I am seriously hoping that I don’t have to explain to you how important food and water are to you. But I already know that you just don’t get it. You are not capable of thinking beyond what is on the tube the next hour, or how many virtual points you are going to win, with the next click of your mouse, or if you should accidentally miss that basketball dunk, that swing of the racket, that contact of the ball against the bat, or how beautifully those two helmets slammed into each other, while you chug your beer, and watch a couple twirl on the dance floor, or slap mosquitos while naked in a forest. These things have become more important to Americans, than food and water. You all actually took off time from work, so that you could make it to the polling booth in time to vote for your favorite robber, to steal right out from underneath your feet, the very things you need to live, and you stopped for a moment in pause, to give your pledge of Allegiance to that piece of cloth, that is the god of the nation, that is taking away those things the living God gave you for free to support your life. When I hear someone say God Bless America, it makes me want to violently vomit, God has nothing to do with this country, or any other nation on earth. God provides you with food and water for free, this nation, America, is trying not only to take away food and water from you, but from the entire world. This is not from a loving God, this is from an Evil Satan, of whom, God’s word describes as the “god of this system of things.” “The whole world is laying in the power of the wicked one”, “Who is misleading the entire inhabited earth” , believing anything else, is all the same as calling God a liar. That is really not a very smart thing to do. You need to stop it, and you need to stop it today. You need to sit down, and learn, and be taught, what God has to say, and you cannot, and will not, accomplish that in any building that has the word, Church, Mosque, Synagogue, on it, those things belong to Satan, they are his schools, and they teach you the things that Satan wants you to know, and they are there to keep you entrapped into his system of things, that is why Gods word says, “Get out of them if you do not want to die”, How clear can it be to you. Jesus promised that upon his death, he would destroy the Jewish system of things, and at the very moment of his death, the curtain was shredded, and 70 years later, the Temple was not protected by God, it was destroyed by the Romans, just exactly like Jesus said it would, not a stone left upon a stone, Get out of Babylon the Great, GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT. Twenty Five percent of the world is at war with Babylon the Great right now. This is not going to halt with Islam. The nations of this earth are going to band together, somehow, someway, some day, and they are going to go after Islam, and when they do it will spark a fire storm of religious fervor and outrage, that will spread across this globe. It is going to engulf all religions, and when it does, this will trigger the greatest time of trouble this earth has ever seen. In fact Jesus said, that unless God himself stops the trouble, it will become so bad that no one can survive it. The scriptures go on to say, that because of his chosen ones, he ends the worlds tribulation by destroying those who are ruining the earth, and that are not obeying the good news that is being preached to them. You can become one of the chosen ones, by simply obeying the good news that is being preached to you, by turning your attention away from the world that has been created by Satan, and begin listening to God. You do not learn about God at your Church, indeed, your Church teaches you the exact opposite of the truths about God, The Pope actually passed a law to the Catholic Church world wide, that God’s name was not to be spoken or written within the Church property. The Catholic Church is the head of the World Council of Churches, of which your Church is a member, and that is just one more reason why, God’s name is not spoken in your church either. If you do not know Gods name or use it, you also know nothing about God. I cannot stress enough, the world is going to war with religion, get out of religion, and on to the ark of safety that God provides, he always gives a way out, even if it is walking on the bottom of the ocean on dry land. You are not going to learn about God in the Churches, that is exactly why Jesus gave the command to his disciples to take the message of his kingdom right to the doors of every family in this entire world, and there is no where in this world that you can go today, that God’s people have not knocked on their door, no one on earth can say that they have not been told, it is such common knowledge that their activities find their way into jokes. Keep laughing while you can, but while you are engaging in humor at God’s people warning you of what is coming, take another look at what religion is doing in 45 nations right now, and it is a promise, that religious conflict is going to touch you, it is just a matter of time, and because it is coming, you need to understand it, and you need to understand it right now, you do not have a minute to waste, it takes time to learn, and change your mind and heart to become chosen by God to protect you. If you think, that God is going to defend and protect Islam, and Catholicism, you are just as good as ………..!!! It was Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp, 30 years ago, that for free, got on their tour buses and for decades went around this nation warning Americans what was going on with the farmers, and no one did anything about it. Instead of helping the farmers keep their farms, Americans went to the pooling booths, and voted into office those who would continue to take the farms away from the farmers. The American Government, the United States of America, that one you pledge your allegiance too, the nation you worship it’s symbol of, the one you ask God to bless, has passed laws, that make it illegal for farmers to independently grow food, there are even laws on the books right now, that make it illegal for you to grow food in your own back or front yard. You also have no legal right to minerals or water, on the property that you thought was yours. It is a false religious ideology, that preaches to the public, from the pulpits of Congress, and the halls of the United Nations, that man DOES NOT have the right to food and water. Food and water are provisions from God to sustain life, this is the religious component to this argument, God provides food and water, every human on earth has a right to it. But it is Americans, who are doing everything in their power to take the rights of food and water away from the entire world, it is why, YOU who continue in your blind patriotism, to support the nation who is hell bent on destroying this whole earth, locks me up worse than windows 3.0, and I personally cannot wait, until the very last person that bows down to that religious symbol, is wiped off the face of this earth. Any person who believes and supports the belief that man does not have the right to food and water, should have no place in this world, or any other, and I look forward to the day when those with an opposing view, no longer exist.


