PRESIDENTIAL VOTING SYSTEM In a few months, American’s will start the clamoring of voting for a different president. They will go to the polling booths in the full confidence that their vote counts. The media will be filled 24 hours a day, with nothing but streaming theater of the candidates bantering, which is all staged. The president elect, has been chosen long before, and has been groomed in secret, to be obedient, and deliver the speeches exactly as they are given, to be a good actor. Think people, think, for gawd’s sake, learn how to reason things out. What fortune 500 company would put in charge of their entire company, a CEO, who had absolutely no experience what-so-ever in running any division of any kind of that company, just pull someone off of the street, and put them in charge. The United States of America is the largest corporation on earth, for the moment, but loosing it’s ground every minute. So, does it really make any sense to any of you, that the largest corporation in the world, with the most powerful military on earth, would put someone in control of all of that, who had not one minute’s experience. The enter workings of all governments are always held in secret, and America is no different. There are secret layers of secret layers of secret layers, that make up this government, and no one has the complete picture, because the complete picture is painted by men in foreign lands, who formed this country with one purpose in mind, world dominance, and structured it, to accomplish that goal. Just one of the many proofs of that is the Electoral College System of voting, set up in the beginning, where the individual vote, has absolutely no meaning what-so-ever. It is there for the sole purpose of placating the sheeple, who are asleep, drugged, unable or capable of independent thought. If FOX television does not say it, it must not be true, you know the type of person I am talking about, to make them think, that they have a say in their governance, knowing already, that they have not the intellectual ambition, or capability, to think for themselves, and to find out, if what they think they believe, is actually true. In the Electoral College voting system, the states are assigned a handful of people, a minimum of three people, who are stationed in Washington DC, and in December, not November, these people cast their votes for the person they are told to. They cast their votes for whoever they want, independent of what the people of the states wanted.In essence, their vote is up for bid to the highest offer, the best government money can buy, but by the time that moment has arrived, the choice has already been made years before hand. Your vote, has not a snowballs chance in hell of mattering in a presidential election, that person was chosen years before hand, and the election process is all theater


THANK YOU FOR YOUR MESSAGE I appreciate your message, but I want to answer it publicly, because I think that everyone deserves to know this answer. Islam consumes ( not an accidental choice of words) 25% of the worlds population. Islam is at war right now with Islam. Islam is a religion, so this is by definition a religious war. I cannot think of anything more hypocritical of a country, of a government, of the people of the United States of America, to make the claim, that while they provide all of the money, all of the weapons, all of the ammunition, all of the airplanes, tanks, MRPS, to support a war that is all about religion, and then make the claim that they are NOT in a religious war, a war against religion. No one in the world right this minute is more involved in a religious war than the United States of America, because if the United States of America, was disconnected, and not supplying one bullet, or one cent to the war in the Middle east, what exactly would they all be fighting over, if it wasn’t for the money that America heaps upon them. I hold to my statement, America is at war with religion, just open your eyes, and believe what you can see. You are the one who has your head up your, if you cling to the belief that America is innocent, in the slaughtering going on right now, in Islam.

YES 1995

Yes 1995. In 1990 economic sanctions were placed upon Iraq. Iraq was prohibited from selling it’s oil, which meant that it could not purchase other things needed to live, besides oil. If anyone is interested the internet has allot to say on what happens to the innocent when the United Nations restricts sells to the general population, simply to punish a dictator. If you are a man, and you have a beef with another man, the manly thing to do, is have it out with the guy you are having trouble with. You don’t beat up and kill the mans wife and children, and then sit down and drink a beer with each other to celebrate. But America, excuse me, that is, god bless America, has the exact opposite philosophy, America goes after the mans women and children, slaughtering them in the cruelest most horrendous ways, then sits down to a celebration with the bad man, and fills his bank account with endless money. We all need to take a serious look at how America handles aggression and war, not how we want to believe it is, but how it really is at the street level. Those who support war, ought to strap on the bayonet, and stand on the front lines for awhile. When a lion enters a village and starts eating the children, you kill the lion, you don’t toss the lion more women and children to eat. Half a million children, more than 9000 a month, have died of malnutrition and disease because of sanctions and another 1.5 million are in danger of dying if the sanctions are continued. With a chicken costing half the average monthly wage 2.5 million people were suddenly vulnerable to severe hunger (Shields 47). As a result, the regime has had no option but to implement a policy of basic food rationing because the UN sanctions and economic embargo against Iraq have caused shortages in items needed for agriculture. In 1993, the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture reported that production for the year was only 25 to 30 percent of 1992’s yield (Dulmage 1). The primary cause for this decline in production is that there is a shortage of spare parts, fertilizers, pesticides, and seed. In particular, the UN sanctions have made it extremely difficult to maintain the elaborate government greenhouse complex at Raschdiva, just outside of Baghdad, which is the center of Iraqi agriculture. The sanctions have made it practically impossible to replace glass broken at the Raschdiva greenhouse complex during the coalition’s bombing attacks on a nearby communications outpost during the war. No longer able to import the glass required for repairs, replacement glass and parts now can only come from one source; the Iraqis have begun stripping some of the more heavily damaged greenhouses. Of course, the more they cannibalize, the fewer greenhouses are available to grow much needed crops. Additionally, machinery is breaking down and there are no spare parts to be found in Iraq to keep equipment running. The Raschdiva greenhouse system relies on the ability to electronically control the climate inside the greenhouses. As electronic components fail, more greenhouses are closed down. Since 1990, Iraq has also been unable to import foodstuffs and medical supplies at the volume required by its 18 million people. Before the imposition of the oil embargo in August 1990, Iraq imported food and medical products worth $3-4 billion a year. The revenue available today for those type of imports, including those arriving as contraband from Jordan, Turkey, and Iran, does not exceed a billion dollars (Rouleau 64). A thorough examination of the sanctions reveals that the Security Council has imposed no formal restrictions on the import of humanitarian goods (i.e. food and medical supplies). However, the ban on Iraqi oil exports has essentially done just that. Iraq relies on the revenue generated from the sale of oil to purchase such goods. Therefore, to avert wholesale starvation, in 1990 the government implemented a policy of providing all Iraqis with a basic monthly food ration at a cost of about $1 billion a year from its hidden reserves and with minimal help from UN agencies (Lewis A3). As Iraq’s hidden reserves became depleted, the government was forced to economize. “Government rations were recently cut by one third, so they now provide less than half a person’s nutritional requirements” (Platt 15). According to a 1994 UNICEF report: The caloric deficit among Iraqis is now putting at risk some 3.5 million persons, including 1.58 million children under the age of 15 and 230,000 pregnant or nursing women. Many children, it is now believed will be born mentally handicapped; the infant mortality rate, which has doubled in three years, will continue to rise (Jansen 9). Eric Rouleau described Iraq’s food shortage, stating, “For visitors who knew Iraq in happier times, it is astonishing to realize that it is possible to die of hunger in one of the world’s richest countries, on land covering the largest oil reserves in the world, after those of Saudi Arabia” (Rouleau 63).


SHARIA LAW IN AMERICA 3. Throughout history, and even in our day, throughout the world, several countries still have their governments controlled by the Military, China and Egypt come quickly to mind. Whenever the military of any country ruled over the people, the only law was Tyranny. The founding fathers of America knew only too well the dangers of allowing the military to govern the people, so they made the provisions for the Military to be overseen by civilian authorities. This worked well in America for the first few hundred years, but then something changed. To get around this law of no military ruling over the people, on the streets of America, our government, your Congress men and Senators, while proudly displaying that American Flag pined to their lapel, concocted a fix for that little snafu in the legal system prohibiting the military from running the streets of America, we will just turn the civilian authorities, IE the Police, into a Military, complete with every battlefield implementation of the standing army. We turned our police departments into a Militarized standing Army to room our streets, and issue parking tickets. MRAP’s show up at parks to bust people for feeding the homeless, and take down lemonade stands. One policeman actually said, ” We need these MRAP”S because there are people out there who want to defend the constitution.” The government at all levels, right down to your local City Council and School Board, are complicit in the transformation of our civilian police departments, into a standing Military. They are no longer police officers to protect and serve you, they are soldiers to take you down. That is not Joe Friday in a suit at your door to ask you a few questions about your speeding ticket, those are soldiers, and they do not knock on your door, they take that door clear off the hinges. You are making a big mistake if you view the police the same way that you did growing up, they are not recognizable anymore, and they don’t want to be, they wear sunglasses and mask. And don’t even breath when they talk to you, or they will take that as an act of aggression and shoot you dead. Pray you are not painting your house when they show up, that paint brush is a deadly weapon. 4. Personal freedom. Under the constitution, the people of America were allowed to own property, something that to this day in many countries is not allowed. I am not going to get into the details here, but even in America as soon as 100 years ago, when Income Tax was enacted, property right changed and Americans were then never allowed to own property completely, not even the shirt on your back, think I am kidding, just ask Laurel and Hardy and Willie Nelson. If you will notice on the tittle deed to your house, you are referred to as a Tenant. You rent that house back from the government every year when you pay your property taxes. Same thing with your car, you never own your car, you are just renting it. If you have water on your land, you are not free to use it, and in almost every case a home owner/home tenant, is never allowed to own mineral rights on their land anymore. Your right to remain on the land where you are sitting is at the whim of the government 24 hours a day. Freedom of movement in this country is no longer a right, not even walking down the sidewalk. Across this country, checkpoints are set up to run your ID. Just the same as any other totalitarian state. Stop and frisk has been a policing policy for more than a decade now. You can be stopped and patted down, have your purse searched at any time for no reason. There was a time in this country where if the police detained you, within a few days they had to charge you or let you go, that policy is out the window, now the police can hold you forever with absolutely no charge of anything at all, and no lawyer, your right to a lawyer, no longer exist. You can be stopped by the police in your car for no reason, and your car can be searched, without your permission, you can protect all you want, but raise your voice to a cop, and it is an act of aggression that at the very least will get you tazzed, and one wrong move while you are being tazzed will get you shot, and then after they shoot you dead they will still tell you to stop resisting, put your hands behind your back, so that they can cuff you. Your children now belong to the state, they do not belong to you. If you think that is absurd, you would be right, but so is the statement, your children do not belong to you. One false move, like picking your child up from school, can land your child in the hands of CPS and you in jail, and you don’t even want to know what happens to your child in the custody of CPS, the biggest child molesters in the history of man. There is no personal liberty left in this country, and there is nothing you can do about it, you, all of us, decided we no longer needed it, and we gave it all away. Americans shredded their own country, such spoiled children. What prompted most of this loss of freedom is Religion. Like I said a thousand times, even if you are an atheist, you need to understand Religion. In particular, there are two religions that have sponned the loss of freedom for Americans, one of them is Islam. The other is stronger, but stealth, and I am not going to name it, but it controls much of the banking, and all of the entertainment, and I was deep into the entertainment business, I know this subject well.


