REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE For the past 10 years that I know of, you have been bombarded with information, that instructs you, that there is this gigantic gap in economic diversity, in this nation, and in all nations. Except for the 1% at the top, in every other category housing cost alone represents half of a persons income, in 50% of the population 100% of their income goes to housing. The single greatest cause of poverty in America, is the cost of housing, rents. You have heard extensively about the 1%, where most of the wealth of America is concentrated into 1% of the population. The economic gap between the 1% and the 99% who are poor, is growing with each second, literally, because the stock market, is ran by computers now. It is going to get much much worse. It is said that 90% of the wealth of the entire world, is gathered into the hands of 85 people. And that is the people who we know the names of, but the real wealth, those who actually control money, we might never know their real names. This is never going to change, in this system of things. The nature of greed is that if those 85 men were the last men on earth, which is what they want, they would then start to kill off each other. If there was anything honorable about the Senate and House of Representatives, how could they ever, if they were supposed to represent the people, pass laws, write laws, enact laws, that would lead to the construction of a nation, deliberately designed to implode. This nation was planned out hundreds of years ago, and it’s end, is nothing like you have been told. This wasn’t fate, it wasn’t an accident, it was not a navigational error by Columbus, this whole thing was planned. And the planners of this nation are not about to allow anything to mess things up, like some silly voting system that actually is fair. You are not going to have any say, in how this nation runs, or who runs it. Like George Carlin said, it is an elite club, and you ain’t in it. You have no say in any election, not just the presidential election, those seats in the congress and senate are assigned, they are bought and paid for, the candidates running for office are just employees, temps at that. But extremely well paid, with Monopoly Money of course. Your first clue, if you were asleep before, should of been in 2008, when the United States of America, passed laws, that kicked millions of Americans out into the street, took their houses away from them, gave those houses to the banks and then threw the banks a Trillion dollar listing fee so that the banks could sell those same houses all over again. But instead of getting what just happened to Americans by their own government, Americans never said a word in protest, they just rolled over and offered up themselves to be had all over again. I found it so curious, that no one said a thing about the poor people who lost their homes, only the banks were shown sympathy, but the banks got the houses, and a trillion dollars to boot. This is just one more example of why it is, that Americans are so drunk on the kool-aid their government is pouring for them, that there is no hope for them, they are too far gone, and out of the reach of recovery. As they were packing up their boxes, they were singing God Bless America, and there were also those who had no where to go, and not a dime to get there, they simply left everything in their homes, and walked away from it all, leaving photographs of their children laying on the floor. That is how beaten down they were. If your government was a government for the people, it would pass laws that actually helped people instead of oppress them, but we see every sign and inclination from them that is just the opposite, every single law that comes out of congress, is designed to hurt people not help them. Your vote does not count, and the very best thing that an American could do these days, is to never vote again, make all government seating voluntary, and uncompensated for.


The people go to the polls and place their votes. But it is the electors of the states, who are stationed in Washington DC that caste the votes for the state, the Electors can vote for whomever they want, they do not have to vote the same way the people did. Example, if every single person in California voted Democrat, the electoral body of people which I think for California, 18 people represent the entire state, can cast their votes for the republican party


PRESIDENTIAL VOTING SYSTEM In a few months, American’s will start the clamoring of voting for a different president. They will go to the polling booths in the full confidence that their vote counts. The media will be filled 24 hours a day, with nothing but streaming theater of the candidates bantering, which is all staged. The president elect, has been chosen long before, and has been groomed in secret, to be obedient, and deliver the speeches exactly as they are given, to be a good actor. Think people, think, for gawd’s sake, learn how to reason things out. What fortune 500 company would put in charge of their entire company, a CEO, who had absolutely no experience what-so-ever in running any division of any kind of that company, just pull someone off of the street, and put them in charge. The United States of America is the largest corporation on earth, for the moment, but loosing it’s ground every minute. So, does it really make any sense to any of you, that the largest corporation in the world, with the most powerful military on earth, would put someone in control of all of that, who had not one minute’s experience. The enter workings of all governments are always held in secret, and America is no different. There are secret layers of secret layers of secret layers, that make up this government, and no one has the complete picture, because the complete picture is painted by men in foreign lands, who formed this country with one purpose in mind, world dominance, and structured it, to accomplish that goal. Just one of the many proofs of that is the Electoral College System of voting, set up in the beginning, where the individual vote, has absolutely no meaning what-so-ever. It is there for the sole purpose of placating the sheeple, who are asleep, drugged, unable or capable of independent thought. If FOX television does not say it, it must not be true, you know the type of person I am talking about, to make them think, that they have a say in their governance, knowing already, that they have not the intellectual ambition, or capability, to think for themselves, and to find out, if what they think they believe, is actually true. In the Electoral College voting system, the states are assigned a handful of people, a minimum of three people, who are stationed in Washington DC, and in December, not November, these people cast their votes for the person they are told to. They cast their votes for whoever they want, independent of what the people of the states wanted.In essence, their vote is up for bid to the highest offer, the best government money can buy, but by the time that moment has arrived, the choice has already been made years before hand. Your vote, has not a snowballs chance in hell of mattering in a presidential election, that person was chosen years before hand, and the election process is all theater


In our 17 March report “Europe Recoils In Shock After Bankster Raid, US Warned Is Next” we noted how Russian entities have €23-31 billion ($30-$40) in cross-border loans to Cypriot companies tied to Moscow, and €9 billion ($12 billion) on deposit with Cypriot banks [as compared to the €127 billion ($166 billion) being kept in similar circumstances by 60 of the United States largest corporations in offshore accounts to avoid paying American taxes] which are in danger of being confiscated by EU banksters. Unbowed by the misery they have inflicted upon the entire continent, however, and in spite of Russian warnings,European Union officials hardened their stance against Cyprus today by announcing that if the Cypriot government did not allow the raiding of private bank accounts by Monday they would be forced to destroy their banks, which remain closed for the seventh straight day and have no signs of opening soon. In an editorial agreeing with Russian leaders anger against the EU over Cyprus, Canada’s Globe and Mail News Service further writes: EU Times


A Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) “urgent bulletin” being sent to Embassies around the world today is advising both Russian citizens and companies to begin divesting their assets from Western banking and financial institutions “immediately” as Kremlin fears grow that both the European Union and United States are preparing for the largest theft of private wealth in modern history. According to this “urgent bulletin,” this warning is being made at the behest of Prime Minister Medvedev who earlier today warned against the Western banking systems actions against EU Member Cyprus by stating: “All possible mistakes that could be made have been made by them, the measure that was proposed is of a confiscation nature, and unprecedented in its character. I can’t compare it with anything but … decisions made by Soviet authorities … when they didn’t think much about the savings of their population. But we are living in the 21st century, under market economic conditions. Everybody has been insisting that ownership rights should be respected.” Medvedev’s statements echo those of President Putin who, likewise, warned about the EU’s unprecedented private asset grab in Cyprus calling it “unjust, unprofessional, and dangerous.” EU Times


The highly respected Zero Hedge financial newsletter in commenting on this dire BCG report grimly stated: “Denial. Denial is safe. Comforting. Religiously and relentlessly abused by politicians who don’t want nor can face reality. A word synonymous with “muddle through.” Ah yes, that “muddle through” which so many C-grade economists and pundits believe is the long-term status quo for the US and the world just because it worked for Japan for the past three decades, or, said otherwise, “just because.” Well, too bad. As the following absolutely must read report, which comes not from some trader of dubious credibility interviewed by BBC, nor even from an impassioned executive from a doomed Italian bank, but from consultancy powerhouse Boston Consulting Group confirms, the “muddle through” is dead. And now it is time to face the facts. What facts? The facts which state that between household, corporate and government debt, the developed world has $20 trillion in debt over and above the sustainable threshold by the definition of “stable” debt to GDP of 180%. The facts according to which all attempts to eliminate the excess debt have failed, and for now even the Fed’s relentless pursuit of inflating our way out this insurmountable debt load have been for nothing. The facts which state that the only way to resolve the massive debt load is through a global coordinated debt restructuring (which would, among other things, push all global banks into bankruptcy) which, when all is said and done, will have to be funded by the world’s financial asset holders: the middle-and upper-class, which, if BCS is right, have a ~30% one-time tax on all their assets to look forward to as the great mean reversion finally arrives and the world is set back on a viable path. But not before the biggest episode of “transitory” pain, misery and suffering in the history of mankind. Good luck, politicians and holders of financial assets, you will need it because after Denial comes Anger, and only long after does Acceptance finally arrive.” To the evidence that the masses of Americans or Europeans average citizens will begin protecting themselves against this apocalyptic outcome their remains little evidence as their so-called “mainstream” media continues to cover-up this coming catastrophe. But, and as Russia has now warned, the time for protecting oneself is fast running out, and the only survivors will be those who listened. Source:


Another video to watch, that explains from industrial leaders, that oil is not a renewable resource, there is only a finite supply, and it will run out at some point. I disagree that money is not a contributing factor in the use of oil, I believe that money is the complete factor in the consumption of oil, and if we stop using money, our consumption of oil would just about vanish.


