This blog is about how the past and current events of this world are shaping up, to usher in, the Kingdom Christ taught us to pray for. To Jesus, the Kingdom was a real government, and this blog will show you how it can be real for you as well. Here I point out things that are going on in the world, that give reason to believe and hope, that God’s Kingdom is established in the heavens, and ready to begin ruling towards the earth. There is no entertainment here, this is a place of intellectual learning, where the accumulation of this knowledge can save your life in the coming days ahead. My mother used to work those 1000 piece jig saw puzzles. She would start with the borders, and work her way to the center, one piece at a time. Each piece had a different shape, and a specific place that it fit, forcing a piece into another might look initially like it goes there and it fits, but in the final assembly it is learned, that it did not go there. When all of the pieces started to fall into place the picture began to emerge, and you could begin to see the image come through. Likewise with all intellectual learning, it is accomplished one piece at a time, each piece adding it’s own structure to the composite. Each of these postings will give you a piece of the puzzle, and each day, as you ponder what you have learned, life all around you will begin to come into focus, until you reach the point, where you can also help me focus mine. As the scriptures say, one man sharpens the face of another, as steel sharpens steel, I am counting on you. It might seem overwhelming at first, these are things you have never thought of in this way, this is a new way of thinking for you. But notice this, that every single post is logical, it is reasonable, it makes sense, and all the pieces fit, but what it more, is that deep inside of yourself, as a part of your genetic makeup, you already know this stuff, it is just that this world, under the ruler ship of Satan, has overlaid these reasoning’s with all of the misleading trappings he can conjure up, to keep you confused and mislead. Within the context of these writings we will set these things straight, and once again you will see things for what they really are. None of us know the details of how and when the system of things as we know them right now that Satan has created will come to an end, we only know that it will end, because God promised it, and unlike Satan, God always keeps his promises. Jesus said that the condition of man would continue to advance toward the bad, until unless God stepped in to halt the destruction of the earth and everything on it, that no one would be able to survive it. If you will just take a moment to ponder this statement by Christ, you can deduce right now, that that is exactly where things are headed at a rapid pace. The ice caps will be gone, along with that all of the life they support, oil will be used up, and in the search for more oil, mankind will continue to pollute and destroy his environment. Already fracking is destroying our drinking water, soon, there will not be a drop of water to drink on this planet if Exxon has it’s way. Already the EPA and the United Nations own all of the water. But this blog will give you reassuring hope and confidence that God is going to bring the destruction of this earth and the life on it to an end himself, and you can live through that coming destruction, if you will stand with God, and let go of the kingdoms of man, established and ruled over by Satan. This blog will give you reasons why you should stand on God’s side. So welcome here, stay to the end, come here everyday and read a little, then digest it and come back tomorrow for more. Print this out, put it into a binder, share it with friends, pass it around, the more people that know and understand this stuff the better. There are 1080 pages here and I will be adding more as time goes on, read them all, you need all of this to get a complete picture. Let me know what you think.



Remember I gave you the analogy before, to take all of the information I was giving you, and view each piece of information as a piece of a jig saw puzzle, and as each piece is placed in position you would begin to see the big picture.


The things that I write are not meant to be read as a book or novel, you are not going to get out of them what I put into them reading them as a news paper. They are design to impart knowledge and educate, not entertain. You should read the slowly and deliberately with focused attention. If you don’t have time, print them out and read them later. Come back to them when you have time.


I know that I have said this a million times before, and I must keep saying it though. The things that I write, and the videos I post to you, are not meant to scare you, to depress you, to make you worry, or inject anxiety into your lives, just the opposite. These things that I post, the writing, the videos, the pictures are to give you a guarantee, assurance, that the promise that Christ gave all of us is coming true. He said that when these clusters of bad things happen coupled with the preaching about his Kingdom to the entire world all at the same time, Matthew 24: 3-14, was happening, he was near at our door, his kingdom is at hand. Underneath his Kingdom, you will never get sick, you will never have to die, you will get back your dead loved ones, everyone will have their own homes, their own land, they will grow their own food on their own property. The animals will be at peace with each other and with man. War will never happen again, neither will religion or money, ever be allowed again in this entire universe. There will be one ruler, the King that gave his life for you, what human ever did that. There will be no borders to cross, no check points to go through. No one will hurt anyone. So look at the videos, and the pictures and the writing, through the lens of hope and promise, because that is the true spirit they are being posted in. Do not take offense at any of it, be objective to the new things you are learning, then when you have learned enough, you can teach others. There is nothing that I know, that someone else hasn’t taught me, and there is nothing that I know that you too, cannot learn. Don’t think that I am the only one in the world that understands the things I write about. I am sure that no one else in the world uses the strong contemptuous language that I do, but the meat, and the facts of the matter, in a much more polite tone, can be given you word for word by other qualified people. So watch this video, like all of the videos I send you, I myself watch them all the way through, to make sure they will benefit you and that they are not so corrupt, that you cannot see through the things that are said that are obviously wrong. You need this information to help you understand and get through what is coming



