children into the fires of false God’s to worship them, instead of the living God who made them. Man cut down the trees, and turned fertile land into deserts, man began polluting the water, and the unimaginable cruelty, the horrible things that man has done to the animals. Man began to cover this earth in concrete and steel, and then made roaming masses of steel to drive upon these concrete freeways. Man began to construct his home of concrete and steel, stucco is just another name for cement. These materials are heat amplifiers, not like shades from trees.

The earth is a gyroscope, spinning through space on an axes. It has a fluid, on the inside core, and in the outside crust of the earth, to dampen its vibrations, and to lubricate it’s moving parts, and add stabilization to it’s rotation. Just like the fluid in a gyroscope stabilizes it’s rotation. The fluid in the earth also serves to dissipate and disperse heat from the Sun. The earth is heated up by the Sun, and it cools down at night with the Moon. This causes expansion and contraction in the crust of the earth. In your drive way, and in concrete freeways you will notice what is called expansion joints in the concrete slabs. This is so that the concrete does not sever when it expands and contracts. You might not notice it, but the sections of concrete do move in the day and the night. The earth also has expansion joints called fissures, that allow the crust of the earth to expand and contract. It helps allot if these moving parts are lubricated, that way they don’t jerk so much when they move, it is smoothed out, something like a well lubricated bearing, versus one that is bone dry. The earth is covered in a crust that is called tectonic plates, plates of earth that move when the earth heats up and cools down. Petroleum, that is to say, oil, is the lubrication medium of these tectonic plates.

For a hundred years mankind has pumped out of the earth this lubricant that the earth needs to function, by the trillions of barrels, and we set it on fire, in our cars, our homes, and our factories, and instead of planting grass, we spread this oil out on the surface of the earth, and drove around our chunks of steel, that create and reflect heat, in staggering quantities. Every single year, mankind makes tens of millions of cars to drive on these roads of oil around this globe. Steel and blacktop reflect allot of the Sun’s energy into the atmosphere. Lay yourself down under a tree on the shady knoll, on the hottest day of summer and you can lay there with your loved one all day and all night, and the worse thing that will happen to you is amorousness. Lay yourself down on the blacktop in the summer for just ten minutes, and you will be taken to the hospital with burns, and for much longer and it will kill you. It is unimaginable the thermal energy reflected into our atmosphere as a direct reflection of mans disobedience to God’s instructions. Further, God told men, fill the earth and subdue it. What did man do ? Did he fill the earth ? No he did not, he congregated himself into mega cities. He built these huge complexes of concrete and steel onto the surface of these tectonic plated, that need to move, with heat expansion. These giant enormous structures we call cities sink trillions upon trillions of thermal Btu’s from the Sun’s energy. This gathering of materials from one part of the earth, concrete and steel and pilling it into one compact area of the earth on a tectonic plate, who’s lubricating fluid has been drained, causes one plate to sink below a plate that has no construction , or weight upon it, in a jerking motion, some call it a thrust, IE, EARTHQUAKE, well DUUUUUGH. Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Seattle, ETC all of these cities of the world put unimaginable stresses on the plates of which they are sitting, couple that with the increased heat generated by the mass of the building materials, and the dissipation factor of the missing oil, and it is an elementary recipe for disaster. A critical thermal mass develops, and then something has to give, and the bigger the object is that has to be moved, the more violent the movement. Tsunamis are cause by earthquakes. Some are going to say, well earthquakes happen out at sea sometimes so that can’t always be the case. Tectonic plates can cover thousands or millions of square miles, which side of the plate shifted ?.

Why the strong language , why the derisive speech, some have called me a cyber bully because of my words. Well exactly how do you talk to a vicious unrepentant murderer, because that is exactly what we are, we are deliberately killing each other for no good reason except for willful ignorance and greed, and we need to snap out of it, before we all kill each other off. You cannot wake a person up, by fluffing his pillow, and giving him a blanket, you need to stick a needle in his ass, or plug his prewired chair into the outlet. If they are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem, they need to help, or they need to be gone, apathetic silence is a part of the problem. Something even God said he could not allow, apathy will not be tolerated in God’s Kingdom, you will either be for him or against him, there will be no position for, “I don’t care “ or “I don’t want to know”. There, in that world, if you don’t want to know, you won’t be around to.

Hurricanes are cause by the violent weather jet streams caused by the massive heat vortexes generated by the Suns amplified thermal energy caused by mankind covering the earth in materials which gather and release unimaginable amount of stored thermal energy into our atmosphere, which is then further allowed to move unrestricted across the barren surface of the earth devoid of vegetation to slow it down, or moisture laden clouds to temper the jet streams. So there unrestricted movement allows them to pick up speed aided by earths rotation and the movement of thermal vectors. We have all seen the thermal waves coming off of the pavement in a distance as we drive our cars across the desert sands in lonely stretches of road on a summer day, imagine if you will, that energy multiplied by the trillions all over this earth. Cities generate their own weather patterns, imagine if you will, these weather patterns locking hands and joining forces as city after city around this globe add their own horse to the pull. The gravitational pull and release of the movement of the moon act as a billow to flame this furnace of movement of the jet stream in conjunction with the rotation of the earth. Tornadoes are another symptom of the same cause. When this earth is turned into a garden home, and we stop destroying it, and begin to do what it’s creator told us to do, these weather extremes will end.

A word about fossil fuels. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FOSSIL FUELS. That oil was put there deliberately, it was designed. All living things return to dust when they die. Dinosaurs included, Dinosaurs did not turn into oil when they died, they returned to the dust, exactly like the scriptures tell us they did. Plants do not become oil when they fall to the ground, they become dust again. Finding a leaf, a blade of grass, a Dinosaur bone in a pool of oil does not mean that that Dinosaur bone became oil, nor did the brothers of that tree trunk, they just landed in that oil, and rather than becoming that oil, they were preserved by it.

Next I will answer the point of violence in the universe and on earth.Comments On The Bible – Part One

About the Bible. Yes I certainly do have faith and a strong belief in the scriptures. However, it is safe for me to say, that if it were not for what I learned with Jehovah’s Witnesses, I would of known nothing about it. There is a story to tell there, but I will have to save that for another time. As I have said before, not everything we learned by Jehovah’s Witnesses is wrong, it is the Apostasy of the Governing Body that is wrong. That is the name and the premise of a web site I am currently working on, Apostasy.co, I couldn’t get Apostasy.com. It is the Governing Body that has committed Apostasy, not us.

Yes, anyone who knows me knows that I have a strong faith in the scriptures, but not a blind faith, faith out of the assurance I have received from the world around me. The following words might at times seem out of context or off subject, but they are not, they are included to drive the point home, and broaden the view. No other book in the history of man has come under attack as the Bible has, and for good reason, it threatens the rulership and dominance of man over man. I am not convinced any longer, that God actually instructed the writing of the scriptures, but rather they were written because man was inspired by God, to write them. Perhaps he instructed Moses, and it seems to me that I vaguely remember somewhere else where someone was instructed to write this down, but overall, I think that man while under the influence and bathed in spirituality, wrote from their hearts, their perspectives of the moment. Paul once said that it was his “opinion” for example, God rarely offers an opinon.

I think that if the Bible writers would of known how much controversy, death destruction and violence would be the result of the words they wrote down, they certainly would of chosen them more carefully. An entire religious belief system was formed, by whether or not to include the letter “a” in John 1:1.

The last verse of John says, “I suppose that if everything that the Christ said and did were ever written down in detail, the world itself could not contain the scrolls written.” I believe that, and that is just about him. The Bible is a very small book, and in today’s world, mankind in general, stubbornly are refusing to read, and I believe that that phenomenon is from the spirit operating in the air, and not the good kind. In our schools right now, through the program called Common Core, we are actually teaching our children not to read, not to write, and not to do correct math. If parents refuse this Common Core teachings, and resist it, their children can be taken away from them for child endangerment and neglect. Truth to tell. In some school districts the emotional reaction of a child doing homework is monitored by the school system through the state supplied computer system and wrist straps. When a child is emotionally conflicted, it is registered by those monitoring the children, a bell goes off to tell the state monitors that a child is emotionally stressed in a home, and up pops the name address of parents and student. This is not science fiction, it is going on right now, and is only going to get much much worse, this is part of Agenda 21. Children no longer belong to parents, they belong to the state. Point of this is, that one of the reasons that people no longer read, is by design, our government doesn’t want people to read, and it is discouraged at a very young age, and if you dig deep, we are returning back to the dark ages when it was actually a death penalty if you were caught reading, I would recommend everyone read Agenda 21, this is a very real document that is being implemented as we speak, and it will return us not only to the dark ages, but to a place of dense darkness such as the world has never experienced, and if not stopped, no one will live through it, and at this point I would like to remind ourselves of the words of Christ, that in the end, things would get so bad, that unless his Father steps in and stops mankind from oppressing each other, and poisoning the earth, no one is going to survive. We are fixed on that path right this minute.

It is impossible for a person to place trust and confidence, a belief and faith in a book they have never read. And even reading a book alone, does not promise a person will understand it. The reason that we have teacher and professors in our schools is because simply reading a book on Calculus or Vector Analysis or Chemistry, or Algebra, or Music Theory, or Physics will guarantee an understanding of the material. I did not learn welding or cabinet making on my own, few people learn how to be a machinist on their own. And even if they did or do, the learning curve going it alone is far longer than having a guide, so long as that guide does not lead them off of a cliff. It is ok to have a teacher of a subject, Jesus was called “The Great Teacher”.

The reason that the Bible is so misunderstood and criticized is simply because people have not read it, don’t understand it and have no reference in which to relate to it. The most important book in the history of man, about the history of man, is the very book, in the typical tradition of the human species, that is illegal to teach in the history classes of America, and in 25% of the rest of the worlds population, so it is no wonder, that this book, is so misunderstood.

It was never intended or envisioned that the books of the bible would cover in detail the entire history of mankind from the garden of Eden to the end of the thousand year reign of Christ. It was also never envisioned that each and every letter in the bible would come under such scrutiny to discredit it. For 2,000 years an entire religious belief system has been designed around the absence of one single letter in the bible, that has led to the conflict and slaughter of millions of people around the world. That letter, the letter “a” at John 1:1 has lead to more misunderstandings of the scriptures than entire libraries of conflicting stories. Another entire religious belief system was developed with the inclusion of the letter “a” at John 1:1 , Jehovah’s Witnesses. The two religious system are in direct conflict and disagreement with each other, one teaches that Jesus actually was God, he just lied about having a Father, because he actually was the Father, just trying to deceive us all, and the other religious belief system teaches that Jesus was who he said he was, and that he actually had a Father, like he said, Jesus was the Son of God, he was not God Almighty. The so called Christian religious belief systems of the world can be divided into those two camps, those who believe that Jesus was the Father, and those who believe that Jesus was the Son of God like he said he was. Those who believe that Jesus was a liar, and those who believe that Jesus was telling the truth.

In either case, neither camps can call themselves Christian, because none of them teach nor do they practice bible based principles of Christianity as laid out by Christ himself. One of those camps are the largest contributors of soldiers that go to foreign countries and slaughter innocent people, men, women , and children, by the millions while claiming to be followers of Christ. The other camp, know primarily for preaching door to door, and claiming to be conscientious objectors, apposed to war, have been recently discovered to be a major financial contributor and stock holder in the building of the weapons of war and armaments used by those soldiers of the other camp. One group provides the manpower, the other group provides the weapons. This falls a bit short of the principles of Christ as demonstrated at the garden of Gethsemane when Peter took his sword and cut off the ear of the soldier.

There are no religions on the face of this earth today, who represent the teachings of the scriptures in any way. Not those of the Mosaic Law Covenant, not those of the teachings of Christ.

From the Garden of Eden until our very day, mankind has still not found a way, to live by the principles set out in Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. What man has discovered however, as initiated in the Garden of Eden and continuing to our day, and finding conclusion at the end of Revelation, is the endless slaughtering of each other in the most horrific ways possible, mankind has mastered that. All the while making the claim, that the Bible is so full of contradictions that it can never be understood, so why even bother. While ignoring every word God said, mankind blames God for planning in advance the evils of man.

While holding in comparison the Bible in one hand and the history of man in the other, it is easy to derive the conclusion that there is no God, and that the bible is just a book of fictional stories about fictional characters, that is of course, until one investigates. And that is exactly what is required, a sincere, comprehensive, objectionable, disciplined, examination. Just give the Bible a chance, and it will reveal itself to you.

Written under inspiration, what does that mean ?? Inspiration means to be mentally stimulated to do something, a sudden brilliant, creative, timely idea. It is a descriptive noun, not an adjective. It does not mean that God himself grasped hold of the hand and pen, and forced the writing of the Bible himself.

In his infinite wisdom God inspired man to write from his own prospective and life experiences. For the most part God has always dealt with man on man’s level. He gave as good as he got, and usually it was tit for tat, you do this to me, and I am going to give it back to you. So many of the critics of the scriptures seem to focus on those recorded passages of Gods perceived revenge and judgments, never giving consideration as to what caused God to act out in that way. It is not the time for writing about that right now, but let me just give a sentence or too on the subject, that might help give confidence in the scriptures. It is man that filled the earth with violence with the aid of disobedient angels who came down for the expressed purpose of destroying life on earth. The goal of destroying all life on earth has never departed them, that is still the goal of Satan and his angels, he thought that he could get Adam and Eve killed before they had children and end it right there, but in Gods wisdom, that did not happen. So Satan turned his attention on to the basic instinct and morality of man, suspended in a world filled with desperation and the violence that desperate men inflict upon each other. Satan perhaps thought that he could destroy man by having his angels breed with women, keeping them pregnant at all times with the offspring of angels, who were sterile. The scriptures said that the angels took all of the women they wanted. How many angels were there, perhaps billions, we don’t know. Without a doubt, human men were never given a chance at normal relations with women when the angels took over the earth. When we look into Greek mythology, we can clearly see how that meshes with what we could imagine life on earth before the flood, when God said “All flesh has ruined it’s way”. He was left with no choice but to destroy the genetic manipulations cause by Satan and his demon angels who were hell bent on destroying everything that God had made. This genetic manipulations by Satan has never ended. He was alive when the earth and man came to be, and he knows how life on earth was formed. We are all being genetically manipulated right this minute. The food we are eating, is designed to go into our DNA and snip out sections and install new genetic codes. This is happening to the animal kingdom, and all life on earth, some of it being done through the air we breath, via Chemtrails. Think I am crazy, case in point, Zika !!! This is a genetic alteration of the human DNA by man made virus delivered by a genetically modified aerial delivery system, mosquitoes.

For the moment and for this writing, the last point I want to make on the subject of a revengeful God is this. It was Satan and his demons that inspired human sacrifice. The first human sacrifice inspired by Satan was at the Garden of Eden, and the victims were Adam and Eve. The second human sacrifice in the history of man was just outside the Garden of Eden, the son of Adam and Eve, Abel. Of the first four humans on earth, Satan saw to the sacrificing of three of them. And he never stopped. Human sacrifice continues to this very day, except it is on a far grander scale today, and some people even consider it normal, and it is now protected by law. 65,000,000 million children have been sacrificed on the alters of abortion clinics by American doctors, for those of you who still wave your disgusting flag. And might I just say this, in a nation that claims to be Christian, followers of Christ, no wonder Muslims call us infidels. Talk about hypocrisy. There has never existed a nation on this earth more evil than the United States of America. How is it even possible that any rational human being could look at the wholesale slaughter of 65,000,000 innocent children, and think of it as anything but the most evil. One more reason why blind patriotism and nationalistic pride disgust me practically more than anything else. Christmas is not a celebration of the birth of Christ, it is the celebration of child sacrifice. Of all of the holidays, to me, it is the most despicable.

From the earliest days of man, the sacrificing of children especially has been a part of the worship of Gods, not the true living God, but of the Gods made of brick and stone, the dead gods. The ones that never were alive. People to this very moment still shout and exclaim, God bless America, the greatest child sacrifice nation earth has ever seen, yes, child sacrifice is still very much a part of religious adoration. Imbued with religious fervor, the United States Military continues to sacrifice the lives of innocent children on the battlefields of corporate greed around the globe. By it’s own admission, starving to death, 500,000 children of Iraq, and we call those who participated in this atrocities, Gold Star Families, and pin medals on the soldiers for honor and valor, how disgusting. The United States Military, at 10:am, on the morning of 911, brought down the Twin Towers on the top of the heads of innocent children, women, men, police, fireman.. And then we called them heroes. Then we picked a country, any country, it didn’t matter, and in the middle of the night, while the innocent were sleeping, American Military soldiers, in their blind ignorant patriotic fervor, slaughtered the innocent. God Bless America, you stupid stupid ignorant people.

So, having vented that, the nation of Israel was suspended in a world filled with the alters of child sacrifice several thousand years ago. Perhaps the alters of Molech were like today’s Starbucks, one on every corner. They were described as being built in the high places surrounded by evergreen trees and having Asherah poles by them. A sacred pole to honor Asherah or Astarte. Celebrated by the holiday called Easter in modern times, the goddess of fertility. Fertility for the purpose of sacrificing the child on that very altar. There were ritual breeding sessions to deliberately get pregnant on a certain day, so that the child could be delivered on December 25, wrapped in a bundle, and placed underneath the evergreen trees at the altar. Get pregnant in March on Easter and deliver that child in December at the alter 9 months later, to be thrown into the fires of Molech. The celebration of Saturnalia continues to this very day, only now, Satan has hitched, pinned, it to Christ, blaming him for it. History is littered with the shredded wrappings and bows of the most evil holiday Satan ever created, and yet still to this very day, on December 25, around the world, millions of people join in with Satan and drag wrapped bundles from underneath the evergreen trees, and blame it on Christ. It doesn’t mean that to me they claim!!! It is what it means to Christ that should matter to them, and they should imagine just how he feels about a holiday erected in his honor, that leaves behind the legacy of gift giving of a live child, thrown into fire. Christ was alive for the thousands of years before the first century when child sacrifice was an established tradition among men, and it was called Saturnalia, he was also alive after the first century, when that celebration was renamed in his honor as a mass for Christ by the Catholic Church.

To this very day, there are breeding clubs around the world, that breed women in time to deliver a child on the abortion tables of the world, on the very day of Saturnalia celebrations.

When the nation of Israel was formed, the Jews adopted the practice of sacrificing children from the surrounding nations, in defiance of the living God. Even King Solomon got involved with it. Through out the history of God’s dealings there was nothing he could say or do to make the Jews stop throwing their children into the fires of Molech.

Man has been at war with each other since Cain and Able, but the first 4,000 years were particularly brutal and violent. War in those days meant that no living thing of the opposing side was left alive, no second generation to seek revenge, even the animals were slaughtered, that is just the way wars were fought in those times. There were no prisoners to take. Like for like, sole for soul, whenever God was involved in a war with man, he played that war by the rules man set up. And he left the reminders of his involvement for all to remember, and in some cases, had those reminders written down for future generations to be reminded. Some paint God as cruel and heartless, vengeful, a God of war not peace. God did not start the wars, he only finished them, when he or his were being threatened. If need be, God can become whatever he needs to be, to work out his will, and if that means coming down to the level of man and fighting man on his own terms, God can do that if he so chooses. First rule, don’t fight God, you are going to loose. And it will be like for like, eye for eye, tooth for tooth soul for soul. You kill one of his children, he will kill one of yours, you kill a pregnant woman, he will kill one of yours. Don’t do it. He will not leave your relatives behind to start things up all over again.

None of us are ever going to have the answer’s to how, why or whens and who’s of the first 4,000 years of God’s dealings with man, and the endless wars of those times, until those involved come back to life and tell us. The Bible was never meant to detail those events or time periods. We can however view the Bible as an honest forth write congruent narrative and reflection of those events it mentions. Details missing, holes in stories, things left out, of course, but judge the book by what it did include. The Bible tells the story of the conflicts and the evil deeds and dealings of man on man rule. It also hints at the fateful challenges man made against God, and the outcome. The Bible gives us little snippets of events in the early years, of the good, the bad, the ugly and the decent side of man, and in some occasions, Gods response to them. The Bible does not sugar coat anything, if anything, it reveals the very worst, not the very best of man. For instance the reason for one of the most cataclysmic events in the history of man, is only one sentence long.

No one is flattered by the Bible, not God, not Man, and not Christ, this book is the most honest biography of all three ever written by or about individuals. If anyone, or any of the writers were ever trying to pull the wool over our eyes, and paint some sort of misleading, glory seeking, praise of or about themselves, the Bible is a calamitous failure. And it is just for these reasons, that it is the greatest story ever told. Part 2 to follow



Over my home town today and yesterday there was heavy spraying by the Military over this part of the country, so bad that it has completely whited out the sky right now. it is 10-7-2016, this is poison, that if not stopped will kill us all. This has nothing what-so-ever to do with climate control, this is all about culling the population, slowly, quietly, deliberately, over time. It is a war against all humanity, on a global level, in their words, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, the United States and other countries are not going to be brought down with bombs, it will be done in stealth, bacteria, virus, foreign objects that invade our bodies delivered through the air, just like they said in print that they were going to do, and now they are doing it. The United States Military is not the friend of the world that Americans think it is, right this minute, the Military is spraying this concoction for the sole reason that someone told him too, right over the heads of his own family, what sort of man kills his own family just because someone tells him to, I’ll tell you what kind of person, an American, the greatest terrorist earth has ever seen, are Americans. You bastards.

All of the problems that man face, except life it’s self are caused because money even exist. Money is a false belief system as is religion, they are two sides of the same coin, get rid of either and the other disappears. Don’t misunderstand me, I do believe there is a God, but I think the evidence proves it’s self out that he has nothing to do with religion. All of the problems we face in our environment are caused by money, war is caused by money, almost every single spoken word today, almost every single effort made by man, almost every topic of discussion, has as it’s root cause, money. If the human potential, was ever unleashed upon this earth, without the constraints of money, it is un-imaginable the good things that man could accomplish. And all we have to do to bring this about is, nothing. And what I mean by nothing, is simple refuse to use money ever again, and I am not talking about a trade and barter arrangement, that is just another form of currency, and in short order we would be right back here where we are now, destroying our planet, all because of money. If we do not stop using money, we are going to destroy the lives of every single human on this planet. Chemtrails alone are going to do that if we don’t stop them.

This reply goes out to …… I do not write things that are not true, and what I wrote here is true, every single word. These things are not personal beliefs, they are facts. There is lots of room in our lives for person expression, and endless variety. But the belief that Jesus did not have a father, that he actually was the father is a lie about him and his father. To believe this nonsense, one would have to shred thousands of scriptures out of the Bible. False beliefs kill people, false beliefs are killing people while we speak, that is why I take it so seriously, it is a life and death matter, and the scriptures also support that belief, that false beliefs are a life and death matter, it has never been ok with God to believe just anything a person wants to believe. There was nothing God could do to stop the Jews from breeding children to schedule delivery dates to coincide with the celebration of Saturnalia, this is not a private belief of mine it is a historical fact. Today’s times we are living in, the Trinitarian nations of this earth have slaughtered 65,000,000 children on the alters of abortion clinics, all the while, claiming to worship their Jesus, even having bumper stickers that say, nothing but Jesus. This is willful deliberate sin, of an entire nation, who makes the claim of being under the rulership of God, and nothing could be farther from the truth. You do not have the luxury of disagreeing with me, the United States of America, as a matter of historical record, is the greatest terrorist nation earth has ever scene, up to and including the wholesale slaughtering of it’s own people, and if you do not think, that children in the womb are not people, then it is just one more example of turning a blind eye to the scriptures, because if a man killed a pregnant woman under the law covenant, he was guilty of double homicide and that holds true in our Judaic system of justice as well today. That my friend is the epitome of terrorism, killing people before they are even born, nothing is more evil and Satanic than that, so, wake the hell up, and take a look and see, if your churches are teaching that Jesus is God, and at the very same time they are engaged in the wholesale slaughtering if the innocent around the world, what else have they taught you that is wrong.

Just want you to know that I am following this conversation, even though I am not commenting on it. I have disgust this Trinitarian philosophy for the last 50 years, and it has been beaten to death for the last 2,000 years. You and I both know that it’s author is Satan, like all false belief systems are, and the people who cling to these teachings from blind ignorance and stupidity are in all reality his disciples and do not belong to the Christ, for they reject Jehovah. The Trinity serves to nullify Christ sacrifice, which is what Satan wants. And it also serves to shred the entire Bible, because once a person accepts the Trinity, then nothing in the scriptures makes any sense at all, and any reference to any scripture, can be nullified, by the belief, that Jehovah himself does not exist, because Jesus is actually Jehovah. So long ago, I turned these people over to their god, and I resolved myself to the belief, that it would take a God, to extract them from the grip of Satan, and I do not have that power, nor do I have the inclination. There is a reason that the scriptures describe the aftermath of Gods war with the nations, and littering the earth with the dead. False belief systems kill people, that is why people like you and I fight against them, because we care. But there are people in the world who claim to care, but they really don’t, they enjoy and take pleasure in the argument. In our days, right this minute as we speak, the entire middle east is being leveled by the Military of the United States, innocent people being slaughtered. In Iraq by our governments own admission, on national TV, the American Military says it was worth the slaughtering of 500,000 innocent children in Iraq, to perpetuate their agenda. The Twin Towers in New York were taken down by the Military of the United States, on top of the heads of it’s own people at 10:am in the morning when they knew they would be at work. The civil war, Vietnam, ETC. Why am I mentioning these atrocities perpetuated by the Americans, because these atrocities of America, the largest so called Christian Nation on earth, are Trinitarians. They make the claim to believe in Christ, but their actions are proven to be directly from Satan. Americans do not worship God, or even their so called Christ, Americans, Trinitarians, are the greatest terrorist organization earth has ever seen. Those are the inarguable facts. They worship war, death, destruction, and violence, they hold in places of honor, those men who go to foreign countries and slaughter the innocent just because a man in a fancy house tells them to, that my friend, is blind ignorance and stupidity, confirmed and displayed. There is nothing I can do to change the heart condition of a Trinitarian, believe me, I have tried, they will come right back to, “But Jesus is God, now lets go kill somebody” every single time. Trinitarians are evolutionist, because they do not believe that there is even the God Jesus spoke of, they completely denie him. So I am trying my best to stay out of this Trinitarian conversation, but I just wanted you to know I am following it.


Yesterday I posted some videos to watch regarding the United Nations taking control of the internet. This will happen in 7 days. When this happens, not immediately, but in time, free speech will end, and one by one, little by little, web sights will be taken down. We have all noticed key words being subtracted from our vocabulary, if you want to stay out of jail. Americans have been so isolated and protected by blind willful ignorance, sponsored by the media, that they are completely unaware of their surroundings, up to and including the very air they are breathing, and I do mean that literally. The internet kill switch, that is to say, the switch the government throws to black out the internet to the masses, has been in place for along time. There is a separate internet to government officials , military, and the 1%. The Bible tells us at Revelations 12:9 that Satan is the original Dragon at the Garden of Eden, and at Revelations 13 this Dragon gives power, it’s throne, and great authority to a wild beast, and in verse 7 it was granted this wild beast, authority over every tribe and people, and tongue, and nation, and at 17: 13 we read where 10 prominent kings of the earth give their power and authority to the wild beast. The Wild Beast of revelations is believed by many bible scholars as being the United Nations. So here we have the United States of America, handing over it’s power and authority to the United Nations. Executive orders have been made public, but it is impossible to get Americans to read. These executive orders are all, every single one of them, to reinforce, and make into law, the mandate of Agenda 21 by the United Nations, proving, that the United States of America, has signed over it’s power to the United Nations, the wild beast of Revelations. It cannot be overstated the significance of this action by our American government. By this action, free, open, communication, between ordinary people, will slowly grind to a worthless crawl. The last thing this government, or any government or ruling force wants is for the common people to be able to talk to each other. Land lines for telephone use have been all but completely eliminated, some buildings do not even have land lines coming to them anymore. You cannot stop this, but what you can do, is be aware of it while you have the chance. In today’s world, taking down the internet is tantamount to the time in history, where the government made it illegal to read, and set out to burn the books, yes there was a time in the history of man, that owning a book, if you were caught with it, got you killed, along with every one who knew that you had it. There is a saying that those who do not understand their history are destined to repeat it, and we are about to repeat the burning of the books. Even when I went to school, yes there was this class called History, but I can assure you that History was not taught there. And in this world today, we have made it a terminating offense if a teacher is actually caught, teaching a child. By law, and executive order, we are destined to repeat our history, by mandate. Watch the videos I gave you, they can be found in my static page at the top of my wall in the left hand corner titled, How I See It, then go to You Tube, and type in Internet, if you think I am a raving lunatic.Sep 23, 2016, 12:40 PM

Here is a picture of a currently available RFID device for your car, or anything else you want to plant it into, and don’t think for one second, that it is not already there, ready to go.