WHY WE SHOULD LEAVE MONEY DEAD WHEN IT DIES So if we take some time to change how we view money, to learn the truth about it, and to adopt the same view that God has about money when he says that “Money is the root cause of all sorts of injurious things” and some translations say, ” Money is the root of all evil. ” But we all know that Satan is really the root of all evil. If we also believe that, why would we want to continue to support it ??? The best thing that man could do is to let money stay dead when it dies. Do not pick up that dead horse and try and ride it again. Look at all of the evil that money has done to man, why on earth would you ever want to go through that again. And I am not talking about adopting a trade and barter system, that is just another form of currency and we would be right back in the same sinking boat again. But we are under no illusion that man will ever do that on his own, it will take a God to end the evil of money. When the dollar collapses the earth is going to sink into the greatest tribulation earth has ever seen, and there will be no out of it, except by the power of God, which he promised to do on account of his loyal servants. In fact the Bible tells us that if God doesn’t stop the great tribulation, no one would be able to live through it. When men do begin to slaughter each other because their money is gone, they will be doing it over a cause that does not exist. They have a belief in something that is not even real. A false religious ideology, rather than one based in reality. The rioting and the looting, and the burning, and the violence will be spread over this entire earth. Everyone will be touched by this, in one way or another. No one really knows what will trigger the economic collapse, or when it will happen, the only thing that economist swear to is that it is going to happen, there is no escaping it. We have to take these moments that we have right now, before it happens to rearrange our thinking to bring them into alignment with how God thinks, it would be best if we all start right now, because it takes along time to change how we think and adopt new beliefs. You have been dealing with banks all of your life, you may have pensions, and 401’Ks, stock and saving accounts, these are going to disappear. And when they do, you will need to be mentally, and emotionally and spiritually adjusted to handle it, knowing that what God has planned for us is far beyond any 401k could ever do, more than all the gold and silver in the world could do for us. Religion and money will be destroyed about a similar time, and when they are God’s Kingdom will be established relatively fast after that, it will not go on for too long, because remember God’s people will be right there suffering with everyone else, so he will end it before they perish too. Do not put your trust in men or governments to fix this, they are not going to be able too, trust in God and put all of your faith in him, and stay close to his people.


I want you to pay close attention to the last set of quotation marks here. Notice the wording. How it says that there will need to be a new economic order. One way to effect and create a new economic order, would be to collapse the dollar.


This video is of Ann Barnhardt. She is a very famous economist. I like her because she talks just like I do, not saying that is good mind you, but we think alike. I have posted some of her videos in the past, and they explain why the economy is going to collapse. If you only watched one selection of videos, it should be from her, although I believe that you should watch all you have time for so that you understand, that every single economist in this entire world is saying the exact same thing. The dollar is going to fall hard, and it is not coming back. This video is not about the economy though, it is about elections. I have been writing so much about the politics of the world, that you need to stop becoming involved with them. These elections are not real, they are all fake, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Regan, Carter, none of these men run anything, they are talking heads that deliver the speeches that they are handed. Obama did not do the health care otherwise he would of done what he said he wanted to do, a single payer system, a single payer system is the only way to control cost. As long as we have a thousand insurance companies standing between us and our doctors, all wanting their cut from the government, we will continue to die from untreated health issues. Obama did not build entire underground cities, freeways, farms, living quarters, manufacturing plants and warehouses, this was started before he was born. Obama did not bring down the twin Towers, or start the wars in the Middle East, nor did Bush, or Clinton, or Regan, or Carter. So you need to stop with the blind patriotism, and focus on what is really going on, at least, as much as we can see and understand, we probably will never know the real complete story, but what we can do is to understand what we can see with our own eyes.


When the dollar collapses, and it will, the economy of the entire world will collapse, plunging the entire world into the greatest period of calamity that earth has ever seen, it is going to be so bad that Jesus said, that if God did not step in and end the violence, no one could survive. This video helps to explain the foundation of money, currency, and why it is going to fail.


WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE PRICE OF GASOLINE part two You are drunk on the koolaid the government is pouring if you think that the oil companies would deliberately, suddenly, cut their prices by 2/3 !!! How can you possibly think that ?? In my generation alone, I have watched gasoline go from $ 0.19 per gallon to $6.11 9/10 per gallon on Wilshire Blvd in Brentwood. It has never been the custom for oil companies to cut their prices by more than half, even with the billions of dollars America gives as subsidies to the oil companies. You can also take it to the bank, that Wall Street would never slice the price of any commodity, by more than half, when the population was going along with the current price, why would they ever do that, do you think they suddenly felt sorry for you all ??? If the oil companies did not drop the price of oil on their own, and if Wall Street did not dump the supply on the market at half price than who do you think did it, and why do you think that they did ?? The only people who could have the power to cut oil prices in half, is the Unites States Government. Why do you think, that the United States of America, would give billions of dollars in free money to the oil companies, and then allow the prices to drop to less than half price ?? When the worlds economy is fixed to oil and the Dollar, cutting it in half is going to destabilize the worlds economy, and this is being done on purpose. Why ? Causing Putin to squirm in his seat, and toss and turn in his bed at night is one result of price fixing oil, but beyond Russia, the economy of the rest of the world gets hurt. There was inventory that was bought at one price, and then overnight, it was worth half of that price it was purchased for. People are loosing their jobs, can’t pay their mortgages, loosing their houses, and businesses going out of business, fathers who cannot take care of their families in an economy that was already teetering on the verge of complete collapse. And your government is doing this deliberately, and don’t even think that one man has the power to fix the price of oil, that is just stupid, Obama doesn’t have a damn thing to do with this. Destabilizing the worlds economy is a real serious thing folks, you should be mad as hell, that gas is half price, you need to question WHY ?? There is nothing to be happy about here, you think that this is someone else’s problem, but it is just as much yours, today they get your neighbor, tomorrow they come for you, they pick us off, one at a time in secret. The price of gas right now is not a good thing for anyone, it is just one more weapon that is being used against the common man, they are not doing this to help us, they are doing this to hurt us, remember the old saying, when something is too good to be true, it usually is, watch out for where this is going, it is not going to be a smooth landing.


WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON WITH OIL ??? The economy of the entire world is referenced to two things, OIL and the DOLLAR, because OIL has to be purchased in DOLLARS. That was the deal struck after World War II when the only stable currency left in the world was the DOLLAR. If you want to buy oil, you have to pay for it with American money. No country in the world can run without oil. This forces every country to do business with America, whether they want to or not. Even if they hate this country, and everything it stands for, the world’s economy demands that they shake hands with this country. Oil is sold through the thieves of Wall Street, ran by spoiled brat children, who never had to work a day in their lives, and were raised in privilege. In addition to this, they manipulate the value of money at will. They also manipulate the value of commodities at will, oil is a commodity. The children on Wall Street therefore change the price of oil as they wish, whenever they wish. Not even one single thing on Wall Street is traded on the basis of supply and demand, and there has never been a stronger proof of this than the current example of the price of oil. A few months ago oil was traded at $130.00 a barrel, now it is less than $50.00 per barrel and not one drop has changed in oil produced, Saudi Arabia, making the public announcement that it was not going to alter production ratios regardless of the price. Not one gas station in America has closed because of lack of product to sell. So why is it that oil suddenly, in just a matter of a couple of months, dropped to 1/3 of its selling price. Think Americans, think. What is happening to the price of oil, is no accident, and it has nothing to do with supply and demand. Yes, I know, that Americans are out of work, and we no longer have the need for oil in manufacturing because we tore down all of our manufacturing facilities, and made it illegal to build new ones. Even if Gasoline was free at the pumps, Americans don’t have the rest of the money they need to go anywhere. They used to need gasoline to get to work, but they no longer have jobs to go to. So yes, the demand for gasoline has dropped in America, and perhaps the rest of the world as well, but gasoline is only one byproduct of oil, remember that Rockefeller used to dump it into the ground, because it was a volatile byproduct of oil refining. The American economy did not change fast enough to drop the price of oil 2/3 in a couple of months. The price of oil is being manipulated deliberately, because the worlds economy is tied to oil more than any other product. You have to take a look at who has the power to manipulate the price of oil ???? Do you think, that there is anyway possible, that the country whose currency is the control of oil, would have any authority in establishing it’s exchange rate ??? Of course. It is America who is regulating the price of oil !!!!!!! Russia is one of the largest producers of oil. America has installed economic sanctions against Russia. Drive down the price of oil, and it hurts the Russian economy. Putin is a billionaire, do you really think that it is going to hurt him at all ?? No, in typical American fashion, we go after the innocent citizens of foreign countries, and we leave the person we are really mad at, untouched. Under mining Russia’s economic foundation is the best way to enforce sanctions. But America’s economy is also effected by the price of oil !! Do our leaders care about our economic health ?? I think that the year 2008 tells that story in greater detail than I ever could. The United States government in that year, gave about a Trillion dollars, of theoretically your tax dollars to the richest men in the world, and in addition to that, as if that was not enough, they kicked your asses out of your own house, put you and your family into the streets, and gave your house back to those rich men, (who stripped you and everyone who cared about you of all your and their assets), that they also just gave billions of dollars to. Then made it illegal for you to even sleep in your own car, or even sit down in a park. And then you stupid, stupid ignorant dumb ass Americans, spent your last dollar, at the Chinese dollar store to buy yourself a shiny new American flag, so you could pledge your allegiance to this God Bless America, love it or leave it, blinded in your patriotic fervor of what your own country is doing to you. For gawd sakes people wake the hell up. Instead of being happy that gasoline is $2.00 a gallon, you should be madder than hell. If $2.00 a gallon is all they need to be profitable, (and make no mistake, the oil companies are not ever going to operate in the red, not as long as the government keeps giving them billions of dollars every year in subsidies), then you were being ripped off all of those years you were paying $5.00 a gallon at the pumps. Why is that OK with you ??Why aren’t you made as hell that gas is $2.00 per gallon.