UNIMAGINABLY WONDERFUL THINGS ARE COMING UPON THE EARTH If you think that you have seen the beauty that this earth has to offer, you haven’t seen anything yet. Soon mankind will begin his original assignment given to him when he was created. “Be fruitful, become many, ( I bet most of you can’t wait to get started on that assignment from God ), fill the earth, and subdue it.” Cod tells us, “My word that goes out, will not return to me without results.” The original instructions God gave to Adam will be fulfilled, and you can be there to do your share, wouldn’t that be a wonderful feeling, to know that you are participating in fulfilling the work assignment that God gave to Adam !!! As sure as the sun comes up each morning, this is going to happen. God’s plan was that Adam and Eve would have children, and they all would then extend that original paradise home for all generations to come, to cover the entire earth, subduing the earth, transforming it, getting it under control. When Jesus was stuck up on that torture stake, he promised his stake mate, when he said to Jesus, “Remember me when you get into your Kingdom.”, Jesus then said to him, “Truly I tell you today, you will be with me in paradise.” Jesus never told one single lie. Notice that Jesus DID NOT say to this person, “Truly I tell you today, you will be a king and a priest in Heaven with me !!!! “. Remember the words of Christ, those who were assigned positions in heaven, were to serve as Kings and Priest over the earth. If earth was to be destroyed, there would be nothing for them to reign over. If all life on earth was transformed into heaven or a fiery hell that tortures man forever, there would be nothing left on earth to reign over. So you see, if we only will listen to the words of our creator, the bible makes perfect sense, and is so easy to understand, it is logical, it is reasonable, it is rational. If you think that you are going to go to heaven, well, the only person standing in your way is God, take it up with Him. But for the rest of mankind he provided this beautiful physical universe for man to inhabit. God has a spiritual organization, and he has a physical organization, of which you have found yourself in, stop trying to argue with God about where he put you, just be thankful that you are alive, and work hard to show him that you appreciate him and all that he has done for you. Look up at the stars in the sky, this physical universe goes on forever, and he has a plan for all of it, be there, to become included in God’s plans, become his friend, not his enemy. The way to become Gods friend is to first stop participating in the lies that are told about Him. Start with the lies that you already know are lies, then as you learn about other lies told about God, stop believing and practicing them. Take up for your beliefs, those things that you have learned to be true about God. Notice the key word, learned, to learn, you must be taught, so, submit yourself to being taught about God. You do not accomplish that on your own, if all that was needed to come to an accurate knowledge about God was the individual person, the Great Teacher never would of been sent. Jesus then gave this command to his disciples, at Matthew 28 : 18,19, “Go therefore to ALL the nations, baptizing them, TEACHING them all of the things I have commanded you.” So we are to be taught by his disciples. The followers of Christ taught others about his Kingdom in those days to the first century Christians. Notice the words of Christ pointed out that there were requirements of people to be a part of God’s Kingdom. The churches of Christendom teach that all a person has to do is believe in Jesus, but Jesus gave his disciples commands, and these commands had to be followed. Entrance into God’s kingdom was not unrestricted, even the demons and Satan believe in God. Obedience to God’s laws is required to be a member of his earthly family, even Jesus had to learn obedience as Hebrews 5:8 tells us, ” Even though he was a Son, Jesus learned obedience from the things he suffered.” If you want to live underneath the rulership of God’s Kingdom, you also must learn to be obedient to God’s requirements, just like Jesus did. You are not above Jesus, are you ? I didn’t think so. Jesus spoke much about his Father, and he spoke much about how his Father was going to destroy the wicked people off of the face of the earth, to make way, for the establishment of the righteous people, and they would live forever upon this magnificent planet.



The earth and man is in a real mess right now, and we will talk about that. But for the moment lets think about what this earth is going to become. For all of the death, destruction and violence earth and man has experienced, this is going to be how things end up, except much , much, better. Those who have died already, will be brought back to life and be given an opportunity to live underneath God’s Kingdom rule, if they behave themselves, they never have to die again. Things are going to get really bad, worse than anything that man has ever experienced upon this earth at anytime in the history of man, but these pictures show, what the outcome is going to be, so take heart, take sides with God, and watch how he works things out, to usher in his Kingdom rule. And that is the reasons for all of my postings and YouTube videos, is to show you that things are shaping up for the conclusion of mans governments over man, in preparation and getting ready for Gods Kingdom to finally put an end to all of the suffering that war and religion have caused. These postings are to give you evidence that the prophecies of Christ and the Apostles are happening right now in our day, they are all coming true just like we were told they would. Do not put your trust in man, look at what man and religion has done to all of us, trust in God, watch now with open eyes as he brings this system of things to it’s knees, and to it’s final conclusion. He promised that man would throw his gold and silver into the streets because it would have no value. This means that money is coming to it’s end, the currency system of monetary exchange is going to be destroyed, even gold and silver will have no usefulness as an exchange for goods or services, that is how bad things are going to get. The United Nations will be successful in destroying the power and influence and domination over man and governments caused by religion. God holds religion responsible for all of the wars and bloodshed of man from Able to our day, it is fitting therefore that God would use man to destroy religion. This way it can be said, that man finally woke up and came to the realization, of the destructiveness that false beliefs inflict. This will mean that the nations of the earth as a collective body, including the United States, give up their power to the United Nations to accomplish this. So when you see this happening, do not be afraid, but rather rejoice, because that means that God’s Kingdom is knocking on the door, open it, and invite it in. Before God’s Kingdom can begin ruling over man, the Nations who are at war with man, and the religions who lead man to war, must be destroyed, because they will have no place in God’s Kingdom, remember he said that he does not share his glory with anyone, He is a God exacting exclusive devotion. So when you see the United Nations go to battle against religion, be happy, because your deliverance from the oppression caused by religion and her false ideologies is about to end, know and trust, that God said that this was going to happen and place your faith and trust in Him, that everything else that he said was going to happen will. Now take a look at these pictures, IMAGINE yourself there, because the truth of the mater is that God promised, that if you were obedient to him, you can be there forever, life without end in abundance, for yourself, and all of those you love.  Look up at the stars, there is room in this physical universe for everyone.