This is Brigitte and she was born in Lebanon and she knows and understands Islam. Pay attention especially to the last few minutes where in about 7 minutes she explains the history of Islam. If you can only watch one video about this, watch this one.


It is no secret who told, YES WHO TOLD, the Iraqi military to deliberately stand down and back off of the ISIS military, hand over their weapons to Isis, and even their uniforms. Doesn’t this just make you so PROUD to be an American, doesn’t this just make you want to get in your car, and drive for an hour to get to that WALL MART, to get yourself a fresh crisp made in CHINA American flag to bow down too!!!!!!!!!!


 Make no mistake, ISIL, ISIS, is ISLAM, that is precisely why you do not hear one single Islamic leader in the entire world, standing up and denouncing them. That is why every single Islamic country on this planet refuses to join in with the conflict, between the free world, and Islam. Even Iraq, will not completely commit to the conflict, because they would be fighting their brothers. ONE FOURTH OF THE WORLD IS ISLAM – MUSLIM. This is a declaration of war with one forth of the world, a war against a religion. The beginning of war against religion. For along time, I have been writing the warning, for 50 years speaking the warning, and John warned of this 2000 years ago, that at some point in human history, mankind is going to wake up and discover the true nature of religion. Religion does not belong to God. Religion is a tool, used by Satan, to lead mankind away from God. I am not clapping my hands in applause for the decision of the United States to formally declare war with Islam, but what I am saying, is that this is just one more step closer to the United Nations bring to an end, the terror that religion has inflicted upon mankind from righteous Abel, until this very moment. The United States is the enforcement arm of the United Nations. In this Presidential request, the President is asking for authority of Congress to go after ISLAM anywhere in the world, and that will include, American soil. Do you understand the significance of that. If your neighbor, who is a Muslim, steps out of line, the United States Military, can bring the hammers of hell right into your neighborhood. I fear you are not listening, that you are so drunk on beer watching your football game, or planting your cute little flowers, or putting cute little ribbons on your favorite poodle, or trying out new paddles for your latest video game, trying on different clothes so you can pose for a selfie to send to your bestie, that you do not hear the machinations moving against you.


Dan Vergano National Geographic PUBLISHED OCTOBER 15, 2013 War and occupation directly and indirectly claimed the lives of about a half-million Iraqis from 2003 to 2011, according to a groundbreaking survey of 1,960 Iraqi households. The violence peaked in 2006 and 2007, say public health experts who were part of the study. Share Share on emailEmail More » On March 19, 2003, a U.S.-led coalition invaded Iraq, beginning a ground war that culminated in the rapid capture of Baghdad and overthrow of the regime led by Saddam Hussein. A coalition-led occupation of Iraq lasted until 2011, marked by repeated bombings, an al Qaeda-linked insurgency, militia warfare, and other bloodshed in the nation of 32.6 million people. In the new PLOS Medicine journal survey, led by public health expert Amy Hagopian of the University of Washington in Seattle, an international research team polled heads of households and siblings across Iraq. The researchers, including some from the Iraqi Ministry of Health, aimed to update and improve past estimates of the human costs of the war and occupation. “We think it is roughly around half a million people dead. And that is likely a low estimate,” says Hagopian. “People need to know the cost in human lives of the decision to go to war.” The survey responses point to around 405,000 deaths attributable to the war and occupation in Iraq from 2003 to 2011. At least another 56,000 deaths should be added to that total from households forced to flee Iraq, the study authors estimate. More than 60 percent of the excess deaths of men, women, and children reported from 2003 to 2011 were the direct result of shootings, bombings, airstrikes, or other violence, according to the study. The rest came indirectly, from stress-related heart attacks or ruined sanitation and hospitals. “Wars kill people all kinds of ways, not just in shootings. And it exacts a toll on the invaders as well as the invaded,” Hagopian says. Some 4,804 U.S., British, and other coalition armed service members died in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Past estimates of Iraqis killed in the war and occupation have varied widely. U.S. Army war logs released by Wikileaks in 2010 pointed to more than 100,000, while a widely criticized study conducted by Opinion Research Business, a London-based polling agency, estimated Iraq war deaths at 1.2 million people through 2007. “We had all Iraqis knocking on doors to ask the questions of these households,” Hagopian says, explaining a 98 percent response rate reported from the survey. Heads of households were asked about family deaths, and household members were asked about sibling deaths stretching back decades. “This is a really serious and credible piece of work,” says epidemiologist Leslie Roberts of Columbia University in New York, who has led wartime mortality surveys in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, and Iraq. “I think having an accurate record of what happened is extremely important,” he says, pointing to a 2005 comment by then U.S. President George Bush suggesting that only about 30,000 Iraqi civilians had died in the conflict. Roberts agreed with Hagopian that the household survey estimate is likely conservative, because it relied on the imperfect recollections of household members and largely missed the 1.1 million Iraqis living in displaced-person camps or in other countries. Overall, the survey results point to Baghdad as the epicenter of violent deaths during the war. Coalition forces were blamed for 35 percent of the killings, followed by militias at 32 percent. The report showed that warfare was particularly intense in 2007, followed by a sharp drop in 2008. Sadly, the violence continues, notes Salman Rawaf, director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Public Health Education and Training, in a written commentary accompanying the survey. About 5,000 Iraqis have died in bombings and shootings this year, according to estimates by the French press agency, AFP. The return of sectarian violence means “living in Iraq today is no longer about how many have died, but how future deaths should be prevented,” says Rawaf.


Do not buy into the misleading non sense that ISIS is not representing Islam, and that it has high jacked a religion, and that it is an anomaly, a rogue gang, that has nothing to do with Islam. Let me remind you, that for decades Islam has been terrorizing Africa. Muslims in Darfur, Chad, Sudan, and a dozen other states, have been brutalized by Islam, while the world stood by and did nothing. Google the Crusades, and take a closer look at the peaceful religion.