Today the United States Military is Bombing six countries simultaneously, and for the entire day, and perhaps for the entire night, the media in this country has been talking about President Obama’s birth certificate,like it has for the entire eight years, well that and the missing pound of air in a football. The Military of America, is out there slaughtering innocent people, in six different countries, and Americans are focused on one single piece of paper, this is why people, that there is no hope for escaping what is coming upon all of us. Never in the history of man, has there ever been, such a group of people, as a whole, so blind and willfully ignorant, as the average American.

I am not sure I understand what you are trying to say to me. The things I said in this posting, as in all of the postings I make, ARE factual, and the things mentioned in this posting should in no way be balanced, they should end, be done away with, stopped. There is no way to balance the slaughtering of innocent people, it should be stopped. It seems to me that the, “stuck up in the heads, rowing in circles” in the heads of Americans is not in my description of what the United States Military is doing, bombing six countries all at the same time, while the media is blacked out about it, it is rather that Americans as a people, a collective group, are stuck on this mental squirrel cage of Obama’s birth certificate and the missing pound of air in Brady’s football, and Hillary’s Emails. I am not a psychopath. And I do not believe that it is psychopathic to want the slaughtering of innocent people around the world to stop. I think that it is psychopathic to want, need, desire, support, defend, the slaughtering of innocent people around the world. Apathy is a defense of oppression, and in my opinion , apathy is psychopathic, because anyone who knows of a child being abused, and does nothing to stop it, in all actuality, is participating in the crime, and that statement has legal president. If you are riding in the car and that car does a drive by shooting, and innocent people are gunned down. everyone in that car is guilty according to law. The car belongs to the United States of America, Americans are riding in that car, and Americans are doing drive by shootings all around this world, and as I said, yesterday, in six countries all at the same time. America slaughtered 500,000 children in Iraq, I think this qualifies as child abuse, and Americans, as a group of people did nothing to stop it, not even prosecuting the people who were driving the car, who admitted the guilt of the crime. We know who did it, we know their names, and we did, and we do, nothing about it, that to me is psychopathic. It is a psychopath who slaughters innocent people by the millions, it is psychopathic of the others to stand by and watch it happen and do nothing about it. I have no reservations about saying, that Americans are the most psychopathic people on this planet, and I can defend that statement with overwhelming evidence. Americans who stand by, and watch with their own eyes, other fellow Americans, including their own family members, reigning down terror upon not only the rest of the world, but upon their own people, how else could it be characterized except psychopathic. I cannot be counted among the psychopaths, simply because I want evil, and those who support evil, to end, permanently.



Today the United States Military is Bombing six countries simultaneously, and for the entire day, and perhaps for the entire night, the media in this country has been talking about President Obamas birth certificate, like it has for the entire eight years, well that and the missing pound of air in a football. The Military of America, is out there slaughtering innocent people, in six different countries, and Americans are focused on one single piece of paper, this is why people, that there is no hope for escaping what is coming upon all of us. Never in the history of man, has there ever been, such a group of people, as a whole, so blind and willfully ignorant, as the average American.


Just one more reason why I feel like there is just no hope for Americans to change the direction and path they are on. For eight years, on prime time television, Americans still to this very day, and for 8 years, we are talking about where the President of the United States was born.

Yes they all died. But the promise of a resurrection was one of the themes of the Greek Scriptures. Jesus said, “Do not marvel at this because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear my voice and come out.” John 5: 26-29 So there is the key to understanding Paul’s words, because they have to agree with each other. If people immediately went to heaven, ( or to hell as some believe, which is a false teaching) it would serve no purpose to jerk them out of heaven just so they could be resurrected again, to resurrect them again would mean that they have to be put to death again. Notice the words that Jesus spoke, at the moment he spoke, people were in the graves, they had not already gone on to any other life form. Jesus said, the hour is coming, meaning that the hour to bring them back to life was in the future, not at that moment. Another point to take away from this scripture is these words, “all those in the memorial tombs will hear my voice and come out” almost all who have died will be brought back to life, and when they are, and they will be, they will listen to the voice of Christ. The resurrection is an event that will take place in the future, under the rulership of Christ. Jesus said at John 3:13 that, ” no one had ascended into heaven but he that has descended from heaven.” It would be a horrible thing, for God to resurrect people to heaven, only to have them watch, as there loved ones continued to be tortured, blown to bits, die in car accidents, and become riddled with disease, what a cruel and heartless God that would be. The resurrection does not happen for anyone, until the rulership of this world by the enemy of God is finished. That has not happened yet. No one who has died has went to heaven yet, and if any do, it will be in the future, not while mankind continue to slaughter each other. The resurrection happens during the reign of Christ, during the last day, before he hands his kingdom back over to his Father. That time, is not now. John 11:23,24


I am posting this picture in hopes that you will study it, and ponder deeply over it’s inscription. There is that saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. I have written thousands of words trying to get this point across, and the very next moment or the very next day, I will see a posting in my news feed, that presents the exact opposite statement, something to the effect of, honor a veteran, or never forget 911, or how horrible that he refuses to stand for the national anthem, or if you don’t like what this country does, leave it, as if to say go to another country so you can catch one of those bombs we are dropping. I don’t know who posted this photo originally, but thanks. Right this minute, men who have joined the military, are pouring out trillions of gallons of poisons over the heads of their own family members, just because their governments told them too. On 911 military soldiers, American military soldiers, brought down the twin towers in New York, on the heads of the members of their American family, just because their government told them too. Men in the military are brainwashed killing drones, while they are in there, that is what they do, and for you to think any different of them, means that you as well have been brain washed and have your head up your ass and are an existential threat to your own family as well. If you support the killing of one of your own family members, by another family member, who kills one of your family members just because the government told him too, you yourself are just as guilty of the murder of your own family as much as the one doing the killing. Support and defense of oppression, makes you an oppressor. The American military does not build up societies or cultures or civilizations, or countries, it wipes them off the map, and if you think that that is a thing of honor, and worthy of praise, you yourself are siding with evil, there is nothing honorable about killing innocent people, there is nothing honorable about blowing a child to pieces while they slept in their beds at 3am, it is the epitome of evil. And this is exactly what the American military does and it is trained for, and for you to sing the praises of this, makes you just as evil and just as brainwashed as them. Whenever it is an object that God himself has devoted to destruction, and then you bring honor, glory, praise, worship, devotion, to those things that God finds detestable, you are in all reality, constituting yourself an enemy of God. Revelations 19:18 tells us of the fate of Military Commanders at Gods hands, do you really want to be cast into their lot ? Assigning honor to an enemy of God, places you in direct opposition to God. You are found in a position where you are in effect arguing with the decisions of God. Also keep in mind the council of Isaiah 2:4 ” Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war any more ” , To perpetuate war on a continual basis, makes a nation at odds with God, and then to ask God to bless their efforts of perpetuating war, is blasphemous, and when you join in with the plea, the prayer of invocation for God to bless this nation in it’s perpetual war efforts, in all actuality, makes you a blasphemer of God. This recent celebration and memorial of 911, and the prayers offered up to God in remembrance of this event, invoking him to participate in some way, should of filled you with disdain, disgust. That so called cross erected in the pile of rubble, as if God had anything at all to do with that horrible slaughter of the innocent, men women and children on that day. If God had been involved, he would of stopped it. It was disgusting to see the politicians show up at a memorial celebration, knowing the truth of the matter, that they are the ones that did the crime. It would be just like inviting the mafia that killed your mother and father to the funeral, Some one please tell me, just what is wrong with you people, a flying beer can did not bring down 250 steel beams, with walls 5″ thick, cut them all up in 30 foot sections, pulverize and turn to dust 110 floors of concrete, vaporize all desk, file cabinets and telephones, while leaving paper untouched, all in 10 seconds of time, don’t you people have a brain cell left in your heads. Osama Bin Laden although in the construction business, did not have the tools or the knowledge to do this, nor did Mohammad Atah. This took, not just months, but years of planning and preparation. This posting, and this picture are presented to help you learn to think and reason for yourself, to learn how to have critical thinking, to learn how to see how things really truly are, and not have a purely emotional response, until that time it can safely be called upon. There is a time for emotions, of course, but emotions, should not interfere with life and death decisions at critical moments. We are in one of those critical moments, when once again the United States of America, is at war with it’s own people, and the Military of the United States, is being used to slaughter innocent people on its own shores, and around the world. It is the United States Military that is raining down poisons upon it’s own people, brother sister, mothers and fathers, killing their own, mothers, brothers, fathers and their own children, just because their government is telling them to do it, blindly sacrificing their own families in the name of the god of patriotism and nationalistic pride, no different than the Nazis, guiding their Jewish family members into the ovens of Auschwitz, just because a man told them to. Wake up Americans.

Sep 14, 2016, 11:24 AM

I am posting this picture in hopes that you will study it, and ponder deeply over it’s inscription. There is that saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. I have written thousands of words trying to get this point across, and the very next moment or the very next day, I will see a posting in my news feed, that presents the exact opposite statement, something to the effect of, honor a veteran, or never forget 911, or how horrible that he refuses to stand for the national anthem, or if you don’t like what this country does, leave it, as if to say go to another country so you can catch one of those bombs we are dropping. I don’t know who posted this photo originally, but thanks. Right this minute, men who have joined the military, are pouring out trillions of gallons of poisons over the heads of their own family members, just because their governments told them too. On 911 military soldiers, American military soldiers, brought down the twin towers in New York, on the heads of the members of their American family, just because their government told them too. Men in the military are brainwashed killing drones, while they are in there, that is what they do, and for you to think any different of them, means that you as well have been brain washed and have your head up your ass and are an existential threat to your own family as well. If you support the killing of one of your own family members, by another family member, who kills one of your family members just because the government told him too, you yourself are just as guilty of the murder of your own family as much as the one doing the killing. Support and defense of oppression, makes you an oppressor. The American military does not build up societies or cultures or civilizations, or countries, it wipes them off the map, and if you think that that is a thing of honor, and worthy of praise, you yourself are siding with evil, there is nothing honorable about killing innocent people, there is nothing honorable about blowing a child to pieces while they slept in their beds at 3am, it is the epitome of evil. And this is exactly what the American military does and it is trained for, and for you to sing the praises of this, makes you just as evil and just as brainwashed as them. Whenever it is an object that God himself has devoted to destruction, and then you bring honor, glory, praise, worship, devotion, to those things that God finds detestable, you are in all reality, constituting yourself an enemy of God. Revelations 19:18 tells us of the fate of Military Commanders at Gods hands, do you really want to be cast into their lot ? Assigning honor to an enemy of God, places you in direct opposition to God. You are found in a position where you are in effect arguing with the decisions of God. Also keep in mind the council of Isaiah 2:4 ” Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war any more ” , To perpetuate war on a continual basis, makes a nation at odds with God, and then to ask God to bless their efforts of perpetuating war, is blasphemous, and when you join in with the plea, the prayer of invocation for God to bless this nation in it’s perpetual war efforts, in all actuality, makes you a blasphemer of God. This recent celebration and memorial of 911, and the prayers offered up to God in remembrance of this event, invoking him to participate in some way, should of filled you with disdain, disgust. That so called cross erected in the pile of rubble, as if God had anything at all to do with that horrible slaughter of the innocent, men women and children on that day. If God had been involved, he would of stopped it. It was disgusting to see the politicians show up at a memorial celebration, knowing the truth of the matter, that they are the ones that did the crime. It would be just like inviting the mafia that killed your mother and father to the funeral, Some one please tell me, just what the fuck is wrong with you people, a flying beer can did not bring down 250 steel beams, with walls 5″ thick, cut them all up in 30 foot sections, pulverize and turn to dust 110 floors of concrete, vaporize all desk, file cabinets and telephones, while leaving paper untouched, all in 10 seconds of time, don’t you people have a brain cell left in your heads. Osama Bin Laden although in the construction business, did not have the tools or the knowledge to do this, nor did Mohammad Atah. This took, not just months, but years of planning and preparation. This posting, and this picture are presented to help you learn to think and reason for yourself, to learn how to have critical thinking, to learn how to see how things really truly are, and not have a purely emotional response, until that time it can safely be called upon. There is a time for emotions, of course, but emotions, should not interfere with life and death decisions at critical moments. We are in one of those critical moments, when once again the United States of America, is at war with it’s own people, and the Military of the United States, is being used to slaughter innocent people on its own shores, and around the world. It is the United States Military that is raining down poisons upon it’s own people, brother sister, mothers and fathers, killing their own, mothers, brothers, fathers and their own children, just because their government is telling them to do it, blindly sacrificing their own families in the name of the god of patriotism and nationalistic pride, no different than the Nazis, guiding their Jewish family members into the ovens of Auschwitz, just because a man told them to. agree with you Micheal, I do not have time either for this childish ignorant shit. But the reason that I write hear and on my blogs, and I feel that deep down you probably feel the same way, is so that when shit hits the fan, you and I can have a clean conscience knowing we did all we could to wake them up, and help them, and warn them about what is coming. None of us know what the government really has in mind for us all, but those are tanks parked at the cop shops, gun safes at the post office and in the hospitals, the authorities are arming themselves to the teeth while at the very same time are doing all they can to disarm us. We are being systematically weakened by the poisons in our food, water and air, and our minds are becoming dimmer because of it, we barely have the energy to maintain, when we used to be industrious and thrive. I completely share your frustrations with mankind and their apathy, and like you say, their complete waste of time, in the most critical of times mankind has ever faced. What is coming upon us, is not the demise of one tyrant, this Tyranny is a global one, this is going to encompass this entire world, it is happening right now, and America, that is to say Americans, are the only people who can stop it, but once a certain line of momentum has been crossed, it will be impossible to stop what is coming, at some point, the globalist will have clearly won, and there will be no stopping them at that point. If Americans do not wake up immediately, and stop this madness, it is going to be too late really fast, and I see, like I believe that you also see, that there is not a chance in hell that America is going to wake up. In the words of Ronald Reagan, America is sleep walking through history. And for the life of me, I cannot wake up one single person, and it frustrates the hell out of me. So, for this reason Michael, I cherish your friendship, and have deep respect for you because you are awake, and are a voice in this darkness and a lighthouse on this rocky shore. Keep doing what you are doing, until we are no longer able to, not because of health, but because the government has closed us down, and with the internet being handed over to the United Nations in 2 weeks, rest assured, they have plans to silence free speech, we have only these moments to warn our fellow man.

Rest assured that if this was not a serious issue, if it was just a conspiracy theory, if it was fear porn, doom and gloom, Rand Paul would not be taking up a fight that did not even exist. But the United Nations has put in writing that they are going to get the small arms, . The definition of small arms, is HAND GUNS. One person at a time, one bullet at a time, the United Nations is going to get the guns, talk to Australia, talk to Canada if you think it cannot happen here, it has already begun.

Like I said, the internet of everything. Printed on items you buy in stores is an RFID device that derives it’s power from the readers as the item passes them. For instance, those magnetometers at the doors of the supper market, that detect that package of razor blades that you forgot to pay for. There is no battery in the razor blade box, but there is a silk screened circuit, that gets it power and turns on when it is near a power station, an RFID reader. RFID readers are being built into everything, even trees in the forest, so that if you try to escape into the forest, the tag in your panties, tells them where you are to the foot or inch. RFID devices are being produced at the nano level. For decades now, Doctors have had pills that a patient swallows, then the doctor can monitor the progress of the medication. A doctor can sit in his office and from his computer can tell if you have taken your medication or not, and so can the cops. When I said that the trees in the forest were being outfitted with nano RFID devices, I was not kidding, they are, and cameras as well. The United Nations is the enforcement arm of the Globalist, in the words of Ronald Reagan, America is the last vestige of hope, and I am here to tell you, that America is made up of Americans, that is to say, the people that live here, and the people that live in this country, are so drugged out, that they barely know their own names, and this is by design. People in this country, right this minute, are being sprayed in the face with poisons that are putting them to sleep, and they won’t even acknowledge it. If you have ever went in for surgery, first they give you a pill, or stir it up in your applesauce, that relaxes you and your metabolism, when you are relaxed enough, then someone gives you another shot to relax you even further, then when they role you into the operating room, the anesthesiologist, gives you some more serious drugs that knock you out completely, give you a little more, and you don’t come back from your sleep.

I want to ask you to take a look at the Americans around you, and ask yourself the serious question, how active do you think the majority of Americans metabolism is doing. Can’t you see with your own eyes, that the metabolic rate of most Americans is being slowed down ??? It is so well recognized that it is even popping up in jokes about how fat Americans are. There is this stomach that we have developed, and thighs and hips, Americans have gained weight in the last 50 years. The applesauce that is stirred with the drugs to slow us down is now sold at the markets, and they have stirred this sedative into all of our foods by design, they call it Genetic Modified Organisms , and the desired results is that we are becoming genetically modified organisms, you are what you eat. The foods we eat are making us fat, but they are also making us lazy, tired, sick, and allergic to everything, because our bodies are being so saturated with chemicals, that it can no longer ward them off, and we are succumbing to them.

This is phase one. Phase two is the needles in our arms, the vaccines, that set up our immune system for phase three. Phase three is the all out attack on our immune system, by bombarding our immune system almost daily with one, after another, after another, after another, of slightly different strains of bacteria, viruses, metals, plastics and nano machines and bio assembly plants, that we breath in, in aerosol sprays, just like that asthma inhaler, but on a much larger scale, out of the fuselages of military aircraft. Chemtrails. Recently I have counted 6 jets flying almost wing to wing and no visible trail behind them, no contrail, no chemtrail, but I would bet money, that they were spraying translucent chemicals. Because within an hour, my nose is running like a faucet, throat itching, and an elephant sitting on my chest.

In foreign countries, even as close as our friends to the north Canada, the United States Military has sprayed people down, and they dropped dead, don’t you ever think for one second, that the dosing we are getting could not be increased at any time, or that the United States Military would never kill innocent people, even their own family members, because history would prove you dead wrong.

I started this post out with the internet of everything, because in just about 3 weeks, the United States of America, surrenders control of the internet to the United Nations. The United Nations is an organization founded upon the destruction of individual liberties and freedoms. The only nation on earth, that still had a speck of liberty and freedom left, was America, and the American people, just gave it all away. I know it is harsh language, and offensive, but it is the absolute truth, Americans are the most stupid, ignorant people on earth. They willingly paid money to loose their jobs, by shipping their manufacturing to a communist country, now they signed over their freedom of speech and freedom of press to a organization founded upon oppression, and if you think that is an absurd statement, just as the citizens of Rwanda, Malawi, Nigeria, the list is endless of how the United Nations gives complete support of dictators, and strips the population of protection against tyranny. Before Hitler guided the Jews into the ovens, he built the ovens first. Knowing where you are at all times, is the easiest way for the new Hitlers, to find you when they get ready to round you up. In the name of national security, Hitler also confiscated, all of the tools, and building materials, cars and food, farms, and farming equipment from house to house and door to door, and let me remind you that the executive order for this was drafted and signed long ago. The internet of everything will give the confiscators, RFID tracking of everything, right down to your hammer, screwdriver, and even that empty milk carton in the trash.


What Do You Use The Internet For

Ask your self that question, think think long and hard, how would your life be today, if the Internet were taken away from you, and everyone you know


On September 30 2016, the United States of America hands over the Internet to a private corporation ran by the United Nations. ICANN. This means that the United States of America, will no longer have a say in the functionality of the Internet, or of any domain registered through it. It only takes a few million dollars to influence a executive of a private corporation, that a particular web site, is not falling in line, and could you please loose it’s IP address. The United Nations in a few weeks, will own the internet, and every single domain and IP address on it. The United Nations will then decide, and dictate what speech is free, what words in print are allowed, what pictures can be posted. Go to YouTube, type in ICANN, Internet and watch a few of the videos that come up.

It might take a few years for this to become a problem, but while this pot of soup is cooking, one by one, IP addresses and websites are going to come down. By handing over the internet to the United Nations, the United States can make the claim that they have nothing to do with the destruction of freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and freedom of religion and the rights of assembly. You get the other rights, but how assembly, it is because if you do not know of the assembly, you can’t be there, social media will become so censored and restricted, and filtered by keywords, that any useful communication is destroyed.

Now before some idiot drone comes on here and says, “You know there is more than one internet”, yes, I know. And once again, I have been pointing that out. The Military has one, the rich have one, and the Government has one, but in the words of George Carlin, “You ain’t on it”. And you ain’t gonna get on it either. Those are for the people who will be living in the underground cities that have been built over the last 50 years. The reasons that our roads and bridges are crumbling, instead of being fixed is because, they ain’t gonna be there.

Everything is tied together to bring in Agenda 21. The forest fires by the hundreds in this country, the droughts, the floods, Monsanto, these things are to drive people out of the rural areas, and bunch them up into cities where it is easier to control and dispense of them. The daily dosing of drugs is to keep you sedated, it has nothing to do with Climate Change. Is the planet warming ? How could it not be, when we are covering it in concrete and steel, and filling our air with thermally conductive aluminum to trap in the solar heat, think people, think. Man can mess with the Climate, by pushing around the jet stream, CERN and HAARP, but ultimately climate will revert to normal when man stops messing with the earth. He cannot change solar radiation, earth’s rotation, and the moon’s gravitational pull, but man can manipulate water evaporation and pollutants to stimulate or retard precipitation.

The internet as we have come to know it and depend on it is about to change drastically, and under Agenda 21, it’s use will be severely restricted and monitored. I repeat myself, these next few months, and perhaps the next year get all you can off of the net that you want. EMP’s can wipe out every single computer tied to the grid, no one has to knock on your door to take your computer, they can turn it into worthless junk any time they choose, by one click of their mouse. Look up at the sky, with your own eyes see what they are doing to you, you are sleepy aren’t you, can’t seem to wake up, drinking more coffee than you used to, you feel like something is biting you sometimes, like a flea but there is nothing there, strange rashes come and go, your ears ring sometimes, usually only one ear at a time, you are often dizzy, and you walk as if you are listing, leaning to one side, off balance, you have strange muscle twitches, low level aches and pains. You are going through boxes of Kleenex, and you have a cough, sore throat and respiratory compression, sometimes bad enough to see a doctor, only to find out that everyone in the waiting room feels exactly like you do. At what point does it stop being a conspiracy theory, and become a conspiracy fact.

IMF Issues World Currency October 1, 2016

On October the 1st the International Monetary Fund will issue a new form of world currency designed to begin the process of replacing the United States Dollar as the reserve currency. What does reserve currency mean ? It means that banks around the world, in order to purchase goods and services, but especially petroleum products, had to purchase those items with dollars. That means that in their vaults they had to keep dollars. With the new reserve currency issued by the IMF, that will no longer be necessary. At some point those banks will begin to return those dollars that are currently in their vaults to the United States, because they no longer need them. When thousands of banks around the world begin returning trillions of dollars into our American economy, well, lets just say, that things are going to get a little testy for awhile. When there is too much of anything, the price usually drops, things are not worth as much, when there is allot of them. When those dollars flood our markets, those dollars are not worth the same amount as they used to be, and if you want to trade them for something, it is going to take more of them to make the trade. Meaning that if you want a gallon of milk, you will have to give the store more dollars to make the trade.

Perhaps what the government will do with all of those returning dollars is just to pretend they don’t exist and shred them, after all, that money did not exist when we printed it, it should not be a problem to simply erase it. Who know what our government is going to do.

But what the rest of the world is going to do is get rid of Americas control over world currencies, by stop using the dollar as a reserve currency. You will remember that just a few months ago, Britain withdrew it’s involvement in any sort of monetary responsibility except it’s own, it pulled out of the EU monetary system, and now, Britain’s currency is Britain’s alone, now America’s currency is America’s alone. I believe that some Arab nations are still holding to the Petro Dollar, but the BRICS nations are moving away from it. China now has an international currency as does Russia, and so does Iran. Hugh sections of the earth have dropped the Dollar.

We don’t know how, or when this will begin to effect us as individuals, but every single economist on planet earth is all telling us the exact same thing, the days of the Dollar are numbered.

The Internet As Of September 30 2016

I have been writing here for about 5 years now. The purpose of my writing is to pass on knowledge, like all who came before me, so that the next generation after me, has a leap forward. They say that when a man dies, a library burns, because all of his collected knowledge and wisdom goes with him. And the goal and reason for my postings was to share knowledge and wisdom. The forces that are amassed against us all are invisible, but very real. Since they are invisible, there is no real way for us to fight them, the best we could hope for is to acknowledge them, and do our best to stay out of their way. A current example and demonstration of the reality of the forces of this invisible kingdom can be observed in any attempt to subvert denial. Case in point, Chemtrails, just about impossible to get anyone to even look up at them when you deliberately point them out, let alone acknowledge their existence. While the house of the typical American burns to the ground, they will simply continue to water their lawns. I dare say even if their own clothing were to catch on fire.

There is that old saying , “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see”, and Americans have circumvented that saying by refusing to even see, let alone hear, and forget reading all together. And the government spent decades teaching them to do just that. So I have no hope that the more than 1 million words I have written these past five years have been read by an American, but they are read by a couple thousand in foreign lands who are living the conditions I describe in my writing, that are yet to come to American shores, but are on the way. I write for myself, so that in the future I can say, I did everything humanly possible to warn them.

Dozens of times I have mentioned to copy and paste this information, print it out and put it into a binder, because the day will come, when you just might want to know what happened and why, if not you, perhaps your children.

Agenda 21 is scheduled for full implementation by 2030, and the United Nations and it’s member nations are serious about it. Go to YouTube, type into the search box, Agenda 21, learn about your future, and the future that your children are going to have. Access to accurate knowledge under Agenda 21 will be restricted, and among the masses will become illegal. This is why I have said repeatedly over the last 5 years, you only have right now to learn these things.

On September 30 2016, the United States of America hands over the Internet to a private corporation ran by the United Nations. ICANN. This means that the United States of America, will no longer have a say in the functionality of the Internet, or of any domain registered through it. It only takes a few million dollars to influence a executive of a private corporation, that a particular web site, is not falling in line, and could you please loose it’s IP address. The United Nations in a few weeks, will own the internet, and every single domain and IP address on it. The United Nations will then decide, and dictate what speech is free, what words in print are allowed, what pictures can be posted. Go to YouTube, type in ICANN, Internet and watch a few of the videos that come up.

It might take a few years for this to become a problem, but while this pot of soup is cooking, one by one, IP addresses and websites are going to come down. By handing over the internet to the United Nations, the United States can make the claim that they have nothing to do with the destruction of freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and freedom of religion and the rights of assembly. You get the other rights, but how assembly, it is because if you do not know of the assembly, you can’t be there, social media will become so censored and restricted, and filtered by keywords, that any useful communication is destroyed.

Now before some idiot drone comes on here and says, “You know there is more than one internet”, yes, I know. And once again, I have been pointing that out. The Military has one, the rich have one, and the Government has one, but in the words of George Carlin, “You ain’t on it”. And you ain’t gonna get on it either. Those are for the people who will be living in the underground cities that have been built over the last 50 years. The reasons that our roads and bridges are crumbling, instead of being fixed is because, they ain’t gonna be there.

Everything is tied together to bring in Agenda 21. The forest fires by the hundreds in this country, the droughts, the floods, Monsanto, these things are to drive people out of the rural areas, and bunch them up into cities where it is easier to control and dispense of them. The daily dosing of drugs is to keep you sedated, it has nothing to do with Climate Change. Is the planet warming ? How could it not be, when we are covering it in concrete and steel, and filling our air with thermally conductive aluminum to trap in the solar heat, think people, think. Man can mess with the Climate, by pushing around the jet stream, CERN and HAARP, but ultimately climate will revert to normal when man stops messing with the earth. He cannot change solar radiation, earth’s rotation, and the moon’s gravitational pull, but man can manipulate water evaporation and pollutants to stimulate or retard precipitation.

The internet as we have come to know it and depend on it is about to change drastically, and under Agenda 21, it’s use will be severely restricted and monitored. I repeat myself, these next few months, and perhaps the next year get all you can off of the net that you want. EMP’s can wipe out every single computer tied to the grid, no one has to knock on your door to take your computer, they can turn it into worthless junk any time they choose, by one click of their mouse. Look up at the sky, with your own eyes see what they are doing to you, you are sleepy aren’t you, can’t seem to wake up, drinking more coffee than you used to, you feel like something is biting you sometimes, like a flea but there is nothing there, strange rashes come and go, your ears ring sometimes, usually only one ear at a time, you are often dizzy, and you walk as if you are listing, leaning to one side, off balance, you have strange muscle twitches, low level aches and pains. You are going through boxes of Kleenex, and you have a cough, sore throat and respiratory compression, sometimes bad enough to see a doctor, only to find out that everyone in the waiting room feels exactly like you do. At what point does it stop being a conspiracy theory, and become a conspiracy fact.





The posting that I just put up today beginning with “Hello Clarence” is a copy and paste from someone who looked at a picture I shared of Chemtrails, and asked what they were all about, why did I post them? I gave them the references, and a bit about them, and told them to go to specific YouTube videos to learn more, and then they could go on from there.

This response is typical of how Americans think, that the Government of the United States, would never harm a hair of an innocent person, no mater where in the world they might be. All evidence to the contrary, but damn your evidence if it contradicts my lie.