There are those in the world who truly believe that they have the right to believe whatever they want to about God, ISIS is one of them, so are Catholics. This was never the case with God. The scriptures are filled with examples of how people went against the clearly spoken wishes of God, and paid for it with their lives. Simple things, easy to understand by any child. Do not touch the tree of knowledge of Good and Bad. Get on the Ark, it is going to rain. Do not touch the Ark of the Covenant. Do not offer up incense if you are not the High Priest. Do not go into the Most Holy. Let the Israelite go, and do not follow them.  Some Bible translations render the comment about money as, ” Money is the root of all evil”. Do you really think for one second, that God is going to be involved with the distribution of something he calls the root of all evil ??? NO HE IS NOT. This is a lie about God, and it is not a very smart thing to do. If you have some sort of belief about God, you should make sure that your beliefs, are in agreement with the words he inspired to be  written down for you. Money is one of the worst things that religion ever created. Everything to do with money comes from a very evil place, it does not come from God, and God has nothing to do with money, money is just one more tool in the tool box of Satan and his Churches to lead mankind away from God. Money is a false belief system, and like all false belief systems, they cause immeasurable harm, of which God cannot be accused. Make sure, that the things that you believe are true, stop believing, practicing, and spreading lies about God, I, for one, have no appreciation for it.


The good news of God’s kingdom is also a warning to all of those upon the earth, that the destructive forces of man, are going to come to an end, at the hand of God. In the midst of the 24th chapter of Matthew Jesus says this at Matthew 24: 25, ” Look!!! I have forewarned you!!” Heed the warning, ignore it at your own peril, say you are not interested if you must, but make sure of your decision, because there might not be time for you to change your mind.


It might be nice to believe, that somehow, someway, someday mankind is going to turn around and do the right thing by each other. That there is going to be an awakening, a mass conversion, that man will wake up and see the light and the error of their ways. But for the last 6000 years, that has never happened. Even when mankind saw with their own eyes the Cherubs guarding the Garden of Eden for 1,600 years until the flood of Noah, and the nation of Israel being guarded by the tornado of fire in the night and the cloud of Jehovah in the day, when they saw with their own eyes the ten plagues of Egypt, the Nile turned to blood, the death of the first born, both human and animal, the parting of the Red Sea, and walking on the bed of that Sea on dry land, with the visible presence of God in front of them, mankind still to this very day, turns their back, their eyes, and their ears away from God. For the last 100 years, since 1914, the world has been in a constant state of war, there is just nothing that man is willing to do to stop slaughtering each other in the most horrible of ways. All wars, every single one of them, have false religious beliefs to blame, it is religion that drives men to war. It does not take a rocket scientist to foresee, that when the earths population continues to double every 20 years, and when we continue to pollute our drinking water through Fracking, and deplete our resources, turning them into fodder for the land fills, when we cover the surface of our earth with concrete and steel, when we burn the lubricating fluid of our earth’s crust and tectonic plates, that by 2050, man will have destroyed himself completely. So there is not a chance in hell that man is going to stop destroying man. He is going to have to be stopped by force. It will take a God to stop man from killing man. And that is exactly what God is going to do, he is going to step in and stop man from killing man, and remember, it is religion that is at the core of all of the problems of man, the founder of which, is the enemy of God, Satan. Religion must be destroyed first, and it will be, before the destruction of ungodly men, Jehovah will make sure that religion is destroyed. Afterwards, the political systems of man. Man is not going to go down without a fight, he is not going to give up his religion and his money without a confrontation. The Bible reassures us of the outcome of that confrontation, and we can read about it at Jeremiah 25: 33 “‘And those slain by Jehovah in that day will be from one end of the earth clear to the other end of the earth. They will not be mourned, nor will they be gathered up or buried. They will become like manure on the surface of the ground.” A reminder to all of us who survive of what just happened, and to never let it happen again. Let’s read also what is found at 2 Thessalonians 1: 6-9, 6 “This takes into account that it is righteous on God’s part to repay tribulation to those who make tribulation for YOU, 7 but, to you who suffer tribulation, relief along with us at the revelation of the Lord Jesus from heaven with his powerful angels 8, as he brings vengeance upon those who do not know God and those who do not obey the good news about our Lord Jesus. 9 These very ones will undergo the judicial punishment of everlasting destruction from before the Lord at the time he comes to be glorified in connection with his holy ones.” Notice again there that obedience to the good news is a requirement. There are some who will survive the coming tribulation, lets take a look at Zephaniah 2:2,3,  2 “Before [the] statute gives birth to [anything], [before the] day has passed by just like chaff, before there comes upon you people the burning anger of Jehovah, before there comes upon you the day of Jehovah’s anger, 3 seek Jehovah, all you meek ones of the earth, who have practiced His own judicial decision. Seek righteousness, seek meekness Probably you may be concealed in the day of Jehovah’s anger.” You can be concealed in the day of Jehovah’s anger.


