Your Government, the United States Of America and your Military took down the twin towers and building 7, at 10:00 am when they knew they would be full of people.


PRESIDENTIAL VOTING SYSTEM In a few months, American’s will start the clamoring of voting for a different president. They will go to the polling booths in the full confidence that their vote counts. The media will be filled 24 hours a day, with nothing but streaming theater of the candidates bantering, which is all staged. The president elect, has been chosen long before, and has been groomed in secret, to be obedient, and deliver the speeches exactly as they are given, to be a good actor. Think people, think, for gawd’s sake, learn how to reason things out. What fortune 500 company would put in charge of their entire company, a CEO, who had absolutely no experience what-so-ever in running any division of any kind of that company, just pull someone off of the street, and put them in charge. The United States of America is the largest corporation on earth, for the moment, but loosing it’s ground every minute. So, does it really make any sense to any of you, that the largest corporation in the world, with the most powerful military on earth, would put someone in control of all of that, who had not one minute’s experience. The enter workings of all governments are always held in secret, and America is no different. There are secret layers of secret layers of secret layers, that make up this government, and no one has the complete picture, because the complete picture is painted by men in foreign lands, who formed this country with one purpose in mind, world dominance, and structured it, to accomplish that goal. Just one of the many proofs of that is the Electoral College System of voting, set up in the beginning, where the individual vote, has absolutely no meaning what-so-ever. It is there for the sole purpose of placating the sheeple, who are asleep, drugged, unable or capable of independent thought. If FOX television does not say it, it must not be true, you know the type of person I am talking about, to make them think, that they have a say in their governance, knowing already, that they have not the intellectual ambition, or capability, to think for themselves, and to find out, if what they think they believe, is actually true. In the Electoral College voting system, the states are assigned a handful of people, a minimum of three people, who are stationed in Washington DC, and in December, not November, these people cast their votes for the person they are told to. They cast their votes for whoever they want, independent of what the people of the states wanted.In essence, their vote is up for bid to the highest offer, the best government money can buy, but by the time that moment has arrived, the choice has already been made years before hand. Your vote, has not a snowballs chance in hell of mattering in a presidential election, that person was chosen years before hand, and the election process is all theater


This was written by G. Griffin around 1971. An engineered society has been planned and orchestrated for along time. We cannot make the claim that all rioting is financed and instituted by the government, but some is, and there is much more to come. The government deliberately creates problems, so that it can usher in it’s own solutions.


WHY THE POSTINGS OF 911 NOW 15 YEARS LATER 911 took a great deal of planning, perhaps for decades. Taking the buildings down, was just like pulling a weed, a single weed, out of the soil, when preparing a landscape to plant a garden. To the planers of 911 it was nothing. To the planers of 911, this entire planet is their garden, and they don’t want you walking through it. I know that you are convinced that Obama and Hillary are responsible for the events of 911, but let me assure you that even Bush was not only not responsible, but could not do a thing to stop it. The president of the United States, delivers the speeches he is handed, that is it. The president of the United States is analogous to the white Pope, the entire world understands that it is really the Pope in the Black robe, the Black Pope that controls the Vatican, and much of the world. The United States Military took down the World Trade Center. The United States Military took down the World Trade Center while it was still occupied with American citizens, deliberately. The United States Military murdered those people in cold blood, American citizens on American soil, in the morning of a work day, in rush hour traffic. The United States Military, turned it’s own weapons on it’s own people, and didn’t shed a tear. Some of the people slaughtered in 911, had family members in the Military. American soldiers in the military of the United States of America, killed their own family members, right here on the streets of New York. And yet some how, through all of the evidence, for more than a decade, the typical average American, is still just as patriotically blinded to the realities of 911 as they were the day it happened and saw it with their own eyes. Even Military Generals, and other Military commanders say, that the Unites States of America, slaughtered thousands of it’s own citizens on American soil on 911. The point of revisiting this is to shake you out of your easy chair, tell you to get the hell off of your video games and dancing with the stars, your police departments are now ran by the Military of the United States of America, and they will not hesitate to kill American citizens. Even their own family members, just like they did on 911, just like they did in the Civil War. To those too young to know what the Civil War was, because you are no longer taught history in school, nor the value of learning it, the Civil War was a time in American history, when the Military of the United States, turned guns on the American people and killed them by the hundreds of thousands. Fathers killing sons, sons killing fathers, brothers killing brothers. All while some stupid idiot was bowing down to a flag. Saying God Bless the Confederacy, God Bless the Union, pass me the ammunition. I wonder just how many American flags were sold after 911, to celebrate the slaughtering of innocent men women and children, policeman, and fireman, by the United States Military, and I wonder just how many hearts were swelled up with patriotic pride over that massacre, of innocent Americans, in broad daylight, out in the open, not hiding from anyone, our government deliberately collapsed those buildings on our people, and all Americans could seem to see, was that nationalistic pride and patriotism would justify it all. Someone even said, that those who died in the Twin Towers were the first heros in the war on terror, as if throwing yourself out of a 110 story building made you a hero. The slaughtering of innocent life did not stop at 911, it was shipped out to Iraq immediately, and thousands more Americans were slaughtered by the United States Military, and over a million Iraq citizens, over 500,000 children by the end of 1995 alone. And for this, you who call yourselves patriotic Americans, you stand up when called, place your hand over your heart, pledge your allegiance to the country that slaughters your own family, just exactly what kind of ignorant are you.


