Radio Frequency Identification Device. These are to wire every single thing in the world to the internet, so that at any time or any place, you can call up NSA and find out where you laid down that screwdriver, and what color of underwear the man is wearing that is sleeping with your wife.



THE INTERNET OF EVERYTHING The last posting that I put up I should of said, “Everything gets put on the internet, including you” the way I worded it wasn’t clear. To clarify things let me just say, that the plan is to have all material objects embedded with RFID chips that can be tracked, not just people, but everything. That ink pen in your pocket, can have a RFID chip on the inside of it that can be tracked anywhere you take it. We are already familiar with RFID chips in markets that track and alarm, high theft items. The Internet of Everything is just an expansion of that. Technology has advanced to the point where RFID chips are the dots of the i in printing. Millions of transistors are routinely placed on silicon wafers no bigger that one centimeter.



You are seeing the commercials from Cisco about “The Internet of Everything”. You are not paying attention to this. And the reason that I know that you are not paying attention to this is because you are silent about it, when you should be up in arms. The internet of everything means, everything on the internet. THAT INCLUDES YOU. The rumor is that in 2016 all DMV identification cards will be RFID equipped. What does that mean ? That means that the internet, and all of those who can get on the internet, can track that card in real time. If that card is in your wallet, or in your purse, wherever your wallet is, or wherever your purse is, the internet of everything can post where that wallet and purse is, in real time. If you are in the bathroom at work, your boss can tell whether you are in the stall or at the urinal and if you washed your hands, and if you flushed, and how much paper you used, and how long you were in there. And if you think that this is science fiction, check into American Standard, and see the advancement in their products, and how they also have become smart appliances for public bathrooms, used throughout the world, and especially at rest stops, to monitor restroom traffic and use, and need of service and supplies. Smart restrooms have sensors everywhere, to tell how many people are in there, where they are in the restroom, how the paper supply is doing, the temperature of the room, the temperature of the water, the ph of the urinal bowl, and the flush rate of the toilet, you already know that the toilets flush automatically. In addition to that, technology is being installed in public restrooms that detect drug use in the urine, Meth, Heroin, Pot, Vicodin, Advil, Alcohol, Caffeine, and undefined health risk, that can be detected, in a standard urine panel work up. The results of this are attached to your RFID chip, in your ID card, or the one injected into your body, or even the cloths you are wearing that you never even knew was there and it was activated and attached to the card that paid for it at the checkout stand, along with the photo that was taken of you when you paid for it. In many stores right this minute, if you pay with cash, your photo is being taken. If security, or law enforcement is close by when you use the restroom, like at an airport, or a train station, or bus terminal, you will be stopped and arrested on the spot. If you have a serious health risk, or anything communicable, you will be whisked away by EMS, whether you have time for it or not. Your boss will know where you are at all times, in your car, where you are in your car, how fast you are driving, like if you are stuck in traffic excuse, if you are at a restaurant, at a market, are you really on that business call in that business park, are you really at that meeting at Starbucks, what time you went to bed, and even who you went to bed with, that’s right, soon, the police will be able to tell who is sleeping with who, in real time, and who the studs are, and what motel you both are in. Two people in a restroom stall will not be allowed and an alarm will go off, and they already know who was in that stall. Meetings at parks are already monitored by cameras, streets are monitored by cameras, and with RFID, in your cloths already, the police can follow you anywhere they want, for as long as they want. RFID chips are already being woven into clothing and shoes. They can tell who bought the cloths, what color they are , where they were bought, what time they were bought, what else was bought at the same time. Tracking us all with our cars, and with our smart phones has been going on for along time, it is just being expanded now to be even more personal. If your company provides conditional health insurance, like, you have to attend the gym a few times a week, you cannot drink or smoke, or eat too much rich foods at the restaurants, those things are easily monitored and tracked, you buy a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of alcohol, and you are busted, you buy some prime rib at the restaurant, and you are busted. Show up at a strip club, with a moral clause in your contract, and you are busted, in addition to what your wife is going to do to you. The internet of everything, means everything on the internet, and they do mean everything, even that bottle of water you are holding. You see that bar code, RFID can, and is, also printed, and can be printed on just about anything, and sandwiched between just about anything, completely invisible.


RFID – 1

The latest direction in chipping the human population comes from the hidden part of the Obama “health care” reform. Who reads more than 1,000 pages of mostly incomprehensible “doublethink” drivel? The Senate Healthcare bill HR3200 was passed in 2010, and requires the implant of an RFID chip in every American. This chip will be inserted into our skin and linked to all our banking, medical, and other personal documents. Here is a short quote: “The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of post market safety and outcomes data on each device that— ‘is or has been used in or on a patient; ‘and is— ‘a class III device’; or ‘a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.’”(4) Since there is no actual mention of the word “RFID” chipping in the bill, one must then go to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to find that this “medical device” is actually an RFID chip.(5) The entire wording of this document is loaded with doublespeak and massive obfuscation. It is a deliberate and criminal act of harm cloaked in Orwellian terminology. How many Americans know that this is part of this so-called health care “reform”? So, we continued to be tracked by corporations and agencies – no longer working for us. Since these devices can be linked to constant and toxic monitoring, who isn’t to say that these chips could actually be “turned off” without our knowledge, and this terminates a life?



Have you ever heard the term, “The Internet of Everything” ??? Well let me explain what that means. We are all familiar with going to the market and passing by those familiar stands that guard the enter and exit doors, that read RFID devices that are packaged inside of products to catch shoplifters. That technology is 20 years old by now. Allot has changed in 20 years, and technology has advanced monumentally. Some of you may have heard of the RFID CHIP for dogs, cats, and humans, small as a grain of rice and made out of surgical grade of glass, injected under the skin, just like a vaccine. The plan has been for years to reduce the size, increase the sensitivity and transmission range. Now it is ready to insert into everything that is manufactured, EVERYTHING, right down to your underwear. When you buy something at a store lets just say, like a pair of shoes. Molded into the plastic can be inserted a RFID CHIP that can be read 30 feet away with a reader. Readers can and already are, being placed by the billions in every single place you would find a human, even restrooms. Woven into the cuff of your shirt, and the hem of your skirt, your socks, jock strap and panties, the pen in your pocket, the lipstick in your purse, and already, every single phone and tablet, every single new car sold, every appliance and tv, every electronic device, already includes built in RFDI CHIPS. Enhanced Drivers License already contain the RFID CHIP and can be read by the hand held scanners used by the employees at Wall Mart. You can be tracked with that license in your pocket, everywhere you go, even a walk in the park. These chips are also being woven into currency, and I wonder how long before they become part of out food. These chips can be activated at point of sell and linked to your card. It is not so bad, not to worry, the police will know where you are, and whether or not you are wearing panties, and exactly which pair of shoes you are wearing, and which pair of jeans, 24 hours a day. You will never be lost again, and neither will you kids. If you get in good with someone at the cop shop, they can also help you keep track of your husband, until you can get a reader of your own