AN EXPLANATION OF WHY AND WHAT I WRITE AND POST I write because I care, I want you to live, and what is coming upon the earth is life threatening. You cannot fight against what is coming, bullets are not going to be able to stop this, and it is too late for diplomacy. All forces of police and military will be engaged in the changes that are coming upon the earth, and it would be suicide to go up against them, it is going to take all that you can do just to survive, but you can survive, and that is why I write. The most wonderful things that are beyond imagination are going to come out, of the most horrible things that are coming. To allow room for all of the good things that are going to happen, we first must get rid of all of the bad things that are happening, and are yet to happen. When these bad things start to happen Jesus said for us to lift ourselves erect, because we are about to be delivered out of the bondage of the world that Satan has imprisoned us all in. Our deliverance is getting near, but how can we be sure of that ?? That is another reason that I write the things I write and post the things I post. The number 1 reason that we can tell that the end is getting near for Satan’s world, is because around the world the warning about the approach of God’s Kingdom is being sounded. The scriptural things that I write are meant to encourage you, to align yourself with the kingdom of God, and take your stand with him. After 6,000 years of Satan’s rulership you should of had enough of him by now, why not give God a try. I always quote you the scriptures where the hope in me comes from, so that it can become the hope in you too. The none scriptural comments, and the videos are there to give you evidence and proof that the current system of things is headed in the exact direction that Jesus said it would, while the Good News about his Kingdom was being preached to the entire world, leading up to a time of tribulation, like the world has never experienced before. These videos reinforce that the world is headed head long into a time of great trouble and difficulty, so bad in fact that Jesus said that if it wasn’t stopped, no one could survive it. I of course do not endorse or agree with all of the content of the videos or quotes, like any movie that we watch, but there is something in all of them that will help you to understand the path that the world is on, and how it is shaping up to come to it’s inevitable conclusion. Being overtly honest and forthright in the tone of my writing is certainly a short coming of mine and needs allot of work to say the least, but let me explain. All you get from the rest of the world and media, is the sense that everything is fine, things are just great, things couldn’t be better. The truth of the matter is that we are on the brink of complete chaos and breakdown. and America is still sitting on their sofas, drinking beer and watching the ball games. It’s not the time for that, our houses are on fire, and we are mowing the lawn, so sometimes I yell, “Get out of the house”. It might not be politically correct, but sometimes candid expressions to the point can be more stirring than “go back to sleep baby, things are ok” Things are not ok. America has had it good for the last years, but that is going to change, and we need to get ready for it. The people that are bringing about the calamities upon our earth also own the media, newspapers, magazines, radio and television, and they desperately want the internet. So what I and others say, are not going to be found in the media. Eventually, they will get control of the internet, and our phones, so we have only these moments to acquire the knowledge that we need to understand how to draw closer to God, so that he knows we are on his side.


 We all have personal ambitions. I know I have a million of them. The Righteous Brothers have a lyric that says, ” There’s allot of things I want, allot of things that I’d like to be”. But throughout history, mankind has had to set aside their hopes and dreams, aspirations and ambitions, because times and events demanded it. We are in one of those periods right now, we just entered it. Five or ten years ago, things were different, but as we speak, we have entered into an entirely different period of time. America built the best economic system the world had ever seen. It was so successful that the entire world patterned it’s self after it. In just 100 years the entire world advanced more than the previous 6,000 years in total. Then like spoiled brat children, the Congressman and the Senators of the United States of America, sold this entire nation, to foreign bankers, and they admit it. Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that this is the first time in human history that an entire nation has been sold to a banking system. I will never understand how millions of people, who were formerly free, can bow down and worship those who have sold them into slavery. The Congressman and the Senators, who have children and grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, mothers, and fathers, sold their very own children, mothers and fathers, into a life of indentured servitude, if not death itself. In the history of man, never has a body of elected officials, sold the entire population they were supposed to govern, to a foreign entity, to become slaves. Someone please explain to me, how an obscenely wealthy American parent, could ever sell their children and their grandchildren to become prisoners and slaves to rich bankers, and then explain to me, how the slaves could then pledge their undying loyalty to such a man. The government of the United States of America, sold this entire country to a group of foreign bankers, and the people of this country into slavery. And the slaves in turn put their hands over their hearts, and pledge their loyalty and allegiance to the very nation that sold them into slavery, this is the epitome of blind ignorance and stupidity. And there is nothing that I nor anyone else can do to help them. No matter how many miracles that Jesus performed, there were some people that just would not believe what they saw with their own eyes, instead, they chose to kill him. No matter what Noah did, there were people, including his own relatives, that just would not get on the Ark. The American parks have been handed over as Heritage, check it out. Yosemite, Yellowstone, the grand Canyon, Brice, Zion, no longer belong to America, look into it. Monsanto has taken over the farming industry, and claim ownership of our food. They are doing everything in their power to get control of all of the seeds. That is the reason why, so many of your local city councils are making it illegal for you to grow a garden in your own back yard, because then you have seeds. You are thinking that your local city council and your local city Mayor are your nice friendly next door neighbors, but they are wolves in sheep clothing and are in bed with your worst nightmare. 75% of all crops grown in this country are from the seeds of Monsanto. In Canada it is even more. Monsanto has a Motto that they are so proud of that they put it into print, “No food shall be grown, that we don’t own.” In addition to the problem of seeds, Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide has destroyed most of the soil in this country, and almost all of the soil in Canada and they are now in Africa, they already have wiped out Australia. Why does this matter? Our food comes from the soil, as the food grows, it wicks up the pesticide, and then you eat it. The pesticide kills all of the bacteria in the soil. The bacteria in the soil is what breaks down the minerals so that the plants can absorb the minerals in the soil, no bacteria, no minerals in the soil, no minerals in the soil, you die. You cannot live without bacteria. Gut bacteria in the human body is vital to our lives. When we eat the food from Monsanto, the pesticide called roundup, gets into our gut, and kills our gut bacteria. Almost all of the food that you buy that comes in a can, contains roundup, complements of Monsanto, eat up folks. The EPA now controls all water in America, including rain water. It is illegal for you to control water in any way, and that includes rain falling on your roof. California has not built one single reservoir in 40 years, while allowing rain water to run off into the ocean and claim a drought. It is deliberate. Monsanto and the EPA work hand in hand, Monsanto wants to drive out all of the farmers in the central valley, the part of California that produces 50% of the food in America, Monsanto wants that business. No water, the farmers go out of business, Monsanto steps in and scoops up the land for pennies. All across this country, the same thing is being played out, from California to New York, Monsanto is in Mexico as well. And it might surprise you as well, that this is a United States Military operation.