THE CASE OF THE DISAPPEARING PLANES No planes were found during the 911 terrorist attack. An engine that did not go with any of the planes that the government said were used in the attack, a piece of windows, and an old set of wheels. All of which were somehow found away from the buildings, as if they had been dropped off. Just like the passport. Of hundreds of people that were reported to be on those four planes, only one single piece of paper was found, Mohammad Atta’s passport, the person whom the government claimed was the leader. Not one single purse, no shoes, no phones, no clothes, no evidence that any human being was on any of those planes. There is not an airplane wing on planet earth, I don’t care how fast that plane is flying, that can cut through 13 inches of solid steel box beams placed on edge, that makes those beams, something like 24″x 42″ inches of solid steel, and there were 48 of them in the core of that building, it cannot be done, it is impossible. There may have been wings and a tail attached, but it was missiles that penetrated those buildings and then blew up. The United States Military can guide a missile into a kitchen window. But the missiles in and of them selves were just a decoy, they did not bring those buildings down, they were a smoke screen, nothing more than Hollywood special effects, give the public what they are used to seeing in the movies and they will believe it is really happening. Thermite or a version of it may have been used in some places, I am not trying to get into a discussion of what exactly cut the beams into 30′ sections before they even hit the ground. Did you catch that. Every single beam in those buildings were cut into small sections. Do you really believe that those beams were so fragile, that they would all snap at the same length, the entire height of those towers like snapping a piece of spaghetti pasta before it is cooked in precise lengths, and if they did, is that the building material you would of chosen to build skyscrapers out of ?? Do you really believe that a plane crashing into the top of those towers snapped all of those beams in equal lengths throughout those entire buildings ? Only the government believes the governments story, and every single one of them are laughing at the ignorant Americans who bought it.


Most of you might not remember General Stubelbine, but I do. He served under Reagan. He was responsible for all of the intelligence in those days. I hope you will take the time, to get away from the television, and the video games, and sit down and watch the videos I have been sending you. I would not waste your time or mine, if I did not think they were important things for you to know. I watch every single one of them myself all the way to the end, I only give you the most profitable ones, the ones you will get the most out of. So watch this videos please. The videos about music, the people I have worked for, those are optional, but these others are extremely important for you. I am sure that you do not believe that the things I am writing to you are going to happen, and you will not believe them until they do happen, when they happen, you will not have the time, opportunity, or inclination to learn about them. In addition to that, in those days, the internet and the phones will be taken down, you will not be able to communicate with anyone through social media, including me. So these things must already be in your mind, and in your heart, before that day comes. The Twin Towers went down in one day, although prepared for years in advance. The government and the military are preparing for something as we speak, we do not know what, and we will not know until it happens, our government is probably not going to know either, until the owners of our government tell them. I have said for decades, and my faith has taught for a hundred years, and John spoke of it 2,000 years ago, that two things were going to happen in our time, the nations of the earth will one day turn over their ruling authority to one entity, the United Nations. When this happens that entity, the United Nations destroys religion. In addition to that, money is going to be destroyed. Either of these things could lead to catastrophic events, but they may not be what the military is preparing for, we just don’t know. But it really does not matter, we know they are preparing for something, and we need to get prepared as well. You cannot fight the United States military, don’t even try. They have weapons the world has not even heard of yet. Watch the videos , please, then tell everyone you know


All because of a lie, and if only that was all, but it is much more sinister than just lying. When I see someone saluting an American Flag, in the words of Tom Laughlin, I just want to go bazerk.


