I would welcome hearing from you, but before you do, read every word that I wrote, and give yourself some time to think about what you have read, You cannot possibly think, that reading one sentence in one paragraph, and think that you understand what I have written, and until you have an understanding of what I have written you are not in a position to comment on something you do not understand. I cannot make you read, as a rule, Americans no longer have the desire to read or write, some have even lost the ability. Writing is no longer taught in the schools of America, this is deliberate. But if you have read enough of my writing, that you now choose to become confrontational with me, then read the rest of what I wrote, and your countenance will clear, because you will discover that every word I write is true, and cannot be argued against. Like I said, this is a place of learning, and once you have learned, then you can teach me, and I will not be out here on my own. I could certainly use the help. I would love to post my phone number, but then idiots from around the world would call, and most would be just to argue. If we get along, I would welcome talking to you on the phone, but first you are going to have to talk with me through email. Thanks for reading.