 We all were built with a degree of drive and motivation. God gave us what we need to go out into the world, and conquer it, indeed he commissioned us to do just that. In addition to our responsibility of subduing the earth, we also have within us all, personal ambitions, things we want to do of a personal nature. Things I would like to accomplish could keep me busy for ten thousand years and then by then I would of thought of an even longer list. I am sure the same is true of you. Look up at the universe, there is allot of work to do out there, we will never be bored, don’t ever worry, that living forever, you are going to run out of things to do, that will never happen, you were built to accomplish things. I want you to take a second to consider the life of Christ on earth. We have not talked yet about Jesus, who he was, who he is, but I hope to get to that soon. But you already know that he was sent here from heaven to do a specific task, exchange a perfect life, to compensate for a perfect life lost, in accord with the principals set by his Father. This edict was established at Genesis 3:15. Immediately following the wicked act of Satan, and the disobedience of Adam. A side note here, you also must obey Jehovah, when he tells you not to do something, don’t do it, when he tells you to do something, make sure that you do it. “this means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God” TAKE IN THAT KNOWLEDGE, it means your life. Yes I know, you are alive right now, and you are not learning a thing about God, and you are not even interested. Adam also continued to live to the age of 930 years, and then what happened, he died and returned to the dust, he did not go to heaven, and neither will you. If you refuse to learn about God, someday, it might be 930 years from now, but someday, you will die. No one on this earth, is going to go on living, without learning about the person who made them, my suggestion to you is, get started right now, you do not have a minute to loose, like Jesus said to Satan, “it is written you must not put your Lord, God, to the test.” DO NOT PUT GOD TO THE TEST, as to the day he destroys you. He has told you that he expects you to take in knowledge in order to live, if I were you, I would get on it right now. Jehovah never ask more than we can do, in the case of Adam, it was simply do not eat from that tree, you have the entire planet earth to eat from, just not that tree. To this very day, obedience to Jehovah is still, just that simple, all he ask, is that we learn about him, then tell others. Like Jesus said, “come with me, and I will make you fishers of men. Maybe you feel like you do not have any time to give to God, the person who gives you your entire life, and all that is in it, start with just 10 minutes a week, can you do that, can you give God ten minutes a week out of your busy schedule.  Put aside your personal ambitions for 10 minutes a week, to learn how you can live forever. I bet that you could actually find 10 minutes a day. Taking in knowledge about God, is a requirement for life, and every moment that you ignore God, is one more moment you are turning your back on him, and when you have your back toward God, you are not going to see the day his kingdom arrives, you are only going to feel it. Adam might not be brought back to life, because he deliberately disobeyed God, if you, like Adam, deliberately disobey God, willfully, up to the day of his arrival, you will be putting God to the test, and Jesus warned against that course of action, if you are going to exert any effort at all, make sure that the effort that you exert is in the direction of the instructions from God. It takes just as much effort to face God, as it does to turn your back on him. There is a resurrection coming, it has not happened yet, we already went through that, your dead relatives are still dead, they are not alive somewhere watching over you while Satan continues to torture you, God would not do that to you, or to them or to anyone, that is a lie taught by the Churches, and you should be mad as hell at your preacher for standing on that pulpit, or at a grave site, telling lies like that about God. The resurrection happens underneath the rulership of God’s Kingdom, what sort of intellect are you that you cannot see with your own eyes that God’s kingdom is not ruling over the earth right now, take a good look at what Islam is doing to the world, is that the Kingdom that Jesus described. You should be mad as hell at the Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches for all of these years misleading people away from God. When a person is destroyed by God, there is a chance that they stay destroyed, he is perfect in his judgements, he does not make a mistake. He is holding back his destructive forces right now to give you a chance to learn about him, do not squander these precious moments on television and video games. There will be no resurrection, for those destroyed by God. God does not kill people and then give them life in heaven, that is a lie taught by every religion on earth, all of which belong to Satan. God is not confused as to who he is, or the truth about himself and his actions, man is the one who is confused, and Satan is the one who is confusing man, the Churches are the schools of Satan, you only have to examine their teaching to prove that for yourselves. There is no Santa Clause, no Easter Bunny, no tooth Fairy, and that cross around your neck and on your church, has nothing to do with God. Look it up. Jesus did not die on a cross, that is just one more lie taught by the enemies of God. That cross around your neck, is representative of Tammuz an enemy of God, and when you use the cross, wear it, go into buildings where it is displayed, you are aligning yourself with the enemy of God. Put aside your personal ambitions for a few moments a day and start to learn the truth about God. If you can do that, and gain the reward of everlasting life if you do, remember what Jesus said, if you will learn about God, take in knowledge about him, your reward will be everlasting life, why on earth would you not do that. With everlasting life, you cannot even imagine where your ambitions will lead you, and what you will be able to accomplish. Remember what Jesus said, with only the faith of a mustard seed, you could tell that mountain to move over and it would obey you, the time will come, if you are obedient to God, when that will be true literally. Jesus stopped the wind and calmed the seas, look at the power that was given to the Apostles of healing and resurrecting the dead, just like Jesus did. You have no idea what God has in store for you, but you are going to have to be there to find out, and that first begins with learning about him, get started today.