The very first thing that I would do if I were king, is create a law, that forces American manufacturers to sell the products they make to Americans.


I am sure that some of you will take this posting as a fresh reason to go out and buy yourself a brand new American Flag to hang out and bow down too. Think about this the next time you spread out a blanket on the beach Being Homeless Is Not A Crime By Father Nathan Monk PENSACOLA, FL – Living in Florida, we don’t often have the opportunity to use the heat setting on our thermostat, but this winter we got the chance in a big way. And as a matter of fact, so many people in my neighborhood were using heaters that it blew out the transformer. So there I was with my wife and three kids, all of us huddled under blankets with the fireplace roaring, watching the temperature continue to drop from a comfortable 65 degrees down to 45. But outside it was 17 degrees and raining and sleeting, and if you were homeless, you had to consider that if you used a blanket to shield yourself from the elements, that you might be hauled off to jail for a violation of a local ordinance prohibiting using blankets, cardboard, or newspaper to cover yourself. This was part of a series of ordinances which prohibited using public restrooms for washing your face, panhandling, and “camping”. Though the mayor’s office and members of the city council tried to say that these ordinances were not targeted at the homeless, email correspondence between them and other city officials proved otherwise. The anti-camping ordinance went the furthest in its limitation of basic civil liberties, making it essentially illegal, not only to cover yourself for any reason, but also effectively making it illegal to be homeless. It was a tough ordinance to fight, because if you opposed them, it gave the impression that you were supporting blight in the city. Not to mention the city council wasn’t interested in having the discussion. The then council president either would cut people off or have them thrown out during the public discussion. The ordinances were passed, in spite of the public outcry. One of the arguments that was constantly used during the limited debate about the ordinances, was that there was a “silent majority” that wanted to see these laws passed. So these people didn’t show up to the meetings or send emails that could be presented as part of the public record. Instead, they might have stopped a council person on the streets, so they claimed it had more weight than the hundreds of folks in the council chambers in protest. I decided to see how true this supposed silent majority was. I started a petition, and within a day we had nearly 1,000 signatures opposing the ordinance. People began to ask the question, “Could this ordinance be used on me, or just the homeless?” And the answer from the legal staff of the city is that yes, this law was applicable to anyone who used a blanket or news paper to cover themselves in public. Even if you got stuck in a city park because it was raining and you tried to shield yourself, you would technically be in violation of this ordinance and subject to arrest. So would your wife and child if they laid down with a blanket at a picnic or festival. The mayor quickly attempted to distance himself from the ordinances, placing blame on the council, even though it has been proven time and again that the memos came directly from his office, at his request. Then the mayor tried to downplay the concern of people saying that there was enough shelter, and that “no one was taking blankets away from the homeless.” But the problem is that the mayor was answering questions no one was asking, directed at accusations no one made. The issue is not that the mayor was taking away people’s blankets, because honestly that would be a violation of the illegal search and seizure clause in the constitution, but rather that someone could be arrested simply for being homeless. The argument that there are shelters open and that they should just go there, showed exactly why the mayor shouldn’t be making policy about things which he doesn’t understand. Not only are there not enough shelter beds for everyone within the city limits, there is not even a shelter within the city limits for them to go to. If someone was to seek shelter, they would have to go into the county and have a valid ID. Not to mention that many folks don’t qualify for shelters for other reasons and many won’t patronize them because they are veterans who suffer from PTSD. The major shelter in town only allows for people to stay three days a month, unless they join their drug rehabilitation and Christian indoctrination program. This is the only solution the city is willing to put forward. No matter if someone ends up on the streets due to bad decision, disability, a poor economy, or if they simply just prefer living outside to dealing with the trappings of the modern life, it should go without saying that they have an absolute right to cover themselves with a blanket. The idea that something as basic as covering oneself from the elements could land them in jail is just about as far away from the founding documents as it gets. Then again, it is easy to pick on people that don’t have a voice. But as the poem goes, “and then they came for me.” To help fight the ordinance visit the petition here: Read more at TLR: Florida Ordinance Makes It Illegal For Homeless To Use Blankets | The Libertarian Republic Follow us: @TheLibRepublic on Twitter | LibertarianRepublic on Facebook


I know that I have said this a dozen times before, and here I go again, if I had the power, I would force you to sit down and watch this video. Another one I would make you watch is Anne Barnhart the economist. Russell Brand is a brilliant man. You may have to watch this a few times to get it, but he speaks the truth here. Force yourself to watch this.


This applies to all of the big Box Stores, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, K-Mart, Costco, Sam’s


Ezekiel 7:19 “‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will become abhorrent to them. Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them in the day of Jehovah’s fury. They will not be satisfied, nor will they fill their stomachs, for it has become a stumbling block causing their error.


I wrote allot about this in the past, how city ordinances made it illegal for institutions to pass on un-consumed food to those in need, and this is just one more example of the oppressive governance of America, and just one more reasons why it sickens me, the spirit of nationalistic patriotism. Your pledging your allegiance, to a government that treats its citizens with such distain, sickens and disgust me. The day is coming in which you yourself, are going to find out what it feels like to be insecure in your own home, that the roof over your head is threatened, no matter how much money you have or had. Your blind patriotism, prevents you from seeing things how they really are. If they could, the city councils would herd the homeless into camps first, then on to the ovens. City Councils across this nation have passed laws that make it illegal to sit in parks, in the town I am in you have to get a permit from the police to go to the park. When I was a kid, this entire town, could go to the park freely, and often spontaneous potlucks would spring up and we would all go. What ever your beliefs are, of what this country once was, it is clearly not that anymore, and I know that it is all Obamas fault, and if you dig deep enough you are surely to find that the Clinton’s are behind it all, but when you salute your flag and pledge your allegiance to them, you are taking their side, in issues like this. When we live in a country, that puts people in jail for feeding the hungry, we are beyond moral bankruptcy, and moral decline, we are at the precipice of self destruction.


Arnold Abbott handed out four plates of food to homeless people in a South Florida park. Then police stopped the 90-year-old from serving up another bite. “An officer said, ‘Drop that plate right now — like I had a weapon,’” Abbott said. Abbott and two pastors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were charged for feeding the homeless in public on Sunday, the city’s first crackdowns under a new ordinance banning public food sharing, CNN affiliate WPLG reported. Now they face possible jail time and a $500 fine, WPLG said. Despite some criticism from homeless advocates, city officials have vowed the new rules will be enforced. “Just because of media attention we don’t stop enforcing the law. We enforce the laws here in Fort Lauderdale,” Mayor Jack Seiler told WPLG. He defended the law in an interview with the Sun-Sentinel newspaper. “I’m not satisfied with having a cycle of homeless in the city of Fort Lauderdale,” Seiler said. “Providing them with a meal and keeping them in that cycle on the street is not productive.” But Abbott, who has been helping feed homeless people in the area through his Love Thy Neighbor nonprofit since 1991, said authorities are targeting the city’s most vulnerable residents. “These are the poorest of the poor. They have nothing. They don’t have a roof over their head,” he said. “Who can turn them away?” Recently, the city has also passed an ordinance limiting the storage of personal property in public, WPLG said. Then came the restrictions for food sharing. “The city passed an ordinance requiring us to have a Porta-Potty. It’s ridiculous. The whole thing was designed to rid Fort Lauderdale of its homeless,” Abbott said. “Police told me anyone who touches a pan … anyone who is involved, will be arrested.” It’s a battle Abbott has fought before. In 1999 he sued the city for banning him from feeding homeless people on the beach — and won, according to WPLG. He said the threat of charges won’t stop him from doing it again. “I’m not afraid of jail. I’m not looking to go, but if I have to, I will,” he said. On Wednesday, Abbott said he’ll be at Fort Lauderdale Beach, ready to serve another meal.