“indiscriminate” this person says. As if the United States of America would never indiscriminately kill anyone. As I mentioned a few days ago, if war is anything, it is all about the wholesale indiscriminate slaughter of all those people who had absolutely nothing to do with the conflict. Indeed, ALL that the American Military does, is kill other people indiscriminately. The Military of the United States is structured to protect the guilty, and slaughter innocent men women and children, that is exactly what it does.

This person called Chemtrails “conspiracy theory”. And this is what is wrong with us all, we cannot believe what we see happening in front of our faces. And the very drugs we are being sprayed with are designed to do just that. Mind altering drugs are routinely given to soldiers on the battlefield, this is in writing, and well known. Lithium and fluoride are mind altering drugs, the same as Paxil, Prosac, Wellbutrin, Valium, Librium, etc are all mind altering drugs, that help a person perceive that whatever it is that is troubling them, it is all ok, don’t worry about it. Taking these drugs does not mean that a person cannot drive a car, of function at work as suggested in this reply.

The daily spraying is best understood as the same way you take your medication daily, one pill at a time, one pill a day, we are all being given a daily dose of the poisons they want to pour out on us.

This person admitted that this was being done for the last 25 years. Sure seems to me like if a person could accept that it had been done for 25 years, at what point does it stop being a conspiracy theory, and become a conspiracy fact ?

I am not going to even comment on the whole contrail thing, that is just childishly stupid, any one can look up into the sky and see that today’s modern jets no longer leave contrails. And there is ample information about that.

The United States Military is now admitting that it is dispersing chemicals into the atmosphere, so if the Military is admitting it, why are we still referring to Chemtrails as “conspiracy theory” .

This is being sold as a weapon against climate change, but in all reality, it is a weapon against earths population. Spraying this entire globe requires the cooperation of member nations in the United Nations. This is a global effort, by the United Nations, to reduce the population on earth by some 7,000,000,000 people.

This is going to be done slowly, like that frog placed in a pot of cold water, and the burner on low. Until the water is boiling, and the frog becomes soup.

No one dies the first day he works in the coal mine. But every day he breaths a little more coal duct, and little by little, day by day, in 20 years he has black lung, and can no longer take a breath. Likewise with us, little by little, day by day, we get our dose of Nano particles of metals, that fill our brain and body organs until they no longer function. Already, as we speak, you are feeling the effects of what is being sprayed upon you, you are just blaming it on something else, rather that what you can actually see with your own eyes.

There is an admission that the government did poison it’s own population, in fact there are dozens of books written on this subject, but beyond that there are hundreds of videos and thousands of documents that the United States of America has poisoned every single country it has flown into. What on earth would you call Hiroshima, if not poison.

Then there is this argument that the reason that America would not use Chemtrails to poison it’s own people is because of the effects it would have on the economy, and then this commentator drifts into the argument that that is exactly what is going to bring the country down, the end of the dollar. Really, Really, is it just me, or is this person sucking on the nozzle of a chemtrail jet.

Yes the dollar is going to go away, every economist on the planet has been saying this for years, but in addition to the dollar going away, Agenda 21 demands population reduction, and war alone cannot give them the numbers they need, so, in writing, they are saying other means must be developed to reduce population besides war, my friends, that can only mean genocide. Spraying the world with poison, will lead to genocide.

We may not be able by ourselves to stop what is coming, but what we all can do is recognize it, see it happening right in front of our eyes, admit it is happening, then a thousand years from now, when it rears it’s ugly head again, you will stand up and say no. Before any problem can be solved, it first must be recognized, and the chemicals being sprayed upon us, I believe, are designed to keep us from recognizing that we even have a problem, except among the few who are awake.

Those trails being left above your head are not a theory, they are a fact.

Hello Clarence, I investigated the subject of chemtrails and I agree that it is not beyond the imagination of governments to try to alter the weather or to practice at mass influencing of the population. However, there are strong issues against the argument that the government would do this. First off is that it is indiscriminate and as a lot of these flights include areas where politicians and army personnel live…and their children….and drink the water and breath the same air, it rather detracts from the conspiracy theory. Were there mind altering drugs being sprayed, then the mayhem that this would cause on the roads would be phenomenal with huge increases in accidents over the period of time in question and which is over twenty five years now. The formation of the contrails are consistent with normal aviation trails. It is not true that the engines make a difference with contrails, as contrails have nothing to do with engine exhaust, it is caused by the wings, air pressure, vortexes, moisture content and temperature. In terms of government tests on hallucinogens and drugs, gasses and other chemical weapons, these are generally carried out in secrecy and on selected people, as in Porten Down army base and in the nuclear tests in the 1950s using army personnel as Guinea pigs. Governments would use targeted means of attacking their populations if they were going to, as did the American government in 9/11 and as in Iraq where nerve gas was used in certain areas. It is also counterproductive to use indiscriminate poisoning as in chemtrails as the economy would be ruined and their sources of control and income compromised. The shift in control is coming though, but this is developing through financial means….a paperless monetary system that is starting now in touch cards, Rothschilds and all of the major banks moving money into precious metals, the European banks on the verge of collapse, imminent war with Russia, China, America and North Korea . With control of the money, the governments have control over everything and everyone. They don’t need chancy chemicals that can be blown anywhere and so diluted by the time they reach the surface as to be ineffective, as happened so often in the Great War. No. It’s is money and food, marshal law and control of the people through those systems. I am not worried about it. There is nothing that I can do and I know that there is nothing that anyone can do. I think from a biblical point of view, we are entering the fringes of the tribulation….and that I do care about! Don’t let this world get you down Clarence. You will need all your wherewithal to stand firm in this time of the end. This issue was also discussed in e-watchman with biblical reference and was very informative, though the I formation is out there on the Internet and independent of the bible if you want a secular view. Best wishes.


Groke, I would love to talk to you about this. I have shared hundreds of these photos, I am glad that you commented, because in three years of posting them, you are the very first person to comment on this issue, which completely confirms my suspicions about this subject. These pictures are of the United States Military, spraying poisons over the heads of this entire world. These are not jet contrails, jets have not produced contrails for the last 30 years because of modern jet engine designs. These are trails left by jets sprayed out of nozzles mounted on the wings and fuselage of the plane. These chemtrails contain fluoride, lithium, barium, strontium, plastic fibers nano particles at the microscopic levels of Aluminum. which every living thing that breaths air, breaths in. These particles traverse the blood brain barrier and enter into our brains, where they short circuit the firing of our neurons. Go to YouTube and type in Chemtrails, and there you will find thousands of videos on the subject I suggest you start with Dane Wigington, but do not stop with him alone. This is the greatest threat to all life on earth that man has ever faced, if this is not stopped, no one will live through it. This will kill us all. I know that sounds like doom and gloom and alarming, but you are going to find out that it is even worse than I am telling you. Do not ignore this, it is very real, it is happening over your head as we speak, and they are serious about it. This is all a part of Agenda 21, again, go to YouTube, type in Agenda 21, start with Rosa Koire and Naomi Wolfe and go from there. They are dead serious about Agenda 21, it is to be fully implemented by 2030 which is just 14 years away. This is not science fiction, this is science fact. Let me know what you find out. There is nothing in our lives more serious than this, and it is the only thing that should be dominating discussions, but it is being completely ignored, even though it is being done right in front of our faces.

This is my entire complaint Micheal, the separation of what we are, and what we could be, with absolutely no effort at all, is an entire universe. This is why I get so mad at Americans, not the individual person, but the nation. We could be setting the example for the rest of the world to follow, and instead, what do we do, we go out there and turn the rest of the world to rubble, and pin medals on our chest for it, and call our families “Gold Star Families” because we destroy entire cultures and countries. What an American doesn’t understand, he builds a new weapon to destroy it. Over the years, America has spent trillions of dollars killing people around the world, and yet even on our own soil, when the subject comes up of my neighbor needing needles for his insulin, the public discussion of health care turns into a fist to cuffs brawl, with blood on the floor. 78,000 empty buildings in Detroit, and the Mayor and City Council, in their comfortable homes, prohibit the homeless from staying in them, claiming it would only foster increased crime and laziness. Blind ignorance is my daily struggle with my fellow man, what is blatantly obvious to me, is invisible to almost everyone else except men like you. As children always do when they receive an inheritance, they cash out and party, and that is exactly what Americans did. The men who came before us, built the greatest nation earth had ever seen, they died, and when our generation inherited this country, we sold it, the furniture was hauled off, and we took that money, and we got drunk, high, and partied, until rust and termites took what was left. Instead of building each other up, we actually pass laws to oppress each other further, and now we are resorting to spraying each other down with anesthetizing drugs so that we cannot even acknowledge our oppression. And we give praises of honor, medals and parades to the very men who are leading us to our slaughter, that is how debased Americans have become. I am appalled and disgusted when I see 25,000 Police Officers, tens of thousands of Police cars, Air Force One, the President of the United States, the Vice president of the United States, show up for the funeral of one dead cop. America is hopelessly gone, and there is nothing that can bring it back.

The body of Elders will disfellowship you if they find out that you have been looking at pornography on the internet, yet at the very same time, the Governing Body, and Jehovah’s Witnesses as an organization, purchased stock in the two biggest companies on planet earth that distribute the most vile forms of pornography, Google and Bing Microsoft.

A few post ago this morning I wrote about how my belief system has alienated every single person I have ever cared about in my life. And I want to clarify it, for those who have messaged me. I transferred the things I use to write on Facebook to my web sites. And I made another Facebook page to talk about religion, because in 5 years of writing on Facebook, I have learned that people absolutely, in no uncertain terms, do not want to hear anything to do with God or a higher power, they feel fulfilled within themselves, and their governments, they could give a damn about what God thinks about anything, in fact, they are offended by the subject altogether. I have had a handful of comments on more than a million words that I have written to date according to my word processor tally. A bunch of likes, but almost no comments, which I take as a complete lack of interest in the subject. So for the most part I don’t write about religion here on this page, and anyone who deliberately wants to here what I have to say, can type into my web sites. You just have to know my name to get there .com.

But I will repeat myself, every single thing in your life right now, is dominated and controlled, by religion, just about every word you speak, is influenced, controlled, or because of religion, and what I mean when I say religion is false belief systems, because religion has nothing what so ever to do with God, in fact religion is in direct conflict with God, religion is the enemy of both God and Man.

Now you have heard me say that many times, and it is true. So in today’s posting there is a bit of confusion in an apparent contradiction in the million words I have written and what I wrote today, so I will explain.

Each step of the way, I have given the citations for how I formulated my beliefs, so that you know I did not just pull them out of the air. I always try to make sure that the things I believe are true, and provide the evidence for what I believe. Those things are just as true today as they were when I wrote them as they were when they were written thousands of years ago, I still believe the things I have told you, I have not left my beliefs, nor God.

They used to call me Preacher Clar, because just about all I ever did was talk about God with people, I thought it was the most important thing to talk about. I used to believe that there was an organized group of people, called Jehovah’s Witnesses, who thought and believed the very same things that I do and did. And although I did not specifically claim to be one, I thought of myself as adhering to their belief system, and always guided people in their direction, even though I viewed myself as not being able to live up to their standards entirely. There were just things that I viewed differently. As it turns out now, I was right, and they were as wrong as they could have been, and that is the reason for my current tone. The scriptures that I have given to you are true, and Jehovah’s Witnesses believe all of those very same things, the Bible is a book that is accurate, the scriptures are stable, we can depend on them. The explanations I have given to you are valid, and reasonable, they make sense and are easy to understand, everything I have told you is true, and I have shown why it is true.

What has happened, what I have recently become aware of is that Jehovah’s Witnesses, as an organization, have drifted into Apostasy, meaning they have changed their course, and have moved away from the strict explanation offered in scripture, and their previous beliefs. They have begun to mix political ambitions with their form of worship, they have recently left the teaching of Christ, and have substituted themselves in his place. How????

These things were hidden from Jehovah’s Witnesses, the members, it was done by the governing body.

They joined the United Nations, and are still an active member. The United Nations through Agenda 2030, are going to be the enforcement arm to enslave this entire world, look it up.

They have secret files of harboring child molesters among their congregations, even forcing victims to remain under the very same roof as their molesters, so that the molestation can continue, look up Australian Royal Commission. YouTube 23,000 in America, 1006 in Australia, and England is currently being investigated.

Jehovah’s Witnesses own 50% of the stock in the company who makes engines for drones, which slaughter innocent people around this world by the thousands.

Jehovah’s Witnesses take money from the contribution box, and use that money to build weapons of war, that kill millions of innocent people around the world. They own stock in Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and a host of others.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, finance the production of Pornography, they own stock in Cinemax

Jehovah’s Witnesses own stock in Microsoft, Bing and Google and Yahoo, these are the major distributors of the most vile forms of pornography to the entire world. No one distributes more pornography that Google, ant the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society purchased stock in this company. Next time they come to your door, ask them about it.

They own stock in pharmaceutical companies.

Jehovah’s Witnesses own stock in Monsanto, the very company who is poisoning the earth that their God Jehovah made, who claims he is going to bring to ruin, those ruining the earth, well I guess that he is going to bring to ruin Jehovah’s Witnesses, because they own the stock.

Jehovah’s Witnesses own stock in alcohol.

Now you might be thinking that well, they can’t help it if someone donates stock to them as a contribution, and you would be right about that. But this stack I am talking about, is stock that they deliberately purchased, not donated stock, but they hired a stock broker, to actually buy stock in weapons that slaughter the innocent and foster war around the world, while at the very same time, they rape little children.

As always, I explain in detail, how I arrive at my beliefs. Go to YouTube and watch Jason Zelda 8A and 8C videos, all the information is there, and you can print it out.

Why is this important. Of all the religions on earth, it was only Jehovah’s Witnesses as a group of people, that started to break away from the Catholic Church to teach the truth about the Bible, and they came the closest to it, now however, they have drifted right back into the sewer with all of the rest of Christendom, and it is the reason that I keep saying to all of you, get out of religion, all of them, like God said, “Get out of her my people, if you do not want to receive her plagues, because her sins have massed together clear up to the heavens, and I have called her injustices to mind” I believe that it is Jehovah who has exposed this, and I was as much a victim of it as the rest of the 8,000,000 others, and I do not know how I will apologize and make restitution to all of those in my life that I have alienated, because of this false belief system known as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

There will come a time, when everyone walking this earth will feel that way, even the police themselves, and no one will be able to figure out a way to stop it. The only way this can be stopped is right now immediately. But the apathy of Americans is too ingrained in the deepest part of their Psyche, and there is no way to shake them from their slumber. I seriously believe that what is being sprayed down upon us, has some drug in it that causes apathy, because Americans will not even look up at the sky to see it. Fluoride and Lithium will certainly do that, they are sedatives, but I also believe there must be something more than just those two chemicals. I think it must be something like they give to soldiers that are going to war, that enables them to turn off all morality, so that they can shoot at women and children, and spray napalm on grass huts, knowing there are innocent people inside who have nothing to do with the war. There is nothing, I believe that will wake Americans up, and Americans are the only ones who can stop this madness, indeed it is Americans who are right this minute, inflicting this on the entire world. And it is the police who are protecting the very people who are killing the earth and everything living in it. If it were not for the police, this could be stopped by good men, but if a good man were to try to stop this, he would be shot while still wearing his seat belt. I say the very same thing, police are in business and in power to protect the evil, and punish the good, that makes them evil in my books, and I agree, fuck your badge, any man, that protects the very institution , and man, that kills his wife and children, is the lowest form of scum, and right this minute, that is exactly what the police are doing, if not, then prove it by joining our side, step over here with us, and instead of helping another man kill your wife and children, protect your wife and children, then I will take back my remarks, that you are scum, and fuck your badge. But as it stands right this minute, in overwhelming evidence, police are protecting the most evil men who have ever walked the face of this earth, the Military of the United States of America, and all those who support them. If you support the Military of the United States, you are evil. The Military is spraying your children down with poison, and innocent people all over this world, and if you support the military, you may as well point the gun at your own children and pull the trigger yourself because at least that would be a quick death, if this isn’t stopped, it will kill all life on earth, and that isn’t just me saying that, scientist all over this earth are screaming it, but you all are too interested in what Trump said about Hillary, than you are the lives of your own children, you Americans disgust me, in your blind ignorance.A

Yes it is humbling, how will I ever explain to all of those people in my life, who I alienated, because of this false belief system, including almost every single member of my own family right down to each one of my children. I had a wonderful professional career, but I was always restrained, as if bridled, by my blind faith. At this stage in my life, I have to rethink my entire belief system, and not just me, all of us who have become “AWAKE” . You know, I have noticed that in Satan’s world he always telegraphs his intentions right in front of our faces. Like Hollywood movies, he puts those things out there 20 years before he actually does them. People thing that “The Strain” Zombie Apocalypse” “The Hunger Games” “1984” are just movies, no , they are not just movies, those things are in Satan’s bag of tricks, and we see him rolling them out right now. Our food is being destroyed in UN-imaginable rates. Viruses are being sprayed on this entire world by the United States Military, some have even mentioned at some point they plan to spray the flesh eating virus, there you go, with “The Walking Dead” . Already we have here, in our town, evidence of that book written long ago called “The Silent Spring” in which we wake up one spring, and the earth is silent, because we have killed all life on it. Notice here, where we live, there are no birds, no insects on the ground, no insects flying in the air. Yes, one or two, here and there, but I remember that as a kid, we had to stop our cars and wash our windshields to continue on, because there were so many bugs on the windshield we couldn’t see. Sometimes I get carried away with my writing and don’t know when to stop, but this was just to say, that I think that once again Satan had his evil hand in naming that magazine ‘AWAKE” right in front of all the very people who were in the deepest sleep.

You know Marta, for the life of me, I do not understand why it is that the Ex JW community is virtually silent on this. To me it has just got to be, and was, the nail in the coffin, to Quote Mike and Kim for me. Taking money out of the contribution box, and handing it over to Lockheed and General Dynamics to build the weapons of war that go to foreign countries to slaughter innocent people, you know, it just leaves me speechless, it locks me up worst than windows 3.0. It seems to me that this alone should drive the congregations of people, away from the organization. But almost no one speaks about it, we talk allot about the child abuse, and we should, but we say nothing about the wholesale slaughtering of innocent people around the world. They might say, well, we are not doing it !!! When you pay the hit man, you may as well be pulling the trigger yourself, and through our contribution box, we are, or were, paying the hit man. We own 50% of the company who makes the engines for drones, drones are being used right this minute to slaughter the innocent. Jehovah’s Witnesses, some of the most evil people earth has ever seen, if for no other reason, their willful blind ignorance, stupidity, and apathy.

There is a loving God, not everything is Gods will, in fact, almost everything that is being done on this earth from Cain and Able, to this very moment have nothing to do with the will of God and are in direct opposition to God. What is happening to man, is much bigger than man, man has caught the brunt of the battle, but the battle is a spiritual one, the challenge was made against God in the heavens with all of the angels watching on, our fight is a spiritual fight, man is not only flesh and blood, but he is also a spiritual being. Praying to God, for things that we know are in direct opposition to his will are blasphemous. There are things that mankind pray for that God even finds detestable. He does not answer nor does he hear all prayers. Mankind daily, makes himself an enemy of God, still God allows us all to go on living, to extract the very most from this experience, the result of man and angels, turning their backs on God. The time for this evil of mankind against God will end at some point. God, in his infinite wisdom, at a time of his choosing, will bring back to life, even the unrighteous, with all of their life’s experiences, and give us a chance to live in a world that is fashioned by him, instead of his enemy. There, in that world, we will all be able to compare our lives in this world, to that of Gods, and make the choice if we want it. It is there that we will discover, that allowing the evil we presently find ourselves immersed in, and the invaluable experience we gained here, will prove to be the greatest act of love God could of given us all. Because with this experience, going forth throughout all eternity, mankind and the angels, having lived through an evil world, will never allow this to happen ever again, No matter how far out into the Universe mankind spreads in this physical dimension, no matter what planet he finds himself on, even completely alone, he will have the advantage over Adam in that he will have saw first hand the results, of not listening to the person who created all things, and in those moments we will discover, that truly, God allowing the suffering of man, was indeed a loving provision from him, exactly like the scriptures tells us it is. In addition to those thoughts, think of this as well, could it be also that in those times, we might be viewed a little Christ like, followers of his all the way to death, just like him, and at this time we can prove ourselves faithful by teaching our young ones the importance of listening to our heavenly Father in all things, and teaching them of the past, so that they to, never go there. When Jesus said, that if he had to condense all of his Fathers qualities into one characteristic, it would be Love, and truly, when it is all said and done, the suffering of man will prove to be an act of love on God’s part, as hard as that might seem to believe right now.


It wasn’t China who took over the worlds economy, it was the blind stupid ignorance of the masses that continues in the face of all reality, It was Americans in America, that took down their economy, not China. Wall Street took apart our factories, put them on cargo containers, and shipped them to China. Americans know the price of everything and the value of nothing. They drive down their main streets and never once notice the boarded up businesses. We borrowed money from China, and gave them back hard assets in payment, including national monuments, I have no reason to believe that the United States government, who had their tentacles into American industries, did not order the businesses to move to China. America brought down their own country for short term profits, for long term suffering. Once the last piece of our inheritance that our forefathers built and sacrificed for is sold off, the life that awaits us all is something that is more horrible than any of us can imagine, and what is about to come upon us all is something Americans are demanding, they are protesting in the streets begging for it.



I posted a comment yesterday about how in the future we may not have the internet, and of course, here come the challengers calling me once again a doom and gloom idiot if I think that could ever happen. I always, always make sure that the things I say are true, there may be opposite views out there that are just as true, but I always make sure I can back up why I believe the things I believe.


The flooding in Louisiana is complements of the United States of America Military, for all of you out there who feel so compelled to thank a veteran, for just doing his job

Clarence Sisk We have a saying today “I stared death in the face” and yet we know that is not literally possible. I am certain that in hindsight that if the writers of scripture would of known how their work was going to be scrutinized thousands of years later, perhaps they might of been more careful with their sentence formations. It is true that the bible was written by man, under inspiration, but under inspiration does not mean that God took their pen in his own hand. The bible is filled, littered with the stories and events of mans imperfections, evils, tragedies, and struggles in direct conflict with the will of God, really, that is what the bible is all about, Gods dealings with man, and mankind’s struggles in a world filled with evil. This book is the writings of a handful of men, relating to the world at their time, their life’s experiences in matters of their faith and beliefs and their struggles, none of them claimed to be infallible, and nowhere does th bible make the claim that God himself wrote the bible, it says that they were borne along by holy spirit, but the holy spirit never guided them to leave out their personal perceptions. Someone has inspired me to do just about everything I have done, my life has been about service to others, but I do not hold responsible those who inspired me, for my mistakes and failures and flaws. The scriptures are all about revealing the flaws of man, that is it’s entire purpose, so none of us should have our reasoning ability shaken, when we spot one. Rather than try to dissect a word or indeed a letter, as in John 1:1 the letter “a” which an entire belief system has developed, we should strive to extract the meaning of what the writer was trying to convey. There is no telling how we could all make the Bible read if we were to take it apart and rearrange the wording to fit our own particular beliefs at the time. We are all here right now, on this subject because our beliefs, things we would of bet our lives were true a few months ago, now we all find ourselves rearranging our belief structures, and I, right along with you, and I must say, that Marcus Vaughn has been instrumental in my Awakening, so none of these words are of criticism to any one, just some thoughts. There are things in our lives that are absolutely true, Scientologist call them “stable datum”. We have Music , physics, math, chemistry, electricity that all have properties that are relied upon for their absolute truths recognized and utilized in the same way by all in those disciplines. What if every musician played c# anyway they interpreted it to be in an orchestral production, man, that would be a horrible mess. Mix chemistry in the wrong way and it can be a big mess to, disrespect the laws of electricity, and you could die. Likewise the Bible, there are scriptures that when read as they were written, are stable in their meaning, then when we come across a scripture, written from the experience and perceptions and circumstances at the time of an imperfect man, meshed in dire circumstances, that seem to conflict with another scripture written from an entirely different set of circumstances, perceptions and experiences thousands of years apart, we should be intellectual enough to grasps the writers meanings rather than fault find for a strict comparison. I have no doubt that Jesus Christ at one point in his life, stood in the very presence of his father. Then his Father, not Jesus himself, but his Father, transformed his life to a physical being, and placed that being in the presence of man. Standing next to his Father, literally, no man could of looked upon Christ without perishing, even on this earth, there are things we cannot look upon without perishing, how much greater, in the presence of God Almighty. The greatness of Christ, was presented before man, in the way that man could be in his presence and still live to tell about it. Likewise today, we have transformed energy mechanisms which allow us to utilize power, in a safe way. There is no reason for any of us to believe that God himself, cannot transform a fraction of his power, so that we might experience his presence in a way that will not destroy us. For instance, today it is common to have holographic shows of stars that have passed away, Natale Cole did a show with a holographic presence of her father. Other stars have actually holographic presented themselves on several stages around the world at the same time. It is reasonable to conclude, that the creator of all things, could also obey the laws of physics that he himself designed. Allowing both sets of words in scriptures to be valid, those of Jacob and those of Christ, depending upon perception, and meaning. Jacob could of had a face to face vision, where as Jesus might have meant literally. Just a point of view, don’t crucify me here.

Facebook does not want us to see each others postings, the last thing this government wants is for people to start talking to each other. There will come a day, when the internet is taken down, and the cell phones are turned off, what ever it is that you would like to know about each other, you better start now.


Chemtrails first fill you with metal, then HAARP radiates you with electrical waves of energy. Go to YouTube, type in HAARP,


If you are a JW and if you are standing up now, please I caution you to sit down. The Watchtower Society owns 20,000 shares of stocks in Boeing Company, a company that makes military combat aircraft. The WATCHTOWER ALSO owns 50,000 shares of stocks in Northrop Grumman Co. what does this company makes? MILITARY MACHINERY. That is not all, folks! The Watchtower owns 100,000 shares of stocks in Lockheed Martin. What does this company makes? MILITARY COMBAT MACHINERY. Wow!!!!!!!!!! Just in case you don’t know, if you own a single share of stock in a company then you are part-owner of that company. The Watchtower is promoting war in the world. Why? They own military companies. If you are a JW, doesn’t this news make you sick? Doesn’t this news make you want to vomit? Here is an organization that claims to be God’s organization on earth. They say that JWs are the only true Christians in the world partly because they don’t participate in wars . JWs cannot even belong in the military and yet the Watchtower is promoting WARS in the world by owning companies that make military combat machinery.

Religion !!! Because religion is a false belief system. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there is a God, but he has nothing to do with religion, all religions belong and were formed by the enemy of God. If the world were not immersed in false belief systems of an endless variety, then the barriers of man’s advancements would be removed, it is religion, and all of its false beliefs, that stand in our way. Money is a false belief system. Except for life itself, all of the problems that we face and terrorize mankind would stop tomorrow if we all agreed to stop using money. I am not talking about a trade and barter system, that is just another form of currency, I am talking about making all exchanged for goods and services illegal, so that man never again picks up this weapon of mass destruction we call money. If scientific advancement was unleashed without the restriction of lack of funds, and if scientist around the world could focus their entire intellect on the problem of cancer, I think we could find a cure in weeks. Already it has been proven that Marijuana fights cancer effectively, but it is because of money, that laws are passed restricting even it’s study. Religion, false belief systems, are at the heart of all of the problems mankind face.