 It cannot be challenged, that today we are living in a much different time than we were even 5 years ago. Whether it is the internet or something else that is allowing the events of the world to speed up, we cannot denie, that what happens on one side of the earth effects us on the other side of the earth instantaneously. That is why we are going to see the collapse of the dollar and the attack on religion, happen at a blinding pace. The scriptures describe the destruction of religion as happening in one hour, of course that is a figurative figure, but it does denote a very fast moving event. When Wall Street collapses, and it is going too, it will happen in seconds. When it does it is going to take down with it, the economy of the entire world, because the economy of the entire world is still linked to the dollar. Even if the Brics nations establish their own currency, still the dollar is a major player in the worlds economy and without the dollar, the worlds economy will collapse right along side of it. Every single intellect on this planet are all saying the exact same thing, that it is impossible for the dollar not to be destroyed, it is not a question of if, it is only when. We do not know what will trigger it, perhaps the wind will change directions, and some banker might not like it because he was planing to go sailing that day, and he throws a temper tantrum, dumps some stock, and it triggers a rush to judgement. Some event will happen that triggers panic and it will be over. Almost all trading on the Stock Market these days is not done by humans, it is done by algorithms in software on computers. These programs are written so that the stock traded can only go up. It is called High Frequency Trading. Have you ever tried to take a dime away from a rich man, it cannot be done. They take your dime, claim it as theirs and give you back a penny. Think that is absurd ? It now takes all of the money a person can make, with a full time 40 hour a week job, just to pay the rent on a single apartment. 40 hour a week jobs are now limited to 25% of the American population. 93 million Americans, of working age and ability, are unemployed to the point of being off the employment records. That is one third of the work force of this country. 35% of the work force of this country have 20 hour a week jobs or less. It takes two people working, sharing an apartment, just to pay the rent, and that leaves nothing for utilities or food or gas to get to work. Television used to be free, now it takes one weeks wage to pay for TV, it is $175.00 a month here. $7.25 per hour x 20 hours is $145.00 before the deductions of taxes which will reduce that to around $100.00 dollars a week. You cannot make it in this country alone on minimum wage at 20 hours a week. The point I am trying to make here, is that all of the money that is made by the minimum wage people, goes into the hands of the landlords, and cannot contribute in any way to the gross domestic product of the nation. Money spent on rent and utilities are not calculated as contributions to the Gross Domestic Product of America, it only makes rich people, richer. With 93% of our population of working ability and age, completely off the records because their un-employment benefits have run out, and they have exhausted their search for jobs, that leaves us with only 25% of our population with any hope at all of contributing to the Gross Domestic Product of America. By the government own figures, 60% of a full time middle class income is spent on housing, and 15% of their income is spent on food. Housing is not a calculation in the Gross Domestic Product of any nation. And the subsidization of Agriculture is exceeded only by that of the oil companies. Adding agriculture into the equation of GDP can only be done on exports, and for decades America imports food, even from China. Not to mention, Ecuador, Chile, Hawaii. Brazil, Mexico. If I were the Accountant of America, I would find it impossible to add one single penny to any Gross Domestic Product Figure. But any child can add trillions of dollars to expenditure calculations, in just war alone. What this means in the simplest of terms, is that the spoiled child of America, that inherited a fortune from its relatives, quite their job decades ago, and has not only spent every dime they ever had, but sold everything they inherited for cash, and spent that, and then borrowed unimaginable sums of money from others and spent that, and when that money ran out, they just started counterfeiting money, and spend that counterfeit money as fast as they can print it. That worked for awhile, until the world finally found out, that the person who was claiming they were rich and acting like it, is actually leveraged beyond what they could ever repay in a million years. And the world found out, that all of the money in their pockets from that country, is fake. Now the world is really angry that they have been lied to, deceived, ripped off. What could be worse. Well, I am glad you asked. What is worse, is that many of those countries are sending that fake money back. Flooding the economy with money that should be destroyed if they don’t want it, but to hurt America, they are suffering the loss, and simply re-injecting it into the American and world economy, while not accepting any more of it themselves.


