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Nano Particles

A few of my friends have an understanding of electronics like I do, so they will grasp this better than most perhaps. In electronics we have this chemical called Cramolin. Cramolin makes a paste that has cooper and aluminum particles suspended in it. What these particles do is they add greater contact area in the connection, and also dissipate the heat generated within the mechanical connections.
Aluminum is widely known to be a very effective thermal conductive media, as well as being a relatively good conductor of electricity.
I want to draw your attention now to directed energy weapons that are currently being deployed. Some people believe that some sort of CERN or HARPA weapon was involved in taking down the twin towers, I am not offering an opinion on that, but we do know for a fact certainty, that airplanes did not bring those buildings down and turn them to dust, and sever those steel columns every 30 ft, so that they stacked nicely in a pile, that my friends, did not happen with box cutters.
Directed Energy weapons have been used on the battlefield in Iraq and in Afghanistan.
I want you to think about this. What would be an efficient way of increasing the thermal transmission and dispersion capabilities of a Directed Energy Weapon on a living organism ????
Answer !!!! Fill that organism with media, that has excellent thermal conductive and electrical conductive properties, IE NANO PARTICLES OF ALUMINUM AND BARIUM.
When our bodies, our blood, our brains, our organs contain nano particles of aluminum, and a directed energy weapon is focused at us, it will excite those particles of metals and agitate them, doing enormous destruction to the cells of our bodies, in essence, slicing us up into billions of pieces from the inside.
Through Smart Meters, cell disruption can occur through high energy radio frequency transmissions right through the wiring of your home, cooking you while you are watching TV. Your body being filled with heavy metals, increases your conductivity by thousands of times.
I look forward to hearing from you, there is a reason why this entire planet is being covered in nano particles of Aluminum, and the Elite are moving under ground, let me hear your ideas.




This was written by G. Griffin around 1971. An engineered society has been planned and orchestrated for along time. We cannot make the claim that all rioting is financed and instituted by the government, but some is, and there is much more to come. The government deliberately creates problems, so that it can usher in it’s own solutions.