Here is the hard core truth of the mater, and you should look over at your children as you read this, or your grand children. America at the direction of Wall Street and the United States Government, dismantled the industrial complex of this country. They took it all apart, scraped it, sold it, destroyed it. China bought the rights to make the stuff that America used to make. China does not want the competition of American industry or any other country for that matter. China put up protection barriers, to restrict sales of manufactured goods, and raw materials, so that no one could go into business and compete with China. You cannot get one American manufacturer to sell to you. China is systematically buying up all of the raw materials and land where they come from in this entire world. China is buying up all the Gold and Silver it can get it’s hands on. India and Brazil, Malaysia and South Africa are subs of China. The biggest sub of China is America, and we are paying with hard assets for the abuse. Even if America woke up right this minute and wanted to go back into business, it is too late. We would need raw materials to do that, and China is not in the business to sell it’s assets like America did, they are not stupid, that is one hard asset that China left with America. We would need Steel and Aluminum, we sent all of that business to China, and took all of the mills apart. Do you have any idea of what it takes to build a steel mill or Aluminum mill ?? Not to mention, that we took them apart, not yesterday but decades ago, the men who used to run them are dead, the men who built them are long dead, and Carnegie had a hell of a time developing the formula for steel that was strong enough to build with, that is long gone as well. All of the raw materials that are needed to manufacture things we stopped producing because we didn’t need them any more because we were not making things anymore, they are in China, because China is the country that makes things now for the entire world, following the lead of America, ya just gotta love this country don’t you!!! We laid off, that means that we un-employed all of our skilled workers who knew how to do things, we fired them, decades ago. The next generation, that is, the current one, cannot even tie their own shoes, there just doesn’t seem to be an app for that yet. In addition to not being able to actually do a damn thing, they don’t even want too. So even if you wanted too, there is no way to re-industrialize this nation, because it would take a generation to re-create a work ethic in the population, as it stands right now, the only people that will actually work, are Mexicans, and it seems like all Americans have a hard on for Mexicans. You think I am being unreasonable ? Just drive by a construction site, and do your own racial composite survey, you will find a race noticeably absent, because they just will not work. It is not a profile, it is the facts, not mine, but the entire construction industry. There are two things in life that they excel at, and both of them include balls. Neither activities are productive or appropriate in the workplace. Wall Street is in business with China, just like the cops are in business with the drug dealers. Neither will tolerate competition. Small time dealers interfere with big business, cutting and lowering the prices hurts governmental Cartels. Drug Dealers, Wall Street, Police, and China, are all Cartels. If you try to start a manufacturing business in this country, or any business for that matter, you will find out just how much interference Wall Street, the Legal and Banking system will give you. Do an experiment some time to prove my point before you make the claim that I don’t know what I am talking about, get on the phone someday, and see if you can get one single American manufacturer to sell to you. Wall Street does not want Americans doing business with Americans, Wall Street wants all Americans to do business with Wall Street, and then Wall Street does business with China. The last point is this, there simply is not enough time verses resources left to industrialize this nation for a second time. Let me explain, and pay attention, you are running out of time to learn the obvious. It would take 20 to 30 years at the absolute best if this entire nation were working together and China was cooperating completely, to rebuild even a fraction of what is needed to begin manufacturing again. It always takes more time to build up, than it does to tear down. If it takes lets say 30 years to build back up, and we began in earnest to tear this country apart in 1971, that makes it 80 years of complete industrial desolation. All of the people who used to work in industry, are dead and gone, and the people who will be alive to work in industry 30 years from now, will not have a clue, if it does not involve french fries and hot oil. In 30 years, the population will be more than double, because population increase is not linear, it is exponential. Man will have polluted all fresh drinking water by fracking and waste. All water will have to be treated at a cost that will make gasoline seem cheap. A gallon of water right now is about the same price as a gallon of gas. There will be no way to drive a car on any freeway in the world. We assembly cars at the rate of 165,000 cars a day in the world, multiply that out by 30 years, and the 405 at 5:00 takes on a whole new meaning. Housing will be outrageously expensive, and impossible to find at any price. No amount of industry can support twice the population increase, it is just not possible, given the current monetary systems. Half of Americans are currently unemployed no mater what lies your government and the media are telling you. What are their chances of finding work when the population is twice as much. The demand of earths resources will not be able to keep up with the demand of increased population, consumption, waste, and depletion, it cannot be done, given the current climate of humanity, and selfish greed. Law enforcement will turn every nation into police states. If you feel like you have no freedom now, just wait. The public parks will be closed due to overcrowding. Religious sectarian violence will have reached epic proportions, and violence against women and girls will be unimaginable. You can add to this list, as you can clearly see, there is no way America, can ever come back, it is too late, earth cannot sustain itself in time for that to happen, it is impossible to rebuild this nation. And Wall Street and the selfish greed of all Americans did this to our children and our grand children, so I say again to all of the stupid idiots out there, how dare you, how dare you, salute your flag, and pledge you allegiance to a government who did this to it’s own people.


It was in America that Henry Ford taught the world how to mass manufacture in an assembly line. He even went to the jungle to mine rubber for the tires and taught us how to make tires, he gave Rockefeller an entire new product line besides kerosene, gasoline, Standard Oil today’s Chevron. The cars were affordable, the average man could own one. So another industry was born from Henry Ford, highways, to drive the cars on. When people could drive cars, they moved out into the country and spread out. Houses were built, and jobs created. Then John Deer adopted that engine and put it into a tractor to harvest the crops in the field, someone built giant saws in saw mills, and water pumps to move large amounts of power, and you know the rest of the story, all coming from one man’s idea, and it spread. With people spread out, a telephone would be real handy, and so would electricity, and maybe a garage or two to fix the cars, and motels along the way to sleep in, a diner here and there, and places for fuel. Hamburger stands, bars, convenience stores. Houses, streets, sidewalks markets, street signs, street lights, It would be a very different world, without what one man’s dream and idea, brought to us. Was he the first to bring to life the automobile, no, of course not, but the others could only be afforded by the rich, just a few people. ATT wired the world for telephone. America no longer manufactures a car, or anything required to build a car. Nothing, not even a screw. We shut Detroit, Flint, and Allen Town down, and dismantled it. Just try to buy a screw made in America. We made the best, now we make nothing. How can you possible defend that, but every single time that you say, America, Love It Or Leave It, you are supporting and defending the very entity that put your family in the streets, how can you do that. Your children’s future was sold down the river, by the very country you pledge your allegiance too. Look ahead, what do you see, and you want people to love, and God to bless, what you see coming down the road, and your kids are going to be right in the middle of it. It should scare the hell out of you, not inspire you to love it. Your government, and your friends that you are defending on Wall Street, dismantled this country in one generation, that took 400 years to build. How dare you defend what this country, this nation, this government is doing to it’s own people, how dare you. ATT and the Bell system were the best, now, just try to find a phone made in America, they are all made in China. Can you not grasp the significance of that? Do you not understand, that the very parts of the car you are driving, do not come from this country ? China is already refusing to take our money, what if they refused to ship us product, like your grandmothers heart medication. China owns most of the ports in the world now, they make most of the shipping containers, and the big ships that transport them. A delay in shipping products to America of even two weeks, would bring this country to it’s knees, you people are just not thinking. America, love it or leave it, the day is coming in which those who cherish those words, will beg this country for a divorce. Your red white and blue, is going to leave you black and blue. Take a look at your cop shops parking lot, they are not gearing up to come and paint your house for you, they are gearing up to come and tank your house for you. Take a look at their uniforms, all decked out in battle armor, you don’t think that is planed ?