We have had in our family six police officers. Two of which were Highway Patrol, and one Chief of Police. I am not anti police by any stretch of the imagination. I am a white male, blond hair, blue eyes, and electronic engineer, well educated, well dresses, and well groomed. I have had several incidences where the police have fucked with me, for absolutely no reason what so ever. Americans have this blind patriotic religious worshiping view of the police and the military, that is the exact opposite of all reality. We had in this country at one time a principle whereby the military was prevented from policing the public. So the world rulers (this is global) said no problem, we will just turn the police into a military. Those are tanks parked at your local cop shop, and some day in the future, they will be rolled out. There are reasons why there are gun safes at post offices, hospitals, safe rooms at supermarkets, escape routes at Walmart, guard towers being built at shopping malls, that blend right into the architecture. For what is coming upon all of us, we need everyone to begin to see things for how they really are, and lay down the false belief systems. In every form of tyranny, the ruling party always first makes the laws, and then enforces them. Every thing that Hitler did was legal, because first they made the laws that said so. Here in America, there are now laws on the books that make collecting water illegal. It is illegal now in some areas already to grow your own food , compliments of the food safety act, sponsored by Monsanto whose motto is “no food shall be grown that we don’t own.” I live in a small town, and we have to get a permit now to visit the local city park, too many homeless people were laying on the grass, and drinking the water and using the toilets. It is illegal now in some areas to feed the homeless, and it has long been against the law for a restaurant to feed the homeless out the back door, forcing restaurants to throw their unsold food in the trash and lock it. Girl Scouts have a hard time selling their cookies these days and lemonade stands on your front lawn are illegal, so is selling your stuff on your drive way as you are trying to clear out some junk. Changing your tire on the street will get you a fine, and because of the vehicle nuisance law, you can have a brand new Rolls Royce parked in your drive way, with a busted out tail light, a cop can give you a ticket for it, and if not fixed within the given time, they can come on your property with a tow truck, haul that car away, and it cannot be reclaimed by anyone, it must be destroyed. Ask an average New Yorker, if cops will harass them for no reason. That stop and frisk law is all about harassing citizens for no reason, I experienced it in LA on several occasions myself, and even in this small town, with one stop light, twice while walking for exercise, I had a cop shine a light in my face asking where I was going, and another slowed down beside me and just looked at me and drove off. So the concept that the police will not bother a person if they are not doing anything wrong, I suppose, is a matter of prospective, but let me assure you, your prospective is about to change, and the best thing you can do before that day comes, is to begin to take a good long look around you, and start seeing things for how they really are, not how all of us wish they would be. In your city, most likely you now have a green belt across your city. Notice that !!! If looked at from above, it is as if your city had a concrete walkway, with grass on either side, that traverses your city, that is why they call it a green belt. It is a sign that your city government, Mayor, City Council, Police Departments, have all signed on to Agenda 21, if you do not know what Agenda 21 is YouTube it, it is going to profoundly change your life. It is called many things, but most common is Sustainable Development, when you hear that term Sustainable, that is Agenda 21 language, and it means your city has signed on for it already. Do not think that your city has a choice, they don’t, it just means they have already. You will begin to see that City Councils, Chief of Police, Mayors, Building Code Enforcement officials are no longer elected officials, but are assigned. You must by now think I am out of my mind, all it takes is a click of the mouse to prove to yourself, that every single word I have said here is true, as impossibly to believe as it is, and it is a thousand times worse than I am telling you. Do not think for one second that the police will not shoot an innocent person to death for no reason. Most police are ex military. Military soldiers are trained to do just that. They get on a plane, go to a foreign country, and slaughter innocent people, just because some suit sitting at a desk told them to, they might be flesh and blood, but they have been turned into mindless drone killing machines, in their own words, “Just Doing My Job” . The truth about policing and the military is that it is all about making money for those that control the world, it has nothing to do with stopping crime, or protecting the innocent or freedom, it is all about the opposite of those things. Policing is not about protecting the public, it is all about protecting the criminals, because it is the criminals that provide them with a job, end crime, and they are out of work, along with courts, and lawyers, allot of people depend on crime for income. War is all about corporate greed. I know it is hard, especially for those of us who have been in a cult, but it is us above all who should understand how cults work and patriotism and nationalism are a cult, and the police and military are the enforcement arms of that cult. Try to look at the military machine as the heads of each branch of the military as the governing body and the Police as the elders and the soldiers as the ministerial servants who rat to the elders. It is all a cult, blind patriotic fervor and nationalism, that go to foreign lands and slaughter the innocent, is my friends a cult, and then we have the Watchtower, supplying the military weapons that those soldiers use to slaughter innocent men women and children with our contributions, our involuntary blood money. Yes that scripture rings true to all of us, “Get out of her my people, if you do not want to be sharers of her sins, because her sins have massed together, clear up to the heavens” The streets of the world run rivers of blood of the innocent, by the weapons of war produced by the Watchtower with our money, under the illusion of being preachers of peace, the ultimate betrayal and hypocrisy earths religious systems have ever produced






The question was, “Can geoengineering stop global warming ?” I say, NO it cannot, the sun is simply going to heat up those nano particles of metals, and make the problem much much worse, until no life is left on this earth if this is not stopped. The United States Military, for all of you out there who worship soldiers and veterans, sprayed this entire country with nano particles of Aluminum, with what result !!!!!!! This entire country was under a heat warning, with temperatures for everywhere in the 100’s, a record hot summer so far, they are calling it a heat dome, (YA, they geo-engineered that heat dome all right), so how do you think spraying the air we breath with nano particles of Aluminum is cooling things down so far ???? What is causing global warming is not green house gases, or carbon releases, it is simply heat, that is causing global warming, just that simple. We are covering our earth with concrete and steel, and cutting down trees to do it, it is just that simple. The reason we are covering our earth in concrete and steel is money, money is the root cause of global warming, get rid of money, and these problems go away, and I am not talking about a trade and barter system, that is just another form of currency, I am suggesting, end all forms of currency, and make the exchange of any form of currency illegal forever so that mankind never returns to destroying this earth.




What causes this ripple effect is Haarp. Yes. Harrp is a giant antenna array placed in various places around the globe, even at the bottom of the ocean, salt water is very conductive. It emits unimaginable amounts of radio frequency at power levels sufficient enough to bend the Ionosphere. This energy can and does move the jet stream, and it is what is causing the extreme weather, droughts in one area, flooding in another, and rapid temperature fluctuations. The air is now conductive because it is filled with nano particles of metals, which you also breath in, and these metals are so small that they can go directly through cells into the brain, short circuiting normal brain activate, energized by specific frequencies, these metals can cause havoc in the human mind. The metals suspended in the sky of this photo, are just responding to the frequency being generated at that moment in time by HARRP. The clouds can be formed by dialing in a different frequency, although those are not moisture laden clouds, those clouds are made up of gases, Fluoride, Barium Strontium, Lithium and god only knows what else, they are clouds of poison


Abortion is murder Lance, no matter how you slice it, rape or not, killing an innocent child, is murder, and child sacrifice. The United States of America prints trillions of dollars and hands it out for free to billionaires, it wouldn’t hurt anyone, to give a little to the unborn, and the newly born. You should take a moment to learn about fiat currency. There are millions of people who would take that child in, it is the governments that get in the way of child adoption, because bureaucracies make money. Yes, even in cases of rape, that is a human life, killing a human being, that is completely innocent is murder. The United States of America, by their own records to date, have slaughtered, on the alters of child sacrifice in abortion clinics, 65,000,000 children, how many of those were conceived by rape ?? Put 55 gallon drums of condoms on every street corner and hand them out for free, don’t lock them up in cabinets, and make shy embarrassed teenagers go to someone and ask for them, when they don’t have a dime to pay for them. Let birth control pills be for free to anyone who wants them, but killing children, is murder, and it should be punished as such. If a man kills a pregnant woman it is a double homicide, but when a doctor kills a child it is a medical procedure, warped twisted, obscene semantics. Every single year about election time this issue of weather or not it is moral or legal to kill children comes up, to amplify the human condition, proving that in 6,000 years it has not improved one single bit, it is just getting worse. Mankind to this very day, continues to offer up it’s children to Molech, no matter what he is calling himself today. When a woman finds she is pregnant, yes, go through the pregnancy, deliver that child to people who want it if she doesn’t, there is a variety of birth control options, but murder should never be one of them.


The thing for you to NEVER FORGET here is, never forget who really took down these buildings while innocent Americans were at work, rather than at 3am when no one was there, they made sure that children were in the day care centers. Thank a Veteran

These are some photos of the beams that were on the outside of the buildings, 240 of them, all snapped like twigs, in 30 ft sections, when the towers came down, how curious, just the perfect size for the trucks that hauled them away, how thoughtful of the hyjackers

This is a picture of the center beams of the World Trade Centers Twin Towers, there were 48 of them that made up the stairwells and elevator shafts.

What’s this got to do with Dallas ?? Read to the end.

This is the title given to the demolition of the World Trade Center, Twin Towers. Make no mistake, these Twin Towers were deliberately demolished, the question in most peoples minds is, by whom.

The official story of the United States Government is that Mohammad Atta, who flew in an airplane for the first time in his life on his trip to America to bring down those Twin Towers on the orders of Bin Laden, was handed a box cutter as a weapon and the keys to two passenger jets to fly into those twin towers, a feat that John Lear himself said he could not accomplish.

The tallest, strongest, able to withstand the most powerful of hurricanes and tornadoes, were brought straight down in the middle of the most densely packed city in America, and on the way down, those buildings dissolved themselves to the point where the remaining debris field ended up at street level, still exposing traffic lights. In the words of Peter Jennings and George Stephanopoulos, “ Where is the rubble”??? The two tallest, biggest buildings in America, were brought down by camel jockey’s and left a pile of trash that could have been cleaned up with a dust pan and broom. Seems to me that this demolition expert would have been in great demand around the world for similar operations, he totally missed his calling in life, but then again, great talent often goes un-recognized.

Yes, of course, I am being facetious. But believe it or not, there are still what resembles humans out there and main street media still proclaims, that the Twin Towers were brought down with box cutters and kerosene. Who needs explosives, when all you need is a little lighter fluid and a match. MacGyver would have been proud of these Saudi refugees, even our government admits they had nothing to do with Iraq. But someone had to take the fall.

Why write about this now ? Why write about this still ? Why write about this at all ??

I am going to post some pictures, about the World Trade Center, AGAIN. Look at them, study them, print them out, pass them around, hand them out on street corners. I am also going to show a side by side comparison of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and the Twin Towers, and I want you to notice the comparison.

I have worked as a Welder before, I know about gluing steel together. I did not spend my life watching sports, and playing stupid ignorant games, drinking beer, and partying, I spent my life learning how to do things that had real value, and always with the goal and intention of helping others. I have always said that if I was being selfish, I would of spent my life in the forest of British Columbia. For some reason, the north has always called me. My test bench always has to face north, or I don’t feel comfortable. Weird, right?

You know when you are flying in an airplane, and you actually get to your destination before the jet fuel has the chance to melt the steel of the engines ??????????? No matter how long your flight is ?????

You ever have a kerosene lamp burn for days because the electricity was out, but the only thing that was melted was the wick that you had to keep trimmed , but the wick advancer was still in tact, no matter how long the lamp burned. ??

You ever notice how your cars engine never melts, even with all of those explosions and the burning of gasoline in the interior of the engine ?

You ever notice how when you are cooking all day on your stove, but the grill your pot is sitting on, never melts ??

Jet fuel is kerosene, it is impossible for it to melt steel, even if it was oxygenated heavily. Gasoline will not melt steel no matter what you do to it.

If you could use kerosene to turn concrete and steel to dust, then every demolition expert in the world would be using it instead of C4 and Thermite !!!!!

The Twin Towers were built to withstand any natural disaster. Including earth quakes.

The center columns of the Twin Towers, surrounding the stairwell and elevator shaft cavity, were 48 in number.

The beams were 52” x 22” and the walls of the beams were 5” thick and another 5” thick section ran the very center of the beam, making them almost a solid steel column of 54” x 22”.

The perimeter columns were 240 in number in each tower. These columns had wall thicknesses of 2” thick. Wall thickness decreased as the towers rose. But don’t focus on that, focus on the entire mass of these structures, that simply vaporized.

An airplane is little more than a flying beer can. In fact if a woman stands on the outside structure just about anywhere, her heels will punch right through the skin of just about any aircraft. The engines have a larger ration of titanium to reduce weight and mass, but maintain strength.

I have written about this in detail before, as has a thousand other people, and the conclusion of all of us is this, you could fly a thousand of those airplanes into the Twin Towers, and make a mess, yes, but in a million years, those buildings would never come down, in fact no matter how many airplanes you fly into those towers, you could never sever one single beam. Let alone, 288 beams, severed every 30 feet, x two towers.

576 beams X 1000 ft each, cut every 30 feet, is about 19,200 cuts through 22” X 52” of solid steel each cut. I know that is not the exact detailed truth of dimensions, but you get the idea of concept.

Conclusion, you could never cut through that much steel, with a beer can, and a box cutter, I don’t care how good of a pilot you are, or how well you ride a camel, or how sharp your razor blades are. And what is more insane, the government and media has you convinced that they did all of this in 45 minutes, from crashing into the towers to their fall to the ground.

If you are still buying into the narrative of the propaganda of CNN and Fox, you are beyond help, and there is nothing anyone can do to help you, you are part of the problem, and you have your mouth firmly fixed to the spray nozzle of the Chemtrail jet, and you are just gone.

The last point is this. On that day, thousands of Americans were slaughtered, murdered, by their own government, and the United States Military, while sitting at their desk, going about their daily routine. Children in day care. Hundreds of policeman and fireman rushing to help, were murdered that day. To facilitate the Agenda of the Globalist. Evil, satanic, criminals. A soldier in the United States Military is about as evil as any person can be trained to become. When you follow orders to kill innocent children , innocent women, innocent men, who could be your very own relatives, your very own children, just because someone told you to, you are no less evil than Satan himself. And the veterans of the United States Military, were the strong-arm behind 911, and it is absolutely disgusting to me when I see in print or pictures about how we should honor our veterans, Veterans are the enforcement arm of the Globalist, those poised to enforce Agenda 21. A greater evil earth has never seen, then a member of the Armed Forced of America, you need to get your head out of your ass and see things for how they really are. If you even own an American flag, you still have your head up your ass. Your patriotic support for this most evil despicable institution is the epitome of obscene. Patriotism and blind allegiance is a false belief system, and I have written close to a million words about this, get out of all religious systems, including the religious system of patriotism.

I hold to my initial thought, that no police officers were killed in Dallas. Dallas just wasn’t about to have a protest, so they staged an active shooter drill to send the protesters home. But even if they were. The United States of America, by means of it’s police and Military, will slaughter, murder it’s own policeman, fireman, first responders, to advance it’s own agenda ( 21 ). Don’t you think for one second, that the Military would not follow orders to kill policemen if they were told to, they are currently being trained to do just that, including children, and pregnant women, you really need to get the hell off of the computer games and the television, and see what is going on. They proved that they would kill hundreds at 911, just because they were told too. Do not make the mistake of going up against them they will shoot you dead in a heartbeat. Soldiers and police are trained to emotionally disconnect. This world, and the people in it, have been disconnected from reality by media for decades now, and along with that, goes the heart. Study the pictures, think and reason


I have spoken many times about Agenda 21. To this very moment, after 4 years of writing about it, to date, I have not received one single comment about Agenda 21. Nothing in your life is more serious than Agenda 21. All of your religious institutions are required by law, if they want to remain an accredited religious institution, to go along with Agenda 21, and yes, that includes the WTBTS, who was a member of the United Nations for 10 solid years of the American branch headquarters in New York, and are still to this day a member of the United Nations in Europe and Great Britain. They are just as guilty as any other religion, leading their sheep to the slaughter houses. Instead of warning their members of Agenda 21, they are instructing them to go along with the program. and in all of their literature, there is not one single word about Agenda 21. Look up into the sky, that is poison being sprayed down upon you, that you breath, and that your fruits and vegetables wick up through their root systems, and that falls into the water supply, this is Agenda 21. That cute green lawn pathway that wraps across your city, that if viewed from an airplane looks like a belt across the city, this walk-able, bike able, jog-able, winding pathway, is Agenda 21. These chemicals that are being forced upon us all are specifically designed to create apathy in the population to accept what is happening to them. In essence, turning the populations into walking Zombies, completely oblivious to what is happening to them as if they cannot even see it with their own eyes.

I am giving you some photos of some of my books on Agenda 21, I would recommend that you read them while you can. Buy them on eBay or amazon. The Glenn Beck book is interesting because it gives a fictional account of how life will be after Agenda 21 is fully implemented. Agenda 21 is not a joke, it is not a hoax, it is not a conspiracy theory, the United Nations put it into print. It is a well thought out program that they have every intention of implementing. The exit of Britain from the EU, is Agenda 21. The mass shooting of cops and by cops, and the fake shootings like Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, etc, these are staged events to roll out Agenda 21. The United Nations wants Agenda 21 fully implemented by 2030, time goes fast my friends. You see those massive apartment buildings in Pasadena going up, that’s Agenda 21. New York is building hundreds of thousands of 300 square feet apartments, that is Agenda 21. You will be moved out of your private home, in handcuffs, taken to a re-education center, until you calm down, take your meds that are forced upon you, and if you are co-operative, given a 300 square ft apartment to live in with your family, or someone else’s family. No car, none of your belongings, none of your pets, no wine, no sex, no joke. Those massive cities that are un occupied in China, that is Agenda 21, don’t worry, they will be occupied. The drought in California, that is Agenda 21, engineered to destroy the food supply for America, and what is exported. California supplies 50% of Americas food, think for a moment what will happen in America, when half of it’s food production is stopped. Farmers in California are currently, by law, allowed to borrow water, but they must return within the year the water that they borrow, while the rain that falls on California, is being engineered away from California, to create floods in other parts of the nation. Either way, drought or floods destroys the food supply, and this my friends is Agenda 21. Control the water, control the food, = control the people. Under Agenda 21, books and literature will be illegal. I don’t think you are getting it how evil Agenda 21 is, nothing in your life is more important than taking a few moments to read Agenda 21, go to YouTube, watch the videos. Get off of the video games, and the television. Under Agenda 21, there will be no telephones, no television, no internet for the public, you will know what they want you to know, already the kill switch for telephones and internet are installed, and recently FEMA began interrupting broadcast to make their announcements to the nation, if you think that all the ducks are not being lined up, you are fooling yourself. Pay attention, I post what I write in my “How I see it ” page, located here on Facebook at the top right hand corner.

Dallas Shooting,


This is Agenda 21 propaganda.

No one was shot, no one died here.

This is all an act, drama, psychological operation, to continue the Agenda 21 narrative.

A man steps out on a balcony, with a thousand police officers at the ready, in plain sight of a video recorder, takes his time to shoot a police officer 5 times, and not one single police officer fires back. Ya right, i’ll buy that.

A thousand police officers know the room that the suspect is holding up, that they are able to send in a robot with a hand-grenade to blow him up. Right out of Die Hard Hollywood theatrics. And you idiots are buying this shit. Like the shooter is just going to stand there and let the robot blow him up, ya right.

The shots you heard were blanks no one was shot.

But even if five officers were shot, keep this in mind. The United States of America will not hesitate to kill it’s own citizens, on American soil, to advance it’s adopted Agenda. Twin Towers case in point, hundreds of Police and Firemen, deliberately slaughtered by the United States of America Military on 911.American men are psychologically brainwashed routinely to go to foreign countries and kill innocent people, then when they get back to America, they are first in line for jobs at cop shops. Most policemen are ex military who have been indoctrinated to kill the innocent, men, women and children, those are the facts, that might enrage you that some one actually spoke them, but that is the truth of the matter, cops are trained killers, military men, are trained killers. Give me an explanation of why policeman are given target practice posters of pregnant women and children to aim at ????

What this Dallas Hoax did was take the focus off of what the cops did the last few days, by killing two citizens who were innocent. It turned the public attention, through the propaganda arm of the United States Government, CNN , away from the criminal aspects of the police, and now focused on the police being victims and heroes, instead of outright murderers. And the stupid, ignorant Americans are sucking up this koolaid by the gallons. Jim Jones would be so proud. This is all in the play books, Dallas said we are not having this demonstration, and set in motion a demonstration that trumped theirs, we are going to start our own active shooter drill in the middle of your demonstration, now you all go home like good little robots.

The only country on earth, with the power of the people to stop Agenda 21 is America.

When America willfully, knowingly, deliberately gives up it’s guns, and with that action, the ability to defend itself from Tyranny, Tyranny will take over the world.

These sorts of events are going to continue until the average American begs the government to take their guns.

Like the thief who convinces the homeowner that they are in a much better position to take care of their money for them, CNN , as the soft start agent of Agenda 21, convinces the American people, that guns are at the root of all their problems, and that if only they would agree to give up all of their rights to protect themselves, then the benevolent government is all too eager at the ready, to step in and provide all of the protection they will ever need, and the best way for the government to protect us all, is to put us all into the witness protection program in the safe houses, with the temporary name of FEMA CAMPS, after all, we cannot protect everyone is they are all scattered around the countryside in their private homes. The criminals know where you live, and it is not safe there anymore. Criminals, IE the government.

It is through blind willful ignorance, that the writings of people like me are refereed to as RANTS. That is like calling the Encyclopedia Britannica, a RANT. Articles of print have become so objectionable to Americans that they are looked upon with disdain. And this is by design. I believe that that is just one more reason that the United Nations had no fear in printing their global agenda, and releasing the publication to the public, Agenda 21, of which,. I have my own personal copy from the United Nations.

Every intellect on this planet has been screaming about this, and maybe that is the problem, they have yelled out so loudly to earth’s population, this warning, that the ear drums of the masses are so de-sensitized that they can no longer hear, the only thing earths population is capable of right now, is watching video games and entertainment, they are no longer capable of digesting any form of informative data, of any real intellectual value, ingesting only the salivated juices of the mental chewing gum provided through CNN and FOX.

If Agenda 21 is not stopped, what lies ahead for mankind is something more horrible that any ones worst nightmare could conjure up. Animals are to be elevated above humans, you are being conditioned for that right now through television commercials. You will still be eating meat for awhile, but it won’t be animals. A Clinton Quote in the 80’s was, “It takes a village to raise a child” will become, “A village will raise your child” only it won’t be the village you live in, and the child will not be between a woman and her husband, women and girls of ovulation, will be breed, then the child raised by others to maintain the isolation of familial bonds.

All humans, except for the elite, will be enslaved, for as long as they are allowed to live, by the ruling elite. The ovens of Auschwitz will become as common as Starbucks today. Right this minute, as we speak, incinerators are being built at every FEMA camp in this country, and at similar camps around the world. Agenda 21 is global.

These fake gun shootings will continue until Agenda 21 gets the guns from American Citizens, when Americans give up their guns, the rest of the world is a cake walk.

It is my solemn belief that Agenda 21 has progressed so far, that it is impossible to stop it now. I say this because for the most part Chemtrails. Americans have already laid down on the ground and are allowing them selves and their children to be sprayed with an endless variety of chemicals and biological agents, without even a peep of objection or even acknowledgment, except to say perhaps, yes sir, can I have another. These chemicals, like fluoride and lithium are specifically designed to give a person a false sense of acceptance of conditions as they are, to accept their surroundings and cope with them , a sense that everything is normal and how it should be, in the face of all apposing evidence.

These drugs are so effective in their psychological manipulations of the human psyche that even the pilots who fly these planes over their own families are of the belief that they are doing something to save them, when in all actuality, this is going to kill them. What drives a man to kill his own family, just because another man tells him too. This is a false belief system, and I have written about following false belief systems in great detail, get out of them, all of them.

I want to mirror what Robert Barton just said, I have been sick for 3 months now, and what these long term lung, throat, sinus and memory fog is going to do is kill us all slowly. Alzheimer’s has been linked to aluminum. I want to explain something about that. What they are spraying are nano particles, these are particles at the molecular level, in order for you to actually see them, trillions of tons of these particles must be sprayed, and they are, all over the world. This is being done by the United States of America, Military, following orders for all of you patriotic idiots out there, who think that we should be honoring the veterans, I want you to think for a minute, soldiers take orders to kill innocent people, that is what they do, soldiers are brainwashed killing machines, they will kill their own family members if told to do so, case in point, the civil war, don’t think for one minute that it can never happen again. With your own eyes, you are witnessing the slaughter of millions of people by the Military, your family members in the armed forces are spraying you with chemicals that will kill you, just because they are told to. So walk over to your new flag that you just bought at Wall Mart, made in China, and bow down to it, pledge your dying allegiance to the country that is killing your children and all life on earth, and give your Heil Hitler as you step into the ovens. You Stupid Stupid Americans. I live in Taft California, and I photo this going on everyday. The government calls these things Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, the culling of humanity is written into Agenda 21, Agenda 21 has already been implemented. This won’t kill you today, but if not stopped, this will kill all life on earth, right down to the cellular level, this stuff even kills bacteria. If you have a family member that is a pilot, stop him in his tracks, before he kills us all.

Robert Barton Their killing us I’m sick now for 3 months. Sinus throat lungs memory is fading. This is global Alzheimer’s disease. Stand up and fight these people




300 people in the club. One Cop at the door. Bouncers ???? Frisking at the door ???? COP exchanges gun fire with the gunman, more cops arrive and exchange gunfire with the gunman, he retreats to the restroom with hostages ???? Let me get this straight, this guy hits 100 people with his bullets, 50 dead, 50 injured, and yet 5 cops all missed him, until he ran out of bullets, what the hell. Exactly what sort of training do the cops in Orlando get, table manners for donut eating etiquette !!!! Bartender said he watched a patron being shot, and never once thought to throw a glass or a Jim Beam bottle at him, there must have been a thousand weapons behind that bar that could have been thrown at that shooter, you know how hard it is to aim when you are dodging whiskey bottles ??? 300 people = 300 chairs, imagine 300 chairs being thrown at this guy !!! Run out of chairs, throw the tables, try throwing shoes, a real insult in that faith !!!! Alcohol burns, empty a few bottles into a mop bucket, throw it on him, or spill it on the floor, and light a match. Bleach, always a stable in a bar, spill it on the floor, and the fums would make it impossible for him to aim through blurry eyes. Throw a cup of bleach into his face. My grandfather owned a bar and restaurant. He always kept a fresh mop bucket of soapy water to clean up spills at the bar, but he told me it doubles as a fight stopper, if a fight broke out, he would dump the soapy water on the floor, and no one could stand up to fight on the soapy slippery floor.

300 people in that bar with phones and cameras, a population known for taking selfies, and yet not one single photo, or video of the event, not even from the security cameras, or vest cameras of the cops, not one.

Not a drop of blood, except for Hollywood makeup.

This is all Agenda 21 fake drama, staged theater to get the guns, that is all this is.

But even if a hundred people were shot dead, it is not the biggest loss of humans on American soil. Remember millions died during the civil war, and the United States Military, at the direction of the United States Government murdered 3,000 people at 10 O’Clock in the morning at 911. The United States of America is the greatest terrorist organization earth has ever seen, next to the Catholic Church, who lead the Civil War according to Abraham Lincoln. Do not think for one moment that this government, or any other government will not stage the slaughtering of it’s own people to engage their own Agenda. Agenda 21 is real, it is not a joke, and it is being rolled out for decades now.

Here is the truth about Veterans. Give a man a medal, a certificate of accomplishment, honor and dignity for refusing to go to a foreign or domestic land and kill innocent men women and children.
Lock up in prison, those who participate in killing innocent men women and children, in foreign lands, or the streets of this country.

But in the blind patriotic fervor, which is a false religious belief system, Americans hold in sacred honor those Veterans who kill the innocent, and protect the guilty, you stupid, stupid ignorant people.

Agenda 21 needs to get the guns away from the people, so that when they take your homes, your wives and your children away from you, you can’t fight back. Have the brains that God gave you and look this up, and if you are too fucking lazy to read, or too ignorant to have ever learned to read, watch the videos. Type in Agenda 21, and watch, let the cartoons go for a moment. The drugs that they need to sedate you are being sprayed over your heads right this minute. Fluoride and Lithium, do you idiots really believe that Fluoride and Lithium can control the climate like you are being told, and someone please explain, why the climate needs to be controlled in the first place, as if man knows better, than the one who installed this system. When they get your guns, it is too late, it is over, and America is the last hope in a world where man is required to rule over man in the absence of God. God is not involved in the governance of man, how could he possible be.

This event in Orlando is just one more narrative in a string to come, until the stupid American people beg the government to take their guns.

I do not have what it takes right now to discuss this issue with you, not that you could even understand it if I did. I do not know you, and you do not know me, so this has nothing to do with you, don’t take this personal, it is not. I have written about this in overwhelming detail before to various so called distributors and folks at 80/20, and also in direct phone calls. I cannot afford this kind of stress in my life any longer, I am 65, and it is much to late in my life for this sort of struggle. I received an email from 80/20 informing me that they have set up a way for people to purchase product from them directly. In one way this was a relief, in another way it made me out of control angry with them. I have tried in every conceivable way to get 80/20 to sell to me for the last 20 years. This started for me at the WesTec trade show in Los Angeles in 1995. There was never anything I could say to convince them that they should sell the products that they made. But it looks like now they might. I revamped my designs to utilize Unistrut, but there again I ran into the same problem, Unistrut will not sell. 80/20 does NOT have a distributor, I don’t care what they say. When I call up a distributor and they don’t even have a nut for 80/20 profiles, how can anyone call them a distributor, they are nothing more then remote order desk who have merchandise dropped shipped. I never asked for a discount, in fact I said, “Charge Me Double” just sell to me. This has nothing to do with you Terry, but instead of making me happy, this transfer of my inquiry to your office by 80/20 pisses me off. I want to deal with 80/20 directly, and no one else, no one, no one.

Why does this bother me so much ???? Like I said earlier, I have said this all before, but I will just give a hint of what I said before. The business model adopted by Americans is the very reason why we all find ourselves on the verge of economic collapse. Main street America is a ghost town. This country is an empty shell of it’s former self. But these last few years I have learned that this was all planed. This is all part of the United Nations Agenda 21/ 2030 mandate. I learned during the 80’s about the macheladoras at the Mexican border. The terms limited distribution, restriction of sales, just in time. All designed to restrict the flow and availability of raw materials and manufacturing capabilities of American manufacturing businesses. Government regulations by the hundreds with selective reinforcement. The United States of America, actually paying all expenses for any company who wanted to move out of this country, all expenses, they would buy the land, build the buildings, retool the plants, and pay all relocation cost, while the average American drank his beer, sat on his couch, and played his video games, and watched a ball being bounced around in various forms. American business stopped selling to Americans because they were told to. And here in lies my problem with Americans. If anyone comes into a business and tells the owner of that business that he should not or must not sell the very product that his production line is making …………………….. my personal response would be…………you guessed it. That person would become the center of my attention in a very negative way. And I am certain, that when I was finished communicating my dislike of his tactics he would immediately find a new job, and report back to me where, so I could verify it.