Monsanto, is as Satanic as is possible. Satan not only wanted to squelch the advancement of the human race, by putting Adam and Eve to death, he wanted to destroy all of God’s creation. 2 Peter 3:7 tells us that ,”One day with Jehovah is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” Adam died at 930 years, within the day that God said he would. It can be reasoned that Satan thought that Adam and Eve would die on the spot, within a 24 hour period, ending life for humans, before they had a chance to have children. But God within seconds, formulated a plan to give Adams children a chance at life. Satan has never stopped his murderous rampage, and assault upon God’s creation. Monsanto is just one more tool in his tool box. How ? Monsanto kills. It kills life that you do not see. Monsanto kills micro organisms, and the germination of seeds. Monsanto kills the life that is in our soil. Chemicals, from Dow, Dupont, Monsanto, bind and encapsulate the dissolved minerals in earths soil, preventing them from being wicked up in the capillary system of roots. Minerals and enzymes and bacteria that we cannot live without are killed and destroyed. Parasites of bad bacteria are not balanced with in our gut, because the good bacteria, is killed out of our food, before we ever get a chance to eat it. Good enzymes and bacteria are pasteurized and eradiated from our foods. Almost all of the food that we eat now, that we purchase from the markets, even some of the vegetables is dead food, there is nothing living in it. Then, as if that weren’t enough, Monsanto’s scientist have figured out ways of genetically modifying, not only the foods we eat, but on everything that grows that they can get their hands on. even the grass that cows eat. The genetically modified crops, have a side benefit for Monsanto, they do not reproduce, no seeds, just like the offspring of Satan and his angels, no seeds. With no seeds, Monsanto gets to sell farmers their seeds, every year. To reproduce, some plants need to be pollinated. For thousands of years, insects have been the ones who pollinate plants, chief of which are bees. Do you think that spraying of crops, with the poisons that kill insects, would in any way benefit Monsanto??? If bees pollinate plants, then they will grow naturally, and produce seeds, that would be competition for Monsanto, Monsanto cannot have that. It is not a coincidence that 90 % of the bees in this country are dead, and that is not to even take into consideration, the other insects that died of the same poisons. Poisons that kill insects, kill other forms of life as well. Roundup, is listed as an antibiotic, antibiotic means anti life, it kills life. Our plants and crops are being genetically modified, we all know that, purple cauliflower really?? Take a look at the fruits and vegetables in the markets, they are so loaded with chemicals that even insects won’t take a bite out of them. The antibiotics and the pesticides are now a part of the seeds that Monsanto sells the farmers. Any other chemical they want to add, would be real easy for them. In the 1940’s Fluoride was the prozac of the day. What do all of us do a few times every day, we get our daily dose of fluoride in our toothpaste, and for those who don’t brush their teeth we get it in our water.


For at least as long as I have been alive, Monsanto has been killing the soil around the world. My father worked on a farm, and as a child I remember watching what they called crop dusters, spray chemicals over the crops and soil. In addition to killing the micro organisms in the soil, almost all of the food that we eat has been processed in one way or another, and when it is processed, all of the micro organisms in it are destroyed. Cooking food also destroys micro organisms. This video backs this up and you should watch it. Why?? Because in a few more decades, the soil in this entire earth is going to be dead. You cannot even imagine what that will mean.


The earth will give its produce; God, our God, will bless us. Psalms 67:6 tells us that the earth will yield it’s produce under God’s Kingdom.


There will be an abundance of grain on the earth; On the top of the mountains it will overflow. His fruit will flourish as in Lebanon, And in the cities people will blossom like the vegetation of the earth. This is from Psalms 72:16 and this scripture tells us that on the earth, earth will yield it produce, it will overflow with food to feed the nations. Another scripture points out, that “God will pour out upon mankind a blessing until there is no more want.” Meaning we all will want for nothing, we will all have more than what we will ever need.


The explanation of this is simple, this nation wants the people to drink what is in that $.99 bottle. You are a fool if you continue to believe, that this country, this nation that you bow down to and worship, this nation that you offer up the lives of your children to on the battlefields around the world, as sacrifices, you are being foolish if you think that this country is not altering our food.

Notice the part where it says that Hitler used fluoride to sedate the prisoners, and also notice that it contains the same ingredient as Prozac and rat poison. I have posted so much information about Americans being drugged, and lifeless, sitting on their sofas watching the boob tube, un able to formulate a sentence. Oblivious to their surroundings, uncaring, they do not care about anything, not themselves and not anyone else either. Stepford Wives, it’s in the water, and in thousands of food products. Americans have been sedated for decades, so that the powers that be can work their evil. There are things going on that should outrage Americans, instead, they shrug it off as normal, or as some form of entertainment. The entertainment is specifically designed Americans to slowly and gradually accept things as normal, which are anything but. Some of the things that I post should illicit outrage, there should be some kind of response, instead there is absolute silence, why ? Because Americans are drugged. And you don’t even know it. Notice how silent it is, when it was revealed that our government has been building entire cities and freeways underneath us all. It is like it goes right over the top of their heads and they don’t even flinch, it does not even register with them. Our roads and bridges are crumbling, and filled with pot holes, and the civic agencies claim there is no money to fix them, but there is money to build entire freeway systems linking the cities of this country, with cities of foreign countries, entirely under ground. Military bases and runways built entirely underground, and Americans just view this as some kind of fictional TV show. No response out of them what so ever. The lights are on but no one is home. My Facebook friend Madonna is a truck driver and has made deliveries to these places. And all this time you thought “How nice, my government cares about my cavities “