I don’t want to shift your focus off of the topics of learning elementary Bible truths, but I want to take a moment to make a comment, because the effect of what might happen because of this event is eminent, and could effect you in a profound way. The stuff I am writing to you you really need to know, there is not much in the way of entertainment or comedy in the things I am writing, you already get too much of that, no, what I am writing to you, could save your life, you need to read it. And beyond reading it, you need to understand it, and to understand it, you need time to digest it, and the problem is, that right now, in the stream of time, we are bumping up against the end of this system, everything points to it. You are out of time, you do not have a spare minute, that is, if you want to live through what is coming. That is not a dramatic statement, it is a statement of fact, a fact that is staring you in the face if you would only wake up to take a look at it. You do not have the luxury any longer of giving attention to things that do not matter, life and death issues are coming, and you need to know about those issues and what to do about them before they get here, when they get here it is too late. There is a Tsunami headed for shore right now, you better learn how to swim before it gets here, when it hits the shore you are not going to have the chance to learn to swim, you must already know how. The same with these events coming, you need to understand as much as you can about them before they get to your door. You think that I am exaggerating when I say that these problems are coming to you own very front door, I am not, like Jesus said, every single person on this earth is going to be effected, and so are you, even if you hide in the deepest mountain, God knows where you are, because the breath in you that keeps you alive, comes from him, the life force in you, comes from him, he knows where you are, and you and I will not escape his judgements, or his protections. For weeks our government has been flying around the world to garner up support from other nations, to go after Islam. Today, the Secretary of State was in hearings in congress about the progress of fighting Islam. ISIS is Islam, make no mistake. Some are making the claim that it is not, don’t buy it. ISIS or ISIL is centered in Iraq and Syria right now, but for decades, and for more than a thousand years, Muslims, Islam, has been hacking up women and little girls, and beheading people, and cutting off limbs, all over Africa, so do not buy into the media, saying that it is limited to Iraq, history testifies otherwise. If you are in doubt, google “CRUSADES” and read about it. Wolf on CNN just said, “The War on ISIS” that is the censored way of saying “The War On Islam”. Make no mistake, when F-16’s are bombing you, it is not an accidental shooting, it’s Damn war, face up to it, it is war against the religion of Islam. Currently this is dominating the airwaves, of course, just until an athlete, stubs his toe, the immediately all the media will focus on him for weeks. In the year 96 CE the apostle John wrote to all of us, that at sometime in his future, nations of the earth would ban together to end the dominance and oppression of religion. This would happen at the influence of God putting it into the hearts of the the nations to destroy religion. Right this minute, the United States is in talks about the best way to destroy ISIS, Islam. They are not going to say Islam, they are going to continue to say Islamic State, but it seems to me that the word Islam is right in there somewhere. The president of the United States, is holding fast to the position of no soldiers on the ground. Every single military professional knows, that air strikes alone, will soften a target, but someone is going to have to grab that mop handle and clean up the mess left behind. Some one is going to have to get dirty on the ground to finish the job, perhaps not America, but someone has to confront Islam on the ground face to face. This problem with Islam is going to spread out to engulf other religions as well. We do not have a clue as to how this happens, we are all going to have to watch it develop, but I am telling you now, and John told you 2000 years ago, that it is going to happen. Some how, some way, something happens that causes the World, the United Nations, to go after religion, and crush it. The United States, refusing to put soldiers on the ground, could force the United Nations, to step in and do it, and there you would have it, the United Nations, going to war with religion. DO NOT IGNORE THIS


Why am I writing to you on the news feed instead of my time line ?????? Because, ONE FOURTH OF THE WORLD IS INVOLVED IN RELIGIOUS CONFLICT WITH THEIR GOVERNMENT !!!!!!! And you need to know about it. The media is not telling it like it is, they are dancing around the words. Iraq, a religious conflict. Afghanistan, by George Bush’s own words, “We are at war with religious ideology” and it came to our door. Egypt, a religious conflict between the citizens and their government over religious ideology even though they claim the same religious beliefs. Syria, a religious conflict between the people and the Assad government. All of the continent of Africa is embroiled in religious turmoil. Surrounding nations are also involved in this conflict by proxy. This is a very serious issue, more that you can imagine. More than you are thinking about. Egypt, a seemingly peaceful country, erupted overnight. In one brief moment, religious terror was brought to New York, and the fallout from that was much more than just ashes. Multiply the Boston event by 10 different cities hit all at the same time, and watch what happens to your money on the stock market the next day. It does no longer take an invading army to bring this or any other country to its knees, a back pack and a kitchen pot will work just as well as an A bomb.



In Yemen, a Muslim country, these children, young girls, are being offered these bags of rice, if they will stay in school and delay getting married. Notice the full grown women in the back ground, covered from head to toe. This is just one more reason why it is not ok to think however you want. Some thoughts. are so horrible, that in no society is it acceptable. Still to this day, people say that others have the right to think however they want, I completely and totally disagree with that. I have faith that one day, the people who are responsible for thinking, that it is ok to think thoughts and device societies that make a young girl choose between food and marriage, our creator will put to death, and wipe from the face of the earth, along with all of those who think that it is their right to entertain these thoughts. I am usually pretty good with words to express myself, but I continue to struggle, and find it difficult to understand how it is even possible for any human being to justify defending the rights and freedoms of thought, to people who in turn develop those thoughts into actions that terrorize innocent people. Young girls like these are routinely raped by older Muslim men who force them into a choice between starvation and submission. Just because your Imam gives a man a piece of paper, that now says he owns this girl, should not suddenly erase the act he is about to commit against her. It does not automatically convert raping a child, into normal marital sex, and how dare you think otherwise. Without desire, it is rape, and these children are not old enough or developed enough to have developed a desire for what these criminals are about to impose upon them. And when you hold on to the belief that he has the right to think however he wants, I find it difficult to excuse you from his guilt as well. If we tolerate brutality, we must also share in it’s implementation, as well as it’s implication, and it’s implication, is that it is acceptable. If you have adopted the belief that it is his right to think like this, and have these thoughts, why would you ever object to him carrying them out??? To Muslims, this is normal behavior, it is their religious beliefs, and it is just amazing how many people in the world believe right along side of them, that as long as a thought process is cloaked in religious traditions, than it is completely acceptable , by society, their village, and their Allah. How the grown men in these Muslim communities can stand by and watch their pre-pubescent daughters brutalized by their fellow believers, other men in their villages, is inseparable to my way of thinking, to the very same thing that the Jews did, when they placed their children in the arms of the stone god Molech and Baal, and set their own children on fire. The Catholic Church as well for 2,000 years has been brutalizing and killing children in the name and service to their gods, even burying them within the walls of their churches. Aborted fetuses from nuns. Justification for these thoughts and the defense that these sorts of people have the right to think however they want, will never find acceptance with God or with decent men. In the new system of things, that our creator is preparing for us, a scripture tells us that before we even speak he is answering us. While our speech is yet just a thought, he is bringing our thought to action. Likewise, in that world, before a persons thoughts can be converted into actions, if they are thoughts that are wrong, God will also deal with them before we can act on them. In that time, our thoughts will mater to God. Likewise today, this system of things is about to be destroyed, and men who rape young girls as a function of their religious belief systems are going to be destroyed by God, soon. It is our thoughts, how we think, what we think, what we believe, that will determine whether or not we are saved by God, to be members of that kingdom he promised and be taught by him. Some people are so far gone in the way they think, that God cannot help them, and they will be destroyed. Men and religions, that rape young girls and mutilate them, will be destroyed soon, along with all of those who think that they have the rights to their beliefs, if you support their actions, you are just as guilty of doing them as they are, and there is no room for that in the kingdom that Jesus taught us to pray for. Those types of thinking, thoughts, and actions belong to the world that is passing away, and that type of thinking will not be allowed in Gods Kingdom. In that Kingdom, God responds to our thoughts, and if our thoughts are wrong, and we do not dismiss them, he will act before we can act, because in his new system of things, no harm will come to any one or any thing, no human, no animal, no physical thing even, will be harmed. Every atom in this universe belongs to God, and he promises to bring to ruin all of those who are causing ruin in his possessions. Wrong thoughts will come up, but we are to dismiss them. We are free moral agents, God did not create robots, but he created us with a built in moral compass to guide us, we instinctively know right from wrong, and we have all of the genetics to validate it when it pops up, if it feels wrong, generally it is wrong. There is this rush, this head to toe warming that we get that is unmistakable, to let us know ahead of time that the course we are on is wrong. We will all hone this genetic predisposition to doing right, instead of wrong, in that new system of things, until a wrong thought almost never happens in humanity ever again.



I thought this was already a done deal, but it looks like we got tricked again. This is just what the world needs, Islam, with Nukes. Tehran (AFP) – Iran’s top decision-maker Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Monday nuclear talks with world powers would “lead nowhere” but that he did not oppose them. Iran is due to resume talks on Tuesday in Vienna with the P5+1 group — Britain, France, the United States, Russia and China plus Germany — aimed at reaching a comprehensive accord on its controversial nuclear program. After a decade of failure and rising tensions, US President Barack Obama has put the chances of an agreement at “50-50”, while Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has predicted “difficult” discussions. “I repeat it again that I am not optimistic about the negotiations and they will lead nowhere, but I am not against them,” Khamenei said in remarks published on his website Under a landmark interim deal clinched in November, Iran agreed to freeze some nuclear activities for six months in exchange for modest sanctions relief and a Western promise not to impose new restrictions on its hard-hit economy. Western powers and Israel have long suspected Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons capability alongside its civilian programme, charges denied by Tehran. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday Iran is the only beneficiary of the talks, and accused Tehran of “continuing its aggressive behaviour.” Under the “comprehensive” deal now being sought, which the parties aim to conclude and begin implementing by November, the powers will want Iran to scale back its activities permanently. These might include closing the underground Fordo facility, slashing the number of centrifuges used to enrich uranium, reducing its stockpile of fissile material and altering a new reactor being built at Arak, diplomats say. “The work that has been started by the foreign ministry will continue and Iran will not violate its commitment, but I repeat it again, it will lead to nowhere,” Khamenei said. Iran “will never succumb to the bullying and blackmailing of America,” Khamenei said. “The nuclear issue is an excuse for America (to continue) its animosity. Now, the American spokesmen are bringing up the issues of human rights and missiles.” “Ayatollah Khamenei wanted to emphasise that Iran will continue the negotiations based on the logic of a win-win situation,” Amir Mohebian, an analyst close to Iran’s conservative camp, told AFP. “It can be stopped if this logic is not respected, and the Americans will be held accountable for it.” “Khamenei is genuinely sceptical of the talks, and is very distrustful of the US,” he told AFP. “These issues are not relevant topics for these negotiations. We insist on discussing the issues which were agreed upon in the last round of talks,” Zarif, also lead negotiator, told state news agency IRNA “The supreme leader sets the major policies, the president sets the necessary framework for executing them and we at the foreign ministry are responsible for implementing these policies,” he said. Hardline Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, meanwhile, told French daily Le Figaro in an interview: “We must find a deal, and it is possible,” but also insisted on Tehran’s right to enrich uranium. We should of known that France would be on the side of The Islamic Republic of Iran.