Watch this Video until the end, there you will find a list of some of the reasons the Twin Towers were brought down, pause it at that spot, read the names of the companies and alphabet organizations listed there and think about them one by one


These videos, comments and photos of information on 911, and the destruction, I have posted before. There are thousands of videos and pictures, and papers written on this subject buy engineers and architects and as of yet, out of the hundreds I have viewed, I have not found one that supports the story we are being fed by the government. When Concrete falls on top of Concrete, even if it fell from a hundred miles up, it never, never, never turns to dust. Even when dynamite is placed into concrete, it explodes into chunks, it never turns to dust. When buildings are destroyed by demolition, the concrete has to be hauled out in chunks by trucks, it never turns to dust. Some of you who know me know that I am also a welder. I don’t know everything there is to know about steel, but I do know a little bit about structural steel, and ductility. I come from a part of the country, where even the children and the housewives know how to weld and run a backhoe, they are what this community use to make a living. When you live on a farm or in the oil fields, you have to know how to stick two pieces of pipe together and dig a ditch. It is well known that women make the best welders, it is allot like stitching, and they are good at it, especially micro welding and laser welding. The box beams with 5″ thick stiffeners in the center of them, and with 5″ thick walls could hold up more concrete slabs than could ever be poured on top of them. If you stacked a thousand 747’s on top of those pilings, the only thing that would happen is the bottom 747,s would pancake. The distributed weight over the 48 pilings on each of the Twin Towers, would not even deflect them. If you flew a thousand 747’s into the twin towers, you might make a big mass of twisted steel, and busted up concrete, but you could never collapse those buildings and turn the concrete to dust. NEVER. The wreckage of the mass built up by the crashed planes would only strengthen the building. And if those buildings were still on fire to this day, kerosene can never melt steel, that is why your kerosene lamp burns for a thousand years, as long as you have a supply of wicks. As much as 7 blocks away cars were toasted in peculiar ways. The plastic was un touched, but the engine blocks were melted. The steel was rusted, but the paint was still there. Some cars the car was burnt up but the tires were still inflated and the interior of the car and the papers inside of it were untouched. I sure am hoping that some of you out there have an explanation for this. Notice how far away the fire actually was, it was a hundred stories into the sky and the cars were seven blocks away. Heat rises, and if a car were placed directly at the base of the World Trade Center Twin Towers, right between them, that car would still not be scorched to this very day. Another curious thing is this. Lining the streets in layers a foot thick, was paper. Cars were toasted, but the paper was untouched. We use the word toasted, because much like making toast in your toaster, there is no direct flame, only radiated heat. But what is curious about the radiated heat at the World Trade Centers, was that the heat was composite selective, no flames, just heat, engine blocks melted, but plastic untouched. Paper untouched. Now of course there are examples of complete destruction by fire in some cases. but nothing that the public or the engineering communities know of can explain the melted steel of cars front halves, while even the paint on the back half is untouched. It is as if the energy used for the destruction, had some form of mass discrimination. It somehow increased its energy field depending upon atomic structure and mass. Melting the engine block, but leaving the fenders, and plastic, do you see what I mean. This would make sense also on how these massive beams could be brought down. Another interesting thing is this, missing bodies and particles of bone fragments blown all over the city for miles, without flesh on them. Those who jumped, were there, fireman in stairwells, and lower offices had people in them, but it was an interesting phenomenon of how bodies were found. Even on the lower floors, where there was no fire, the fireman complained of sweltering heat radiation. And people who survived complained that they felt like they were being cooked from the inside out. It was said that people were stripping out of their clothing. On rooftops around the city, bone fragment of around 1/2 inch were found by the millions and swept up. As if the people were violently exploded, Not crushed in a falling building. How interesting as well is that far far away from the flames a hundred stories up, on the lower levels, the fireman’s boots were melting. When you are standing on carpet and your boots are melting, and the carpet is intact, how can you possible take a moment out, to say the pledge of allegiance. Do you really think that Mohammad Atta did this. Do you really think that Osama Bin Laded, snuck over here, wired both of the towers for the most sophisticated demolition in the history of man, and then snuck back out of this country to hunker down in his cave, and turn on CNN to watch the show, as he pushed the detonator button ? Really, are you actually going to buy that bull s… Continued in the next posting………….


This video is probably best understood by pilots who are familiar with the terminology, but toward the very end of the video, they summarize, and it is easier to understand.
Some columns on upper floors and around the elevator shaft were 2″ thick.
Take a good long look at these beams that held up the world trade centers, tower one and tower two, at the bottom, they were 5 inches thick and there were 48 of them. These towers could of held up a thousand 747’s.