The United States does not have enough real money to purchase the things it needs to buy from other countries, because it deliberately stopped cooking it’s own bread. So we began to trade in our baking equipment to those who would bake our bread for us. For a delivery of bread, we gave them our dough mixer. When we consumed that shipment of bread and ordered another shipment of bread, we traded in our shelving and flour storage vessels for payment for our bread. When we consumed that shipment of bread, we placed another order of bread. When we took receipt of that delivery of bread, we traded our baking ovens for that delivery. When we consumed that shipment of bread, we placed another order of bread, and of course, since our supplier would not take our counterfeit money, we traded our building this time because it was all we had left, and we were hungry. We no longer purchased our flour from the mill, so the mill found themselves in dire straights, they were getting hungry as well. China was baking our bread for us, and they could use a good flour mill, and so they bought the mill from our friends, at fire sell prices. The flour mill no longer bought wheat from the farmer, so the farmer sold his farm to China so that it could grow the wheat, to give to the mill to bake the bread that was rationed out two us through EBT cards because we had no jobs by which to pay money to buy our food. Who pays for the EBT cards ??? The EBT cards are issued by the government, and the government also does not have money to pay China, so for the food we get through the EBT cards that comes from China, our government trades real assets for. Government land containing all kinds of raw materials that China needs to manufacture stuff to sell to the world that we no longer need because we do not manufacture, our government has passed on to China. Utility companies, some one please explain to me why China needs to have a finger in our utilities, but they do, you know those smart meters you love so much, you guessed it, made in China, along with some of the power flowing through some of them now controlled and operated b China. Waste disposal, Forest Lands, Recreational Parks, JP Morgan building in New York along with half of the apartment buildings in New York and Los Angeles. Farm lands in the tens of millions of acres, turned over to China in payment for debt, all right under your nose, while you sat on your sofa, drinking your beer and watching cartoons. Did you know that China now owns 90% of the pork industry in America ? We send our chickens to China to be processed and sent back to us, when we used to have the best meat packaging companies in the world. Our dairies are now majority owned by China, it might be ran by an American citizen, but they are owned by China. Raw materials for our food are being shipped to china for processing and sent back to us to add to our packaged food, that is why nothing taste like it used too. Nestles Quick, really, really, can we not even grind our own cocoa beans anymore and put them in a can, what the hell is wrong with you people. Our medications are being made in China and India now, how comfortable does that make you ?? America used to make the best steel and Aluminum in the world, now all of those factories have been disassembled and shipped all of that business to Chine, we could not even build a bridge in this country, if China said no.


China and a few others have discovered that America’s financial system is the largest ponzie scheme in history. China no longer wants to accept American currency in exchange for goods. What are goods ?? Look around yourself the next time you go to Wall Mart, and wake the hell up, all of that stuff is goods from China. Even if it says made in America on the package, the raw materials to make it, have been processed in China and sent back to America to mix and package, but even the packaging materials and machines used to package are made in China. Americans no longer manufacture, they assemble and ship, products and raw materials that were made or processed in China. So America, no longer generates revenue based upon the exchange of things it makes, America only generates real revenue based upon the tax revenues from the after sell profits. And we all know how eager the corporations are to report their profits. What corporations typically do, is hit the government up for subsidies, no matter how much profit they make. So this government, America, barely collects any revenue at all any more, a fraction of what it used to. So it has no money to pay it’s bills, that is , no real money. Since 1971, all of the money in America has been fake money, not worth the paper it was printed on. But then along came derivatives, and that exchange was paperless fake money, and this paperless fake money is what is propping up our economy. The problem is, that a tsunami is on the way, and it is going to knock down all of our financial under pinnings, which were never there in the first place, they were fake too. Since America has nothing of value in it’s monetary system that China wants, China is now demanding real tangible assets and property in exchange for the stuff America wants and needs to survive. Remember that old Tennessee Williams song, “I owe my soul to the company store” well China is America’s company store. Continued in the next post


This is a simple explanation of the Derivative market. Take a look at this, read it, think about it, this kind of financial behavior is not only going to destroy the economy of the United States, but of the entire world. Instead of investing in real assets, that is to say, the equipment needed for a person to manufacture a needed necessary product to sell on the open market, the United States led the way for the entire world financial market exchanges, to put all of their cash and speculative investments, into just that, pure unadulterated speculation. The corporations no longer use their capitol to hire more people, they use their capitol to fund investments on which way the wind is going to blow, literally, as in weather futures. Derivative trading is like a shell game, without the pebble. Empty shells are moved around, and real money is laid down to bet on where the invisible pebble , that is actually less than invisible, it does not even exist, is going to be, when the movement stops. There is even bets on how the weather is going to be on the day the shells begin to move. This isn’t just a virtual economy like the Chinese claim, it is a magnitude above that. It is so fake, that even the word fake doesn’t even begin to describe this type of economy. Take a good look at your CEO, take a good hard look at him, when you or your co-worker got laid off, it is because he needed to move a shell. Then turn around and give that flag your dying pledge of allegiance, and say God Bless America. This kind of criminal irresponsibility is approved of and supported by the United States Government, the United States Government has spread this toxic financial, in the words of Warren Buffet, Weapon of Mass Destruction, to the entire world. And how anyone can ask God to bless such destruction is simply beyond me, I don’t understand blind patriotism and nationality , and I never will. You people who go on believing that your government is righteous, and blessed in some way by God, disgust me. The American flag is the idolatrous image of the nation that reeks havoc in every aspect of humanity, in every corner of this globe. And you blindly support and defend it with your very life, literally, soldiers march to their deaths, in defense to a most corrupt hideous organization. Look at the facts of the matter, not through the lens of emotions, but look at the cold hard facts of things. The flag is worshiped in religious ceremony as if it were a deity. It has to be handled just right, saluted as it is raised, folded and placed just so, cannot be allowed to touch the ground, and once upon a time in this very country, speaking against it could get you killed as if it were alive and you slandered an entity. This is Idolatry, it is worship and devotion to an Idol. “I pledge allegiance to the Flag” is not pledging you allegiance to God, it is pledging your allegiance to A flag, a material object. You have to learn how to read, how to think on your own, without being told what to believe. When you say the pledge of allegiance you are being tricked into believing that you are pledging your allegiance to the United States, but that is not at all what you are saying, that is not the words coming out of your mouth. The United States of America, is the nation that has destroyed the worlds economy, and the harm that is about to be unleashed upon the world because of it, is unimaginably horrible. If you are clinging to the belief that this is worthy of your devotion and allegiance, you are so far gone, that nothing could ever reel you back in to reality, back into the human race. No human being, could ever inflict upon another human being, what is about to happen to all of us. It is a sick, warped, twisted, individual, who could ever support in any way, what is about to happen to his own family, relatives and friends. Let go of your national pride, no matter what country you live in, take the side of what is clearly right, and discard that which you already know, is clearly wrong. Over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives are contracts that are traded (and privately negotiated) directly between two parties, without going through an exchange or other intermediary. Products such as swaps, forward rate agreements, exotic options – and other exotic derivatives – are almost always traded in this way. The OTC derivative market is the largest market for derivatives, and is largely unregulated with respect to disclosure of information between the parties, since the OTC market is made up of banks and other highly sophisticated parties, such as hedge funds. Reporting of OTC amounts is difficult because trades can occur in private, without activity being visible on any exchange. According to the Bank for International Settlements, who first surveyed OTC derivatives in 1995,[28] reported that the “gross market value, which represent the cost of replacing all open contracts at the prevailing market prices, … increased by 74% since 2004, to $11 trillion at the end of June 2007 (BIS 2007:24).” [28] Positions in the OTC derivatives market increased to $516 trillion at the end of June 2007, 135% higher than the level recorded in 2004. the total outstanding notional amount is US$708 trillion (as of June 2011).[29] Of this total notional amount, 67% are interest rate contracts, 8% are credit default swaps (CDS), 9% are foreign exchange contracts, 2% are commodity contracts, 1% are equity contracts, and 12% are other. Because OTC derivatives are not traded on an exchange, there is no central counter-party. Therefore, they are subject to counterparty risk, like an ordinary contract, since each counter-party relies on the other to perform. Exchange-traded derivatives (ETD) are those derivatives instruments that are traded via specialized derivatives exchanges or other exchanges. A derivatives exchange is a market where individuals trade standardized contracts that have been defined by the exchange.[30] A derivatives exchange acts as an intermediary to all related transactions, and takes initial margin from both sides of the trade to act as a guarantee. The world’s largest[31] derivatives exchanges (by number of transactions) are the Korea Exchange (which lists KOSPI Index Futures & Options), Eurex (which lists a wide range of European products such as interest rate & index products), and CME Group (made up of the 2007 merger of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade and the 2008 acquisition of the New York Mercantile Exchange). According to BIS, the combined turnover in the world’s derivatives exchanges totaled USD 344 trillion during Q4 2005. By December 2007 the Bank for International Settlements reported [28] that “derivatives traded on exchanges surged 27% to a record $681 trillion.”[28]


This upside down financial pyramid is representative of the upside down American economy. At the very bottom on the pyramid is real assets. But the real assets are being eroded by countries like China, who no longer are accepting dollars for debt payments of the United States, but are demanding real property in exchange for the money that the United States owes. You are probably confused by this, saying to yourself, how could the worlds largest economy owe anything, to anyone ? The United States owes more money than all other countries combined, in fact the United States owes so much money that it is impossible to pay it back ever. Fractional reserve banking is printed money based and backed upon noting except air. The Derivative section represents the Dow Jones, S&P, and NASDAC stock market exchange. All of the derivative market is fake, based upon nothing just like the FIAT currency, the dollar. Different than other forms of trade however, the derivative market is traded by computers, and it is based upon what the trend is in the market. Meaning that everything that moves between the computers is based upon the degree of fakeness of the trades. Confusing right ? Let me try and explain. Lets say that you are trading stock in Pepsi, and the stock seems to be inching up. Something tells the computers that tomorrow Pepsi is going to be selling for 1 cent more. Derivatives trading, trades upon the thought that Pepsi MIGHT be up 1 cent tomorrow, not that it is, it could be down 1 cent tomorrow, it is traded solely upon speculation, not reality. The next part is the worst !!! Derivatives are traded upon derivatives. Derivatives are based upon absolutely no footing in reality at all, it is all speculation, what someone thinks MIGHT happen. Then Derivatives are traded as if they were real assets, derivatives traded for other derivatives, both being fake. And certificates are issued to represent this exchange as if it were currency, just like the dollar. This is why you can have a 50% employment rate, and a Stock Market of 1600. The latest unemployment rate was 5.9%, you are one of those special people that Sam Elliot talks about if you believe that. It was 6% in the 60’s. The employment rate continues to drop, and the stock market continues to rise, can you begin to see where this is going to end?? More on this later.