Throughout this country we now only sell donuts, coffee and hamburgers, and the necessary equipment to keep them running. Every single word that comes out of the mouth of our government, you can bet your life that the exact opposite is true. As we speak, the Military of America, is spraying poisons over the heads of this entire country, and half of the rest of the world.

I have been in the electronics business for 40 years, and I have come to despise distribution networks, I hate them, they translate a completely false pulse to the needs of end users, or retail outlets. Manufactures think that there is no demand for an item, but the truth of the matter is that you can’t but the item because either the manufacturer won’t sell it or the distributor won’t stock it.

I wish you every success in the world, but unless 80/20 sells to me, I will not be buying their products, I will find a manufacturer of extrusions, and I will buy a vertical machining center, and make all of the rest of the parts I need, and unlike the typical manufacturer of America, I will sell my products, even if I have to do it underground because of Agenda 21. And if any one of the people in my company ever refuses to sell the products that our production line makes, I will make sure that they do not work there again. And every single day, they will be tested, I will have people ordering product, and it better be shipped.

This attitude of American business men, of refusing to sell their products is one of the most vile forms of subliminal oppression. It is extremely evil and destructive, it destroys lives, it destroys towns and cities, it erodes entire cultures, it destroys entire states, and has brought the greatest nation earth has ever seen to it’s knees. And to think, that it is all a deliberate plan. Yes, refusing to sell the things we make, is more destructive and evil than any of us can begin to comprehend. That is why this bothers me so much, I have personally watched as two generations of advancement have been wiped out in one decade. by wall street mentality. . I believe that we will continue to decline exponentially, because there is no will, or even the knowledge left, to turn this train around, that is headed downhill with no brakes. The people who built this great nation are long dead and gone, and their offspring sold out their inheritance, and took that money and partied with it, like children with inheritance always do. We are not coming back from this, and if this nation was built upon capitalistic ideas, then that means that a person must participate in the exchange of capitalistic goods and services, we stopped doing that, and in most cases, made it illegal.

I would do the exact opposite if I were President. The very first thing I would do is to pass a law that forced every single American business to sell the products that they make to every person that steps up to their counter to buy it. The second law I would make is that no one will be allowed to even have a business until they have a desk and a telephone and a human to answer that phone, I would outlaw music on hold, and phone trees and menu boards, pick up the gawd damn phone. The third law I would pass is the elimination of all advertising, commercials, and video games. I would also keep all proctologist employed removing the various balls from those who watch them bounce. I absolutely despise all sports. Right this minute, grown ass men are sitting around watching balls being bounced, while the United States of America is poisoning their children right in front of their face, and all of us are breathing in this concoction. We do not need a military, we need Norris, Segal, Stratham, Stallone, and Dux, a suitcase full of money, a few guns with silencers, and impunity, there would never be another world at war. If anyone today even owns an American flag, they have their heads up their ask, and are deliberately willfully blind to all reality.

That’s all the time I have right now Terry. What I have said here, I am saying to everyone, not just to you, do not take any of this personally, it is not directed at anyone, it is directed to everyone.

Go to You Tube and watch every single Rosa Koire Agenda 21 Video. This is not fiction, it is fact, don’t think for one minute, that what the government puts into print, they plan to ignore. Those tanks at your police departments are there to enforce Agenda 21, and they are not kidding around, this is dead serious. The chemicals being sprayed on you right now, are to sedate you into accepting what is coming. The chemtrails being sprayed by the United States Military have nothing to do with climate change, it is all about population control. Control the water, control the food, control the air you breath, control your dose of the medication you are receiving through the air, and you control the people. Listen to Rosa, listen to Dane Wigington as if your life depended on it, because it just might. Once again Michael, you are dead on right, license’s are all about control, and mapping professions for future enslavement. I firmly believe that just like gun registrations are a map to future confiscation, the licensed professional will be conscripted in the New World Order


CIA Operated Plane Carrying “Mutated” Virus Shot Down In China

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that a US government contracted airplane piloted by American CIA agents and carrying a cargo of a “mutated”swine flu virus intended for aerial spraying was shot down at China’s Shanghai Pudong airport by a saboteur team of what are believed to be Israeli Mossad soldiers seeking to prevent an American attack upon one of their Central Asian bases located in the Central Asian Nation of Kyrgyzstan.

Plane Carrying “Mutated” Virus Shot Down In China

According to Chinese media reports on this incident the stricken Zimbabwean MD-ll plane, owned by the CIA linked Avient Aviation company operated by a former British military officer named Andrew Smith and registered in the UK, killed 3 American CIA agents and injured 4 other personal who are reported to be from United States, Indonesia, Belgium and Zimbabwe.

Most interesting to note in these reports on the victims of this plane shot down is that the Indonesian man currently being treated for his injuries has ‘confessed’ to Chinese secret police forces that he is a technician employed by the United States Navy at their mysterious Naval Medical Research Unit No. 2 (NAMRU-2) located in Indonesia that Indonesian Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono had previously called for the closing of “because its operations were too secretive and were incompatible with Indonesia’s security interests.

” Even more interesting to note about this US Navy secret bio-weapons base in Indonesia (the World’s largest Muslim Nation) was its establishment in cooperation with the Rockefeller Institute, especially with it being the main center for the Americans Viral Diseases Program (VDP) they describe as the research of “epidemiological and laboratory research on viral hemorrhagic fevers, influenza, encephalitis, and rickettsioses” and the head of this institute, David Rockefeller, long calling for a massive reduction in our World’s population.

The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.” To the United States employing planes to spread a mutated swine flu virus around the World we have further reports from China, and as we can read: “June 26 Suspicious aircraft’s were forced to land.

A US operated AN-124 changed its call sign from civilian to military which then triggered a response from the IAF upon entering Pakistani air space, the plane was forced to land in Mumbai while the second one was forced down by Nigerian fighter jets that also arrested the crew.

According to reports China (China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force) contacted the Indian and Nigerian intelligence officials about the presence of these US operated Ukrainian aircraft’s amidst growing concern that the United States were spreading “biological agents” in the Earth’s atmosphere also which some Chinese officials believed to be a attempt to mass genocide via the spread of h1n1 swine flu. The strange thing about these reports and arrests as well as the forcing down of the planes were that these aircraft’s were carrying “waste disposal” systems that could spray up to 45000kg or 100pounds of aerial type mist from sophisticated network of nano pipes that led throughout the trailing edges of the wings thereby dispersing whatever was in these tanks through a mist.

This after it was reported that light aircraft’s were seen flying over the forest market area that sprayed a aerosol substance to fight h1n1 or swine flu. 5 Sources confirms this and the local newspapers of Kiev also received hundreds of phone calls from residents and business owners close to the area the planes were spraying the suspicious substance.

Not only that but local businesses and retailers were “advised” to stay indoors during the day by the local authorities.

There was also reports of helicopters spraying aerosols over Kiev, Lviv, Ternopil and throughout Ukraine.” Most disturbing of the effects of the spraying of this mutated swine flu virus over the Ukraine is the devastating toll it has taken on the people of that country, and as we can read:

“Almost 40 000 people got infected since yesterday in the Ukraine by what we still call the “Ukraine plague” but doctors have said recently that this is a stronger case of h1n1 or swine flu that has mutated and has that affect on the lungs where it destroys the lungs and fills it with blood.

” But, to the most horrible outcome of this mutated swine flu virus is the World Health Organization now reporting that it is killing people in France, Norway, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine, and the United States as the death toll from this Global Pandemic is now reported to be nearing 8,000 and China now reporting that this deadly disease has now crossed over into dogs.

Important to also note in these reports is that the US spray plane shot down in China was reported to be targeting a secret Israeli base located in the Central Asian Nation of Kyrgyzstan, which many Ashkenazi Jews (Ashkenazi Jews make up approximately 80% of Jews Worldwide) consider their ‘spiritual homeland’ after their long exile their under Soviet Communist rule, and where Russian Intelligence Analysts report the Israelis are nearing the end of their decades long deciphering of the ancient Epic of Manas manuscript (with close to half a million lines the Epic of Manas is twenty times longer than Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad combined) that they believe contains our World’s oldest warning to our present age and which (coincidentally?) agrees with the ancient Mayan peoples that the year of 2012 will see the ending of our present age.

To the final outcome of these events it is not in our knowing; other than to state the obvious, that the truths of these things are continued to be ignored, even scoffed at, by the very people whose extermination has been longed planned by these monsters and is now being carried out, and who still have no idea whatsoever how truly easy it has become for them to be controlled by their propaganda masters. One can only hope that they awaken before all is lost for them, the facts suggest they won’t.

Change how you think, if you didn’t need money, you wouldn’t need money. The entire problem is that there is a cost to living. Without money, there would be no billionaires, no CEO’s, no poverty, no income inequality, no corporate profits, and nothing would cost anything, or anything would cost nothing.

Dearest, Dearest Clair,

I am taking this opportunity, this special time of the year, to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope that all is well in your life. On this day, each and every year, whether or not you have heard from me, to remember this special day. I remember exactly the table I was sitting at when your mother told me you were coming into this world, and I was so happy. The beginning of your life, changed forever ours. In the early years of my life, I always thought that I would be the very best father, but as it turns out, I was the very worst, and for that I beg your forgiveness. I have allot of good qualities, but being a father was the biggest failure of my life. Of all of the things I have failed at, this one cuts me the deepest. Thank you for the pictures I get of Sophie and Alphonso, you and your wonderful husband, I save them all. From the outside looking in, it looks like you have been such a success at fostering a great family, and life, and I am so proud of your stability and steadfastness. Our lives are not guaranteed, so if these are the last words I get to say to you, I want you to know, that I love you from the bottom of my heart. Something deep inside happens to a person when they have a child, they are always in our forethought’s, they are never out of our minds. This is your special day, so I should focus on you alone, but your mother and your sister are also yours, and I want you to know that I love them both deeply. My heart, my home, my voice, my ear, will always be open to you and yours, that will never change. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart, a place for us to come together again, if not in this world, than in the next, Happy birthday, I love you , Dad

This picture goes out to the person who called me a liar when I said that Joe Walsh was around in the beginning years.


These videos, comments and photos of information on 911, and the destruction, I have posted before. There are thousands of videos and pictures, and papers written on this subject buy engineers and architects and as of yet, out of the hundreds I have viewed, I have not found one that supports the story we are being fed by the government. When Concrete falls on top of Concrete, even if it fell from a hundred miles up, it never, never, never turns to dust. Even when dynamite is placed into concrete, it explodes into chunks, it never turns to dust. When buildings are destroyed by demolition, the concrete has to be hauled out in chunks by trucks, it never turns to dust. Some of you who know me know that I am also a welder. I don’t know everything there is to know about steel, but I do know a little bit about structural steel, and ductility. I come from a part of the country, where even the children and the housewives know how to weld and run a backhoe, they are what this community use to make a living. When you live on a farm or in the oil fields, you have to know how to stick two pieces of pipe together and dig a ditch. It is well known that women make the best welders, it is allot like stitching, and they are good at it, especially micro welding and laser welding. The box beams with 5″ thick stiffeners in the center of them, and with 5″ thick walls could hold up more concrete slabs than could ever be poured on top of them. If you stacked a thousand 747’s on top of those pilings, the only thing that would happen is the bottom 747,s would pancake. The distributed weight over the 48 pilings on each of the Twin Towers, would not even deflect them. If you flew a thousand 747’s into the twin towers, you might make a big mass of twisted steel, and busted up concrete, but you could never collapse those buildings and turn the concrete to dust. NEVER. The wreckage of the mass built up by the crashed planes would only strengthen the building. And if those buildings were still on fire to this day, kerosene can never melt steel, that is why your kerosene lamp burns for a thousand years, as long as you have a supply of wicks. As much as 7 blocks away cars were toasted in peculiar ways. The plastic was un touched, but the engine blocks were melted. The steel was rusted, but the paint was still there. Some cars the car was burnt up but the tires were still inflated and the interior of the car and the papers inside of it were untouched. I sure am hoping that some of you out there have an explanation for this. Notice how far away the fire actually was, it was a hundred stories into the sky and the cars were seven blocks away. Heat rises, and if a car were placed directly at the base of the World Trade Center Twin Towers, right between them, that car would still not be scorched to this very day. Another curious thing is this. Lining the streets in layers a foot thick, was paper. Cars were toasted, but the paper was untouched. We use the word toasted, because much like making toast in your toaster, there is no direct flame, only radiated heat. But what is curious about the radiated heat at the World Trade Centers, was that the heat was composite selective, no flames, just heat, engine blocks melted, but plastic untouched. Paper untouched. Now of course there are examples of complete destruction by fire in some cases. but nothing that the public or the engineering communities know of can explain the melted steel of cars front halves, while even the paint on the back half is untouched. It is as if the energy used for the destruction, had some form of mass discrimination. It somehow increased its energy field depending upon atomic structure and mass. Melting the engine block, but leaving the fenders, and plastic, do you see what I mean. This would make sense also on how these massive beams could be brought down. Another interesting thing is this, missing bodies and particles of bone fragments blown all over the city for miles, without flesh on them. Those who jumped, were there, fireman in stairwells, and lower offices had people in them, but it was an interesting phenomenon of how bodies were found. Even on the lower floors, where there was no fire, the fireman complained of sweltering heat radiation. And people who survived complained that they felt like they were being cooked from the inside out. It was said that people were stripping out of their clothing. On rooftops around the city, bone fragment of around 1/2 inch were found by the millions and swept up. As if the people were violently exploded, Not crushed in a falling building. How interesting as well is that far far away from the flames a hundred stories up, on the lower levels, the fireman’s boots were melting. When you are standing on carpet and your boots are melting, and the carpet is intact, how can you possible take a moment out, to say the pledge of allegiance. Do you really think that Mohammad Atta did this. Do you really think that Osama Bin Laded, snuck over here, wired both of the towers for the most sophisticated demolition in the history of man, and then snuck back out of this country to hunker down in his cave, and turn on CNN to watch the show, as he pushed the detonator button ? Really, are you actually going to buy that bull s…


No planes were found during the 911 terrorist attack. An engine that did not go with any of the planes that the government said were used in the attack, a piece of windows, and an old set of wheels. All of which were somehow found away from the buildings, as if they had been dropped off. Just like the passport. Of hundreds of people that were reported to be on those four planes, only one single piece of paper was found, Mohammad Atta’s passport, the person whom the government claimed was the leader. Not one single purse, no shoes, no phones, no clothes, no evidence that any human being was on any of those planes. There is not an airplane wing on planet earth, I don’t care how fast that plane is flying, that can cut through 13 inches of solid steel box beams placed on edge, that makes those beams, something like 24″x 42″ inches of solid steel, and there were 48 of them in the core of that building, it cannot be done, it is impossible. There may have been wings and a tail attached, but it was missiles that penetrated those buildings and then blew up. The United States Military can guide a missile into a kitchen window. But the missiles in and of them selves were just a decoy, they did not bring those buildings down, they were a smoke screen, nothing more than Hollywood special effects, give the public what they are used to seeing in the movies and they will believe it is really happening. Thermite or a version of it may have been used in some places, I am not trying to get into a discussion of what exactly cut the beams into 30′ sections before they even hit the ground. Did you catch that. Every single beam in those buildings were cut into small sections. Do you really believe that those beams were so fragile, that they would all snap at the same length, the entire height of those towers like snapping a piece of spaghetti pasta before it is cooked in precise lengths, and if they did, is that the building material you would of chosen to build skyscrapers out of ?? Do you really believe that a plane crashing into the top of those towers snapped all of those beams in equal lengths throughout those entire buildings ? Only the government believes the governments story, and every single one of them are laughing at the ignorant Americans who bought it.


911 took a great deal of planning, perhaps for decades. Taking the buildings down, was just like pulling a weed, a single weed, out of the soil, when preparing a landscape to plant a garden. To the planers of 911 it was nothing. To the planers of 911, this entire planet is their garden, and they don’t want you walking through it. I know that you are convinced that Obama and Hillary are responsible for the events of 911, but let me assure you that even Bush was not only not responsible, but could not do a thing to stop it. The president of the United States, delivers the speeches he is handed, that is it. The president of the United States is analogous to the white Pope, the entire world understands that it is really the Pope in the Black robe, the Black Pope that controls the Vatican, and much of the world. The United States Military took down the World Trade Center. The United States Military took down the World Trade Center while it was still occupied with American citizens, deliberately. The United States Military murdered those people in cold blood, American citizens on American soil, in the morning of a work day, in rush hour traffic. The United States Military, turned it’s own weapons on it’s own people, and didn’t shed a tear. Some of the people slaughtered in 911, had family members in the Military. American soldiers in the military of the United States of America, killed their own family members, right here on the streets of New York. And yet some how, through all of the evidence, for more than a decade, the typical average American, is still just as patriotically blinded to the realities of 911 as they were the day it happened and saw it with their own eyes. Even Military Generals, and other Military commanders say, that the Unites States of America, slaughtered thousands of it’s own citizens on American soil on 911. The point of revisiting this is to shake you out of your easy chair, tell you to get the hell off of your video games and dancing with the stars, your police departments are now ran by the Military of the United States of America, and they will not hesitate to kill American citizens. Even their own family members, just like they did on 911, just like they did in the Civil War. To those too young to know what the Civil War was, because you are no longer taught history in school, nor the value of learning it, the Civil War was a time in American history, when the Military of the United States, turned guns on the American people and killed them by the hundreds of thousands. Fathers killing sons, sons killing fathers, brothers killing brothers. All while some stupid idiot was bowing down to a flag. Saying God Bless the Confederacy, God Bless the Union, pass me the ammunition. I wonder just how many American flags were sold after 911, to celebrate the slaughtering of innocent men women and children, policeman, and fireman, by the United States Military, and I wonder just how many hearts were swelled up with patriotic pride over that massacre, of innocent Americans, in broad daylight, out in the open, not hiding from anyone, our government deliberately collapsed those buildings on our people, and all Americans could seem to see, was that nationalistic pride and patriotism would justify it all. Someone even said, that those who died in the Twin Towers were the first hero’s in the war on terror, as if throwing yourself out of a 110 story building made you a hero. The slaughtering of innocent life did not stop at 911, it was shipped out to Iraq immediately, and thousands more Americans were slaughtered by the United States Military, and over a million Iraq citizens, over 500,000 children by the end of 1995 alone. And for this, you who call yourselves patriotic Americans, you stand up when called, place your hand over your heart, pledge your allegiance to the country that slaughters your own family, just exactly what kind of ignorant are you.

Dane Wigington, you guys go to his you tube and web site and listen to him.

Throughout my life I never took any pictures of the things I have done or the projects I worked on. So now, at the end of my life, I think it is time to start. When I went to LA to see Todd, he asked my what I am up to these days, and I said, “Nothing” well, I am always up to something, even if it is only in my mind, not that there is much there either. So when I got back home I thought to myself, why not go back to where I once was and start all over, except this time apply the things I learned from past mistakes. So I am going to photo document this final journey in my life as I go on. In 1994 I became very ill, and this stuff has been buried since then, so I am digging it out and resurrecting Clar Electronics again, and these pictures are of the very first start. Two storage units were stolen, but this is what is left, and it’s ok. Step one is putting everything up on wheels so that any child with one finger, can push it up the loading ramp of a moving truck, so that I never have to move or pack a box again. I put my test bench on wheels last week, and now I am going to put this rack of bins on wheels. Then little by little I will build what I need to put everything up on wheels, right down to the last resistor.

It takes a brave person to say what you just said, and I applaud you. You are exactly right, the greatest terrorist that earth has ever seen is the United States of America and it’s Military. Our Military is nothing to be proud of, it is something to disdain, it is exactly like you said, it is evil. I must say that this comment from Erin, shocks me to the core. She has led the fight for our environment, but here she is, honoring the Military. It is the Military of the United States that took down the twin towers of 911, not 4 camel jockeys with box cutters like the media wants us to believe, and they did it a 10 in the morning when they knew people would be out and about and at work in rush hour traffic, deliberately. The Military is right this minute poisoning us all over the world with chemtrails. How any one could ever find a defense of that is beyond me, let alone someone who is widely known to be a staunch environmentalist. It is proof positive to me that the denial drugs they are adding to the poison they are spraying us with, are very very psychologically effective. Defending the Military of the United States of America, absolutely disgust me.

World Vietnam’s beaches littered with dead fish test country’s new government
Chicago Tribune Mon, May 2 8:36 AM PDT

Millions of dead fish stretched out over 125 miles of central Vietnamese beaches are posing the biggest test so far for the new government. The Communist administration led by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has been criticized on social media for a lack of transparency and slow response, with thousands protesting Sunday in major cities and provincial areas. The government says it doesn’t know why the wild and farmed fish were found dead on the coast of four provinces from April 6 to April 18. In a country where public protests are rare, anger over the dead fish has created a challenge for officials in how to react: While an offshoot of Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics has been questioned over the incident and drew ire on social media, the government must also assure foreign companies it welcomes their business given the focus on investment to drive the economy. …

The single greatest consumer of energy is MONEY. End the use of MONEY, and the consumption of energy falls to a minuscule fraction of what we use today. The root cause of energy consumption is the activities of humans in the creation of things and endeavors that nobody truly wants or needs. All of it in the pursuit of currency, end the use of currency, and except for life itself, all of our problems go away, and everything you desire in your life you can have for free.May 1, 2016, 4:54 PM

In case you are confused, which is their objective, micro dust is inhaled, you are breathing it in as we speak. It is conductive small particles of metals, and micro mechanical devices. If you are not familiar with nano technology google it, and look at the pictures, it is machines at the atomic level one atom at a time. Entire machines can be built one atom at a time. And now they are in the process of delivering those machines into your bodies, and into your brains, oh, and don’t forget your children as well, and for those of you who love your pets more than your own children, your pets breath as well. They are sprayed over the entire surface of this earth, even the oceans. So the water you drink, and the food you eat, contain them. They are powered by the electro chemical reactions already existing in the human body, your body is one gigantic batteries and alternating current source. Don’t believe me. Touch the end of an oscilloscope probe set at one millivolt per division and at 60 cycles, and you will see a perfect 60 cycle sine wave, more than enough power to supply to nano devices.

Over the last few years you have noticed (that wasn’t a question, it was a statement) a high frequency ringing in your ears from time to time, haven’t you. You are not alone, we all have. You and your brain are being made conductive, deliberately, all life is, right down to the plants. I told you before, when they say “The Internet Of Everything” they literally mean everything on the internet. They want your brain waves to be on the internet, that is, until they are finished with you. This is not science fiction, it is happening right in front of your face, this entire planet and all life on it is being made conductive, by the metal particles you are breathing in from the chemtrails, it goes right into your brain, and every other part of your body.

Neural Dust: An Ultrasonic, Low Power Solution
for Chronic Brain-Machine Interfaces
Dongjin Seo, Jose M. Carmenay, Jan M. Rabaey, Elad Alonz, and Michel M. Maharbizz

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and y
Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA z
Joint senior authors
Correspondence to: djseo@eecs.berkeley.edu
A major hurdle in brain-machine interfaces (BMI) is the lack of
an implantable neural interface system that remains viable for
a lifetime. This paper explores the fundamental system design
trade-offs and ultimate size, power, and bandwidth scaling limits
of neural recording systems built from low-power CMOS circuitry
coupled with ultrasonic power delivery and backscatter commu-
nication. In particular, we propose an ultra-miniature as well as
extremely compliant system that enables massive scaling in the
number of neural recordings from the brain while providing a path
towards truly chronic BMI. These goals are achieved via two fun-
damental technology innovations: 1) thousands of 10 – 100m
scale, free-floating, independent sensor nodes, or neural dust,
that detect and report local extracellular electrophysiological data,
and 2) a sub-cranial interrogator that establishes power and com-
munication links with the neural dust. For 100m scale sensing
nodes embedded 2 mm into the brain, ultrasonic power transmis-
sion can enable 7 % efficiency power links (-11.6 dB), resulting in
a received power of 500W with a 1 mm 2 interrogator, which is >107
more than EM transmission at similar scale (40 pW). extreme efficiency of ultrasonic transmission and CMOS front-ends can enable the scaling of the sensing nodes down to 10’s of m. ultrasounic energy harvesting j
backscatter communication j chronic extra-cellular recording systems j
brain-machine interfaces Half a century of scientific and engineering effort has yielded a vast body of knowledge about the brain as well as a set of tools for stimulating and recording from neurons across multiple
brain structures. However, for clinically relevant applications such
as brain-machine interfaces (BMI), a tetherless, high density, chronic
interface to the brain remains as one of the grand challenges of the
21st century.
Currently, the majority of neural recording is done through
the direct electrical measurement of potential changes near relevant
neurons during depolarization events called
action potentials
While the specifics vary across several prominent technologies, all
of these interfaces share several characteristics: a physical, electrical
connection between the active area inside the brain and electronic
circuits near the periphery (from which, increasingly, data is sent
out wirelessly from a “hub”) [1–4]; a practical upper bound of sev-
eral hundred implantable recording sites [5–8]; and the development
of a biological response around the implanted electrodes which de-
grades recording performance over time [9–12]. To date, chronic
clinical neural implants have proved to be successful in the short
range (months to a few years) and for a small number of channels
(10’s to 100’s) [13]. Chronic recording from thousands of sites in a
clinically relevant manner with little or no tissue response would be
a game changer.
Outside the scope of clinical neuroprosthetics, the need for large
scale recording of ensembles of neurons was recently emphasized by
the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnolo-
gies (BRAIN) initiative in April 2013 by U.S. President Obama [15]
and several related opinion papers [13, 14]. Currently, there are nu-
merous modalities with which one can extract information from the
brain. Advances in imaging technologies such as functional magnetic
resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG), positron
emission tomography (PET), and magnetoencephalography (MEG)
have provided a wealth of information about collective behaviors of
groups of neurons [16]. Numerous efforts are focusing on intra- [17]
and extra-cellular [18] electrophysiological recording and stimula-
tion, molecular recording [19], optical recording [20], and hybrid
techniques such as opto-genetic stimulation [21] and photo-acoustic
[22] methods to perturb and record the individual activity of neu-
rons in large (and, hopefully scalable) ensembles. All modalities, of
course, have some fundamental tradeoffs and are usually limited in
temporal or spatial resolution, portability, power, invasiveness, etc.
Note that a comprehensive recent review of tradeoffs focused on
recording from all neurons in a mouse brain can be found in Mar-
blestone et al. [23].
System Concept
Low-power CMOS circuits coupled with ultrasonic harvesting and
backscatter communication can provide a toolset from which to build
scalable, chronic extracellular recording systems.
This paper focuses on the fundamental system design trade-offs
and ultimate size, power, and bandwidth scaling limits of systems
built from low-power CMOS coupled with ultrasonic power deliv-
ery and backscatter communication. In particular, we propose an
ultra-miniature as well as extremely compliant system, shown in
Fig.1, that enables massive scaling in the number of neural recordings
from the brain while providing a path towards truly chronic BMI.
These goals are achieved via two fundamental technology innova-
tions: 1) thousands of 10 – 100 m scale, free-floating, independent
sensor nodes, or neural dust , that detect and report local extracellular
electrophysiological data, and 2) a sub-cranial interrogator that es-
tablishes power and communication links with the neural dust. The
interrogator is placed beneath the skull and below the dura mater, to
avoid strong attenuation of ultrasound by bone and is powered by
an external transceiver via RF power transfer. During operation, the
sub-cranial interrogator couples ultrasound energy into the tissue and
performs both spatial and frequency discrimination with sufficient
bandwidth to interrogate each sensing node. Neural dust can be either an
active node, which rectifies or recovers power at the sensing
node to activate CMOS electronics for data pre-processing, encoding,
and transmission, or a passive node, which maximizes the reflectivity
of the dust as a function of a measured potential. For both schemes,
neural dust can communicate the recorded neural data back to the
interrogator by modulating the amplitude, frequency, and/or phase of
the incoming ultrasound wave. The descriptions of each scheme and
the modulation mechanism of each sensing node are detailed in the
later sections.
Several energy modalities exist for powering and communicating
with implants, but many of them are unsuitable for the size scales
associated with neural dust.
The requirements for any computational platform interfacing with
micro electrodes to acquire useful neural signals (e.g., for high quality


I plead with you, google “Micro Dust Weaponry” and look up into the sky. Don’t take my word for it , use the eyes that God gave you, then listen to NASA’s own words, they are telling you all up front, what they are doing, and as a test of how well their bio agents are working, because if you will not even admit it is happening, when you see it, and when you read it, then their design of bio weapons is working on you perfectly as designed. Lithium makes you believe that everything is just all peachy and roses, while you put the noose around your own necks.