PROOF THE TWIN TOWERS WERE DELIBERATELY DEMOLISHED All that one needs to know, to be able to conclusively prove that the Twin Towers were demolished, is that the towers fell in roughly 10 seconds, that is, that they fell at about the same rate that an object falls through air. The observed collapse of the World Trade Centers 1 and 2 have been measured at near the rate of free fall. This is the rate at which nearly ALL of the “falling energy” (kinetic energy from gravity) must deliver the building to ground level ASAP. This leaves NO energy for smashing and pulverizing the concrete slabs NOR for shredding construction steel. Can’t have it both ways! There is only so much kinetic energy available and it can either be used for shredding steel and pulverizing concrete OR it can be used for acceleration toward the ground. The building simply can’t get to the ground in the requisite time that is observed unless most of the energy goes into acceleration. There is no room for a significant quantity of the potential energy being utilized in any other way than falling or the building does NOT get to the ground in time. It’s a race, you see. A race against the clock. Your Ad Here Free fall is the unrestricted acceleration from a height toward an impact with the Earth. The WTC towers both fell to the Earth very quickly as is timed by seismographs and video. They fell at the rate of free fall; that is, they fell as though NOTHING was in their way. The speed at which they fell totally cancels the theory that they “pancaked” one on top of the other and then stressed one floor after another until the entire mass was in rubble on the ground. According to rate of collapse, the towers fell smoothly and without encountering obstruction or resistance of any kind. That’s it! It’s impossible for the floors to fall / crash / fall / crash / fall…and get to the ground level in 10 seconds. Starting from the 80th floor, for example, at just ONE second per floor, it would take 80 seconds to fall–eight times too long. Even at only 1/2 second per floor it is STILL four times to slow. The only way that the WTC towers could get to the ground within approximately ten seconds is to encounter a weakened building on the way down–demolition. The floors themselves are quite robust. Each one is 39″ thick; the top 4″ is a poured concrete slab with interlocking vertical steel trusses (or spandrel members) underneath. This steel would absorb a lot of kinetic energy by crumpling as one floor fell onto another, at most pulverizing a small amount of concrete where the narrow edges of the trusses strike the floor below. And yet we see a very fine dust being blown very energetically out to the sides as if the entire mass of concrete (about 400,000 cubic yards for the whole building) were being converted to dust. Remember too that the tower fell at almost the speed of a gravitational free-fall, meaning that little energy was expended doing anything other than accelerating the floor slabs. Considering the amount of concrete in a single floor (~1 acre x 4″) and the chemical bond energy to be overcome in order to reduce it to a fine powder, it appears that a very large energy input would be needed. The only source for this, excluding for now external inputs or explosives, is the gravitational potential energy of the building. Any extraction of this energy for the dis-aggregation of the concrete would decrease the amount available for conversion to kinetic energy, slowing the speed of the falls. Yet we know that the buildings actually fell in about 9 seconds, only slightly less than an unimpeded free-fall from the same height. This means that very little of the gravitational energy can have gone toward pulverizing the concrete. http://911research.wtc7.net/wtc/analysis/collapses/concrete.html There is no wiggle room on the laws of physics. For the towers to fall at that rate there had to be NO resistance from each of the floors encountered on the way to the ground. Anyone with a little common sense will realize that the top of a building does not cannot pass through a structure made of concrete and steel at the same rate as it falls through air. This just doesn’t happen, unless, of course, the lower part of the building has lost its structural integrity (and this is usually due to the detonation of a multitude of small explosive charges as seen in controlled demolitions). The fact that the towers collapsed in about 10 seconds is clear evidence that the upper portion of each of the towers passed through the lower portion at about the same rate that it would have fallen through air. The fact that the towers fell this quickly (essentially at the rate of free-fall) is conclusive evidence that they were deliberately demolished. Believing that there is nothing wrong with the towers collapsing so quickly, is roughly analogous to believing that people pass through closed doors as quickly as they pass through open doors. [Something in the way delays the passage.] The fact that they fell at such a rate means that they encountered essentially no resistance from the supposedly undamaged parts of the structure. That is, no resistance was encountered from any of the immensely strong parts of the structure that had held the building up for the last 30 years. From this one can conclude that the lower undamaged parts were actually very damaged (probably by the detonation of a multitude of small explosive charges as is usual in a controlled demolition). http://guardian.150m.com/wtc/proof.htm Some people trying to use “common sense” without a knowledge of the laws of physics suppose that the addition of one floor after another would make the towers fall faster and faster. An elementary principle of masses falling through space was demonstrated at the Leaning Tower of Pisa nearly 500 years ago. The larger mass does NOT accelerate through space faster than a lighter, more dense mass. It will, however, cause the shredding force because of the connection between the slab and the outer wall. It is not even necessary to disprove all of the allegations in the official conspiracy theory. All that is necessary is to disprove ONE allegation to demonstrate the whole to be a lie. * All that is needed is the difference between an unobstructed free fall and an obstructed free fall. * All that is needed is the research of Dr. Kee Dewdney and his associates on the functionality of cellphones at altitude and velocity to dismiss not only the allegations of cellphone communications in aircraft but the entire fabric of lies offered by the US Government. * All that is needed is the absence of any explanation for the penetration through A, B, C, D, and E rings at the Pentagon leaving a circular path and no debris in the courtyard that could have caused the hole….except for Broach technology. Your Ad Here * All that is needed is the official claim to have identified the DNA of Flight 77 victims when at the same time it is claimed that the temperatures were so hot that over a 100 tons of metal were evaporated….by 10,000 gallons or less of JP-8 which burns at a temperature less than 1/4 the evaporation point of the metals. Any one of these among many others is all that is required to prove the lie of the official conspiracy theory. All of this has been studied and discussed, argued and re-argued ever since it happened by folks with degrees in engineering and physics. It’s been examined and re-examined by thousands of qualified scientists who have studied long hours to come to understand what really happened. Click here for a dialogue with Mr. Sheeple about the Fall of the WTC So you’re suggesting a la Eagar that floors fell on each other from the top down, the weight of the floors above exceeding the maximum load of the floor on which they fell accumulating more mass and more readily destroying the structure in each successive floor. How long would you estimate it would take for your scenarios of fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash-fall-smash to be complete? Would you propose something like one second for each floor? Perhaps we could cut that in half, say one half second each floor, taking a bit more time at the top and a bit less at the bottom. How many seconds is that? Let’s see now…about 110 floors. Let’s knock that down to 100 floors even. That would be…..50 seconds. Nope, won’t work. Five times too long. That’s way too long. Then let’s say that it took only a half-second on the top 50 floors and a quarter of a second in the bottom 50 floors. That would be 25 seconds for the top 50 floors to get half way down…added to 12.5 seconds for the WTC to fall the rest of the way. That’s 37.5 seconds. Nope. That won’t work. That’s nearly 4 times too long. So what if it only took half second to smash-fall the top 25 floors, one quarter second to crush each of the next 25 floors, one tenth of a second to demolish the next 50 floors……that’s 12.5 + 6.25 + 5 = 23.75 seconds. Nope! Still took too long by more than double. C’mon! I’m squeezing this hypothesis as much as I can and it still seems way off. (How fast can you say fall-smash 100 times? Try it. Time it.) OK. Let’s try a quarter of a second in the top 50 and one tenth the rest of the way. That’s 12.5 + 5 = 17.5 seconds. Still too slow. OK. That’s it! For anything to be so ground up as the WTC ended up, lot’s of powder. stuff has to be hitting other stuff, right. So there HAS to be SOME collision time to do all that work. We saw the pieces, the dust AT THE START of the fall. Demolition does take energy and in this case a lot of energy. That energy of smashing + the energy of falling (yes, even falling, acceleration) must all be accounted for. Calculations for the FASTEST time that the WTC could reach the bottom is about 10 seconds. That’s with NOTHING getting in the way, not even touching anything else on the way down. It’s called free fall. Free fall represents the sole effect of gravity causing a mass to accelerate through space between a point above the earth to the surface of the earth. The hypothesis you have suggested and that Professor Eagar and the Bush Liars’ Club would have us believe is that a 110 story building fell from 1300 feet up to approximately street level at the rate of free fall yet it serially crushed floors below on the way down as though they weren’t there. According to the Official Conspiracy Theory, WTC was in a hurry that cannot be accounted for by laws of physics. You can’t have the WTC fall at the rate of free fall and still encounter even the tiniest bit of resistance on the way down. A tiny bit of resistance on the way down means that it can’t get there in the time that is in evidence. Eagar’s hypothesis fails simply the top can’t get down as fast as the documented facts demonstrate. If it doesn’t fit the facfs, it’s filed in the circular file. It’s not about “wanting” to believe. The hypothesis proffered by the Prof. just simply does NOT fit the observed facts. If you wish to throw out the observed and provable facts, then any opinion will do. But al-Qaeda could not repeal the laws of physics even if they COULD get the USAF to stay on the ground for an hour while they flew all over, the Northeast, (even over several USAFB). Unless, of course, Allah is really that good. There you have a choice: 1. Allah is all powerful and answers the prayers of his people 2. The Bush Liars’ Club got started earlier than most people figured.