I post these clips of Islamic violence often, because I want to show that it is endemic in the faith, that it is not isolated incidents, that it happens in many parts of the world, often on the same day. It is not a man doing this, as in the case of Assad, but rather it is a religious belief, an Ideology. I post to try and explain, that not everything that humans can come up with to think about and do is ok, some thoughts that come up into the human conscience, and heart, must be dismissed. It is not ok to think just anything you want to, you do not have that right, no one does. There are things, that are clearly wrong, that come up into the human psyche, and we need to erase them before they can imprint, and become actions, not all thoughts are good, some are actually evil, and you do not have the right to dwell on evil thoughts, no matter what level you may have elevated yourself too, evil is not worth owning, and working it out pays only wages of death.



CAIRO (AP) — A deadly suicide bombing that hit a bus of South Korean Christians visiting Biblical sites in Egypt and Israel has raised fears that Islamic militants battling security forces in the Sinai Peninsula are turning to target foreign tourists, a potential new blow to a struggling industry vital to Egypt’s economy. Though it has proven resilient to past attacks, Egypt’s slumping tourism is already suffering from three years of political turmoil that has scared away visitors. After hopes of a rebound, last year saw the fewest visitors yet since the 2011 uprising that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak. The new attack could be even more damaging because it threatens a region that has kept Egypt’s tourism alive even during the downturn — the beach resorts of the Red Sea in the Sinai Peninsula. Those resorts on Sinai’s eastern and southern coasts, a favorite of divers and Europeans escaping the winter, had seemed a world away from the political unrest in the Nile Valley, and even from the wave of Islamic militant violence on Sinai’s northern Mediterranean coast. Militants have waged a campaign of bombings and shootings targeting the military and police forces since the army ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi last summer. Their nascent insurgency began in northern Sinai, but has struck with increasing frequency in the capital Cairo and other cities.



United Nations (United States) (AFP) – The European Union and France pledged to sharply increase troop deployments to the Central African Republic on Friday as concern mounted over a horrific spiral of violence across the country. Ashton’s disclosure came after former colonial power France said it was sending an additional 400 soldiers to the country, boosting its troop presence under its own flag to 2,000. Hollande said France would work to “stop the massacres, prevent war crimes and restore public security.” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Friday issued a rallying cry to the Security Council, warning that unchecked atrocities and sectarian cleansing could lead to decades of conflict. “The dark clouds of mass atrocities and sectarian cleansing loom over the Central African Republic,” Ban warned. – Children mutilated, beheaded – UNICEF said even children were not safe from the country’s mounting violence, with 133 killed in the past two months, some of them maimed and beheaded. The CAR has been descending into chaos since a coup by the Seleka rebel coalition a year ago installed the first Muslim president in the majority Christian nation. He has since stepped down. Killings and pillaging by former Seleka rebels led to the formation of mostly Christian “anti-balaka” militias, whose attacks have fuelled an exodus of Muslims over the past several weeks. International troops in the CAR have so far failed to halt the violence which, according to Amnesty International, has grown into an “ethnic cleansing” campaign. The UN refugee agency has described the situation in the resource-rich but poor country as “a humanitarian catastrophe of unspeakable proportions”. And UNICEF said its officials in the region “are horrified by the cruelty and impunity with which children are being killed and mutilated” and are “increasingly targeted because of their religion, or because of their community.” “There is no future for a country where adults can viciously target innocent children with impunity,” said Manuel Fontaine, UNICEF regional director for west and central Africa. The self-proclaimed leader of the militias, Richard Bejouane, warned Thursday that declaring war on the groups “amounts to declaring war on the Central African population”.



Bulgarian police detain 120 after mosque attack 39 minutes ago SOFIA (Reuters) – Bulgarian police detained more than 120 people on Friday after hundreds of nationalists and soccer fans attacked a mosque in the country’s second city Plovdiv, smashing its windows with stones. Over 2,000 people had gathered outside a Plovdiv court as it heard an appeal case dealing with the return of an ancient mosque in the central city of Karlovo, taken over by the state more than 100 years ago, to Bulgaria’s Chief Mufti, the Muslim religious authority. The rally then marched through the city and some protesters, chanting racist slogans, approached a Plovdiv mosque cordoned off by police, police said in a statement. “Firecrackers, torches and stones were thrown at the mosque. One policeman was injured. Some 120 people were detained,” it said. Sofia prosecutors said they had charged eight people with hooliganism, crimes against religion and xenophobia. TV footage of national BNT television showed several protesters who appeared to have suffered head injuries in clashes with police. The Chief Mufti condemned the attack on the mosque and said the attempt to pressure the court put democracy at risk in the European Union country. Muslims make up about 13 percent of Bulgaria’s 7.3 million people. The Chief Mufti has launched some 26 court cases to try to restore Muslim ownership of 29 mosques and other property across the Balkan state, prompting some public opposition in the predominantly Orthodox Christian population. (Reporting by Tsvetelia Tsolova; editing by Andrew Roche)



THE HAGUE (Reuters) – Kenya’s most senior government lawyer rejected claims on Thursday it was obstructing the International Criminal Court’s investigation into crimes against humanity allegedly committed by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. Prosecutors say Kenya’s government has hindered access to bank and telephone records which they consider essential to secure a conviction on charges that Kenyatta orchestrated violence that swept Kenya after elections in 2007. Kenyatta, who is head both of state and government, denies the charges. “Prosecutors cannot parade in the garments of the court, invoking powers they do not have,” Muigai told the court. Last week, prosecutors told the court access to Kenyatta’s bank records were their last best hope of successfully prosecuting the politician in the face of “pure obstructionism” by the Kenyan government. They said bank records would allow them to see if he had indirectly paid large sums of money to those who carried out the violence, in which 1,200 people died and thousands were driven from their homes. In court filings, they have spoken of a “climate of fear” that has deterred witnesses from testifying against Kenyatta, the son of Kenya’s founding father. His trial has been postponed four times as prosecutors sought to shore up their case. Speaking for the prosecution, lawyer Ben Gumpert said Kenya’s interpretation of the law appeared to have been made up on the spur of the moment. “This request was made 22 months ago,” he said. “The Kenyan government kept saying: ‘Yes, yes, we’re getting round to it,’ until recently … Because the argument advanced today hadn’t yet occurred to them.” While lobbying hard in diplomatic forums against the charges, Kenyatta has obeyed all summons to attend the court and followed other instructions made by it. While Western powers led the push to establish the court and are keen to support it, they are also anxious to maintain relations with Kenya, seen as a key ally in the battle against militant Islamism in neighboring Somalia. (Reporting by Thomas Escritt; Editing by Catherine Evans)



By Suadad al-Salhy BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Six suicide bombers burst into an Iraqi ministry building, took hostages and killed at least 24 people including themselves on Thursday before security forces regained control, security officials said. The brazen attack on the building belonging to the Ministry of Transportation in northeast Baghdad coincided with a month-long standoff between the Iraqi army and anti-government fighters in the western province of Anbar. No group claimed responsibility but suicide bombings in Iraq are the trademark of al-Qaeda linked groups. State buildings are a target for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and its allies that have been regaining momentum in a campaign to destabilize the Shi’ite Muslim-led government. A senior security source said the six militants took a number of hostages, most of them members of the Facilities Protection Service, and killed nine of them inside the building, which was used to receive visiting delegations. Four bombers detonated their explosives vests during the assault, a fifth was shot dead by security forces and the last died shortly after being shot, according to security officials.



