Politicians Will Save Us

If you think for one second, that either a Republican or a Democrat is going to do the right thing, then you are clearly not paying attention. Go outside, look up into the sky, see those Chemtrails that will kill you if they are not stopped, currently the Republican party is in command of the military that is doing that to this entire planet. Trump is in charge of the military, that makes Trump in charge of the chemtrails, think, think, think, our country has been taken over from the inside. Pence is no different. Both political parties support the pulling the heads off of children while they are still alive, again, BOTH PARTIES SUPPORT ABORTION. This entire country is evil to it’s core. Bombing foreign countries is agreed to by both parties, none more vigorously than Republicans. The republicans should have never participated in this, for three years this country has done nothing but wallow in this childish distraction from reality. If you support either party, you are in agreement with the evil deeds of this country, if you vote, you are throwing your hat, casting your lot, with this evil nation. The only way out is to replace all of the government with voluntary citizens, who do not get paid, but their expenses paid, no lobbyist for corporations allowed to even talk to a member of government. But you have to change every single government agent, from the top down to the city councils and police, and the reason for this is that all of our government, including our local city council and permit and supervisory agencies have bee corrupted by the United Nations Agenda 21 indoctrination. The Green New Deal, New World Order, Agenda 21, has been embraced by all factions of government, none more obvious than the democratic party, but make no mistake, we heard about the Green New Deal from Reagan and Bush as well. The Police have went through military training to enforce the New World Order, they are brainwashed just like anyone in the military is. That is why they also will need to be replaced by volunteers.Neither party protects the constitution, both parties are participating in the destruction of the first, second, and 14 th amendments, just the fact that our nation are having talks about destroying freedom of speech, freedom of the press, personal property rights, and the right to keep and bare arms, should prove to everyone that our government has been corrupted from top to bottom. Stop and frisk laws are another blatant example of how police departments have been corrupted and are no longer able to think and reason for themselves, blindly following orders like brainwashed zombies. You Americans need to wake up, and wake up fast, they are rolling out 5G at a blinding pace, and when it is turned on, there will be no going back, the world you once knew will be over, 5G is the invisible prison bars that will enslave you, just ask anyone who lives in China. There is no greater example to anyone who defends our political system than what we have seen happen for 3 years. Both parties share in this insanity, as does all of those who join in with them, like I say, you cannot buy the tickets, but the cap, buy the jersey, drive to the stadium, sit in the bleachers, buy the beer and hot dog, and then claim you are not at the game, if you take sides with either party, you are at the game.

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