MORE ABOUT THE TWIN TOWERS These two building came down within a few minutes of each other in astounding precision. A million pounds of C4 could not do that, you could twist those beams up, but you will never be able to sever all of the connections of those 48 beams with 5″ thick walls and then all of the other interior beams, with 2″ thick walls, for the stairwells and elevator shafts with explosives, it cannot be done, it is impossible. Any one of those beams, if left intact would of pulled that building in some direction, and never would of allowed it to go straight down. Dozens of demolition experts have spoken about this on film, exposing themselves and their companies to the complete scrutiny of everyone, they are not hiding from the public or the government, the best demolition experts in the world all say the same thing, that there is no demolition company on planet earth that has the ability to bring those three buildings down, ( including tower 7) except the UNITED STATES MILITARY. The only way to bring those buildings down, without destroying half of New York, was to turn the cement to dust, and melt the engine blocks, IE, the steel beams. Allowing the steel beams to fall onto other buildings would of made a bad situation much worse. Dropping a bomb onto the buildings, and blowing debris all over that city would of been catastrophic. Those towers were sitting in a bathtub protected by a sea wall. Had that sea wall been compromised, in a massive explosion, the devastation to New York would of been un imaginable. However it was to be, that those buildings were to come down, would have to be controlled. The only option to bring those buildings down, according to all the experts is nuclear demolition at the atomic level. This would explain allot, not everything, but allot. There are no civilian agencies that are authorized to use nuclear energy to effect demolition. They may, with proper authorization use thermionic techniques for demolition, but only the United States Military has the authority to use nuclear energy for demolition or any other form of nuclear destructive force. Every single Architect and Structural Engineer in this country, and around the world, all, without exception, declare, that those buildings came down with engineered precision. A hundred planes, crashing into those towers, could never cause them to fall in free fall like they did. A thousand F-18’s firing rockets at those buildings would of made a mess out of things, but that twisted steel would still be standing. They would of beat those buildings to hell, but 48 beams with 5″ walls, would never of collapsed. The only way those beams could of failed is by atomic excitation and disruption. Continued in the next posting ………….