Iraq says kills 57 Islamist militants in Sunni province February 3, 2014 7:16 AM BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi troops and allied tribesmen killed 57 Islamist militants in Anbar province on Monday, the Defence Ministry said, in advance of a possible assault on the Sunni rebel-held city of Falluja. Related Stories Seven car bombs across Baghdad kill at least 13 Reuters Baghdad bombs and shooting kill at least 19 Reuters Iraqi army bombards Falluja in preparation for ground assault Reuters Four bombs hit central Baghdad, killing 23 Reuters Suicide bombers storm Iraq ministry building, 24 killed Reuters There was no independent verification of the toll among the militants, said to be members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a jihadi group also fighting in Syria. ISIL militants and other Sunni groups angered by the Shi’ite-led government overran Falluja and parts of the nearby city of Ramadi in the western province of Anbar on January 1. The Defence Ministry statement said most of the 57 militants had been killed in the outskirts of Ramadi, giving few details. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has held back from an all-out assault on Falluja to give time for a negotiated way out of the standoff, but mediation efforts appear to have failed. Troops intensified shelling of Falluja late on Sunday and security officials said a ground assault would follow soon. Maliki has appealed for international support and weapons to fight al Qaeda, although critics say his own policies towards Iraq’s once-dominant Sunni community are at least partly to blame for reviving an insurgency that had climaxed in 2006-07. Last year was the bloodiest since 2008, according to the United Nations, and the violence monitoring group Iraq Body Count has said more than 1,000 people were killed in January. Four car bombs targeting Shi’ite areas killed at least 14 people on Monday, police said. Two of the bombs blew up in the town of Mahmudiya, about 30 km (20 miles) south of Baghdad, killing eight people. Two more blasts occurred in the capital. Separately, police said they found four bodies, one of them a woman’s, shot in the head or chest in southwestern Baghdad. Two soldiers were killed in clashes with gunmen in Baquba, a city 65 km (40 miles) northeast of Baghdad, a military source said. No group has claimed responsibility for Monday’s attacks but Shi’ites are often targeted by Sunni militants who have been regaining strength, especially in Anbar, which borders Syria. Al Qaeda said on Monday it had no links with ISIL, a group whose precursors fought U.S. troops in Iraq and which is now playing a powerful but divisive role in Syria’s civil war, as well as driving the insurgency in Iraq. (Reporting by Kareem Raheem; Writing by Suadad al-Salhy; Editing by Isabel Coles and Alistair Lyon)



BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Sunni Islamist insurgents took over parts of a town in northern Iraq on Thursday, local officials said, gaining further ground against the Shi’ite-led government in Baghdad, which has also lost control of another city. The mayor of Sulaiman Pek said the militants belonged to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a Sunni group that was involved in the takeover of the city of Falluja last month and is also active in neighboring Syria. “We are still inside the government building in the town center surrounded by the gunmen. They are attacking us with rocket-propelled grenades and machineguns,” mayor Talib Mohammed said. “They are from the Islamic State of Iraq: we know them from the black flags they are flying… We demand the government intervene to help us”. Sunni Islamist insurgents including ISIL have been regaining ground in Iraq over the past year, but the takeover of Falluja on January 1 marks the first time they have openly held territory in years. Sulaiman Pek, located 160 km (100 miles) north of Baghdad, has a population of around 25,000 people, of which the majority is Sunni Arab, with smaller Turkoman and Kurdish communities. “We woke up this morning to mosques loudspeakers announcing that the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant is controlling the town and demanding residents to leave their houses,” local official Ahmed Aziz said. “Most of the families are leaving the city fearing …a bloody battle”. (Reporting by Ahmed Rasheed and Ghazwan Hassan in Tikrit; Writing by Isabel Coles; Editing by John Stonestreet)



Kinshasa (AFP) – More than 70 men and women have been summarily executed in the restive eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the UN mission in the country (MONUSCO) said Thursday. Related Stories Congo armed groups wielding machetes reportedly execute 70: U.N. Reuters UN warns of humanitarian ‘catastrophe’ in DR Congo’s Katanga AFP Death toll from Congo arms depot blast rises to over 20 Reuters DR Congo president declares amnesty for former M23 rebels AFP Rwanda lashes out at ‘cry baby’ DR Congo AFP “The reports received by MONUSCO suggest that the summary executions were allegedly committed mainly by armed groups to spread terror among the population. The majority of the victims were killed with machete,” MONUSCO said in a statement. The killings happened in late January and early February, a MONUSCO spokesman told AFP. They took place in the Nyamaboko villages I and II in the resource-rich northeastern North Kivu province where armed groups regularly attack civilians over ethnic or commercial disputes.



Bangui (Central African Republic) (AFP) – The head of the UN’s refugee agency said he had witnessed “a humanitarian catastrophe of unspeakable proportions” during his visit to the Central African Republic. “Massive ethno-religious cleansing is continuing. Shocking barbarity, brutality and inhumanity have characterised this violence,” Antonio Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said in a statement. He also said the country’s new government is incapable of effectively protecting its citizens. His statement clashed awkwardly with a speech on Wednesday by the CAR’s new transitional president, Catherine Samba Panza, who vowed war against a mostly Christian anti-balaka (“anti-machete”) militia whose recent attacks have led to a mass exodus of Muslims. “We are going to go to war against the anti-balaka,” she told a crowd in the town of Mbaiki, south of the capital Bangui. “They think that because I’m a woman, I’m weak. But now the anti-balaka who want to kill, will themselves be hunted,” she said. The anti-balaka emerged last year after a mostly Muslim rebel group seized control of the country. They have gone on the rampage in Bangui and elsewhere, largely targeting Muslims, since the rebels were ousted from power last month. During her speech, Samba Panza was joined on stage by French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. France has grown increasingly strident in its calls for action against the anti-balaka, fearing that the violence could lead to partition of the country. But the UN refugee agency said much will be needed to stem the attacks, and spoke of “dramatic underfunding” of relief operations. “The international community must come together for a significant and immediate increase of the forces and police on the ground,” said Guterres. “Our resources are overwhelmed and ability to do more hampered. The Central African Republic is falling through the cracks of international attention. This cannot be allowed to happen.” Even a huge airlift launched on Wednesday by the UN’s World Food Programme is unlikely to make a dent in the humanitarian crisis. The first cargo aircraft, loaded with 80 tonnes of rice, landed in Bangui in the early afternoon. There will 24 daily supply drops to the city. “This is a rather exceptional operation, our biggest emergency air operation in a long time, bigger than for Syria and the Philippines,” WFP spokesman Alexis Masciarelli told AFP. But he admitted the operation “would not completely solve the problem” in CAR, where 1.3 million people — more than a quarter of the country’s population — is in need of food assistance. The WFP says a total of 1,800 tonnes of rice will be flown in from Douala in Cameroon, enough for just 150,000 people. Aid is most desperately needed in camps where more than 800,000 have sought refuge from the sectarian violence that has erupted in the country. Locals say they are now confronted with a new menace of food scarcity and soaring prices with the flight of Muslim shopkeepers. “Now the hard part begins,” said Herve Songo, a teacher in the capital Bangui. “Now that all the Muslim shops have been looted, ransacked and destroyed, prices have increased substantially.” That is if there is anything left to buy. -‘Ethnic cleansing’- The humanitarian situation in the CAR has deteriorated since a coup in March 2013 led by the mostly Muslim Seleka rebels plunged the country into chaos. Seleka leader Michel Djotodia was pressured into giving up the presidency on January 10 by the international community, triggering a wave of retaliatory attacks against Muslims. In a report this week, Amnesty International said the violence had led to a “a Muslim exodus of historic proportions”. “Anti-balaka militias are carrying out violent attacks in an effort to ethnically cleanse Muslims in the Central African Republic,” said Joanne Mariner, senior crisis response adviser at Amnesty International. In her speech in Mangui on Wednesday, Samba Panza rejected the “ethnic cleansing” label. “I don’t think there is any religious or ethnic cleansing. This is a security problem,” she said. An African Union-led MISCA mission has so far failed to curb the violence or the exodus of civilians, mainly to neighbouring Chad and Cameroon. MISCA has around 5,400 troops in the country, while France has deployed 1,600 soldiers under Operation Sangaris. “International peacekeeping troops have failed to stop the violence,” said senior adviser Donatella Rovera. “They have acquiesced to violence in some cases by allowing abusive anti-balaka militias to fill the power vacuum created by the Seleka’s departure.” The most lethal attack documented by Amnesty took place on January 18 in Bossemptele, where at least 100 Muslims were killed. Women and old men were among the dead, including an imam in his mid-70s.