Secret Government Assault Must Be Stopped
By Wayne Jett © August 7, 2013

The blue-and-green jewel of the universe, Earth, is fast becoming a dead planet. The culprit is not industrial pollution. The Earth is under heavy attack by weapons of mass destruction: a “mechanical analog” to bio-chemical warfare. Micron-sized “dust” of aluminum, strontium and barium is sprayed daily as aerosols into the stratosphere to be breathed or ingested by every living thing. Time may have run out, but at best is very short, if life on Earth or we are to survive.

This will serve you best by being brief. In 2001, the U. S. National Aeronautics & Space Administration outlined on power-point slides weapons of war likely to be faced by the U. S. in the first quarter of the 21st Century. Page 43 of NASA’s slides identifies

Micro Dust Weaponry
A Mechanical Analog to Bio[logical Weapons],
Micron sized mechanical ‘dust’ which is distributed as aerosol and inhaled into the lungs.
Dust mechanically bores into lung tissue and executes various ‘Pathological Missions.’
A Wholly ‘New’ class of Weaponry which is legal.

Every person can witness this weapon of mass destruction being deployed daily against us by “looking up” at skies across all of North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa. To learn its characteristics, means of deployment and implications for life on earth, watch this 45 minute visual presentation (“The Most Important Topic of Our Time”) by Dane Wigington, solar engineer formerly with Bechtel Energy, given in northern California during the summer of 2013.

For more detailed discussion of the current effects of the WMD misleadingly called “geoengineering,” listen to this radio interview of Dane Wigington given August 5, 2013 (beginning at 66:30; you may drag and drop the time advance bar), only days after publication of his report that Ultra-Violet radiation metered in northern California showed harmful UV-B rays to be at least 14 times higher than historical conditions. This is due to severe, on-going destruction of the ozone layer by the “Micro Dust Weaponry” called “geoengineering.”

The micro dust metallic aerosols sprayed daily in our skies are rapidly making the Earth uninhabitable by any living thing: humans, animals or plants. The population of edible ocean fish is already down 70%. Planckton (the food chain’s first link) population is down 50%. Human disease and death are spiking in cancer, respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, attention deficit disorder, Vitamin D deficiency, and on and on. Species are going extinct at rates far higher than normal.

This is the historic crisis, the apocalyptic event, the scandal, which will not go away or fade into oblivion merely by neglect of politicians and elite media. This is the crisis which supersedes all others. Each of us must put aside other interests and do all we can to demand, to insist, to assure that this surreptitious attack on us and life on Earth be stopped immediately.

Thanks for getting back to me Ben. Your views are the views held by most all American businesses. I agree that this entire world, no longer talks to each other except through computer generated text. I am older, and I remember the days when humans used to use the voice that God gave them, those days are gone. But I remain extremely frustrated by phone trees and their menu boards, that offer me selections, none of which relate even the remotest to my problem at hand, and by the time I do get a human on the line I am angry enough to be dangerous. I hold to my views, that in these times, I would be willing to pay to talk to someone on the phone that can help me, and although I believe I am in the minority, I am far from alone in this view.The current business model of America, is the very reason we are all suffering economically, and the longer we stay on this path, the worse it is going to get, until America, looks more like Syria, when no one in this country has a job or a place to live. There is nothing in this world more dangerous than a man who cannot feed his kids, and if we do not change how we do business with each other, we are all going to meet him face to face. And the most effective way that we can all change how we interact with each other begins with, talking to each other.


Today I posted several post about the spraying of Lithium over our heads. I long suspected that they were spraying something that made people refuse to even look up at the sky, some psychotic drug that made people so lethargic that they don’t even care that they are being drugged. I have written so much, that we are all being drugged, and this from one more PHD is reinforcement of that. I can’t make you read, I can’t make you listen, I cannot make you look up into the sky, but if you by chance are reading this rest assured, that if this is not stopped, none of us will live through this. This is not gloom and doom, it is a scientific fact. I myself have been sick for 7 weeks now, and I have went through 20 boxes of Kleenex, and I am certainly not alone. This is being done throughout much of the earth by the United States of America, Military. So for all of you patriotic idiots out there, who still bow down to so called Veterans, look up into the sky, and see what those very same soldiers you worship so much are doing to your entire families, friends and neighbors. Your nationalistic patriotic pride is going to get us all killed on our own soil, most likely in our own homes. One in 16 children now are born with autism. Scientist have linked aluminum to autism and dementia. Aluminum is being sprayed over our heads, DUUUUUUHHHHH. The United States Military has sprayed mosquito carrying Malaria over Canada and the southern states of America, there is no reason in the world to believe that they would not spray Brazil with Mosquito’s carrying the Zica virus. God only know what they are spraying us with, but one thing is for sure, it has absolutely nothing to do with global warming, and has everything to do with the destruction of all life on earth. How can I say that !!! Because the real ruler of this world, has wanted man dead from the very first human pair, Adam and Eve. He has never changed his Agenda, he has just given it a new name, Agenda 21, and Agenda 21 states, “Reduce the human population to 500,000 by 2030”, folks that is just 14 years away. The government does most of it’s work in secret, you are never informed about what they are doing, like you never were even aware that they were building trains, and freeways and cities underground, were you. So don’t ever think for one moment that they will not do what they put in writing, Agenda 21 is a United Nations document available from the UN to anyone. But the powers that be already know, that it is only America that can stop this, but they have been successful in convincing American that there is no need or reason for them to read anything beyond a McDonald’s menu, and a television program guide.

When you go in for an operation, first the anesthesiologist gives you a sedative first, then the dose that puts you under. The United States Military has this down to a science now doing this same operation in foreign lands, using sprayed on sedatives for population control of adversarial soldiers on the apposing side, exactly like Putin said, the United States is drugging Syria and Iraq. Who knows when that fatal dose will be administered, but they have already put into writing that they plan to exterminate most all of earths population. LOOK UP

Notice this part where people refuse or fail to even recognize it is even happening, that has been my greatest frustration, now I know that it is all a part of their plan.
“The Sociological Research Division however, has operatives throughout the region gathering a massive amount of data regarding the test population’s behavioral traits, like consumer habits, political engagement levels, and awareness of geoengineering programs.


Lithium is a highly poisonous psychiatric drug and is cumulative in the blood. It has to be monitored very closely. If taken in excessive amounts, it has a effect of cardiac standstill.
Arden Gifford MD AA, HOW

In January 2015, I began receiving reports by email, telephone and over Facebook of very specific symptoms from very specific locations under very specific spraying activity throughout Oregon. From my experience as a counselor, having had to do an internship for drug rehabilitation many long years ago, I instantly recognized that the symptoms were being caused, almost certainly, by lithium intake.

How could so many people be suddenly dosed up on lithium?

And then it hit here in Reedsport, a tiny town on the central coast of Oregon. I had no more doubt.
I posted my findings on the various FB pages.

In direct response to these posts, the first letter from the whistle blower arrived on January 30, 2015. I at first thought it was another letter of complaint from someone who thought I had the solution to the horrors of Geoengineering. Instead, the letter is the real thing.

For six months, I respected the danger this person, who uses the pseudonym ‘Locke’, was putting himself in and I was very discreet about who saw the letter. And I was very discreet in putting messages on the FB sites to confirm to Locke that I was working on his message. I used the letter as a teaching tool and it was very effective.
Either readers were completely convinced of what is happening in Oregon or they went into horrified denial.

The Geoengineering activists to whom I sent the letter almost always dismissed it, ignored it or immediately responded that they couldn’t do anything about it. This was very disappointing until I realized that the atrocity of Geoengineering and these experiments is on such a vast scale that each of us is struggling to fight in our own corner with very little mutual support.

That being said, I finally sent the letter to Elana Freeland (author of Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth). She pointed out that despite Locke’s fears for his family, he is desperate to get the information out to the media, social media and beyond. So shall it be.

A second letter has surfaced which I will quote from. It was received by HH in Medford around the first of March. Locke expresses his disappointment that the activists he had contacted never responded. Having had essentially the same non-response, I understand his frustration. So, after much research to back up Locke’s disclosures, here is the pertinent information from the whistle blower. His private information will remain private.

We can deduce from his excellent use of English and from his job description that he is well educated in a science field. Probably a DSc or PhD, he is most likely in his late 30’s or early 40’s, and is equally at home outdoors as in a lab.

His use of the name Locke indicates he knows American history. The original John Locke created the concept of the social contract and whole portions of his writings were copied into the US Constitution. Our ‘Locke’ lives in central Oregon but travels the state extensively. He enjoyed his work up until it was subsumed for what he is describing.

Excerpt from Locke’s first letter:

“For example, I could have warned thousands of people of the ongoing (as of January 27th) spraying to manufacture air stagnation in the Rogue and Umpqua Valleys, as well as much of the Oregon Coast south of Florence. The artificially induced period of air stagnation is part of a larger experiment testing the efficacy of psychoactive chemical dispersal from high altitudes. Currently, spraying is most intense along the coast itself and above inland valleys. The stagnant air currents in the region allow for more direct application of psychoactive agents to test populations.

I have little formal contact with the chemistry department, but to my knowledge Lithium is the primary substance being dispersed in the aforementioned experiment. Given the psychoactive/social nature of the ongoing tests, my department is playing a secondary role collecting water and soil samples.
The Sociological Research Division however, has operatives throughout the region gathering a massive amount of data regarding the test population’s behavioral traits, like consumer habits, political engagement levels, and awareness of geoengineering programs.
I would urge you to inform your friends and peers of this fact, as avoiding observation by refusing to take surveys and engaging in similar actions that can disrupt this sordid research.“

Excerpt from Locke’s second letter:

“These dispersal plumes contain lithium and other psychoactive compounds. The areas targeted as of March 1st are inland valleys and coastal towns south of Florence. Over the next two months, additional spraying operations will be conducted to increase targeting areas in the Portland metropolitan area.”

In both letters, he explains that he is …”an employee of a weather data collection company and, by proxy, a subcontractor for the National Weather Service office in (central Oregon). In my work for the aforementioned institutions, I collected data, e.g. soil samples, that were used to direct spraying operations for the last three years.”

Note that ­ THREE YEARS.

He sent these letters because of his own family crises which …. “made me recognize the inherent evil of using human beings and the natural environment as a laboratory. Ethical considerations should never be disregarded. Unfortunately at my workplace, they routinely are.”

What he says is part of the picture of what is happening on a global scale: a complete absence of morality. Without compunction, these experimenters are capable of killing subjects with side effects or by doing an LD (lethal dose experiment).

So here are the facts: For three years, up until July 2015 the small towns on the south coast of Oregon: Reedsport, Bandon, Brookings as well as the Klamath Basin and Rogue Valley’s small towns are being used to test lithium and psychoactive compounds on a regular schedule and have been used for such for the last three years. Soil samples are taken and social interviews carried out, and one can assume, medical records which are now computerized, are monitored.

In July 2015 I began receiving reports from observers of symptoms other than from psychoactive compounds. The symptoms indicate an application of a pathogen (disease) component most likely correlated with the use of certain electromagnetic frequencies. This has happened before during the last three years when a round of severe diarrhea was reported, almost entirely in women and female dogs (October ­ November, 2014).

As of this month, September 2015, another step in this program of direct experimentation has occurred. Up until now they have had to manufacture a weather inversion or stagnant air inversion to apply the lithium and psychoactive materials directly onto one spot. I noticed the new method of holding the lithium haze cloud in place first over the area in northern California where the massive fires have hit.

Elana Freeland wondered if the multiple fine chemtrail lines were of aluminum or some other conductive metal that could interact with the lithium for military communications
– See more at: http://www.rense.com/general96/toxlith.html#sthash.kLUlUwhM.dpuf


The next day, Tuesday, September 22nd, which is when I travel to the Coos Bay / North Bend, Oregon area to teach Tai Chi, the Geoengineering hit full bore soaking the area in lithium and some sort of psychoactive compound. Let me explain that I had considered this kind of action to be nearly impossible because of the terrain of this area. It is wide open with vast bays and rivers and the ocean to the west, and always strong offshore winds every afternoon. Yet, here was an obvious haze application directly and very low over the entire area and it was holding in place. I wasn’t the only person experiencing vicious and intense symptoms. – See more at: http://www.rense.com/general96/toxlith.html#sthash.kLUlUwhM.dpuf


When I got home, I caught the radar image. It was exactly the same technique as was used over the fire zone in northern California. Elana Freeland (author of Chemtrails, Haarp and the Total Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth) wondered if the multiple fine chemtrail lines of aluminum or some other conductive metal interacting with the lithium for military communications (C4 ­ command, control, cyber warfare, communications).

By that evening, I was receiving FB messages from Eugene, Portland and Vancouver, BC of cases of severe chest congestion, coughing, sinus pain, headaches, extreme muscle pain, lethagy. Reports were also coming in of crazy behavior and wild driving.

Locke was right. The experiment over the small towns in Oregon seems to have been successful and is now being used all along the west coast of the U.S. Without a doubt the rest of the world will experience the use of this technique very soon.

This is far more than global weather manipulation. The only reason such experimentation can happen without massive uprisings is because of the thorough disinformation campaign and behavior programming we are subjected to. Anyone in the public health field should instantly see that the patterns of these symptoms have no correlation to any known disease vector.

Hopefully this article will be the stimulus to investigate and take action – See more at: http://www.rense.com/general96/toxlith.html#sthash.kLUlUwhM.dpuf


First and foremost ­ LETHARGY. You feel heavy and drugged.
THIRST. You can become quickly dehydrated especially if overheated.
You crave salt.
STOMACH DISTRESS including both diarrhea and constipation.
TWITCHING of hands and head, sometimes of the whole body.
LOSS OF appetite. You can’t taste your food.
‘IMITATION’ GOITRE. Looks like thyroid malfunction but isn’t.
Stomach swells up as if you’re pregnant.
KIDNEY PAIN as the renal glands become dysfunctional.
SUN BURN – See more at: http://www.rense.com/general96/toxlith.html#sthash.kLUlUwhM.dpufUpdated Apr 26, 2016, 2:44 PMApr 26, 2016, 2:44 PMClar Sisk updated his status.Apr 26, 2016, 1:10 PMClar Sisk likes an article.Geoengineering Affects You and Your Loved Oneshttp://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/Apr 26, 2016, 1:06 PMClar SiskUpdated Apr 25, 2016, 10:46 PMApr 25, 2016, 10:46 PMClar Sisk updated his status.Thank you very much for the sample and the correspondence. I appreciate your views on waste, and I share them 1000%. When I had my brick and mortar store, and worked for 17 years at Sunset and Cahuenga in Hollywood California, I would receive an armful of unsolicited mail from the postman each and every day, and like you said, it all went into the trash for the most part. This practice by the American businessman, of sending out, what is commonly referred to as junk mail was in my opinion a crime against not only the environment, but against every aspect of the delivery system to get that junk into my office, I cannot even begin to imagine the waste in human resources to process all of that, some, in my office as well, I had to pay someone to filter through that stuff before it ever got to my desk. I for one, do not want anything in my mail box that is not specifically addressed to me, with postage paid. I am against printing paper to fill the voids of landfills. I am against also the sending out of unsolicited catalog from the various departments of the very same company, I remember once screaming at a rep and handing him a dozen copies of the same catalog sent to me by different departments in his company. But I also believe that the printed page has value, and I for one still refer to print, it is how I work, and I prefer it, and I am willing to pay for a catalog. I once purchased a catalog of McMaster Carr on Ebay for $100.00, and I have purchased other legacy catalogs from Ebay of many companies, because the products I sometimes sell are no longer offered online by the companies I deal with, and that is another sore subject with me about how Americans conduct business today, they completely ignore what put them in business in the first place, and without the Sears Catalog, that company would never have gotten off the ground, not that it is doing so well today, but that is because they have forgotten what got them there. I am old, and things are different I know, but America has lost itself in Business, we no longer have any form of business ethic. There used to be counters, and people answering the phones, and when a customer walked in their door, they said yes sir how can I help you. Now, when you go into a store, especially the box stores, as far as the eye can see, there is not one floor assistant visible for miles. Verizon, whose sole business is telephones, has no one to answer their phones, and this is standard practice in almost every single business in America. It is no wonder we find ourselves in the current business model, that has put us into a 22 Trillion Dollar debt, and a Gazillion Dollars in absolutely fraudulent derivatives, for gods sake we even sell bets on what the weather is going to become and the empty air above skyscrapers, that is just how lost the American business man truly is. Not only is he no longer capable of tying his own shoes, the poor fool cannot find anyone else in his office that can help him either, because they are all following his lead, which in all reality, is leading us all straight to hell, because if we do not turn around our ways of doing business, and get back to doing the things that built the greatest nation earth has ever seen, hell is what we are all going to see on our streets. The beginning of the collapse of a capitalistic society. is when the manufacturing of goods ceases, or is actually made illegal. In 17 years in Hollywood selling Industrial Electronic parts and supplies to the recording and broadcast networks, I was never able to get one single American Manufacturer to sell me the products that they made, and it is only now, that I have learned the reason why, and that is that behind the backs of Americans, laws have been enacted by executive order that are prohibiting Americans from doing business with each other, and this started along time ago, and mentioned publicly by Presidents in crypt. It all starts subliminally, almost imperceptible, and always sophistic, with false reasoning’s. You companies stance on the printed page meshes perfectly within the current business model and climate. The rest of the world follows the lead of what America does, blindly. Case in point 2008. America closed down main street, and moved online to digital, the rest of the world did the same, even McDonald’s are currently putting in Kiosk to eliminate the teenage order takers, you punch in your order on a screen, and a robot comes out and drops the food on your table. It will take awhile to come, but the backlash of this mentality, is going to result in catastrophic chaos for this entire world. All of the business closed down in all of the world and sent those manufacturing business to China, now China is in trouble because the market place for their products is drying up, because the rest of the world no longer has jobs and money to buy their products. This every man for himself business model and mentality is going to end up being just that, every man for himself, and there is nothing in the world more dangerous than a man who cannot feed his family. You might be thinking right about now, what in the hell does this have to do with my company no longer printing a catalog. It is because this is how it all starts, when a company begins to retract all forms of customer interactions, and turns this over to computers, an incalculable loss begins it’s journey, and in America, it is too late to reverse this, and our government planed it this way, this whole American experiment was a long term strategy, and every single American business is falling right into line with it. You and I cannot change this destiny, and this is not a plea for you to change your stance, I have long ago given up on trying to educate the average American on the need of doing business with each other, if Walmart doesn’t sell it, then they feel they don’t or must not need it, and I guess to a point they are right, I mean after all, all you really need to watch football from your sofa is sweatpants Cheetos and beer. Americans have become so lazy and intellectually challenged, that if their pants were on fire, they would not be able to figure out how to pee to put it out. Somewhere along the line, someone in your company got in the way, between the products you offer for sell, and the customer who wants to but them, and this is the theme rampant in all American businesses today. We are powerless to fix this because usually they are the owners of the companies, who are taking their orders from those high up, and that operate in the shadows, read the words of JFK, and Eisenhower if you think I am out of tough with all reality. The last point I want to make in this email is this, your companies catalog is the single reason that I know about you, and that built your business, and anytime a company destroys the very thing that established them, their demise lies somewhere down the road, but none the less, a certain destination. Sincerely, Clar Sisk


If you want to read the things I post, I started a page on Facebook so that I am not so much in everyone’s face. Go to my Facebook home page and in the upper right hand corner you will see a field that says, How I See It , click on that and it will take you to my current postings, all of the past postings are on my web sites.


CNN is currently completely devoted to covering the content of the political election process of the future President of the United States, for this entire year, 24/7, completely oblivious to other world events. America goes through this every four years, but with what results. From a distance it might appear to an observer, that the political system of governance adopted by the United States, was the best the world has experienced until now. And it seems like the men who have held that most powerful position in the man made governments of earth, were honest hearted well intentioned men. Most had really good ideas of how to improve the condition of man. Right now, it seems like all of the candidates are good honest decent people, aside from the competitive rhetoric. They mean well, let’s, for the sake of argument, give them that. I have thought each term, that the incoming President is going to make things better, but each and every time, it just got worse. Why is that !!! Why is it that even though we all collectively know exactly what is needed to make our lives better, we remain powerless to effect real change ??

The answer to that is there is an unseen ruler of this entire world, including The United States of America. And all the nations that have ever existed on Earth, have had this invisible ruler over them.

This is the very reason that we witness the same failure of governments time after time. The same tyrannical tactics, as if reading off of the very same script, are repeated by every single government, all of them out of the same playbook issued by the ruler of the world, he wants things done his way. All of the governments on earth no matter what time period they operate in, slowly drift into Tyranny, and then to destruction, time after time, this is the playbook of the ruler of the world. The United States of America is drifting into Tyranny, but this time it is different, because the force that is causing America to dive headfirst into Tyranny, is taking the rest of the world governments along with it. This entire world in now set on a course of Tyranny, a one world government that is hell bent on enslaving this entire world.

Humans holding political office in all earthly governments are mere puppets of the spirit force who is the real ruler of this entire world. This spirit ruler of this world, has been alive since before there even was an earth. He is billions of years old. Some hold the view that his assignment was at one time to watch over the earth, and that he began to feel empowered, and deserved a bit of the worship and adoration for it. I am offering no opinion of that, but it does sound plausible. Whatever the case, He interfered in the relationship between God and man, and in the process, called God a liar, and convinced Adam and Eve to follow his lead, and they did.

This act initiated enmity, between Gods heavenly Government, and this wicked spirit creature. So this Spirit creature, this disobedient, disrespectful angel, set out on a course to destroy Gods creation of earth and man. By deceitful words, he convinced Adam and Eve to hand over their lives, and the lives of their children, and every generation that would follow them, to the enemy of God, Satan. And what was their reward for giving Satan their lives, a piece of fruit, and I swear, mankind today, does no better, they haven’t learned a thing, they give up their lives, for pieces of paper, with a little ink on them,and the only thing they have to do to stop that, is just say no, we are not going to do things that way any more. God provides everything that mankind needs to survive and thrive. But somehow Satan has convinced man, that the only way that they themselves can survive, is if they enslave another. Their motto is, “It is not enough that I succeed, you have to fail !!” Even if Gandhi himself were president, nothing would be different, Gandhi is a man, the ruler of this world is a spirit, alive for eons, with infinite intelligence, and quite allot of power, and he has perhaps trillions of his spirit friends helping him, mankind has no hope against such forces. And remember, Satan and his demons make themselves into angels of light. Have not you yourselves lived out and experienced that everything that the government tells you, is in reality, just the exact opposite. For instance, recently our president gave a speech to the American people and told them that,”Anyone who says that the United States economy is not thriving, is selling snake oil!!” Is that your experience? On one hand they tell us that the economy of America, could not be better, but then the debt tabulation has ticked up to some 22 Trillion dollars. So tell me exactly how is it that you can be in dept to a bank for 22 trillion dollars, and still tell everyone you are doing great, GEE, if I am 1 dollar overdrawn in my bank, I hear about it, and it cost me $35.00 every five days until I pay them. After 30 days, my account is closed, and when you get your account closed by a bank, ain’t no bank in this country gonna open one up for you. Ya know, it sounds allot to me, and the proof is, that you and I just don’t have the right bankers on our staff. I sure wish I could be overdrawn by even 1 trillion dollars, and have my bank beating down my door to give me more. That’s the kind of banker I would like to have, how about you. Can’t you folk’s see that there is something really wrong here ??? That we are not getting the whole true story. Satan’s angels of light are really good at papering over lies. Satan also has ministers of righteousness, and these human disciples of Satan rule the Churches, all of them. The scriptures are very clear, and there can be no misunderstandings of Satan’s role in the governments of man, from Adam and Eve, right to our very day, Satan has formed them, and his angels rule over them. The following scriptures identify who the ruler of the world is, and you will of course notice, that these scriptures are never taught in the Churches, Satan and his henchmen do not want you to know these things, they want you to be obedient submissive little stupid ignorant slaves.

Matthew 4: 8-10,”Again the Devil took him along to an unusually high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to him: “All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me.” Then Jesus said to him: “Go away, Satan! For it is written: ‘It is Jehovah your God you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service.’”

Luke 4:5-8, ”So he brought him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth in an instant of time. Then the Devil said to him: “I will give you all this authority and their glory, because it has been handed over to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. If you, therefore, do an act of worship before me, it will all be yours.” In reply Jesus said to him: “It is written, ‘It is Jehovah your God you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service.’”
Notice that all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth, had been handed over to Satan.

Job 1:6,7,” Now the day came when the sons of the true God entered to take their station before Jehovah, and Satan also entered among them. Then Jehovah said to Satan: “Where have you come from?” Satan answered Jehovah: “From roving about on the earth and from walking about in it.”
Notice that this access to the heavens, and take his station, meaning his assigned seating arrangement before Jehovah was after the flood even, so even after the flood, Satan continued to go back and forth, from heaven and earth, whenever he felt like it.

1 John 5:19, “ We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. “

Ephesians 6: 10-12, “ Finally, go on acquiring power in the Lord and in the mightiness of his strength. Put on the complete suit of armor from God so that you may be able to stand firm against the crafty acts of the Devil; because we have a struggle, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places.”

Revelation 12: 9-12, “ And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels battled with the dragon, and the dragon and its angels battled but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them any longer in heaven. So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him. I heard a loud voice in heaven say: “Now have come to pass the salvation and the power and the Kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ, because the accuser of our brothers has been hurled down, who accuses them day and night before our God! On this account be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them! Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time.”

2 Corinthians 11: 3, “ But I am afraid that somehow, as the serpent seduced Eve by its cunning, your minds might be corrupted away from the sincerity and the chastity that are due the Christ.”

2 Corinthians 11: 13,14,15 “ For such men are false prophets, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps disguising himself as an angel of light. It is therefore nothing extraordinary if his ministers also keep disguising themselves as ministers of righteousness. But their end will be according to their works.”

John 14:30, “ I will not speak with you much more, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has no hold on me.”
Notice here that Jesus says that the ruler of the world has no hold on him. But Jesus just said before this that the Father was greater than he was. Jesus was referring to the ruler of the world being Satan, not his Father.

2 Thessalonians 2: 9,10, “ But the lawless one’s presence is by the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and wonders and every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth in order that they might be saved. That is why God lets a deluding influence mislead them so that they may come to believe the lie, in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness.”

John 8:37-47, “ I know that you are Abraham’s offspring. But you are seeking to kill me, because my word makes no progress among you. I speak the things I have seen while with my Father, but you do the things you have heard from your father.” In answer they said to him: “Our father is Abraham.” Jesus said to them: “If you were Abraham’s children, you would be doing the works of Abraham. But now you are seeking to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God. Abraham did not do this. You are doing the works of your father.” They said to him: “We were not born from immorality; we have one Father, God.” Jesus said to them: “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and I am here. I have not come of my own initiative, but that One sent me. Why do you not understand what I am saying? Because you cannot listen to my word. You are from your father the Devil, and you wish to do the desires of your father. That one was a murderer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie. Because I, on the other hand, tell you the truth, you do not believe me. Who of you convicts me of sin? If I speak truth, why is it that you do not believe me? The one who is from God listens to the sayings of God. This is why you do not listen, because you are not from God.”

Acts 26: 15-23,” But I said: ‘Who are you, Lord?’ And the Lord said: ‘I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. But rise and stand on your feet. This is why I have appeared to you, to choose you as a servant and a witness both of things you have seen and things I will make you see respecting me. And I will rescue you from this people and from the nations, to whom I am sending you to open their eyes, to turn them from darkness to light and from the authority of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those sanctified by their faith in me.’ “Therefore, King Agrippa, I did not become disobedient to the heavenly vision, that the Christ was to suffer and that as the first to be resurrected from the dead, he was going to proclaim light both to this people and to the nations.”
Two points to take from this, Satan was given authority, and also that Jesus was the first to be resurrected from the dead. Yes, Jesus did resurrect Lazarus, but in that story, we learned that it was understood that the permanent resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous was, and is, to occur during the last day, that time period, has not yet arrived. If it had, we would have our loved ones in our arms. The raising from the dead, was for Jesus to give demonstration to the power that would be granted him in the future, during his Kingdom rule, note also, that the apostles also raised people from the dead, so that others could believe, that Jehovah’s spirit was with them. All of those eventually died again, a natural death, not counted as “The second death”, from which there is no resurrection.
Moses, Abraham, Noah, Isaiah, Daniel, Able, David, Solomon, Aaron, John the Baptist, Mary and Joseph and others of Bible deaths, remain asleep in death awaiting a resurrection, as do our dead relatives. As the scriptures plainly point out, no one has been resurrected to the heavens except Christ, the resurrection of the dead is yet to come, it is a future event, after Satan and his angels are put away, to believe something that contradicts the plainly spoken words of Christ are in effect, calling him a liar. Some people think that their dead, have been resurrected to heaven, and are watching down over them to protect them. Really, Really, think that through, without blind emotions. How has that worked out for you?? Your Johnny, goes to Iraq, gets his legs blown off, and his mother who was in heaven watching over Johnny to protect him, I guess was asleep that day, or better still, what if God forced her to watch as Johnny got his legs blown off in Iraq ? What kind of God would he be ? Or would it be a loving provision from God, to allow people to remain asleep in death, exactly like the bible teaches us, exactly like Jesus said, and bring them back to life, in the restored paradise home that Jesus promised that evil doer on the torture stake next to him, “Truly I tell you today, you will be with me in Paradise.”Not, you are going to heaven and watch as the rest of this world is tortured to death for the next 2,000 years.