PART THREE ABOUT THE TWIN TOWERS If you are still following me on this subject great, that means that you are still alive and thinking. If you are still of the belief that two camel jockeys who have never ridden in a plane before, flew up to 38,000 feet, opened up their window and tied a parachute to their passports, and tossed them so that they could gently float down and land on the ruble heap after the dust settles from the destruction they are about to inflict, so that the police could identify who actually did it, you are just gone, you have lost your last brain cell and you are really not going to like the rest of this posting, and there is nothing that I or anyone else can do to help you, you are just gone, and there are allot of Americans that are on your team, so don’t feel like you are out there all alone, you have lots of company, the entire United States Military is on your side, and thinks exactly like you, so for all intent and purposes you probably think you are in the best possible company. But just let me assure you, that when you sleep in a bed of rattlesnakes and scorpions, eventually you are going to get bit. If you ran next door and borrowed a couple of brain cells from your neighbor, so you could still follow along with me here, well buckle up Skippy it is going to get bumpy for you, but smooth sailing for the rest of us. The only organization on this planet, who is qualified, and capable of bringing down the Twin Towers on 911, with such precision, dislodging the steel from it’s bonds, and turning the cement to dust so that it could all fall straight down without damaging to many other buildings, is the UNITED STATES MILITARY. Every other demolition company says that they do not have the knowledge or the capability to demolish those buildings, like they were done, within minutes of impact, and within minutes of each other. The only authorization that the UNITED STATES MILITARY received to take down the Twin Towers on 911, had to come from THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GOVERNMENT. You need to ask yourself, WHO gave the Military authorization to take down all of those buildings on that day, not just the Twin Towers, but all of them, and then ask yourself the question WHY??? None of us has all the answers, and probably we never will, but some of us have some of the answers. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has been sold, it is no longer a government of the people, by the people, for the people, it has OWNERS now. And it is a safe bet, that no one on soil called AMERICA, is one of the owners, or has any real say. The President, the Congress, the Senate, are all just managers of a business that is owned by a corporation, which also has it’s own hierarchy. This was planned, someone gave the order to take down these buildings, and it was not Mohamed Atta. I was not Ben Laden. It was not Saddam Hussein. And it certainly was not Hillary Clinton, or Barrack Obama, I mean for goodness sakes people, we all know that those two could not even keep it under wraps taking out a single story flat, and four people, in a foreign war zone, let alone 6,000 offices, 300 stories of buildings with 5,000,000 square feet of office space, and the headquarters of the entire United States Military, the Pentagon, and kill 4,000 Americans in the process, all the while, while being the Commander and Chief of the most powerful Military earth has ever seen. And yet those same people who believe that Hillary and Obama took out Benghazi, also believe that Mohamed Atta took out the Pentagon and the World Trade Center and killed 4,000 Americans with a box cutter, while he commanded the Military to stand down, remember the sky was cleared for this event, and the scrambled jets were sent not to New York, but out to sea, I am sure, under the orders of Mohammad Atta. This clearly shows the intellectual capability of the American people, and why there is no hope for them, to escape what is coming upon them. Rather than resist what is coming they will beg for it. Continued in the next posting………………