Here are some more thoughts I have on the comment a loved one sent me “ adults need something to celebrate” Jesus pointed out to us that if there was one word that could sum up all of God’s qualities it would be love. Everything God does, he does out of love. Even his judicial actions are done out of love, even if that means that his actions leave standing only those who love him. If someone was harming your child and you stepped in and had to use physical force to protect your child, it wasn’t that you set out to hurt the other person, but protecting your loved ones, is natural and normal. Soon, out of love, for the people who love him, God is going to step in, and protect them, and save them from harm. For thousands of years he has given mankind the opportunity to come underneath his protection. The time is reduced now, to moment to moment. At any moment now, conditions on earth could instantly shift, and bring forth the events he promised would happen 2,000 years ago, in what the Bible called, the last days, the conclusion of the system of things established by Satan at the garden of Eden. Soon, religion is going to do something that becomes so awful, that even national governments like our own, that readily and with a blind eye tolerate genocide from dictators, cannot put up with it, and go after the religious systems of earth, all of them, and successfully destroy them. That might seem impossible to even think of, but it is God who puts it into their hearts to carry out, and he will make sure that they do. Religion is responsible for all of the blood that has been shed on earth the Bible tells us. When religion no longer is able to terrorize mankind, that will be a moment for our eternal celebration. That will certainly give all of us reasons to celebrate from that moment on. The advancement of mankind in every conceivable area of life and living has been hindered, halted, prevented, restricted, destroyed, legislated against, and outright outlawed, from the beginning of civilization, by the religious systems. It is only when they are gone that man will begin to be free. Most governments are controlled by religion. The Islamic Republic of Iran for instance, Shinto in Japan, Catholicism of Italy, Africa is controlled by Islam, the United States is controlled by Protestantism, as is England, Ireland is controlled by both Catholics and Protestants, the Middle East is Jewish and Muslim. India is controlled by Hinduism. You get the point. When these governments are released from the domination of religion, there is going to be a recoil of forces rebounding in not only the organizational structure of the governments, but in the release of the oppressive dominance religion has enforced upon the population of all nations. As well, there will be the revolt of the destruction of the various faiths, by the populations, which may take a defensive posture against the governments, for attacking their religion. This could lead to all out chaos, when earths population as a whole, revolt in one accord, against all governments at the same time. Just allow your mind to imagine for a moment, a time coming, in which all of the people, are in conflict with all of the governments, all at the same time. It is not difficult to imagine, that when the United Nations, completes its assault upon the Vatican, allot of faithful Catholics are not going to be pleased. The Bible confirms that this will happen and that Catholicism will end, with the same prediction for Islam, and for all other religions, lumping them all together in the title of Babylon the Great. You may think that all of this is impossible, but remember that Revelation’s 17:17 says, For God put it into their hearts to carry out his thought, yes, to carry out their one thought by giving their kingdom to the wild beast, until the words of God will have been accomplished. 18 And the woman whom you saw means the great city that has a kingdom over the kings of the earth.” It is because God, will put it into their hearts, the nations of earth, to destroy this spiritually adulterous woman, the Bible refers to as Babylon the Great. The wild beast is the United Nations, so the kingdoms of earth, hand over their kingship, their authority, to the United Nations to act on their behalf. As we pointed out earlier, Religion has dominance, or a kingdom over the kings of the earth, like in, “ The Islamic Republic of Iran “ To be continued under the title of, More Thoughts for Reasons to Celebrate.



The attack came on the same day that at least 26 people were killed when suspected Boko Haram gunmen fired on worshippers during a service at a Roman Catholic church in neighbouring Adamawa state. Remember back when I made a comment that all it was going to take is for the Muslims to attack a Catholic Church, well here it is.



Kawuri (Nigeria) (AFP) – More than 2,000 people were forced from their homes after a market attack in northeast Nigeria blamed on Boko Haram militants that killed at least 52, a relief agency said Thursday. The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in the region said 4,000 people were “affected” by Sunday’s attack in Kawuri village, Borno state, without giving further detail. NEMA spokesman Abdulkadir Ibrahim said that in addition “over 2,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) are camped in” a college and primary school in Konduga district. “Security arrangements are being made to convey relief materials like food, beddings and basic needs to cushion the effects of the displacement of the IDPs,” he added in a statement. The attack, at about 5:00 pm (1600 GMT), saw heavily armed gunmen disguised as traders storm the village, which is 37 kilometres (23 miles) from the state capital, Maiduguri. Witnesses said the gunmen arrived in four-wheel-drive vehicles and opened fire with machine guns before setting off homemade bombs that destroyed houses and other property. View gallery A man stands near a burnt house after an attack, on January 28, 2014 in Kawuri (AFP Photo/Ladi Tunji … Borno state police told AFP on Tuesday that 52 people had died, although local officials and the leader of the civilian vigilante group in the area said they had buried 85. The attack came on the same day that at least 26 people were killed when suspected Boko Haram gunmen fired on worshippers during a service at a Roman Catholic church in neighbouring Adamawa state. Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states were placed under emergency rule in May last year to try to end the insurgency, which has claimed thousands of lives since 2009. Attacks have continued, most of them in rural areas of Borno, which borders Cameroon and Chad to the northeast and east, and Niger to the north. The United Nations said last Friday that 4,000 people had fled northeast Nigeria to Cameroon and 1,500 to Niger since mid-January, both as a result of the insurgency and the military response to it. More than 12,400 Nigerians are currently in Cameroon; 8,000 have fled to Niger with 30,000 Niger nationals who had been living in Nigeria.



Bangui (Central African Republic) (AFP) – A mob lynched a Muslim on Friday after he fell off a crowded lorry driving thousands of frightened civilians out of the strife-torn capital of the Central African Republic. A large convoy of lorries and taxis packed with Muslims fleeing Christian vigilantes headed north from Bangui under a slew of insults from angry residents, locals said. The mob set on the victim after he fell off one of the lorries and hacked to pieces his body, which still lay by the side of the road by late morning, an AFP photographer saw. Armed Christian “anti-balaka” fighters tried to attack a second vehicle in the convoy, but they dispersed when troops from an African peacekeeping force, MISCA, fired warning shots. Muslim Central Africans and foreigners have been fleeing Bangui for several months to escape killings, looting and harassment by armed militias drawn from the Christian majority in the city, in defiance of calls for peace by religious leaders. The lynching comes just two days after uniformed Central African troops attacked a Muslim right after a military ceremony in Bangui, stabbing and stoning him to death. View gallery A patrol of the African Union-led MISCA mission stand guard by the body of a Muslim man who was repo … UN envoy to the CAR Boubacar Gaye condemned the climate of impunity that allowed “a man to be attacked in broad daylight and his body desecrated.” Defence Minister Thomas-Theophile Timangoa told the country’s transitional parliament Thursday that a probe had begun into the lynching and that human rights experts had been asked to help. ‘Left to fend for themselves’ Thousands of Muslims have been fleeing Bangui in fear for their lives as they face vengeance attacks from Christian militia in a spiralling cycle of religious violence. The violence was sparked after the Seleka rebel group installed Michel Djotodia as the country’s first Muslim president in a coup in March 2013. View gallery Chadian nationals and peoples from other Muslim countries fleeing inter-religious violence wait at B … The following months saw rogue Seleka fighters unleash a wave of atrocities against Christians, prompting the emergence of “anti-balaka” (anti-machete) militia who began launching revenge attacks. In Geneva, UN refugee agency spokeswoman Fatoumata Lejeune-Kaba said Friday that 8,762 people, have crossed into eastern Cameroon in the past 10 days alone, mainly Muslims “who say they feared for their safety”. While many Muslims try to flee Bangui, others seek safety near the capital, abandoning towns and villages in the provinces where they come under attack. Up to 4,000 Muslims have taken refuge at the Bangui airport, near the bases of French and African troops, and hope to leave the country in the next few weeks. French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who is due in Bangui on February 12, said in an interview Thursday that an extension of the current UN mandate for France’s 1,600-strong contingent was “likely”. New interim president Catherine Samba Panza — who took over in January after Djotodia was forced to resign — has asked the UN for a full-fledged peacekeeping operation. She said the French and some 5,000 African “forces do not have enough men to reestablish and assure the security of the people”. Samba Panza’s government faces a massive task in restoring peace, with the territory outside the capital largely lawless and in the hands of warlords. Atrocities, the fear of attack and a lack of food have displaced almost a quarter of the country’s population of about 4.6 million, while the UN and relief agencies estimate that at least two million people need humanitarian assistance. “Civilians remain in constant fear for their lives, and have been largely left to fend for themselves,” the emergency coordinator for Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Martine Flokstra, said Friday. “In the northwest and in Bangui, we are currently witnessing a direct retaliation against the Muslim minority,” she added in a statement. “We are concerned about the fate of these communities trapped in their villages, surrounded by anti-balaka groups and also about the fact that many Muslim families are being forced into exile to survive.”