 The point of mentioning the Gross Domestic Product is merely to show, that the United States does not even have one. We used to have the largest Domestic Product figures, now we have none, even worse than none, because we import almost everything we use now. Our money is fake, we do not make anything except debt, that is our primary source of income, debt. We print monopoly money, and we export it out to the world, backed up by nothing. We took apart the machines that we used to manufacture with, and we shipped those machines to foreign countries so that they could make the stuff that our parents and grandparents used to make and sell it back to us. The machines that we did not ship out of this country, were deliberately destroyed so that no one else could use them again. They were scrapped and melted down. The deindustrialization of America was deliberate and planned. Even our medications we take to stay alive, are made in China. We used to have the best pharmaceutical industry in the world, then, Wall Street, and the United States Government, sent that industry to China, WHY? It is impossible to buy a lag bolt that is made in America, and even beyond impossible to even find a nail that is made in America. Go to Home Depot and just try to find a piece of hardware made in America, and every single power tool they sell is now made in a foreign country. Trees are shipped to China, and come back to America as lumber, when we had the best mills in the world up in Oregon and Washington. Sheet Rock is made in China. It is all but impossible to open any business in this country, and if you wanted to open a manufacturing business it is just about illegal, you will never be allowed to buy the raw materials. China owns the raw materials, and the mines they come from, and they will never again allow America to tool up, that would take steel, aluminum, cooper, glass, ceramic. The authorities that run this nation, are going to restrict every move you try to make. Already, American businesses are being told not to sell to each other. In 7 years of being in business in Hollywood, I could never get one single American manufacturer to sell to me. And if you think that is a lie, I challenge you to try it for yourself. Whatever you envision this country to be, I can assure you that it is not, and the reason that I can assure you that it is not what you think it is, is because you are silent about what it has become. If you knew, what I know, you would be doing the exact same thing I am doing, you would be warning everyone that would listen to you about what is coming, but you are not, that is why I know that you do not know, that you are not listening, and that you don’t even care. How this happened to this country, is because no one cared, it wasn’t that they were not warned. Americans were warned of what was coming hundreds of times, by the most brilliant men in history, and the American mentality is, that unless it is interrupting my ball game, or spilling my beer, it is not my problem. It is this attitude that I am not my neighbors keeper, that proves beyond any doubt, that Americans will never resist the forces that are about to be unleashed upon them by the police and military. There is not a chance in hell that they will ever band together to try to reverse the current trend, to take away every freedom we have ever known. No government that I have ever studied, has ever em-massed it’s own military against it’s owned citizens. Have you ever heard of one ? I didn’t think so. So let me tell you why this government is Militarizing every city in this nation, why it has built more than a thousand concentration camps, in addition to the thousands of prisons it already had. Why there are tanks and MRAPS and Humvies running our streets, it is because the UNITES STATES OF AMERICA WAS SOLD TO A FOREIGN ENTITY. This is not AMERICA anymore. There is NO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It no longer exist, and YOU did it to yourselves. That is why Chinese, Russian, Polish troops are training on American soil. That is why 200 top military commanders and dozens of generals have been fired, because they would not go along with the program to take America apart at the seams. You don’t hear about it, not because the information is not out there, you just don’t care to know. It is just a few more reasons why no matter what your ambitions are, you need to just set them aside for now, and save them for a time when you once again are free to accomplish them. That freedom is coming, sooner than you think. God’s kingdom, the one that you said you believed in, the one you said you prayed for, well, ready or not, it is coming. There will be only one nation under God’s Kingdom, and one ruler, Christ, and there will be no voting, he will rule indefinitely. Use this time wisely, to learn about the kingdom that is not only going to destroy this nation, no matter who owns it, but all other governments on earth. Before that happens, just before that happens, money and religion will be destroyed first, get ready for it.



 If you are on Facebook, you can read, in fact I don’t think that I even have one single relative or friend, that cannot read. Most people are using social media for pretty flowers, and brand new pets, clouds in the sky, and rainbows, the latest vacations and school events, how well that guy bounced that ball, how many points they won on that video game. The things I am sending out to you on social media, are to save your life. I want you to live, if you are alive, you will have the opportunity to enjoy those other things, put them on hold for now. All of these things I am writing to you about religion, is to save your life. Am I trying to preach you into heaven or hell, if you believe that, then you have not read a single word I have written, you are not going to heaven, and your relatives are not there either. Hell is the grave, when you are in the grave, you are dust, that’s all. So get the hell over it. Stop believing in lies about God, stop teaching lies about God, and stop spreading lies about God. If you are passing on beliefs that your dead relatives are in heaven watching over you while you get brutally beaten and raped by a group of thugs, just exactly what kind of God do you worship that would set that up for them to get a ring side seat in that. GOD DOES NOT DO THAT – STOP IT ALREADY. Your dead relatives are exactly where God said they were, they are dead, and in the dust. They are not in heaven, they are dead. They will live again, under the rulership of Christ, the rulership of Christ on earth is not here yet, unless of course you view ISIS as the representatives of the rulership of Christ, then your relatives would be brought back to life, so that ISIS could cut their heads off again, do you see how insane all this is, stop it. I get so sick of receiving these post of people who think their relatives are in heaven, what a sick, disgusting, perverted, thing to say about God that he would actually do such a thing. THINK ABOUT THE VERY THINGS YOU CLAIM TO BELIEVE, BEFORE YOU ADOPT THEM AS BELIEFS. The reason for the postings about religion, is because, every aspect of your life is effected by religion. All of the things that you suffer, everything that torments you, your family, and everyone on earth, including the animals, is because of religion. God holds religion responsible for all of the blood that has ever been shed on earth. From Abel to this very moment. What is coming in the very near future, is going to threaten your life, and the lives of every one that you know.,and it is because of religion. That is why I post about religion, is so that you have the chance to learn about it, and to have a firm complete understanding of it so that you can survive what is coming. It might look like what is coming upon mankind, is the military and the police and the United Nations, and that will be true, but they are the enforcement arm of the evil that gives them the orders, and those orders are coming from the founder of religion. The founder of religion is not God, it is the enemy of God. All of the religions of the earth belong to the enemy of God, they have nothing to do with God, except, to mislead you away from God. I posted the Athanasian Creed recently, not one person noticed it, it is the foundation of Christendom, understanding that document alone, would prove to you that all of the so called Christian religions, are in reality, enemies of God. Hindu teaches that even ants are God’s, and they worship billions of Gods, to some religion, monkeys are their God’s, to some religions cows are their God’s, some religion calls the Gangue their mother God, and you are really some kind of special idiot if you think that Islam has anything at all to do with a living God, it was founded by a person who was hell bent on Evil in the 6th century. In just that one paragraph, can help you see, just how evil religion is, and that it has nothing to do with God at all, it is in reality the epitome of evil toward God and man. The former of all religion is Satan, it started at the Garden of Eden, and continues to this very moment, he is alive and well, with all of his army of spirit creatures at his aid, they have allot of power, infinite knowledge, they were alive before the earth was even formed, they know all about God and Christ, and they never get tired, and they never sleep. You can read, that is why you are on Facebook. I started to print out what I have written on Facebook, and the printing que. came up more than 300 pages of print. Within that 300 pages of print, the comments of what I have posted do not even amount to one paragraph in total, cumulative, from the past 4 years. Some likes, sure, but the comments are non existent. This causes me to believe that you are not reading these things. These messages are being delivered right to your face, and if you are not reading them, you are making a deliberate choice to not read them, and in so doing, you are taking a stand, whether you realize it or not. Coming to a neighborhood near you, is the United States Military, under the rulership of the United Nations, you might find that impossible to believe right now, because you have not read or listened to the words of warning you are being sent. The United States Military is coming to you, and it is coming under the inducement of Religion. Remember what God said. The Military is coming to shed blood, that is what the Military is used for, death, destruction, and unspeakable violence and cruelty. God holds Religion responsible for all shed blood, therefore it is religion that is responsible for the Militaries arrival at your door. When the Military arrives at your door, let me remind you, they are not coming for tea and cakes. And they have endless ammunition, and endless supply of complete robotic idiots to pull the triggers of the guns to shoot that ammunition. That is right, what I just said. If you are still in the United States Military, you are a complete idiot, with not one single brain cell in your head to think with. While you are at some peoples house in Los Angeles,, kicking in their front door, your comrades, your fellow military buddies, are in New York, kicking in the front door of your wife, mother, family, and they could of been shot dead for all you know, because one of them was holding the weapon of a cheeseburger. Why did the people of Noah’s day not believe him when he said it was going to rain. BECAUSE IT HAD NEVER RAINED BEFORE. Likewise today, events are coming, which have not happened in your life time before, and children are no longer taught history in school deliberately. But you are being warned of what is coming, and it seems to me, that you have chosen not to head the warning, not even acknowledging that you have received the warning. Let me remind you again, those are military tanks and vehicles that are beings staged at every police department in this country. Let me remind you, that Russian, and Chinese military are training for urban warfare on American soil, in American towns as we speak, why do you think that is happening ??