PART FOUR ABOUT THE TWIN TOWERS What all of the Architect and Structural Engineers who have studied the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building 7 all agree on, is that it was no accident that they failed, it was controlled demolition. You are not thinking China did this are you. You are not thinking Russia did this are you. No one else has the ability to handle nuclear weapons or nuclear tools. Medical grade doesn’t even come close to being able to slice through 5″ steel. This event had to be planned, who knows for how long, the powers that be planned this out, what evil lurks in their minds, and what evil lurks in the minds of those who support and defend them. What evil lurks in the minds of those who are willing to martyr themselves, for an entity who makes no secret of sacrificing it’s own, even it’s own children, and I am not talking about Islam. The United States of America, via the United States Military, murdered those people in the Twin Towers, there can be no other conclusion drawn. Setting the charges to take down those buildings could of taken more than a year or years of clandestine work to pull off, or in their own words, “pull the building”. They knew that on that day, thousands of people were going to show up for work there. They could of chose a holiday, or a Sunday. But, no, a regular work day. I want you to think hard about this, in the mix of people slaughtered on that day, by our own government, and our own military, were women, children, innocent men, fireman, and policeman. With callous disregard for all human life, they sacrificed the lives of their own relatives, countryman, workmates, no, a better word is, they murdered them deliberately in cold blood, your government, your military did this to it’s own people. As if that were not enough, building upon that egregious crime, that atrocity, they then through another concocted lie, sent American women and men to Iraq to be slaughtered there, several thousand more died on those battle fields, all built upon a lie, by their own admissions. Sometimes I have the thought that the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 were for the Owners of America benefit, and the Iraq war was a bone thrown to Cheney and Bush for going along with the program. The Twin Towers and building 7, held much of the records of the worlds monetary systems, and government secrets. It was second only to London, which is controlled by the Vatican. Having the financial records of the World Trade center and building 7 destroyed by surprise during a work day, would prevent anyone from getting documents to safety. Every economist on planet earth is warning all of us, that the globalist are going to take down the dollar, and taking down the World Trade Center, is step one. If your Military, will kill the police and the fireman, and 4000 others, not to mentioned those who died of complications later, what makes you think that they would never do that again, just because they are staging tanks at police departments, surely that does not mean that they would ever turn the turrets on the cop shop, OR WOULD THEY. The United States of America, slaughtered it’s own people in cold blood on 911, have no fear, they will not hesitate to do it again. They have build 1500 internment camps, they call them re-settlement camps, re-education camps. They are going to jerk you out of your homes and re-settle you where ever the hell they want to, and re- educate you to accept it or die. You are going to be re taught that this is the new world order, and you can either go along with the program, or die, and they would just assume that you chose death, and for some, that will be listed as the choice, whether agreed to or not.


Once again this is the voice of Peter Jennings, reporting that a plane went completely through one of the towers, we all know that this is impossible, but this is what they claimed to be seeing. I cannot believe that Peter Jennings would ever lie to use, he was sure that this is what he was seeing. But now we know that the military has holographic capabilities, that can project any image they want. Some people claim that at the street level what they saw was not an airplane but a missile. Now a Missile could go through the building.



I finally found this video again. It is the video where Peter Jennings is asking George Stephenopolous, “Where Is All The Rubble???” watch it all the way to the very end, where he mentions it again . Neither Peter nor George would try to trick us, I don’t want to believe that. I think we can trust them, at least I do, I think they have a degree of integrity, and would quite their jobs before they would lie to the public about something so serious. But the bathtub that the towers were built upon, was something like 20 ft thick the base of the cement pour, there is no way that that cement pad could of been driven down into the ground without rupturing the sea wall to which it was attached. That building was deliberately pulverized in its demolition, this was no accident.



Another video, of a reputable news anchor asking the question, where is the rubble. I know that it might be difficult to sit through all of these videos about 911, something that happened 15 years ago, but I am building a case for what is coming. Your military did this, and your military is planning something that is going to make this look like a toe trip. Pay special attention to the part where they talk about the ruble from two 110 stories buildings, collapsing to street level. At the end they mention that the television tower that was on top of the building, was at street level and the fireman placed a flag on top of it.



I have a hard time imagining that John Lear would risk his reputation to come out and offer his viewpoint of the 911 twin towers incident. But I have no problem believing that this government would lie to it’s own people, because they have a proven reputation for doing just that. This government, the American government, has proven on more than one occasion that it is willing to slaughter thousands of innocent people to distract from its real agenda. 911 was just one more, followed by Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Liberia, Viet Nam.


 Here are my thoughts on this, and you might not want to hear this, but, none the less it is true just the same, and it is exactly what my postings have been about the past few days. This act of sending missiles into the twin towers was a horrible atrocity, don’t you agree with that statement ? 3000 people were slaughtered there, innocent men women and children were killed that day. Did someone evil do this, or did a righteous God do this. Really, Really, Really, do you people actually believe that God put his stamp of approval on one of the most horrendous acts, like Monet signing a painting. Come on people, come on, think, think, reason for yourselves, stop believing the lies and deception that Satan puts right in front of your face. God had nothing to do with murdering 3000 innocent people on that day, and to draw attention to a scrap of twisted steel and try to imply that he did it or approved of it, or helped accomplish it is just blind ignorance and insanity, you people have to wake up to the lies and deception of Gods enemy, especially when it is so obvious, my gawd can’t you Americans think for yourselves for one moment without the media telling you what to believe. These are my comments on the photo of a cross at the ruins of the world trade center.


jett on June 24, 2013 at 8:34 am said: With the CIA being on record as creating and funding Al Qeada for the past 15 years…and Al Qeada blamed for 9/11…I feel confident that it was in deed an inside job…..just sayin.



matt hendog on June 20, 2013 at 3:49 pm said: 9/11 was an inside job in-so-much that, building 7 was an obvious and even admitted controlled implosion. But if you want to believe that a couple dozen towel heads had the network capabilities and financial means needed to simultaneously hijack a fleet of airliners and crash them into the world trade center and pentagon building (where the records for missing untold billions of dollars went). well then you just keep on walking around with your head up your associations.