Bangui (Central African Republic) (AFP) – In the tense capital of the Central African Republic, a French peacekeeper fires his assault rifle into the air to disperse an angry mob of Christians who have set upon a young Muslim man with machetes and rocks. Related Stories At least 10 dead in Bangui ahead of new leader’s inauguration AFP Seven dead in tit-for-tat killings in Central African Republic Reuters At least 15 dead in Central African Republic clashes: Red Cross Reuters Eight candidates vie to lead strife-torn C. Africa AFP Clashes in Central African Republic as new leader sworn in Reuters But the soldier’s efforts come too late. A minute later the man lies dead, finished off with a blow to the head with a rock. The man was just the latest victim of an explosion of inter-religious violence that has plunged the impoverished Central African Republic (CAR) into chaos, killing more than 1,000 last month in the capital alone. He had jumped from the window of a police station in Bangui — where he had been taken into protective custody — and run, semi-naked, down the street as a police officer tried to stop him. He died in the volatile northern PK-12 district of Bangui, where Christians have moved in to steal property from the homes of fleeing Muslims. PK-12 is where the roads to neighbouring Chad and Cameroon intersect. A stone’s throw away, hundreds of terrified Muslims wait for the Chadian army to escort them on the long and dangerous journey through the bush towards Chad. View gallery A Christian shopkeeper speaks with two French soldiers of the Sangaris Operation on January 24, 2014 … “It was a case of sudden death,” said the police officer of the young man, a former fighter with the mainly Muslim Seleka force whose March 2013 coup plunged the country into chaos. “I told him, ‘don’t go over the crossroads, they will kill you’. But his brother had called him in the morning and asked him to join him on the other side. “He didn’t listen, he jumped out of the window, and they killed him straight away.” “They” are not only the Christian militias known as the “anti-Balaka”, set up to avenge attacks by former Seleka fighters, but also ordinary Christians who have gone on the rampage against the few Muslims who have not fled Bangui. Far from being machete-wielding seasoned militias, many are simply local residents who help themselves to what is left behind whenever a Muslim neighbour flees. View gallery French troops of the Sangaris Operation speak to a member of the Anti-Balaka Christian militia who h … However Muslims are not the only ones at risk. Christian Serge Gbade has fallen victim to the looters — despite living barely 100 metres from a French military checkpoint. “Yes, I’m a Christian, the anti-balakas accused me of selling to Muslims,” says Gbade breathlessly after running barefoot to the French soldiers for help. “They said, ‘it’s Friday, the Muslim day’”, he said rejecting the accusations against him. Gbade’s arms are scratched and bleeding — he says he only escaped the looters by breaking through the straw roof of his house and jumping. “They wanted to kill me. They took all my cattle, 417 oxen, 28 pigs, 30 goats, some chickens,” he tells a French soldier, who watches the looting through his binoculars. One looter leaps up onto a roof just 10 metres from the French checkpoint and starts cutting the electric cables. Then three young people go past pushing a corpse in a wheelbarrow — a looter killed by another robber. In Bangui — where carrying a weapon is common and law and order have broken down — “you no longer know who’s shooting at who,” said Bernard, a local. Further along, residents strip bare two businesses that had been squatted by Seleka, removing even their roofs. Rwandan peacekeepers race down the potholed street after hearing that a woman has just been shot dead as she returned home from the market. The locals say they slept very badly. J “There’s always gunfire,” says Norbert. “As soon as they get up in the morning, people listen out for it before they venture outside.” Just a little note to remind, that the religious systems of our earth will continue to escalate their violence against each other, this is only the beginning, somehow, someway, someday, we do not know when, but, they do something that the nations can no longer tolerate, and the political systems begin to fight back against the religious systems. Watch for it.


I am offering up quotes from current events, of just this past Sunday, where 600,000 people have had their homes destroyed, and they ran for their lives in Africa, at the hands of Muslims. Really, Really, I cannot wait for the day, and it is coming in which the religious systems in this country are at each others throat, and lets see then, if you still believe that every one has the right to believe in God however the chose, and practice their religion however it pleases them.  Explain that please to that little girl who just got her arm hacked off by the Muslim extremest, or had her genitals slashed off by the local Imam, ” OH honey don’t worry, that nice man was just exercising his faith in god” . It is not ok for anyone to believe whatever they choose about God.


Rwanda’s Tutsi-dominated regime had long accused Kinshasa of failing to eradicate — and sometimes of colluding with — the FDLR, which includes remnants of Hutu militia who carried out the 1994 genocide. Around 800,000 people, mainly from the Tutsi minority, were massacred in the space of 100 days. The FDLR was formed in 2000 and although its avowed aim is to overthrow the Rwandan government, in recent years its estimated 1,500 to 2,000 fighters have preyed mainly on Congolese civilians. The MONUSCO had late last month set up a base in Pinga, in the Masisi area, after FDLR forces and fighters from another group called the Mai Mai Sheka abandoned the position. “From there, we’ll spread across the region” to go after other groups, Dos Santos Cruz said, referring to ADF-Nalu, a Ugandan Muslim rebel group. There are dozens of armed groups, homegrown and foreign, operating in the eastern DRC, which includes some of Africa’s most impenetrable regions.


Kinshasa (AFP) – The bodies of at least 21 people, including women and children, were found after an attack in eastern DR Congo, the UN peacekeeping mission there said Monday. Girls were believed to have been raped and decapitated while a child was also dismembered in a wave of attacks in North Kivu last week, MONUSCO said in a statement. A local civil society organisation blamed the rampage on the Muslim Ugandan rebel group ADF-Nalu, one of the oldest but least known armed organisations based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “The victims, including women and children — the youngest of which is thought to have been only a few months old — were hacked to death on December 13 and 14,” the statement said. “Three girls under 18 are reported to gave been raped by the attackers and then beheaded. The mutilated and dismembered body of a child is said to have been found in a tree, in the village of Musuku.” The attacks took place in several villages near Beni, a town which lies about 150 miles (250 kilometres) north of the provincial capital Goma, MONUSCO said. The UN peacekeeping force, one of the world’s largest, has been tracking down armed groups in the region in recent months but did not provide details on who the attackers might be. However, the North Kivu Civil Society umbrella organisation swiftly issued a statement charging that “the carnage was perpetrated by ADF-Nalu’s Ugandan rebels”.



This time it is different, and you will not be able to verify this comment because it has not happened yet. But it is going to. This time in human history, the conflict between governments and religion at some point become global. We already know that the Arab countries have had their difficulties between the governing bodies and the clerics, and all of Africa for decades have been engulfed in horrible atrocities toward its people, while the world has stood by and done nothing. An army of celebrities have went there to draw the worlds attention to the plight of the people while the rest of the world continued, and continues to draw a blind eye. Unspeakable atrocities committed against women in the form of sexual mutilation and gang rape in the name of religion, at the hands of religious leaders. Can you not begin to see that what you believe is important, that it is not ok to entertain certain thoughts, that some things that enter a persons mind must be dismissed and not acted upon. Egypt is just as guilty of mutilating women as any other Islamic country.



The next three prophecies to be fulfilled are these in chronological order; 1. Mankind finally realizes that most of their problems are generated by the false religious systems. Mankind finally puts 2 and 2 together and realizes that all the blood that has ever been shed on earth, starting with Cain and Abel, to this moment, are because of and at the hands of false religion. If I get time, i will write about this more, but proving the falsehood of a religious system is out of context at the moment, but this bears mention, so that you do not posture against that statement and close your mind to the possibility that a false religion even exist. 25 % of the earth is Muslim, All of Africa and most Arab. Egypt is Muslim as well. Sit around your table with your family to have your normal diner, just like you always do, then close your eyes and imagine the sounds of soldiers at your front door, you and your husband powerless to fight them as they kick it in, not bothering to knock. You have a couple of young daughters, or even teens, and they already know about them. They are there at the behest of the local Imam and his helpers to subdue you while they carry out their horrible atrocity right in front of your entire family. The soldiers grab your daughters and strip them naked right before you, then without a drop of anesthesia or blood clotting aid, they take a twelve inch knife and slice off your daughters genitals right in front of your face while the soldiers hold you down so that you see the whole thing, both of them, and leave them bleeding to death in your arms. Often the wife is raped at the same time. You may think what you want of this entry, but this is what is happening in Africa and in Egypt right now, female circumcision has been going on by force for decades, while the world stands by and watches. This is not circumcision of the clitoral hood to achieve greater pleasure, this is the complete removal of the clitoris and the vulva. The God that made those body parts to provide pleasure for the woman, would never authorize a man to hack them off. If you think that these people serve god in a way that god would approve, than prove to me by allowing them to babysit your daughters. No, Religion does not get any more false than this. They have some teachers that assure them that if they strap bombs to themselves and go into a crowded market place and blow up a bunch of Innocent men women and children that God will reward them with a special place in heaven where he sponsor for them an orgy where they have as many as seventy virgins that they must deflower. Really, Really, do you buy into that, is that how you think as well. Or are you one of those that still believe that they have the right to believe what they want to believe and so does everyone else for that matter, they are just exercising their right to worship God how they want and it is their right. To those of you who believe that why don’t you whisper that in the ear of your daughter while they are slicing off her most sensitive parts, ” Don’t worry dear, they are just here to serve God.” And while your wife is being raped by about twenty men, you could convince yourself that this was all in Gods plan. This happens daily by this religion, in those countries, and how anyone could possible argue in their defense leaves me with the thought, that those who think that this is ok, and stand by and watch and do nothing and accept it, deserve nothing less than the punishment reserved for those who inflict such horrible things. During the Crusades it was just as bad, mass rapes and murders of people, they marched through countries and you had a choice, you could be a catholic or die, but even if you agreed to be a catholic, they still got what they came for, rape, murder, and loot, all in the name of worshiping god. All wars, all of them are about religion.