VIDEO OF DERIVATIVE PYRAMID There is a upside down pyramid in this video for you to pay attention too. The small pyramid on the bottom is real assets of our currency, the rest on top of that is all fake. It is hard to sit through this stuff I know, but you need to know why and what is coming.


The two videos that I posted go together sort of, you should watch both of them. They are from 2012 and that is before FATCA came into effect. It cannot be overstated how important it is for you to understand what has been going on with the American Dollar. It does not take long for you to listen to the videos, and read the stuff I write, it takes along time to write, and it takes along time to filter through the garbage to post the meat to you however. You might be going through life thinking that nothing could ever go wrong with the dollar and the banking industry, until that day, when no ones ATM card works any more, and the entire internet has been taken down. I told everyone a few weeks ago, that the United States has wired a different internet for the elite and government, they are no longer connected to the same internet that the rest of us are, so that when SHTF it will be no problem for them to isolate communication among the masses so that we cannot talk to each other and organize, almost no one has a land line any more. Please pay attention to what I am sending out to you all, it only takes you a few moments to read what I write to you.


The BRICS nations have built their own internet system, hardwired, while the rest of us slept, I include myself because I knew nothing of it either, and I am paying attention. Do you know what hard wired means. It means that wires are ran between the nations. This takes time, so this has been planned and going on for along time. Many of us have known about China and Russia, becoming cozy in their relationship for along time. India, is a sister nation to China. The Brazil thing is a bit difficult for me to wrap my head around though, unless there was some kind of deal made with ATT who owns the transatlantic cable ran a hundred years ago or more. Hardwired internet cables makes it more difficult for NSA to interfere so easily with data transmission. It can be done of course, but the NSA has to hardwire into the hardwire to do it, where as in America, all of our information is through the air by satellite, and information can be tapped by a laptop. Hardwire is not UN-impregnable, at all, wire tapping has been done from the first wire, but it is another monkey wrench in NSA spooking. What this does show however, is the resolve of these nations to isolate themselves from America, and the dollar. You should pay attention to this because America sent all of its manufacturing to those nations. You all began to shop at the Box Stores, all of the products in those stores are made in China. None of that stuff is made in America, don’t you get it. All of the factories that we used to have, and all of the equipment that used to be in them are gone. The people who used to work in those factories are at home playing video games and watching Dancing With The Stares. The Fed is printing money to pay them to stay home, what the hell is wrong with you people. All of the nations that manufacture things are isolating themselves from America. And they have been working on that for along time, right under your nose. America has no legitimate money, all of the money in America is fake. And all of the nations have finally figured that out. I buy some flour, and I make a donut, you come in and buy that donuts. I take the money you gave me, and I put it into the bank. Mr Smith needs a car. he goes to the bank and borrows some of my money from selling you the donuts to buy his car. He gives that money back to the bank a little bit at a time. Mr Davis has a job, because he makes the car that Mr Smith bought. Mrs Jones has a job handling the money at the bank and keeping the records. Because Mrs Jones is working all day, she cannot mow her lawn or clean her house, So James mows her lawn, and Cindy cleans her house. Now notice what happens when I stop making donuts. America stopped making Donuts. The BRICS nations have developed their own money, all of the nations are moving away from the dollar, because they have figured out what is going on. The BRICS nations make donuts and sell them, America only buys those donuts and eats them. But America has no job to earn the money to buy the donuts. So America goes down into the basement, and prints the money, instead of earning the money to buy the donuts. Then America buys the Donuts with the freshly printed money. But the Donut shop was told by Mrs Jones at the World Bank where she works, that those Americans are buying my donuts with fake counterfeit money, and it has no value on the currency exchange market. So as soon as I can, I am going to tell the Americans they cannot buy any more of my donuts, because their money is no good. Now translate that donut into every product that you use including some of your food, and allot of your prescription medicine, the car you drive, the computer you are using, the telephone you are talking on, all of the stores that you shop in, the clothes on your back, all of those things are made by countries that no longer want to sell to you because they have figured out that your money is monopoly money. You just cannot imagine how serious this is, and all of you are dead silent about it, it just amazes me, but at the same time, I remember the words that Jesus told all of us, ” And they took no note, until the flood came and swept them all away” You cannot stop what is coming, it is out of your hands, you cannot fight against the entire military force of the police and the military, but what you can do, what you can do, what you can do, and all that is expected of you, is to take note, you could at least do that. Perhaps China will continue to take the currency of America, that it has publicly exposed as being “Virtual” to use the exact words of the Chinese President, forever who knows. But what is for sure, is that they are building up an alternative system of manufacturing, selling, buying, and communicating, and why would anyone think that they are doing all of that, for nothing. This is bigger than all of us, and that is the whole point, what is happening in the world right now is beyond global, this is all coming from someplace much higher up, than mere man made governments. And someone higher than man, warned all of us it was coming, and he gave us specific sign post to look for, so that we get off at the right exit. Make sure you get off at the right exit. There is not going to be further warnings than what he already gave. Global trouble with religion, coupled with global trouble with money, and the global warning going out for both of those, were the sign post he gave, and if any of us are willing to ignore all of those warning signs, than we went out of our way, running head long into our own demise, when all we had to do was effortlessly, turn in the direction he guided us all, and listen, really, how hard is it.


Ill try to get back to talking about Money. Don’t think for one second that you don’t need to know about this because you do, and it is not on the news. Your government, is never going to allow the media to talk about this. And you are being a real idiot if you still believe that their is freedom of the press in this country, your media is controlled by this government as in any communist country. At least in a communist country, there is no pretense, and the people know the media is filtered, and don’t believe it. In America it is the opposite, the people know it is filtered, and still believe it. Kind of like that art work in New York right now where that woman is displaying bathed light on a blank wall and calling it Art, and millions of people are lining up to see it, that is the typical American mentality. They know there is nothing there and they pay to watch and believe it anyway. Money is just like that Art shop in New York right now, there is nothing there, but people are paying to believe there might be. You heard that the United States Government gave to the Banks of Wall Street, a Trillion Dollars to compensate them for the fact that you would no longer be able to make your mortgage payment because your property was being confiscated. You know those people don’t you, they are the people who, took your life savings, and that of your friends and family, to try to pay for that house that they assured you that you would have no trouble doing, then doubled the mortgage, and kicked you out into the street. By the way, they got the house back, and Fanny and Freddy, got to add it to their inventory. What a great Nation right, they stole your house right in front of your face, and all you people can do is bust out into a robust chores of God Bless America, salute your brand new flag, pledge your dying loyalty, to the government that just ripped off this entire country, instead of being outraged. This is just one more reason why I firmly believe that every single word I say to you just goes right  over your heads. This is a disgrace, because in one hour, your money is going to evaporate. Not my words, but the words of every economist on earth, and for not listening to this, please explain to me why you are not. How do I know that you are not paying attention.?? The reason that I know that is because you are silent, if you were paying attention, you would be screaming right now, and I would hear from you from the other side of the earth. You are just not getting how serious the issue of money is right now. There were lots of options available to the government to solve the issue, of the populace not being able to make their sudden double mortgage payments. First and foremost, don’t double them. Is that really so hard for anyone to understand ??? And things may have remained stable for longer, even in this virtual economy. Second, the banks got the money to lend for the houses for ZERO, that’s right ZERO. The fed prints the money and hands it over to the banks, whatever they ask for, and what ever they ask for they only have to carry 10% of that on their books. Am I the only one who can see a problem there. Since the banks got the money for nothing, they could easily of been content with just receiving the monthly mortgage payments just like they were, and everything would of carried on, but no, in typical Wall Street GREED, they wanted twice as much as they were getting, which was already outrageously inflated. Third thing that could of been done to help not just the entire world, was if Wall Street would of just been content with the trillion dollars that the Government printed up for them and took that money and ran, but the Trillion Dollars was not enough, they wanted the houses too. 1. They stole all of the money and everything that that you and your family could scrape together to get into your house. 2. They let you make payments for several years, knowing full well what they were going to do to you, run you out, by making it impossible for you to pay. 3. They once again, stole everything that you and your friends and family could scrape together so that you could keep your house, knowing that there was no way that you could, they still took every dime you had. 4. They bankrupted and emptied the bank accounts of this entire nation, and took the houses too, and kicked our citizens out into the streets,  say, “God Bless America” 5. To save the financial health of the world, our government could of let the money they gave to the banks for the “BAD” paper (the Banks BAD that is) , the mortgages that could not be paid because they doubled, let that pay off those mortgages which it did. 6. Because those mortgages were paid off by that Trillion Dollars that the Fed handed over to the banks, tell the people to go back home, their houses were paid for, the deeds are in the mail. 7. Nothing could of stimulated the economy more then all of those millions of people being able now, because they have no more mortgages to rob them, spend that money every month into their local economies, instead of Wall Street investment banks.