Revelation 13: 1,2 ,7,”And I saw a wild beast ascending out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, and on its horns ten diadems, but on its heads blasphemous names. And the dragon gave to the beast its power and its throne and great authority. I saw that one of its heads seemed to have been fatally wounded, but its mortal wound had been healed, and all the earth followed the wild beast with admiration. And they worshiped the dragon because it gave the authority to the wild beast, and they worshiped the wild beast with the words: “Who is like the wild beast, and who can do battle with it?” And it opened its mouth in blasphemies against God to blaspheme his name and his dwelling place, even those residing in heaven. It was permitted to wage war with the holy ones and conquer them, and it was given authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation. And all those who dwell on the earth will worship it.”
The Wild Beast is the United Nations which gets its power from Satan. Eventually, it is in the works right this minute through Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, authority over this entire world will be handed over to the United Nations.

Romans 16: 17-20, “Now I urge you, brothers, to keep your eye on those who create divisions and causes for stumbling contrary to the teaching that you have learned, and avoid them. For men of that sort are slaves, not of our Lord Christ, but of their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattering speech they seduce the hearts of unsuspecting ones. Your obedience has come to the notice of all, and so I rejoice over you. But I want you to be wise as to what is good, but innocent as to what is evil. For his part, the God who gives peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. May the undeserved kindness of our Lord Jesus be with you.
At some point Satan will be crushed, please, don’t be on his side when he is.

2 Peter the entire chapter,”Beloved ones, this is now the second letter I am writing you in which, as in my first one, I am stirring up your clear thinking faculties by way of a reminder, that you should remember the sayings previously spoken by the holy prophets and the commandment of the Lord and Savior through your apostles. First of all know this, that in the last days ridiculers will come with their ridicule, proceeding according to their own desires and saying: “Where is this promised presence of his? Why, from the day our forefathers fell asleep in death, all things are continuing exactly as they were from creation’s beginning.” For they deliberately ignore this fact, that long ago there were heavens and an earth standing firmly out of water and in the midst of water by the word of God; and that by those means the world of that time suffered destruction when it was flooded with water. But by the same word the heavens and the earth that now exist are reserved for fire and are being kept until the day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly people. However, do not let this escape your notice, beloved ones, that one day is with Jehovah as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. Jehovah is not slow concerning his promise, as some people consider slowness, but he is patient with you because he does not desire anyone to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance. But Jehovah’s day will come as a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar, but the elements being intensely hot will be dissolved, and earth and the works in it will be exposed. Since all these things are destined to occur, consider what sort of people you ought to be in holy acts of conduct and deeds of godly devotion, as you await and keep close in mind the presence of the day of Jehovah, through which the heavens will be destroyed in flames and the elements will melt in the intense heat! But there are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell. Therefore, beloved ones, since you are awaiting these things, do your utmost to be found finally by him spotless and unblemished and in peace. Furthermore, consider the patience of our Lord as salvation, just as our beloved brother Paul also wrote you according to the wisdom given him, speaking about these things as he does in all his letters. However, some things in them are hard to understand, and these things the ignorant and unstable are twisting, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction. You, therefore, beloved ones, having this advance knowledge, be on your guard so that you may not be led astray with them by the error of the lawless people and fall from your own steadfastness. No, but go on growing in the undeserved kindness and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen. “
The literal heavens and earth are not going to be destroyed with fire, keep in mind other scriptural support that the earth remains forever, and man will live on it. These terms are being used to describe the system of things that currently exist in heaven and on earth that are going to change, be destroyed, and replaced with a new system of things both in heaven and on earth. Satan’s system of things, and his station before Jehovah, is going to change, and mans destruction of earth, is going to change, and both cleansed as with the cleansing of the surgeons needle in fire, sterilized. The heavens are the home of Jehovah, remember the scripture that says, “The earth belongs to man, but the heavens belong to Jehovah” Jehovah’s home is not going to be destroyed, and he promised us, that the earth remains forever. Even mankind uses the terms heaven and earth in symbolic terms. Another point to take away from this is “that one day with Jehovah is a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” I am sure that when Satan heard Jehovah say to Adam that if he ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he would die in that day, Satan was thinking of a 24 hour day, planning to get Adam and Eve slaughtered that very moment. Adam died at 930 years of age, within Jehovah’s day.

I have made this point before, but I want to take this opportunity to make it again. That Jesus does not assign seating in heaven, he does not have that authority, remember, the heavens belong to Jehovah, his Father. This gets confusing by the religious system of Christendom, because they refuse to believe that Jesus had a Father, they teach that Jesus is the father, not that he had a father, they teach that Jehovah is just another name for Christ. But this teaching goes all the way back to Nimrod, Babylon, it is the teaching of a triad God, a God with three heads, each of them equal in power authority and equality, always existing, not created. This teaching is in direct contradiction to all scriptural support and teaching, and it is foreign to the teachings, words, thoughts, and beliefs as clearly spelled out by Jesus Christ. The Trinity doctrine is a teaching of Satan, deliberately designed to nullify both Jehovah and his Son, Christ Jesus, and to mislead mankind away from them both. The more confused you are, the easier it is to get you destroyed, by taking your stand, against God. Listen to the words of Christ, he always said he had a Father, he always said that he was the Son, there is no reason in the world to make the claim that Jesus and Jehovah are twins of equality in every way, but trapped in the same body, just another one of Satan’s insane twisted lies about God. But here is the deal. Mankind always finds it easier to believe the lies than they do the truth. The World Council of Churches has 349 different denominations, and to be a member of the World Council of Churches you must teach the Trinity, you must teach that Jesus is actually God Himself, that Jesus is Jehovah. All of the so called Christian Churches except one teach the Trinity Doctrine. If your Church has a cross on it, it teaches the Trinity. If Jesus was the Father, he would have the authority to assign seating in the heavens, but notice how this scripture reads, at Matthew 20: 23,”Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee approached him with her sons, doing obeisance and asking for something from him. He said to her: “What do you want?” She replied to him: “Give the word that these two sons of mine may sit down, one at your right hand and one at your left, in your Kingdom.”Jesus answered: “You do not know what you are asking for. Can you drink the cup that I am about to drink?”They said to him: “We can.” He said to them: “You will indeed drink my cup, but to sit down at my right hand and at my left is not mine to give, but it belongs to those for whom it has been prepared by my Father.” So I ask you, if Jesus was actually the father, what the hell was this conversation all about. Wouldn’t it of been much easier for him to just say, “Sure, no problem!” or better still, “You presumptuous bitch, HELL NO !” But he didn’t, he always spoke the truth, so when people call him God, they are in all actuality, calling him a liar. The Trinity Doctrine finds it’s roots in the omission of the letter “a” at John 1:1. The same people who omitted the letter “a” at John 1:1 are also guilty of omitting 28,000 other letters in the Hebrew scriptures, so what is one more letter deleted in the Christian Greek Scriptures to them. It is just one more piece of insanity in Satan’s insane world.

What I have written here should make it easy to understand that according to the scriptures earth is being ruled over by Satan and his demons. That should explain to you why there is so much evil in the world, God has nothing to do with this mess, and he does not get involved in any way. The Scriptures tell us that when Jesus returns, this entire world will know it, and in addition to that he will take out from the nations his people. That has not happened yet, when it does, there will be no mistaking it. No amount of prayers, have saved anyone from death, not even Jesus, so if God did not spare Jesus from death, when Jesus asked him too, why on earth do you continue to believe that if you just pray hard enough, that little boys life will be spared, it won’t. God is not involved in the affairs of man at this time, in the future he promises that he will, but right now, he is still giving Satan full rein on terrorizing this entire world, and wielding the biggest sword in the battle against all humanity, is The United States of America, it’s people, and it’s Military. Right this minute, the Military arm of the United States is spraying the heads of it’s own people with poison, and most likely most of you, are saluting your flag and chanting God Bless America. While your children are breathing it in.


Most of the religions of the world teach that when a person dies, they are simply transfigured into spirit and go to heaven. The Bible does not teach that, that lesson comes from the schools of Satan, the churches. No one knew heavenly organization better than Christ, why on earth do we feel the need to make a liar out of him. This verse is from John, the 3 chapter verse 13,”Most truly I say to you, What we know we speak and what we have seen we bear witness of, but you people do not receive the witness we give. 12 If I have told you earthly things and yet you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things? 13 Moreover, no man has ascended into heaven but he that descended from heaven, the Son of man.” Here he is telling us that no one has gone to heaven except himself.

At Acts 2:34 it also tells us this,”This Jesus, God resurrected, of which fact we are all witnesses. 33 Therefore because he was exalted to the right hand of God and received the promised holy spirit from the Father, he has poured out this which you see and hear. 34 Actually David did not ascend to the heavens, but he himself says, ‘Jehovah said to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand, 35 until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet.”’ 36 Therefore let all the house of Israel know for a certainty that God made him both Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom YOU impaled.”

So we see there that even King David did not go to heaven, neither did Abraham, Noah, Solomon, Enoch, Job, or any of your relatives. Like Jesus said, NO MAN has went to heaven.

The Bible speaks of a resurrection, a gift from Jehovah to all of those who lost their lives through the sin of Satan and Adam. He has allowed us to live, and get a taste, some experience, in a world developed through the disobedience of man and Satan, so that in the future, if this ever comes up again, we will all remember what it was like when man turned his back on God. To those born in the future, who did not go through this, they will have billions of people that did go through it to lean on for understanding. The resurrection has not happened yet, it does not happen until this earth is made livable once more after the great tribulation, and during the 1,000 year reign of Christ.

Lets read some supporting scriptures for this point. At John 6:39 it says this Everything the Father gives me will come to me, and the one that comes to me I will by no means drive away; 38 because I have come down from heaven to do, not my will, but the will of him that sent me. 39 This is the will of him that sent me, that I should lose nothing out of all that he has given me but that I should resurrect it at the last day. 40 For this is the will of my Father, that everyone that beholds the Son and exercises faith in him should have everlasting life, and I will resurrect him at the last day.”
Some points to take away from this, Jesus made it clear that he does not do his own will, but he does the will of his father, once again, Jesus is making it clear that he is not the Father, he has a Father. And the resurrection happens on the last day. The last day is the 1,000 year long day, that Christ is the King, after that 1,000 years, when earth and man are restored to perfection, he hands the Kingdom back over to his Father, then as perfect men, we will be able to deal with God directly, without Christ as our mediator.

At John 11:23,24 it tells us this,”Jesus said to her: “Your brother will rise.” 24 Martha said to him: “I know he will rise in the resurrection on the last day.” 25 Jesus said to her: “I am the resurrection and the life. He that exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life; 26 and everyone that is living and exercises faith in me will never die at all.” Once again we read that there WILL BE a resurrection, on the LAST DAY.

At John 5:26 we read this,”For just as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted also to the Son to have life in himself. 27 And he has given him authority to do judging, because Son of man he is. 28 Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice 29 and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgment. 30 I cannot do a single thing of my own initiative; just as I hear, I judge; and the judgment that I render is righteous, because I seek, not my own will, but the will of him that sent me.”

So we can take away from this that the time for the resurrection is in the future, and both good and bad people will be brought back to life and given a chance to straighten up. Judgement day is a period of time, one thousand years long, they should be able to get their act together during that time, Mankind is judged at the end of that thousand years as to their conduct during that thousand years, not the things they did in the world under Satan, those things are forgotten by Jehovah, you are only judged by how you behave under his Kingdom rule by Christ. If you behave, and play nice with your friends, Jehovah will then lead us all to that tree of life that he promised, and no one will ever have to die again. Notice again in that scripture that Jesus does the will of his Father, Jesus is the Son of Jehovah, Jesus is not Jehovah, they are two separate distinct individuals. It is Satan that makes an endless variety of triple god heads.It is a fact that mankind is destroying this planet on an deliberate escalated scale, they have built entire cities underground to escape the destruction they are inflicting on the surface, even to the point of entire underground streams of water have been diverted to flow through their cities. But they will not escape their demise. Revelation 11:17-18 tells us this, “We thank you, Jehovah God, the Almighty, the one who is and who was, because you have taken your great power and begun ruling as king. 18 But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time came for the dead to be judged and to reward your slaves the prophets and the holy ones and those fearing your name, the small and the great, and to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”

I have mentioned before about taking the time to look at the movie 1984 by Orwell. I am not encouraging you to view this film for entertainment, I want you to view this film through the lens of a view into our immediate future, while you are watching it, relate it to current events unfolding in our time. There are many programs coming out, and that are already out, that mirror what is coming. They are not kidding around, they are dead serious, and they do mean dead. They are putting it in movies, and in print, and in government documents that are not redacted, but are in bold print. These are some pictures of the Georgia Guide stones, and I want you to notice that the government is not forcing them to take them down. In the movie 1984, sex becomes illegal, and on the Georgia guide stones, notice the part that says, “RULE PASSION”‘ and the part about governing procreation. They will decide who and when procreation is consummated, and it just might not be between spouses. Sex will become extremely restricted in the New World Order, this is not funny, it is not a Joke it is quite serious, and so are they. Parts of “The Hunger Games” are right out of their script, food will become a major control mechanism as will water, that is exactly what Chemtrails and fracking are all about, weakening our immune systems, making us sick so that we cannot fight back, killing the soil, and polluting our water, causing droughts in the nations most productive land, and flooding the eastern section of the US, this is going on right now.

My Religion

Because of the things I write, and the things I talk about, and the terminology I use, people are always asking me, “What religion are you?” Make no mistake, I have a faith in God. Someone I love dearly once asked me, “In two words, what is the true religion.” The answer to that simple question is “NO RELIGION”. This posting is not about doctrinal issues, I have written more than 500,000 words about doctrinal issues in clarsisk.com. Religion is a belief system formed by man to satisfy the genetic need and desire of his DNA structure to know and have a relationship with his creator. Our need for our creator is carved into our psyche. Although rejected by most, it is as much of a human need as any other. You may be thinking, “But didn’t God make religion ???” No he didn’t, he never needed to. He didn’t need to make up a story about himself that was never true. God does not need to lie to anyone to justify his very existence, and religion is a lie about God. The oldest book of the history of man, explains to us that in the early moments of man’s creation, he turned his back on God, and rejected his right to rule over man, and took sides with the enemy of God, Satan. Understanding how man was put together, Satan knew that mankind’s need to worship his creator, had to be satisfied. So to mislead man away from God, Satan’s first words, were the foundation of every religion that he would create after that, “You Positively Will Not Die”, and every religion after that taught, and still teaches, that very same Satanic lie. God said that you will die, Satan says that you won’t, what has your experience taught you ?? Allowing man to go on living, would of meant that God was agreeing with Satan, and in essence calling himself a liar. So, being rejected by both Adam and Satan, God stepped aside, and let them live out their claim, prove their point, that God was lying to them. We are all living the experience that calling God a liar, and testing him, was not a good idea. In a twisted way however, it should build our faith, that God was right, and that both religion and Satan are the real liars. Man pleaded with God for his physical presence, and God heard those plies, and gave to them the Mosaic Law Covenant, and later Kings. Some may say the the Jewish system of things is a religion, but notice, that it is never referred to as a religion. During the time of the formation of the Israelite’s and Moses and Arron leading the Jewish Nation, God revealed himself in physical aberrations, that the entire world could see. It did not require faith, in fact faith was not even mentioned, because a person could see the presence of God. At the time of the Garden of Eden, the entire known world of that time could walk right up to the angels guarding the entrance to the garden, those angels stood guard for 1600 years until Noah’s flood. All of the known world of Adams days, and all of the known world of the Israelite System, could witness the very presence and power of God. This is one reason why there is so much religious fervor in the world, because the existence of God in those times was made manifest, and passed on to all generations proceeding them. These physical manifestations ended when the last of the Apostles died. This is the reason why there is so much fervor and passion in the religious systems, because our forefathers witnessed the physical presence of a higher power outside of our own, convinced, all the way to their deaths. The scriptures tell us that the end of the mosaic law covenant, the Jewish System of things, the Temple, Jerusalem, would find fulfillment and their end, in the Death of Christ Jesus, and from that moment on we, that is believers, would no longer walk by sight, meaning, those who could actually see the presence of God, but after Christ and the Apostles died, we would walk with God by faith alone. God has no religion, and he never gets involved or participates in any way, in the religious systems created by man, and Satan. The faith started by Christ, is yet to be restored.

I hold the scriptures in esteem, and I do believe that the pages of this book were penned by men while under the inspiration of our creator, things he wanted us to know, and it is within the pages of that book, that we should find our faith, and our greatest source of inspiration. The very last verse of John, says this,”I suppose that if everything that Christ said and did were ever written down in detail, the world itself could not contain the scrolls.” Tracing the history of man back to Adam and Eve, is a period of 6,000 years, we have been able to document to that point. Let the scientist claim that man was on earth before earth was ever formed if they want, and that everything in the universe was formed in a singular explosion exactly 4.5 billion years ago, as if they were there. Let them also have their belief systems. At some point we will all collectively have the knowledge that is accurate and true that Jesus talked to us about. “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”, and until we all do together, none of us will be truly free. Religion is the belief of things that are false, and until religion, which has been proven to be false, this weapon of war, is ended, we will all remain slaves to it. And that is the whole point of this posting, to help you become unchained to false beliefs, religion. And as contradictory as it may sound, to increase your faith in God.

There is no, completely accurate, true form of faith or religion on earth today. I have studied them all, there isn’t. That might seem like a bold statement, but it is exactly like Christ said it would be. He said, that when he died, the christian faith would die with him. But the scriptures also tell us, that he would return, and when he does, that christian faith would be restored. That time period is yet in the future, it has not happened yet. People say, “How can you be so sure”? Well take a look around you, open your eyes, does the world around you reflect a world filled with the accurate knowledge and the teachings of Christ, or is it not rather filled with the teachings of Satan, the enemy of God. Are people being feed, healed, clothed, raised from the dead, or are they sick, dying, homeless, starving, killing, robbing, raping? Not at all the world Christ foretold he would establish upon his return. But it is the world that he described would exist, just before his return.

You have to know the truth about God and his Son, Christ, so that you will recognize it when he returns, you cannot recognize the truth, if you don’t know it. However, given the learning curve of human awakening, it is my sincere belief, that you might just be out of time to learn it. As a rule, the typical American will not believe that his house is on fire, until the coach of the game he is watching on TV tells him it is. The churches are the religious systems establish by the enemy of God to mislead mankind away from God. Every single one of them fall under this category, they all belong to Satan. Christ Jesus gave us the details of when to expect his return. They can be found in the 24th chapter of Matthew. The 14th verse said that just before his arrival, the message of his approaching kingdom would be heralded around the world, today that is being done. This message is preached before an event he refers to as the Great Tribulation arrives, a time he says will be so bad, that unless God steps in to stop it, no one would live through it, but because of the people he has chosen out of the nations, he stops it. At this point, I want you to think Chemtrails. If Chemtrails are not stopped, no one, and no life form, will live through it, it will kill us all. This is not only happening right now, but it is being increased by magnitudes. The return of Christ happens during the Great Tribulation, the Great Tribulation has not started yet, but it is on our heels, as I just said, THINK CHEMTRAILS. It is during the Great tribulation that Christ separates the sheep from the goats, and takes out from among the nations “A people for his Name” , be a sheep. The scriptures also tell us that every nation on earth will know it is Christ returning, so there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind, not in your mind, and not in my mind, it will be clear to the entire world, that he has returned, he protects his sheep, and destroys all of those who fight against him, do not fight against Christ when he arrives. The worse things get on earth, the closer is his arrival. Remember, God allows things to get to the point where every single person on earth understands with no reservation, that without Gods help, we are all going to die, it is then that he steps in. WHY IS THAT ? It is because so that forever more, all of mankind, and all of the angels in heaven are witnesses to the fact, that man cannot rule over man, nor can any angel, so that the challenge made to God at the Garden of Eden is never raised again, and it is put to rest forever more. If anyone in the future challenges God’s right to rule over his creation, his destruction will be immediate, with the full acknowledgment and agreement of all mankind and all spiritual life.

The group of people who are preaching the good news of Gods kingdom, in the way the scriptures describe it to be done, is well known. I know them well, I studied with them, and I have almost every book they ever published. But studying with them, does in no way make me one of them, it takes more than that to become one of them. They printed a book called,”The Truth That Leads To Eternal Life” in 1968. John Lennon studied that book with them, and from that learning, wrote the song “Imagine” . The overall context of that book and their belief system, mesh perfectly with the lyrics of “Imagine”. Another way of putting that could be, “Imagine” describes their religion perfectly, and both their religion and Imagine and the Bible, agree, for the most part. Emphasis on, “for the most part”. 1975 never happened, neither did, 1799, 1874, 1879, 1914, 1915, 1919, 1925. I believe it is the third chapter of that book that is titled “Why Is It Wise To Examine Your Religion” , so I did, so I have done, so I am doing, so should you do. As I said earlier, God is not involved in the religions of man at this time, this is something that man is doing to appease his craving for a relationship with his heavenly Father. Like the scriptures say, “I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not according to accurate knowledge.” Another scriptures tells us,”They make the word of God invalid, because they teach commands of men as doctrines.” Do not, I repeat, do not get baptized into a religion that teaches commands of men as doctrines. Baptism is a forever contract with a religion, one false step, not doing exactly what THEY tell you to do, not God, but the men, could result in you never being allowed to speak with your family again, because your family will never speak to you again. Even family members living under the same roof, for instance, your children, or the parents of a child. If you think this is not true, I invite you to Google it. Getting baptized into that faith could be the biggest mistake you ever make in your life. I have said a hundred times, get out of religion, get out of the churches, learn about God, learn about Christ, but you are not going to learn about them in the schools of Satan, and all churches are schools of Satan. Like the scriptures tell us, “And no wonder, because Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light, it is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness, but their end shall be according to their works.” Osteen, Copland and others of those prosperity preachers teach that they are god’s. Someone called Jesus “a god” but Jesus himself never called himself a god, he said he had a God, he said “I am on my way to my God, and to your God”, that is allot different than Kenneth and Joel saying, I am a God.

I use the name Jehovah, and I do not go to foreign countries and kill innocent men women and children, I do not vote, and I do not celebrate the sacrifice of children at Christmas time, and I do not celebrate the slaughtering of natives, raping their wives, burning their homes and stealing their land at Thanksgiving. I do not celebrate death at Halloween. I believe that Jesus was exactly who he said he was, the Son of God, he was not the Father, he said he had a Father. I am not willing to call Jesus a liar. God does not torture people forever in a fiery hell, nor does everyone become angels in heaven, the earth is going to remain forever, and mankind is going to live forever upon it. Almost all of the dead will be brought back to life, even the unrighteous, and given a thousand years, in perfect surroundings, to get their act together. And because of this, some may equate me with a particular religion. I do not make that claim, and neither should you. The things I do not do, neither should anyone. The things I believe have abundant scriptural support which I spelled out in overwhelming detail on my web site. The name of Jehovah was initiated in the 12th century, when translating the scriptures from Latin to English, it is found carved in stone from that period, it is also found in the King James Bible, so that name is well known. To this day however there exist great conflict over it, just as we should all expect in a world ruled over by Satan, Satan does not want you to know anything about God, not even his name. Google the Tetragrammaton. The correct pronunciation of God’s name was lost through superstition by the Jews who refused to use it. Hebrew was written with Consonants and the reader supplied the vowels. Yahweh is also an appropriate pronunciation if you chose.

I write about religion so much, because whether or not you realize it, or even want to admit it, Religion is in control of your life. So even if you are not religious, you are still a slave to it, and you need to know how, and why that is. I am not preaching to you, the things I write are things that you need to know, they are issues of life and death, not only to you, but to all of us, I could really use your help.


Without mentioning names, to the person who messaged me about my stance on war. I completely understand your frustrations with me, and your temptation to release me as a friend, your views on war are shared by most people in the world, whereas my views on war are held by a handful of people. Most people agree with you, almost no one agrees with me, and even if they did, it would not be in their best interest to say so.

I am not willing to adopt a softer stance on my views, to me, they are clear. I will always believe that rewarding and protecting murderous Tyrants, while at the very same time, slaughtering innocent women and children, is the epitome of evil. A trait embraced and perfected by the United States of America.

If you have a problem with Saddam Hussein, starving to death 500,000 of Iraq’s children, and handing him billions of dollars at the same time, locks up my mind worst than Windows 3.0. America said that he was one of the members of the axis of evil, so what did America do, we killed 1,000,000 of his men, and 500,000 of his children and no one to date has tabulated the death of Iraqi women, because in those countries, women are of no value. All the while, protecting Saddam Hussein.

If you have a problem with Hitler, you take out Hitler.
If you have a problem with Mao, you take out Mao.
If you have a problem with Mussolini, you take out Mussolini.
If you have a problem with Hirohito, you take out Hirohito.

But America does the exact opposite, it kills the innocent, and rewards the guilty, that is the indisputable historical fact.

American soldiers who return from foreign countries, slaughtering the innocents there, come back to some sort of hero’s welcome, with ribbons and parades, and plaques of honor and military rewards and flyovers, as if they did something deserving of some sort of honor, when the reality is, that they just participated in a despicably evil deed. Currently, the Iraq war in point, when even the President who sent them there said the war was based upon a lie. What the hell is wrong with you people.

Here is what should happen. The soldiers who go to war and kill innocent women and children, like was done in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, should have no place of honor here, but should go straight to prison, and those men, locked up in prison, who refused to go to a foreign country, and kill the innocent people there, should be set free, and given the medals of honor.

If you own, display, or otherwise advertise, bow down and worship, the symbol of the government of the United States of America, the American Flag it becomes impossible to distinguish your loyalty and devotion to the actions of that very same government. If you are displaying the American Flag, in any form, I can only draw the conclusion that you are in support of the actions of the American Government. When I see an American Flag, I see the Government of the United States of America, and what it brings to my mind, is the evil perpetrated upon this entire world, by the United States of America, least of which, is it’s own people. This country has perpetrated unspeakable crimes against it’s own people, and right this minute, one of the biggest is being sprayed directly over your heads. The United States of America, participated in the Civil War, a war against it’s own people, instigated by Catholicism, in the words of Abraham Lincoln. America makes the claim of the War on Drugs, but the reality is, that America assist drug trafficking on every level. Sean Penn walked right up to Chapo Guzman, and is going to jail for it. WE had 6 cops in our family, I know for a fact, that the police forces in this country, defend and protect, the drug trade, this is well documented. Think Afghanistan if you will !!! America sent soldiers to Vietnam, to set innocent families, women and children alike, on fire with napalm, while they were in their own homes. Then this same country, America, sent young men to prison, who refused to participate in this barbarism. They built memorials, and gave ribbons of reward to men who set children on fire in Vietnam, and sent to jail, those who refused to lite the torches. This despicable country you worship with adoration. This country, America, slaughtered 3000 or more of it’s own citizens on 911, this did not happen with an airplane and box cutters by people who live in caves. You could of flown a thousand 747’s into those buildings and there is no way in hell they would of come down. Those buildings came down at the hands of the United States Military. Which, by the way, is supposed to have a Commander In Chief, but that also is a lie. In our time, America deliberately, knowingly, and willfully, by it’s own admission, starved to death more than 500,000 children in Iraq. One more war, instigated by the United States, on a country whose citizens were completely innocent of the crime. A war which still goes on, and has spread. We vaporized innocent Japanese citizens, and left untouched, Hirohito. When I see an American Flag, it has the very same effect on me that it would an Jewish Israelite if they were to see someone walking down the streets of a busy shopping center of Jerusalem wearing a Nazi uniform with a freshly polished Swastika proudly displayed. With you hand over your heart as you pledge your adoration and devotion to the Flag of The United States of America, think about this at that moment. This country, that you admire so much has, under the protection of the United States Military, sponsored ripping apart, limb by limb while still alive the bodies of some 65,000,000 children, most of which, on our own soil. Now, take another look at that soldier, and that flag, and your precious United States of America, and think for a moment of what Putin said, your mind is being controlled, by what is being spread over your heads, and through the food you are eating. If Putin can see this, why can’t you. These things I just said are not conspiracy theories, they are now written into history.


Here is the DTAP vaccine warnings pdf which reads

” Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS,
anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence
and apnea. Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting. Because these events are reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain size, it is not always possible to reliably estimate their frequencies or to establish a causal relationship to components of Tripedia vaccine”

So they knew it caused SIDS , Autism every other damn thing and still gave it to children.

HUD Wants to Outlaw Tiny Homes and RV Living
April 2, 2016 at 5:18 am

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – which ironically was founded to end poverty and racial injustice in housing – proposed a law last month that would make living in a recreational vehicle – and potentially a tiny home – illegal.

You can help prevent this proposal from becoming law by sending comments to regulations.gov by April 11!!