So at some point mankind gets tired of religious oppression and begins to revolt against it. Throughout the eons mankind has revolted against a particular religion by going to war with it, for instance the crusades when the Catholics and Muslims went at it, this was a religious war. Saddam Hussein’s problems within his own country were one form of Islam against another form of Islam, well you know this story by now. This time though, this time in mans history, things are different. This time it is the people, the citizens of the Islamic nations rising up against their Islamic governments. Some call it Arab Spring, but by any title, it is the common people of the nation revolting against religious oppression at the hands of their religious government. In Egypt the Islamic government became so oppressive that the citizens could no longer enjoy a glass of wine at restaurants, and this lead to the turmoil we know about already. It happened in Libya as well. In Syria it is also a struggle between one form of Islam on the governments side and a different form of Islam on the peoples side. Tens of millions of people are displaced in northern Africa. The same Islamic struggle in Central Africa continues, it is just that the people are so poor that they have nothing to defend themselves with. The government took away their machetes, and proceeded to hack the to pieces with them. You may have heard of the Rwanda tragedies, but in every nation of Africa, this religious fervor has taken millions of lives in only a couple of decades. President Clinton said recently that his biggest regret while in office was not doing something about Rwanda. In all of Africa, I can clearly remember the problems of Malawi in the mid sixties the civil war there, but still with all that we know about how religion is brutalizing all of the people of Africa, the world is paralyzed and frozen in place, and impotent to help them, it seems like the worse the atrocities get, we just order more pizza and beer, and sit back and watch. You know that the sad thing is that with all of the money we spend on protection, all it would take is for one of those ships off shore to send a few fire crackers, just by pushing a button on the computer, they do not even have to get out of the chair. If the guy is talking on his cell phone, NSA knows exactly where he is and can send a missile right down his pants. So what about Darfur and Chad while we are at it, and that Robert Mugabe guy who has slaughtered about 300,000 of his people, couldn’t we slip up and help those people out while we are at it. So while they can claim to belong to a peaceful religion all they want, the entire history of Islam is one of death destruction, mutilations, rapes, murders by the millions, from its very beginning until this very moment. How anyone can convince themselves that a person has the right to believe whatever they want to believe needs to have coffee in Damascus with their 10 year old daughter, and wake up.



When a person gazes over the landscape of the worlds governments and religious systems, from the beginning of human life on earth, to our modern day, is it even possible, that anyone could walk away from it all and say to themselves, my goodness, what a just and loving God we all have, who has provided all of these splendid living conditions for us all ???? Gee Whizzzzzz I hope this paradise never ends !!!! How much better could it get here in Iraq, watching my little child get its head sliced off, what a glorious day, praise Allah and his prophet Mohammed, well gosh it was only last week that the imam, the local priest, came into my home, and had his men hold my wife and my daughter down, while they cut off their genitals, my daughter was only 6, I guess it was getting late for her, she might start to enjoy pleasure at any moment, and we all know how much god hates that, God must love us all so much, to provide all of these blessings. I know that my children have not eaten a thing in weeks, but you know, God has his own ways, and it is just not for us to question him. We were in a traffic accident today, and I just feel so blessed because God took all of the members of my family with him today to heaven, one limb at a time, he did however leave behind my mothers head, laying on the side of the road, I guess he will come back for it latter. He loves us so much, praise god, and god bless this great nation. The greatest nation on earth today, who must have the most love and respect and the biggest share of his blessings, sprayed down my little girl with napalm and set her on fire, it was so cute the way she was running down the street on fire, and the United States thought it was such a wonderful example she set for the other children that they put her picture all over the media, on the front covers of magazines and on tv everywhere, so if you are having trouble getting your children publicity, just call up your local Army recruiter and he can set you and your children up, with a napalm party, they have had hundreds of clients in Viet Nam, who swear by their services, perhaps they are even on Angies list by now. If you and your family are having trouble keeping warm this winter, our loving god has blessed all of us in his most tender compassion, praise be to Allah and his only prophet Mohammed, our brother in faithful service to Mohammed and his god Allah, Hitler, has so graciously collected resources from his people, and built warming centers in several cities. And you know what else our loving god has blessed us with, the warming ovens are clothing optional, praise be to Allah, the one and only place on earth that the women can shed their burkas, praise Allah. All ages are welcome, because our god has no prejudice when it comes to age, although it is common knowledge that he does not allow race mixing, that has to be his biggest commandment, because when you look at the earths geo- political, ethnic, and religious, segregation’s, it is obvious, that our loving god does not approve of mixing of the species in regards to belief and cultural differences, praise be to Allah and his prophet Mohammed, for this loving provision of not having to put up with our neighbors. It really hurts my heart when I look at the vast wasteland of forest, covering this earth with all of those green weeds and plants completely growing out of control, when that land could be used for something so much more productive. Like an acre of land, can hold a thousand cattle, I mean it is a no brainer, that translates into a hell of allot of cheese burgers, praise Allah and Mohammed for this enlightenment. The most efficient way to dispose of those trees and weeds is to burn them up with fire, one more way that Allah and Mohammed have given us to keep warm and toasty, praise be to Allah and his prophet Mohammed. It was discovered along time ago that man did not need his heart when he was on his way to meet Allah, neither did Virgins. Allah and Mohammed needed allot, allot, allot, of virgins in heaven to keep the faithful servants of Allah sexually satisfied. With the gift of 70 virgins for each servant, that meant allot of virgins had to go to meet Allah and his prophet Mohammed, praise be to Allah. So our loving god Allah brought all of his faithful servants together, to build pyramid monuments in peru and Mexico to help all of those virgins on their journey to meet Allah and attend the orgies held in their honor, which is one of the best uses of honor killing, to aid, in the righteous act, of giving up your virginity to someone who has helped many many otherwise deprived individuals, meet up with their god Allah. The United States of America, has done all that they could, to provide the servants of Allah and his only prophet Mohammed, praise be to both of them, with an endless quantity and variety of instruments, to aid in sending their brothers to meet their god Allah and his only prophet Mohammed, praise be to Allah. Some of the soldiers of America, actually volunteered to go with the brothers of Mohammed on their journey to meet Allay, praise be to Allah and his prophet Mohammed. They of course did not know at the time of their recruitment that they were actually going to be meeting up with Allah, but what a blessing for them, and as a reminder of their praise to Mohammed and Allah, the United States, government gives a triangular shaped folded flag to the families of the soldiers, who went to live with Allah, without having the time to say goodbye, when Allah calls you, you have to go suddenly, praise be to Allah for all of his right on time departures of his invited guest. But too bad for the American soldiers, because the discrimination in the house of Allah is very strict, no 70 virgins, for the Americans. It was a very loving and thoughtful thing for our god to do for all of us when he made a special cemetery for our relatives that went to live with him, from Cambodia, when he put 3,000,000 of them in one field, so we would all not have to travel all over the place to visit their dust, what a thoughtful compassionate and loving blessing that was for all of them, praise be to Allah and his prophet Mohammed. Yes, I am sure that you all can see when you look at the history of the influence of religion upon man, and the governments created by religion to rule over man, that something is not all together right, when you hear someone say. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. Really, Really, Really, just what kind of special are you, when all around you you see what your god bless America, love it or leave it, is doing to this world, what all governments do to this world, what all religions do to this world because it is religion that controls the governments. How dare any of you, defend the actions of any religion or government on this earth, how dare you.



Smoke rises after a bomb blast at the market district in Jos, Nigeria on May 20, 2014

The Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram’s abduction of over 200 girls from a school in the country’s remote northeast has become a target of global outcry. But Boko Haram has been up to far more than the kidnappings.

Over the past few days, the jihadist group pulled off one of the biggest bombing attacks in its history, in the middle of one Nigeria’s largest cities, and massacred farmers in the country’s periphery. And these attacks came just a couple of weeks after the group killed over 300 people in a single, five-hour rampage.

Today, Boko Haram killed dozens of farmers working in their fields in northeastern Nigeria. The organization was likely behind Tuesday’s simultaneous bomb attacks in the city of Jos that killed at least 118 people, and was responsible for the massacre of over 300 villagers in early May.

Overall, Boko Haram has killed over 2,000 people this year, compared to 3,000 between 2010 and 2013.

One analyst told CNN that the bombings in Jos were part of Boko Haram’s attempt at spreading the Nigerian security services’ attention as thinly as possible, while demonstrating the organization’s ability to strike outside of its base in the country’s northeast.

Boko Haram is pulling off sophisticated and increasingly-deadly attacks over a broad geographic area, even as the kidnapping saga has drawn the attention of Nigeria’s neighbors and the United States military. Jos and the site of the today’s attacks are over 350 miles away from each other, highlighting the group’s increasingly national-level capabilities.

Boko Haram seems determined to expand its area of operations beyond Nigeria’s remote northeast. And t he frequency and even simulteneity of their attacks is another sign that the group can deliver on this grim ambition. Last week, for instance, Boko Haram killed as many as 300 people over the course of a single, five-hour attack in the village of Gamboru Ngala, in what might have partly been an attempt to distract authorities searching for the abducted girls.

It’s the increasing breadth of the group’s apparent capabilities, and their determination to strike beyond Nigeria’s northeastern border region, that will make Boko Haram an alarming regional threat however the abduction crisis ends.

Boko Haram wasn’t always viewed as such a wide-reaching problem. It wasn’t designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. until November of 2013, partly because the Nigerian government believed that such a move would make it more difficult to negotiate with the group, and because some U.S. policymakers didn’t consider it a direct enough threat to U.S. national security.