I have explained many times in the past, and it is on my timeline, the reasons for why I write, and why I write about the things I do. The things I post, the things I quote are all a part of the picture puzzle, to help you put the pieces of this insane world into prospective, and as bad as things might sound, the outcome of world events are going to be resolved, and when they are, things are going to be more wonderful than you ever could imagine.
But before that day comes, and it could come at any time now, things are going to get much, much worse. People are not going to give up, what they have known their whole life, indeed all that they know, for the unknown. Humans do not like change, but for things to get better, there are things that must change. You must agree, that the way man has governed himself, has only worked out for a handful of people, and brought lasting life to none. The best government man ever came up with was the United States, and we are watching it self destruct right before our very eyes.
The main problem with all man made governments has been the dominating control of religion and money, which in reality are one and the same thing. They are both, false belief systems. Everything that you need to sustain your life, God provides for free. Man brings nothing into this world, neither can he take anything out of it. Our earth provides all we need to sustain our lives, it is a false religious ideology, that ink printed on paper, is what makes the rain fall, or the vegetables to grow, or the trees to build our houses. It is also a false religious ideology, that one man must be dominated by another man, in order for both to survive. Oppression, the dominance of man over man, finds it’s permission to operate, by forces that are invisible. Oppression can only exist by permission. Oppression is an insistence, but it is not a requirement for life, indeed, it’s sole purpose is the destruction of life, as is it’s author. Oppression requires at least two participants, and if either refuses to participate, oppression, is dissolved.
Truth of the matter is this, as far as man dominating man goes, leaving Satan out of the picture for a moment, there is only a handful of men that rule over this world. There are 7,000,000,000 people in the world. If 7,000,000,000 people got real tired of starving, and turned their attention to the handful of men that are making them starve by oppressing them, all of the problems that man has, except life itself, would evaporate overnight. Another truth is this, in the history of man, it is demonstrated to be common, that millions of people will stand by, and watch as one man, does the most horrendous things to his own people, and not lift one single finger to stop him. Mussolini, Hitler, Hirohito, Pol Pot.
So there is ample historical evidence that in our time, no matter how bad things get, the people of the world will not lift a single finger to stop it, they will just lay down, and let it happen.
At Revelation 7: 14 it tells us that people are going to come out from the great tribulation. You do not have to die during the great tribulation that is coming, you can survive it. But to survive it, you must align your heart toward God.
At 1 Chronicles 28 : 9 the scriptures tells us, “All hearts Jehovah is searching, and every inclination of the thoughts he is discerning.” He reads your heart, and he reads your thoughts, he reads the minds and the hearts of every person who has ever lived on this earth.
At Malachi 3:16 the Bible reminds us all of this, “And a book of remembrance began to be written up before him for those in fear of Jehovah and for those thinking upon his name.”
Jehovah remembers your thoughts. He remembers when you remember him, and when you are thinking upon his name. Start right now, to implant memories in your mind of Jehovah, let them sink into your heart, so that when he reads your mind and your heart, there, he will find an imprint of himself written there, and recognize you as his own. As Zephaniah 2:3 tells us, “seek Jehovah, all you meek ones of the earth, who have practiced his own judicial decision. Seek righteousness, seek meekness. Probably you may be concealed in the day of Jehovah’s anger.”
Get to know Jehovah right now, and get to know his Son as well, soon they will execute their justice upon the earth, and you need to make sure that they know you.

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