There is a term that the elitist, the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Bank use, and it is called “Steering the Economy” and traditionally this was done by regulating interest rates on borrowed or lent capitol, money. However the Fed’s over the years lowered the interest rates to zero. You would think that zero would be good enough right !! But no. Our government, your precious “God Bless America”, actually forced money upon banks who already had billions in reserve, and did not need it, instead of feeding and housing the homeless. Is that your idea of “God Blessing America”. They even gave it a name, Quantitative easing. Quantitative easing does absolutely nothing for you personally, not in any way. the average American citizen, not one dime gets into their hands, and not one dollar is added to the GDP. All of that Quantitative Easing money goes right into the pockets of the 1%. When was the last time you got a check in the mail, when the government “Pumped Money Into The Economy “. When was the last time, that a small business owner could get any kind of help from that Quantitative Easing money so freely distributed among the Elite. If you are a small business and you wanted a loan for $5000.00 I can promise you that there is not a chance in hell that you could get it. But if AEG needs 50,000,000,000 it will be there overnight. One Trillion dollars was forced upon the banking system, even when they said they did not want it, you on the other hand, could not beg one dollar out of a bank, but I promise you that if you tried, you would be arrested. And you have the audacity to say to me, “God Bless America ” !!!! As America does so does the rest of the world, every country now offers 0 % interest, some countries are offering -0%. I am not sure how that works, do they get money back if they borrow, would not surprise me at all. The banks are sitting on mountains of money as are the corporations, meanwhile your cost of living continues to rise, and good luck trying to get help in a store, if Wall Mart could get away with it they would only have one person manning the store, and I am sure they are busy trying to figure out how to do that right now, are you paying attention to that. There has never been more liquidity in the markets and yet at the same time more restrictions in credit. There are millions of houses in inventory and even more commercial buildings, but the banks are refusing to sell them except to their cronies.


So why on earth would our government tell the banks that they only had to carry on their books 10% of what they actually wrote ???? The answer is obvious, to make the financial health of America look better than it actually was, and to diffuse, mask, the printing and the distribution of currency by the Federal Reserve Bank. As if the Chinese couldn’t do the math, and couldn’t read the banking laws. Brilliant congressman, right !! Why would America feel like it had to hide the truth about it’s finances ?? Let’s talk about that. The only way that capitalistic societies function, is when you make something and sell it, it cannot work any other way, any other system of collecting revenue is in it’s simplest definitions, just an enslavement or a taxation system. America stopped manufacturing things to sell, and it drifted into an enslavement taxation form of revenue collection. How can I even say such a thing !!!! When a person has to work an entire month just to pay his rent, with no consideration even for food, that is about as close to enslavement as you can get. And right now, that is the norm in America. And you are extremely lucky if you can even do that, because half of this country cannot afford to pay their rent on their own, let alone have money left to eat. Many times in my life, I have had a job offer, or even a job I had to quit, just because I did not have enough money for gas to get there and that is the god’s honest truth, here in this, God Bless America country. I have never done drugs, I do not drink, I have no mental health issues that I admit to, I am an Electronic Engineer, an Electrician, a Carpenter, and a Welder, and I have found myself in a position where I had no money for gas to get to a job I already had, that is how this corrupt system sucks the financial life out of all of us, so DO NOT EVEN THINK OF GIVING ME THIS NONSENSE ABOUT EDUCATION. And once you reach a certain age, you cannot even buy a job if you were the richest man on earth, to them, you “do not project the image the company is looking for”, in their exact words to me, regardless of your qualifications. An employee of McDonalds or Wall Mart, cannot afford their own housing, they cannot make it on their own, with the salaries those companies pay, some of the wealthiest corporations on earth, enslave their employees, right here on American soil, and to all of you patriotic idiots, God Bless This Great Nation of America, where you work all month, and still can’t put a roof over your head. How can you possible believe for one second, that this is acceptable on any level. Certainly God has not poured out his blessing on the people who are given a choice, food to eat or shelter, but not both. Did we mention that it is illegal to be homeless in America, gee what a blessing from God, I guess all of those prayers for God to bless America are paying off. Banks, jobs, forced homelessness, low wages, these are all manufactured crises, they are no accident. 


It was a great big hugh giant mistake whenever the United States of America, told the banking system that they could do anything that they wanted to with the peoples money. God Bless America !!!!!! And so what do you think they did when the lid to that cookie jar was lifted ??? Thats right, they all shoved both hands into that jar at the same time until it was completely broken and not a shard to be found. The ink that Reagan spread, was not even dry, when the banks reserves were already empty. What was the Fed to do !! The banks were empty!! Well the Federal Reserve Bank did what it was designed to do, print money, and pass it out to the banks. After this bank run, sponsored by the bankers, for the bankers, the public was not invited to have access to their own money, indeed, they still don’t. The banks were allowed to steal your money, with impunity, while at the same time, you were not even allowed to possess your own money, and for all of you patriotic idiots out there, this comment is for you, like it always is, God Bless America !!!!! Land of the free, where you cannot even possess what belongs to you. How you idiots can possible defend this, locks up my mind worse than Windows 3.0 !! Right now in this great nation, (or so you claim it to be ), at the desecration of any police officer, if he feels that you are in possession of unnecessary cash, he may confiscate it at will. If in the course of a traffic stop, you are in possession of cash in the amount that the officer feels you do not need for your trip, he can take it away from you, and you will need a lawyer to get it back. By they way, to facilitate this money grab, laws were passed to make a busted tail light as probable cause to search the vehicle. The amount of cash that is considered to be excessive carry, it not coded, it is at the desecration of the officer. And for some strange reason, you people think this is ok, and you defend it, because you feel that God is at the helm of this nation and he is blessing this nation, so this must be the will of god, you stupid stupid idiots who cannot recognize oppression when it is staring you in the face. What the hell else do you people need to prove that we have no freedom, and that we are living in a police state. When the average street cop, can control the contents of your wallet, what the hell is wrong with you people that you cannot see this for what it is. The banks and the police, can do whatever they want with your money, you on the other hand, cannot. It is illegal for you to remove currency from circulation, you cannot store currency in your home. Unless you are a drug dealer, but then again, drug dealers are in business with the police and the bankers so that should not surprise anyone. Currency laws have always evolved, but they took a major turn in 1971, and then again in 1980. After the bankers raided the banks in 1980 and emptied them out, another law was passed that said to the bankers that the banks only had to carry on their books, 10% of the amount they wrote. Making the books of the bank appear in better health than they actually were. Next time you file your income tax, just claim 10% of what you earned, I am sure it is ok with the IRS, just quote the banking law to your agent. Continued in the next posting, make sure you read these, because this is going to affect you.


After President Nixon’s administration, and Nixon was just doing what he was told to do, released the United States Dollar from all forms of backing in 1971, this changed the entire worlds financial systems, with just the stroke of a pen, because all of the money in the world, was referenced to the American Dollar, so what ever changes were made to the American Dollar, changed their currency as well. This was known to people of that time as “The Gold Standard”. Never think for one second that you have any control over the value of the currency in your pocket right now, because you do not. In this country, we have already experienced the wiping out of financial gains several times, so do not think that it cannot happen again, because it IS going to happen again. The financial markets no longer had to reference their transactions to anything except AIR. Gold began to be repositioned on the market, without reference to its previous ties to the Dollar. It will take you awhile to digest just what that means. Governments and the One Percent, Investment Banks, The Federal Reserve, divided up the gold held in repositories around the world, THEY STOLE IT. Without firing a shot, and without one person complaining about it. And no one went to jail. That Gold was not mined and smelted for free, guess who payed for it, YOU DID. The dust from 1971 was beginning to settle into place when in 1980 President Reagan signed into law the deregulation of the entire banking system. In the past, banks were required to make smart investments with the money that belonged to you that they held in trust, after 1980, they could do whatever they wanted to with your money. I am assuming that you gave them permission. OH MY BAD. This came to light in the scandal of Charles Ketting. Moving manufacturing off shore picked up steam slowly in the 1970’s, but picked up in earnest during the 1980’s and was in full effect during the 1990’s. One of the saddest things about moving manufacturing off shore, that 99% of Americans are unaware of, is that our Government, this God Bless America country that you all pledge your allegiance to, paid all of the moving expenses for these companies with your tax dollars, including the purchasing of property in foreign countries, and the building of the buildings for those multi billion dollar corporations who could well afford to move their own companies. But why pay your own bills, when the government is so willing to use your money to do it. Some people refer to this as corporate welfare, gosh, if only it was just that, and not something far more sinister. This is continued in the next post, make sure you read all of these, do not ignore this information, it is not in books and it is not in the news.


