Americans Did This To Themselves

I don’t know Trump, I have no idea what is in his heart, but the real men who run this world, we do not even know their names. No President has any power to do anything. He may be a wonderful guy, but I find that all Presidents are all talk, they give the speeches they are handed. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about that you can see with your own eyes, Geo Engineering IE Chemtrails, if Chemtrails are not stopped it will kill us all. Chemtrails are being sprayed by the United States Military, IE, Veterans. Trump is supposed to be the Commander and Chief of the Military. He could, if he truly wants clean air and water like he says he does, tell the United States Military to stop polluting the air and water that this entire world breaths and drinks, including his own family, but instead what do we find, an increase in the spraying and him touring a Chemtrail plane. It is cognitive dissonance to believe that everything is fine with the economy when we are now 23 trillion dollars in Debt. If all or your credit cards were maxed out, and you were selling your property to China to survive, would you really think that you were financially well off. The media tells us every single day how wonderful the economy is doing, they also continue telling us that four camel jockeys brought down the massive steel structures in New York with a box cutter and a beer can. I worry about Trump, in many ways ways just like JFK he often times goes off script and says things the globalist do not approve of, in my opinion, he should surround himself with his own personally hired army, make his own media broadcasting station and speak his heart to the American people, the media is controlled by the globalist, they are never going to allow him to speak the truth. Or, in order to protect himself and his family, he should resign, and get the hell out of Washington DC. It should be obvious to everyone of both parties, that for the last three years, neither party has done one single thing, both parties and the media are participating in this ridiculous charade going on about foreign governments interfering in our political system. It is impossible for anyone to interfere in a Presidential election in America, America does not have a Presidential election, we have an Electoral Collage in which 270 men place a man in office in which this man has been groomed for years if not decades in advance. If every single person who has ever lived on earth had voted for Hillary, Trump would have still been placed in office. It was the American people who took down the greatest economic system the world has ever known, we did this to ourselves, Americans destroyed their own economy, not China, not Russia, not Iran, not Iraq, Americans knew the price of everything and the value of nothing. Because of individual greed and self centered gain, we allowed the big concrete tilt up box stores, from China, to come into this country, and completely devastate our main street mom and pop stores that our friends and our families and our neighbors ran, and sacrificed for. Americans are the one’s who took down every single industry that our forefathers built, bleed, and died for. Like the spoiled brat children that Americans are, when we received our inheritance we sold it, took the money and partied until it was all gone. When I went out on my own and started my own business I could not get one single manufacturer to sell to me. It’s a long story, but that is still true to this very day. So this blaming China for unfair business practices, is ridiculous, China has every right to sell it’s products for what ever they want and it is not the place of America, to dictate economic policies to a foreign country, if we don’t like the price, don’t buy it. We, Americans, took down our industries, put them into a shipping container, and sent them to China to make our stuff for us, and then sell it back to us. We actually send chicken to China to be processed and mailed back to us. We gave every single manufacturing process we had to China, like Abraham Lincoln said, we did this to ourselves. In order to teach America a lesson, if I were China, I would refuse to sell anything to America, you want to hit me with tariffs, go right ahead, I simply won’t sell anything to you, you know that heart medication that keeps you alive, that you invented and used to make yourself, but to add to your bottom line you gave that business to me, well good luck getting it again, sorry. Same thing when the United States Senate brought Bill Gates before it and accused him of a monopoly, If I had of been Bill Gates I would of told the Senate ok fine, I will pull Windows operating system off the market right now if that makes you people happy, and then watch, as every single thing in this entire world, save the Amish, shuts down, because this entire world runs on Windows. Oh by the way, manufactures in China. And as regards health care, I would give Americans the choice, if you don’t want health care for others, I would also likewise make sure that you don’t get it as well. Every single time this issue of health care comes up, Americans will fight tooth and nail to keep their very own children from getting it, it is astounding to say the least, they only want health care for themselves, and no one else.

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