Watch the video of the US General, put down whatever you are doing and watch this. Also watch the one with John Lear. To those of you who do not know John Lear, he is a world famous pilot, and an avionics engineer, the maker of Lear Jets, some of the most widely utilized jets in the world, he is not a stupid man, listen to him.



The reason that I posted some pictures about the world trade center is because I found, myself, the entire event very hard to accept. One of the reasons that I found it hard to accept is because, I am a welder, and I know about melted steel. If there was a way that scientist could harness, and transfer to other industries, that perpetual source of energy that was found after the trade center collapsed when weeks after, whenever steel was uncovered it burst into flames because all it needed was a little more oxygen, the entire world would have no energy problems. The fire fighters said that molten steel would be running down the beams. For steel to do that, to run down beams, it would have to be heated to a far greater degree than is possible for rocket fuel. Far greater than Oxy Acetylene, acetylene will melt steel of course, but to run down beams, would take gigantic amounts of it precisely metered at the exact mixture and flow rates with oxygen, and in that setting, that was impossible and absurd to even contemplate or argue. Remember and keep in mind, that it is forms of jet fuel that combust inside metal jet engines, without melting them, because it does not burn hot enough to do that or the jet engines would just melt, RIGHT ? Jet fuel burns at around 500 to 1000 degrees, and steel melts at around 2500-2700 degrees. To bend and deflect steel you would of course not want to melt it. Even in normal fires of warehouses and such it is common for steel girders to bend and collapse, while the wooden beams remain intact. Jet fuel can heat up enough to bend steel, but there is no set of circumstances, even highly oxygenated jet fuel could ever get to the temperature to melt steel. And it is the findings of the fire fighters that it was one of the most difficult parts of the rescue, is that they were constantly being bombarded and showered by melted steel, not bent steel, but steel that was still coming at them as if it were coming directly from a smelting pot. It even melted their shoes, weeks later. This type of behavior of combustion, is text book for Thermionic combustion. Thermite. In every photo, it is exactly like Thermite in action. To bring down those buildings, Thermite would of had to be deliberately placed everywhere, and in engineered locations, just placing it on one or two floors would never do the trick. The trick was on us. If you think that governments are not capable of staging attacks, using innocent people, you have not studied war.



You’re probably already well aware that the National Security Agency is spying on you. A new report from The Intercept reveals yet another place they’re doing it. The NSA pretended to be Facebook—you know, that 500-million person social network—so it could trick you into downloading invasive malware. Per the piece: “In some cases the NSA has masqueraded as a fake Facebook server, using the social media site as a launching pad to infect a target’s computer and exfiltrate files from a hard drive,” Ryan Gallagher and Glenn Greenwald report. “In others, it has sent out spam emails laced with the malware, which can be tailored to covertly record audio from a computer’s microphone and take snapshots with its webcam.” It’s a variation on a common scheme called phishing, in which an entity poses as an official site, gains your trust and then exploits it. (See this recent Netflix scheme for an example.) Usually, the perpetrators are small-time crooks, and not the U.S. government. These particular tactics were apparently once only reserved for a small number of difficult targets who couldn’t be monitored via traditional wiretaps. But according to documents obtained by The Intercept, the NSA has recently expanded this technology so that these little malware mines around the internet, dubbed implants, can “scale to large size (millions of implants) by creating a system that does automated control implants by groups instead of individually.” In other words, the NSA designed a surveillance system that skirted actual human oversight so that they could spread malware to millions of computers. Malware that allows them to see everything you’ve saved on your computer. Not cool. Even worse? This type of spying actually weakens computer security systems, immediately making any NSA target vulnerable to third-party attacks, a malware expert told The Intercept. The NSA declined to answer specific questions about this project. “As the president made clear on 17 January,” the agency said in a statement, “signals intelligence shall be collected exclusively where there is a foreign intelligence or counterintelligence purpose to support national and departmental missions, and not for any other purposes.” These revelations come just on the heels of the South by Southwest Interactive conference, which hosted a talk with Edward Snowden on Monday. The former NSA contractor and whistleblower urged technologists to begin designing products which focus on individual security. Technologists, hurry up, please.