While recreational vehicles are currently exempt from housing regulations, the proposed change would allow them to keep their exempt status only so long as no one is “living” in them.

HUD complains in a summary of its proposed rule that some RVs “are being produced with patio roofs, screened in porches, and other extensions that exceed the 400 square-foot maximum” and “are being marketed as suitable for year-round living.”

The rule would re-define exempt recreational vehicles as a “factory-build vehicular structure, not certified as a manufactured home, designed only for recreational use and not as a primary residence or for permanent occupancy” and requires RV manufacturers to “prominently display” that definition in the kitchen of all RVs for sale.

The regulation also defines “recreational vehicle” as a “self-propelled” unit, apparently excluding tiny homes on wheels from the RV exemption.

Eric Muss-Barnes, a concerned citizen, made the following video explaining the proposed law:

“There are nearly 9 million RV owners in America,” Muss-Barnes says. “A significant portion of those are retired couples who’ve purchased land in an RV park, where they live full time. The law could potentially turn hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens into outlaws.”

This story was first reported by The Organic Prepper.

You can help prevent this proposal from becoming law by sending comments to regulations.gov by April 11!!

So far, the federal agency has received almost 500 comments from outraged citizens, many of them saying they’d be homeless if not for their RV:

“Please do not pass this. You will make homelessness worse, and criminalize many of us ex-middle class just trying to stay safe. Please.” ~ Anonymous

“I live in RV full time and have for a number of years. I am now 55 years of age and am a recent widower. The job that I work does not really pay enough for me to find and live in a more permanent structure. As I will be retiring soon I am sure that I will not be able to afford to move out of my RV.” ~ Jeff Stanford

“Why does it matter where I live as long as I have a roof over my head? The government needs to recognize that some of us are lucky to have a tiny house or an RV to live in.” ~ Bunnie Craddock

“For the love of God! Stop Criminalizing the pursuit of Life Liberty and Happiness!!!!” ~ Steven Armstrong

CIA Operated Plane Carrying “Mutated” Virus Shot Down In China
Admin | March 4, 2016 | Technology | No Comments

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that a US government contracted airplane piloted by American CIA agents and carrying a cargo of a “mutated”swine flu virus intended for aerial spraying was shot down at China’s Shanghai Pudong airport by a saboteur team of what are believed to be Israeli Mossad soldiers seeking to prevent an American attack upon one of their Central Asian bases located in the Central Asian Nation of Kyrgyzstan.

Plane Carrying “Mutated” Virus Shot Down In China

According to Chinese media reports on this incident the stricken Zimbabwean MD-ll plane, owned by the CIA linked Avient Aviation company operated by a former British military officer named Andrew Smith and registered in the UK, killed 3 American CIA agents and injured 4 other personal who are reported to be from United States, Indonesia, Belgium and Zimbabwe.

Most interesting to note in these reports on the victims of this plane shot down is that the Indonesian man currently being treated for his injuries has ‘confessed’ to Chinese secret police forces that he is a technician employed by the United States Navy at their mysterious Naval Medical Research Unit No. 2 (NAMRU-2) located in Indonesia that Indonesian Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono had previously called for the closing of “because its operations were too secretive and were incompatible with Indonesia’s security interests.

” Even more interesting to note about this US Navy secret bio-weapons base in Indonesia (the World’s largest Muslim Nation) was its establishment in cooperation with the Rockefeller Institute, especially with it being the main center for the Americans Viral Diseases Program (VDP) they describe as the research of “epidemiologic and laboratory research on viral hemorrhagic fevers, influenza, encephalitis, and rickettsioses” and the head of this institute, David Rockefeller, long calling for a massive reduction in our World’s population.

The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.” To the United States employing planes to spread a mutated swine flu virus around the World we have further reports from China, and as we can read: “June 26 Suspicious aircrafts were forced to land.

A US operated AN-124 changed its call sign from civillian to military which then triggered a response from the IAF upon entering Pakistani air space, the plane was forced to land in Mumbai while the second one was forced down by Nigerian figther jets that also arrested the crew.

According to reports China (China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force) contacted the Indian and Nigerian intelligence officials about the presence of these US operated Ukranian aircrafts amidst growing concern that the United States were spreading “biological agents” in the Earth’s atmosphere also which some Chinese officals believed to be a attempt to mass genocide via the spread of h1n1 swine flu. The strange thing about these reports and arrests as well as the forcing down of the planes were that these aircrafts were carrying “waste disposal” systems that could spray up to 45000kg or 100pounds of aerial type mist from sophisticated network of nano pipes that led throughout the trailing edges of the wings thereby dispersing whatever was in these tanks through a mist.

This after it was reported that light aircrafts were seen flying over the forest market area that sprayed a aerosol substance to fight h1n1 or swine flu. 5 Sources confirms this and the local newspapers of Kiev also received hundreds of phone calls from residents and business owners close to the area the planes were spraying the suspicious substance.

Not only that but local businesses and retailers were “advised” to stay indoors during the day by the local authorities.

There was also reports of helicopters spraying aerosols over Kiev, Lviv, Ternopil and throughout Ukraine.” Most disturbing of the effects of the spraying of this mutated swine flu virus over the Ukraine is the devastating toll it has taken on the people of that country, and as we can read:

“Almost 40 000 people got infected since yesterday in the Ukraine by what we still call the “Ukraine plague” but doctors have said recently that this is a stronger case of h1n1 or swine flu that has mutated and has that affect on the lungs where it destroys the lungs and fills it with blood.

” But, to the most horrible outcome of this mutated swine flu virus is the World Health Organization now reporting that it is killing people in France, Norway, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine, and the United States as the death toll from this Global Pandemic is now reported to be nearing 8,000 and China now reporting that this deadly disease has now crossed over into dogs.

Important to also note in these reports is that the US spray plane shot down in China was reported to be targeting a secret Israeli base located in the Central Asian Nation of Kyrgyzstan, which many Ashkenazi Jews (Ashkenazi Jews make up approximately 80% of Jews Worldwide) consider their ‘spiritual homeland’ after their long exile their under Soviet Communist rule, and where Russian Intelligence Analysts report the Israelis are nearing the end of their decades long deciphering of the ancient Epic of Manas manuscript (with close to half a million lines the Epic of Manas is twenty times longer than Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad combined) that they believe contains our World’s oldest warning to our present age and which (coincidentally?) agrees with the ancient Mayan peoples that the year of 2012 will see the ending of our present age.

To the final outcome of these events it is not in our knowing; other than to state the obvious, that the truths of these things are continued to be ignored, even scoffed at, by the very people whose extermination has been longed planned by these monsters and is now being carried out, and who still have no idea whatsoever how truly easy it has become for them to be controlled by their propaganda masters. One can only hope that they awaken before all is lost for them, the facts suggest they won’t.

The posting I shared of “Is This The End Of Sex As We Know It” is not a joke. It is straight out of Agenda 21, and this article is simply a grooming tool to get you used to the idea. Nothing about Agenda 21 is nice or pleasant. Agenda 21 is already being implemented, they are just never going to call it Agenda 21. But the tag words of Green, sustainable, Bic-able, walk-able, renewable, eco friendly, renewable, carbon neutral, these terms are out of the Agenda 21 playbook. If you have a green belt across your city, you are already under the thumb of Agenda 21, Taft is one of those cities. Agenda 21 is the script of George Orwells movie “1984” if you have not seen it, watch it, you may have to watch it more than twice. You might at first think that this is impossible, but, it is already being played out. Indeed, under Agenda 21, sex will become illegal, it is not a joke, get caught having sex, and you will be punished, or worse. The Georgia Guide stones demand a maintaining of the human population on earth at 500,000, and they are serious about it. Google the Georgia Guide stones. The population of earth right now is about 8 billion, guess what they plan to do with the other 7,500,000,000, that’s right, enter Chem-trails. Usually when people are executed, or put to sleep, first they are injected with a sedative, to sedate them so that they cannot resist the anesthesia, only the anesthesia administered by Agenda 21 is not designed for humans to wake up from. The latest summit for the Agenda 21 conference held this year, speaks of it’s full implementation by 2030, that is only 15 years away. Already you see cities in exhilarated motion to prepare for it. You are beginning to see and read about all of these United Nations sponsored programs for contracts being handed out to develop 10x10x10 cubicles for people to live in. In New York right this minute, 165,000 10×30 apartments are being built, most likely these will be considered single family dwellings. Stack and pack concepts of cast in place concrete 10x10x10 modules are designed to be stacked on top of each other to form skyscrapers where one or two people live in, composting toilets, and solar powered, completely off the grid. The complete Agenda 21 document is available from the United Nations, or downloadable in PDF off the net, and I have it on my Web Site un edited. If you want to know what the United Nations has planned for you and your children, you owe it to yourself, and to them, to at the very least, read about what your future is going to be, in this world as we know it now. Hillary is an Agenda 21 agent, with no mask, just listen to her talk, and her husband signed the executive order for it, as has every president. You will not own a vehicle, or a house, or a gun, under agenda 21.


And then about 4 hours later here is the sky, so tell me, how could any of that spraying helped to change the climate, or geo engineer the weather, it CANNOT. That my friends was just your daily dose of the poisons they want to feed you and your children, and for those of you that hate children, but love your dogs and cats more than you love your own families, that dose of poison is for you and your pets.Mar 27, 2016, 6:17 PM

Mar 27, 2016, 6:11 PM

Everyday this is the Sky in Taft California near Bakersfield in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California. These are Vapor clouds of heavy metals that have been reduced to nano particles, suspended into a toxic cocktail of other poisons and sprayed over the heads of your children as the walk to school, and play in the yards, and by the way, you are breathing in this stuff as well. Nano partials of anything, cross the blood brain barrier, and once in your brain, cannot be removed. That’s right, with every breath you take, you are filling up your brain with nano aluminum, barium, and strontium. And god only knows what else. Certainly I believe that some sort of chemical is being used to anesthetize people into such a condition of apathy, that they cannot even bring themselves to acknowledge that it is happening, just like the brown water that comes out of their faucets that can be set on fire with a match. They feed their children the drugs that the school nurse tells them too because they move around in their seats at school, so they have ADHD and must be drugged, they are treated for asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory difficulties, and not one person will admit, that maybe, just maybe, something is in those vapors that they are spraying over the top of all of us. For all of you Patriotic idiots out there, this is being done by the United States Military, the very same people who took down the World Trade Center Twin Towers, dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, invaded Iraq and starved to death 500,000 children by their own admission, and you asses have the nerve to ask God to bless this great nation that at this very minute, in plain site, right in front of your face, is spraying something that is a thousand times more insidious than Raid. The silence of you all on this subject is deafening.

I would like to encourage you all to read the link in the article I reposted about the Las Vegas Tribune article on Chemtrails.



It is impossible to change the climate by Chemtrails, that is the snake oil they are selling us, Chemtrails have one purpose and one purpose only, to poison every living thing on earth

Nothing in the world makes me angrier than the defense of oppression. The justification for doing evil simply because someone told you too, because, “I was just doing my job!!!” When an instruction is handed down to someone that violates all natural law, every principle of right and wrong given to us by nature, engraved into our DNA, if you carry out those evil instructions, you are just as guilty as the one who issued them. Thousands of men had the opportunity to end the evil of Hirohito, Mussolini, Hitler, Po Pot, Mao, and guided the Jews into the ovens simply because they were doing their jobs, instead of turning the gun on Hitler instead. Don’t let or allow any man, to tell you to do the things that are against all human decency and moral code, instead, reject him and his instructions, in the coming days, our lives are going to depend upon each other to do the right thing, even in the face of abject evil, start learning right now, the difference between right and wrong if you don’t think you already know it. It is never ok to do the wrong thing simply because it is in the advantage, profit, or gain of tyranny, because the very next victim of Tyranny will be you and yours. Do not make excuses, at least don’t let me hear you making excuses, for working oppression, just because it is your job. Every single war America has been involved in, has been to afflict oppression upon the rest of the world, then the average American labels the oppressors as heroes, as if they just did something good. America has leveled the middle east, and driven every single citizen living there, that they didn’t actually drone slaughter, out of their homes and out of their countries, and sitting on our sofas, and drinking our beers, we call those men, those Americans, who are hell bent on killing this entire world, heroes. 500,000 children starved to death in Iraq alone at the hands and enforcement arm of the American Military. It is the American Military who is right this minute spraying chemicals, poisons, over this entire planet, and you Americans call them heroes, when in all reality, you should be vehemently repulsed by them all. A cold blooded trained killer, a murderer of the innocent, in uniform, is still a murderer, and just how insane are you, to give them a place of honor. There is nothing honorable about killing the innocent, and preserving alive the Tyrant, which is the official policy of the United States of America. Yes, nothing in the world drives me into moral outrage, as the defense of oppression, right down to the individual who defends it. Turn your gun on the person who tells you that your job is to kill the children, look up into the sky, they are killing your children



NaturalNews) According to the document you’re about to see, for the last eight years, government scientists have actively engineered viral vaccines designed to alter thoughts and beliefs by infecting the brain and suppressing genetic expression of neurological cells. Dispersal of these vaccines has been tested via high-altitude aerosolized sprays, highway vehicles, the water supply and even the food system.

As you’ll see in the document and video below, the vaccine was intended from the start to be deployed against civilian populations, and 600 strains of infectious viruses were tested on human subjects. One of the transmission vectors documented in the testing exploited an influenza strain to spread the mind-infecting virus as a pandemic.

The point of all this is to infect the minds of the population and transform people into what the government calls “normal.” From the government’s point of view, of course, “normal” means “obedient and mindless.”

This is all described in a video and a document that surfaced several years ago but which are only now beginning to connect the dots as the medical police state in America accelerates to insane levels of aggression against the population. See recent stories on medical kidnapping in Arkansas and CPS kidnapping of children in Arizona for starters.

Using aerosolized stealth vaccines as tools of behavioral control and mind alteration
This YouTube video, described as a “leaked Pentagon video,” features a Bill Gates-sounding scientist explaining in cold, calculating language how engineered vaccines can “eliminate behavior” that’s considered undesirable by the government.

Starting at the 3:00 mark, you can hear this scientist explaining how a vaccine can “turn a fanatic into a normal person.” A normal person, of course, means a person who is obedient to government authority.

Here’s a transcript of the presentation:

Scientist: And that would have the effect which is to essentially turn a fanatic into a normal person…

Audience: How would you suggest that this is going to be dispersed? Via aerosol?

Scientist: The present plan and the tests that we’ve done so far have used respiratory viruses such as flu or rhinoviruses, and we believe that’s a satisfactory way to get the exposure of the largest part of the population… and we’re quite confident this would be a very successful approach.

Audience: What’s the name of this proposal?

Scientist: The name is FUNVAX, the vaccine for religious fundamentalism. The proposal has just been submitted, and I think the data that I have shown you today would support the development of this project and we think it has great promise.

Watch the video here, which carries the US Dept. of Defense identifier of “DOD ID 149AZ2.”

Designed to infect brain cells and alter beliefs and behavior
This document at WantToKnow.info appears to explain the design and intent of the virus in a summary entitled, “Quarterly FunVax Review.”

The document says:

The objective of this phase of project ID 149AZ2 is to prepare a viral vector that will inhibit / decrease the expression of VMAT2 within a human population.

…the design allows the virus to infect the respiratory track where cytolytic infection occurs and then subsequent diffusion across the blood barrier to infect brain cells.

The document goes on to say that there will be “coordination between the research, clinical and manufacturing groups” taking place in 2007. This clearly spells out intent to take this project from the research phase to manufacturing and deployment.

You may wonder, therefore, against whom these weaponized mind control vaccines might be deployed, right? The answer is YOU.

Dispersal via air, water supply, highway vehicles and insects
According to the document linked above, the dispersal of the brain-modifying viral vaccine was tested in six different ways:

Six methods of … virus dispersal were tested – high altitude release, water supply release, insect transmission, diffusion by a ground level object such as a car, diffusion from a stationary object such as a bottle, and infection of food supply such as cattle or produce.

As you take in the paragraph you just read, consider that now, nearly eight years later, we are witnessing the release of genetically engineered mosquitoes combined with outbreaks of bizarre neurological conditions across U.S. schoolchildren and mysterious health conditions all over the world.

The “high-altitude release” of this mind-altering viral vaccine has no doubt already been achieved through the aerosolized spraying of cities in crisscross patterns of aerosolized dispersal at altitude, often labeled as “chemtrails.”

Suicide genes, field testing and future experiments
The same document cited above goes on to summarize a research group meeting that apparently took place on March 21st, 2007, in which the following topics were discussed:

• Proposal for a suicide gene
• Dispersal methods
• Testing efficiency in the field
• Inhibitors that may target a specific population
• Monkey knockdown progress
• Future experiments

Other directives in the document say things like:

“All 600 strains of VSV should be retested on human subjects…”

“Future experiments of VSV287 should allow the subject to breath in the virus rather than being injected with it.”

“The use of FunVax could see an immediate effect within the target zones… the results of mass inoculation should be proportionate to the rate of infection. Behavioral indicators … decrease in armed resistance… increase in communications that express discontent with religion or God.”

Fully intended to be deployed against civilian populations
It’s clear from the document that this mind-altering, brain-infecting vaccine was intended from the start to be deployed against civilian populations. In fact, the document discusses plans for covertly taking biological samples from dead civilians in order to determine the effectiveness of the aerosolized dispersal effort:

… a blood sample of militant casualties or deceased civilian would provide the most accurate estimate of the rate of vaccination… biological samples from living subjects may be covertly taken… the tests that should be repeated using the VSV287 are high atmospheric tests…

An airborne virus would be the preferred route of infection. A strain named VSV287 has been designed to spread via air… Only human trials can determine VSV287’s effect on religiosity and spirituality… high atmospheric dispersal or dispersal by a ground level moving object appears to be the most practical.

The government has a history of using aircraft to disperse vaccines
The air-dropping of vaccines onto large populations isn’t new, by the way. As I reported here on Natural News in 2012, the Texas government air-dropped 1.8 million rabies vaccines onto wild animal populations as part of a government-run scheme to vaccinate wildlife.

Yes, even wild coyotes and rabbits are not safe from the vaccine zealots. No animal on the planet is considered “safe” by health authorities unless it is first infected with a virus or two.

The Dept. of Defense plan is far more elaborate, however, using aerosolized dispersal with high-altitude aircraft or even dumping viral vaccines into the water supplies of large cities. Such an action would be considered an act of domestic terrorism if you or I did it, of course, but when the government proposes it, suddenly it’s okay.

Has a mind-altering vaccine already been released over U.S. cities?
All this brings up the obvious question: Has this mind-altering vaccine already been deployed over U.S. cities? It’s a legitimate question because the high-altitude deployment of this vaccine against civilian populations was clearly the intent of the program.

A mass “dumbing down” vaccine lobotomy would sure explain a lot of what’s going on in America these days, such as how certain people still haven’t figured out that every statement uttered by President Obama is a calculated lie. (I can’t wait to watch the upcoming theatrical comedy show called the “State of the Union Address.”)

I’ve also been wondering why we’re seeing a wholesale abandonment of morality and ethics across the western world these days, and it’s not an outlandish area of inquiry to wonder if entire cities of people have been intentionally exposed to a virus that infects their brains just as described by the scientist in the video above.

I know, it sounds like the actions of a Batman movie villain, but then again we already know the vaccine industry is largely staffed by mad scientists with villainous intent. Remember, this is the same group of disreputable scientists who knowingly committed scientific fraud by covering up the confession of a CDC scientist who admitted the agency manipulated data to eliminate any apparent link between vaccines and autism. It’s no stretch at all to realize these same people would gladly deploy vaccines to dumb people down if that made them more compliant and docile.

The greatest enemy of the vaccine industry is, of course, anyone who can still think for themselves.

We also know that vaccines are being deployed right now to covertly sterilize women using sterilization chemicals secretly mixed into the vaccines themselves.

We also know there’s still toxic mercury in flu shots, even though the establishment ridiculously claims flu shots are 100% safe to give to pregnant women, infants, toddlers, senior citizens and everyone else. This is an industry that actually seems to enjoy the power trip of causing widespread health harm, vaccine-induced seizures, comas, autism and even death. Deploying vaccines at high altitude to invisibly fall onto large cities where they are inhaled by millions of people is an almost erotic fantasy come true for these anti-human vaccine zealots who despise life and openly advocate human depopulation.

Can good nutrition protect you from aerosolized vaccine weapons of mass mental destruction?
When I look around America today and witness the total abandonment of rational thought, the criminality of the medical system, the corruption at every level of government and the twisted insanity infecting the minds of the masses, I can only wonder if the population has been covertly but deliberately exposed to something nefarious.

Perhaps some of us are immune — people like you and I — while others fall victim to the virus because they live in states of weakened immunity. Perhaps people who eat the most nutritious foods and superfoods have the best defenses against covert vaccine schemes and are therefore the only ones to emerge with their minds and awareness fully intact.

Perhaps we’re already five years into a massive war against human consciousness that’s being waged every day at every level, from the droning idiots on the cable news networks to the brain-destroying medications dosed out to nearly every person who steps foot in a doctor’s office. Combine aerosolized, weaponized vaccines with the mind-numbing effects of fluoride, TV sitcoms, chemical food additives and mass media social engineering and you end up with a nation of sleepwalking zombies who are only capable of obedience, not independent thought.

Through these aerosolized vaccines, in other words, the hilariously-depicted “zombie apocalypse” may already have begun. And perhaps the so-called “mindless masses” are actually just victims of a nefarious, government-run behavioral modification program designed to turn a human breath into an unintended vaccination event.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048347_aerosolized_vaccines_behavioral_modification_obedience.html#ixzz406lGWRXq



Another person I worked with has died, Maurice White, seems like every week we loose someone.

As some of my friends know, I spent most of my working days in the fields of music production, reproduction and live sound. It has always been my belief that the greatest musical instrument ever made, is the human being. It is often, that we humans hear music and get goose bumps, the pleasure that humans derive from music, is one of God’s greatest gifts, and the health benefits from listening to music are immeasurable. This young girl is so good, such an example of the humans ability to transpose, that she brings tears to the eyes. Gabriella Quevedo . com . I will share her video of Hotel California, amazing, if you don’t get it, go to her web site and listen to it. I don’t often post things for entertainment, because there are too many serious things happening that need our collective attention, but this person demonstrates how incredible humans are, even in this insane world. There is just no telling how incredible we will all become, in that world promised to us by God. If this young woman is this good at 18, image how great she will be at 40.

But lets also not forget, that it was a Republican President, Bush, who sent a Christian nation to attack a Muslim
Nation, who by the way, did nothing to America to deserve that

James Welch Get real, Clar…get your facts right before saying that Iraq did nothing to deserve or provoke that. http://www.ushistory.org/us/60a.asp

I went to school with you James Welch, but that does not mean that you know me. Just because someone might know my name doesn’t mean that they know anything about me. If you have followed anything I have written, you would well know that I don’t write anything that is not already proven, just to avoid these sorts of ignorant responses. Serious things are in store for all of us, and we all need to be focused on them, and not this sort of bullshit.

The facts remain as I wrote them. What goes on in the middle east is none of the business of the United States. Saddam had a beef with Kuwait, not Saudi Arabia. I think that history will testify, that Saddam had a pretty good handle on the middle east, he understood all of the dynamics of the region, and history will judge, that the United States has not a clue, just look at what the entire region has become, since America got involved, and then look back at how it was when Saddam ruled over Iraq. Just maybe Kuwait needed it’s ass spanked by Saddam, we don’t know, and we never will know because we were in such a hurry to silence him by killing him. He could of slaughtered Kuwait if he wanted to, they were no challenge to him, he didn’t do that, he taught them a lesson, and then he backed off.

Don’t be so quick to jump to the defense of the United States of America, James, next to the Catholic Church, America is the most hideous, horrible, detestable organization earth has ever seen. Take a look up into the sky, next time you venture outside, there you will see, the United States of America, Military, Air Force, spraying you, and all of your family, all of your friends, and all of the world, with dozens of toxic chemicals. That is not conspiracy theory, it is a fact you can see with your own eyes.

Ask any soldier coming from Iraq, and to the man they will tell you, we had no business being there, and in the end, even Bush JR, said we went there, based upon a lie, just like Vietnam, and just like World War II and the Pearl Harbor incident.

I make sure that what I say is true, before I ever write it, there is absolutely no defense whatsoever for the actions of this country around the world, no country has ever threatened America, but America itself, is the greatest terrorist earth has ever seen. and right this minute as we speak, America is poisoning this entire world, while you patriotic idiots are saluting your flags. You spoiled brat children.

The problem is not that there are not enough resources in the world to satisfy the needs of everyone, it is just that a handful of people want them all, and that the vast majority of people are all to eager to give it to them. If money were food, most people in the world would take the food out of the starving mouth of their very own child, and give it to the person who already owned the distribution center of Ralphs

The situation of protest in Burn Oregon is actually quite serious. Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp tried desperately to draw attention to this in the 80’s, but fell on deaf ears, the people thought that it was just another concert. Agenda 21 is serious, and you should pay attention, because one piece of land at a time, one farm at a time, this country, and land in all countries, is being shaped and molded into the Agenda 21 Wildlands Project. If you have not yet, do it soon, look into the Chinese ghost cities, this is in preparation to move all of their people out of the rural areas, and into the cities, they are not just insane real estate developments, they are Agenda 21 planning. The United States is doing the same thing. Monsanto develops seeds that will grow in soil contaminated by Aluminum, which kills other bio life forms, then it sprays Aluminum over all of the land, so that only Monsanto crops grow. While they are spraying Aluminum everywhere, it pollutes the water as well, killing thousands of fish which wash ashore, and birds that fall by the thousands from the skies. Insects, that digest Aluminum and barium as well, drop dead. Entire forest are being killed by Chemical pollution, deliberately being sprayed upon all of us. Decades ago scientist found a link between Aluminum and Alzheimers, and recently to ADHD as well. Getting it in our food was not killing us fast enough, so they took to spraying in our air, you know, like we used to spray insects with Raid. Spraying Aluminum is happening all over the world, not just America. . This is the map from the Agenda 21 Wildland Project. All humans will be rounded up and placed in government housing in cities of no more than 10,000 people. Around the world all governments have been, and are doing right now, taking land from private owners. Land is being stolen from all of us. Study this map, the black dots are where people are going to be allowed to live. If you have land outside of that dot, you won’t.

Just a quick comment about the Presidents speech today on Gun Control. So far no network has spoken of this one particular comment he made, and I am not sure if the rest of you caught it.

Awhile back I wrote about the internet of everything. The internet of everything has a major player, Cisco, your TV cable box.

The internet of everything means, “EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET” right down to the panties you are wearing, and that screwdriver in your hand.

You think I am crazy, but like everything I am telling you, look it up, type in “the internet of everything” into google.

GPS can track everything right down to the inch, and in some cases, even greater resolution, so they can tell exactly how far down your legs your panties are, or, even if you are wearing any, no RFID tag and ping, = no panties. Who purchased that condom wrapper on your night stand. What time did it arrive, when was it opened, and what car it arrived in.

This is not science fiction, it is science fact, you are just not paying attention.

Like they are telling you, the internet of everything means everything on the internet, and they are not kidding, right down to the medication you take for your heart condition, they know whether or not you have taken it.

Caloric intake will also be measured bio-metrically, and transmitted by RFID. You will receive your daily ration, and you will take it, and you will not share with anyone else, or else.

Today legislation is being passed into law that will require gun manufacturers to install tracking devices into all guns, the police and government will then be able to tell where every gun is located at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, lending a gun to a friend or relative will get you prison time. They will know where your gun is to the inch, and who is holding it.

I believe that this entire nation is not paying attention to what they see with their own eyes, or hear with their own ears.

America is the last vestige of freedom, not that we have it, but we could. When America looses it’s guns, tyranny will rule this entire planet. It could be stopped, but Americans have had freedom for so long, that they have become apathetic to oppression, they actually defend oppression, and now they are about to get a dose of their own medicine.

RFID into guns will only aid law enforcement to come and get them with hand held readers that can be purchased at radio shack.

Governments always pass laws before the enforcement of those laws. Everything Hitler did was legal, because they passed laws that said they were legal before they did them.

Those smart meters on your gas, electric, and water meters, are not there for accounting, they are there for monitoring. The same way that RFID devices are activated by the readers, RFID devices in your home can and are activated by the electrical grid coming right into your home. Every outlet, every appliance, is a reader.

My last comment is this. Decades ago, our government researched bio-electrical control of human emotions with minute amounts of radio frequencies. Look into it. Right into your home, through your smart meters, frequencies can be delivered to your brain, tailor made, just for you.

In the past, everyone’s electrical meters were tied all together basically to the grid, but now, with smart meters, it is very different, just your meter can be controlled by a computer in an office somewhere, and it can control the heat or cooling in just your own home, not your neighbors. Along with that signal, can be any other mind control signal they want to modulate with it, like, apathy, and being sleepy and tired all the time. The medium for delivering this modulated signal to your mind, is the wiring grid in your own home, or even your WI-FI transmitter.

Don’t take my word for this, look it up.