This is boring reading for sure, and you are not going to understand it, that is not important, READ IT ANYWAY. Notice in particular what Warren Buffet said about derivatives, calling them weapons of mass financial destruction. To give an idea of the size of the derivative market, The Economist magazine has reported that as of June 2011, the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives market amounted to approximately $700 trillion, and the size of the market traded on exchanges totaled an additional $83 trillion.[8] However, these are “notional” values, and some economists say that this value greatly exaggerates the market value and the true credit risk faced by the parties involved. For example, in 2010, while the aggregate of OTC derivatives exceeded $600 trillion, the value of the market was estimated much lower, at $21 trillion. The credit risk equivalent of the derivative contracts was estimated at $3.3 trillion.[9] Still, even these scaled down figures represent huge amounts of money. For perspective, the budget for total expenditure of the United States Government during 2012 was $3.5 trillion,[10] and the total current value of the US stock market is an estimated $23 trillion.[11] The world annual Gross Domestic Product is about $65 trillion.[12] And for one type of derivative at least, Credit Default Swaps (CDS), for which the inherent risk is considered high, the higher, nominal value, remains relevant. It was this type of derivative that investment magnate Warren Buffet referred to in his famous 2002 speech in which he warned against “weapons of financial mass destruction.” CDS notional value in early 2012 amounted to $25.5 trillion, down from $55 trillion in 2008.[13] This is taken from Wikipedia. I typed in Wall Street derivatives, look it up yourself. The next posting I will do is about derivatives, make sure you read it. And then when you are finished reading it, I want you to utter these words to yourself while you are on your knees, looking up into the heavens, GOD BLESS AMERICA and give a loud hailing pledge of Allegiance to that American Flag made in China. You stupid stupid idiots. I will tell you once again until you get it, the definition of stupid is “I don’t want to know” If you do not want to know that your house is on fire then you deserve to burn in it. Every financial advisor on planet earth has yelled at the top of their lungs, to get out of Wall Street. Warren Buffet is no financial amateur, this man knows what he is talking about, and he calls derivatives, ” weapons of financial mass destruction” . So don’t be stupid, read the next posting, and force yourself to learn about them. Why do you need to know about derivatives ??? Because soon your financial resources are going to be destroyed by them, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. But knowing about it ahead of time, can save you. You will not be afraid, you will instead be expecting it. Every financial advisor and economist tells all of us that this is going to happen and there is nothing any of us can do to stop it, listen to them, money is all they do, and there is nothing in it for them to tell the world that they also are going to be financially destroyed. READ THE NEXT POSTING


Because America shipped it’s manufacturing out of this country and gave all of that business to China, the dynamics of Wall Street has changed. The exchange of stock in American manufacturing companies evaporated along side the evaporating companies. There was no point in anyone investing in a manufacturing company that was in a foreign communist country, it was too risky. There are no longer any major manufacturing companies manufacturing in this country, they are all in China. Before you start saying that is not true, let me remind you, that we no longer make Steel or Aluminum here. And we made the best in the world. We no longer make cars here, we abandoned Detroit, there are 78,000 empty buildings there. You are going to say yes we do make cars here !!! NO WE DO NOT!!!!!! We assembly cars here from parts that are manufactured in China, coming to America in shipping containers, and all we do is screw those parts together. Caterpillar, made in China. Boeing, made in China. McDonnell Douglas, gone. Sweden sold Volvo to China. Japan has their car parts made in China. If it weren’t for the Amish, not one piece of furniture would be made here. Even the American Flag and the military uniforms are made in China. All of the trinkets in the White House are made in China, and it is almost impossible to buy a small appliance or a dish or silver ware that is made anywhere else but China. Everything that the box stores sell, K-Mart, Sears, Costco, Wall Mart, Sam,s Club, Target, all of that stuff is made in China. Books are no longer printed here in America, all of the books are printed in China. There are no longer any American companies left to invest in, they are all gone, even Snap -On is being made in China, all of the stuff in Lowes and Home Depot is made in China, right down to the drywall. When you buy from those stores, your money is put into a bag and mailed to China. There is only one men shoe company left in America, Allen Edmond’s. I do not even know of a clothing manufacturer here, I know that there are sweat shops in the garment district, but they are owned by China. Levi’s, made in China, WHY ? Pendelton, made in Mexico. Hewlett Packard, Tektronix, gone to China. So, with all of these companies out of this country, how does the Wall Street Stock Market function ??? In the next posting.


The fencing of the American dollar was done under much duress and resentment, by force, because the world adopted it as the reserve currency after World War II. In July of this year, 2014, the United States passed a law the requires all exchanges of the United States Dollar to be reported to the IRS. This means that every single financial system in the world is required to account for all of your banking transactions to the IRS, no matter where in the world you make such a transaction, including your home town USA. That’s right, your local bank is now required to report to the IRS your banking transactions. Even cash transactions are now being photographed at check out stands with ID’s required. Your picture is being taken with and without your permission in more places than you ever imagined. If any bank in the world, does not report to the IRS your banking information and transactions in dollars, then the IRS automatically fines the bank 30% of the entire deposit, and the bank has to pay, not the depositor. If you were a bank in let’s just say Italy, would you want to open an account for an American, knowing that you are going to have to be the accountant for that account to the IRS or pay a hugh fine ??? So American’s are currently finding their bank accounts abroad are being closed, and that they are not being able to open new ones. Banks around the world, no longer want to have anything to do with the American dollar. Simple personal banking transactions, that are no longer welcome by many countries, would of been bad enough. But now, entire nations have lost their confidence in the counterfeit American Dollar. Several nations have come together to form a new monetary exchange system that allows them to divest of the Dollar. Brazil, Russia, India, China, Asia have all signed an agreement to stop using the dollar. In addition to this, the very country that helped form the OPEC countries, is coming on board, to drop the Dollar. The small banks of the world no longer want the peoples dollars, the Nations of the world no longer want the Governments Dollars, is any of this getting to you, or are you still asleep. Several years ago, to the very face of the President of the United States, the President of China, told the world, that the currency of America, is fake, it is phony, it is virtual, it really does not exist. He added insult to injury by saying that America is no longer a capitalistic country, and that China is now a capitalistic country, because China makes things and sells them, and America, no longer makes things. He told the entire world, that our economy is a virtual economy, it really does not exist. Continued in the next post.


After the banking system no longer had to have anything physical, like Gold or Silver or Diamonds to back up the currency, it left the Federal Reserve System with absolutely no restrictions on the printing of money when ever they wanted to. And boy, did they ever want too. If you or I did that it would be called counterfeiting, with serious jail time. But since the government makes all the rules, they can make different rules for themselves, and so they call this act of counterfeiting when they do it, Ouantitatative Easing. Since the Quantitative Easing of World War I, the amount of government sponsored counterfeiting has amassed to the tune of some 200 Trillion Dollars. Imagine for a moment that whenever you needed money, all you had to do, was print out blank checks on your laser printer, and then take them to the bank, and no matter what the amount of the check was, the bank would give you what you asked for, no questions asked. You never needed one dime in the bank to cover any check that you wrote, in fact, you don’t even have a dime to your name, as a matter of fact you are so overextended, over drawn, and in debt you couldn’t work your way out of it in a billion years. But the bank keeps giving you all the money you ask for, and never a question. For along time this sweet heart deal that you and you alone have with your bank president is tightly held in secret. But then one day, the Jig is up. The entire world finds out, and boy are they pissed. But what pisses them off more than anything, is that you have had the guts to have all of them be complicit in your theft by having them fence your stolen counterfeited money. And as if that were not enough, you also began to demand of them a commission for the use of the currency that you counterfeited, and you used the IRS to collect it, welcome to FATCA. Continued in the next posting


In 1971, in earnest, the United States left all regard, for referencing the Dollar to anything except air, they cranked up the printing presses and they have never stopped. When ever the Government needed money for anything, they just printed it. It started out slow at first, almost in secret, almost undetectable. To this day the federal reserve is so secret that even the president cannot get in there, or so the story goes. Americans have this impression that the Dollar is a product of American manufacturing and distribution, but they could not be more wrong, the Dollar is not controlled by America at all, that ended in 1914, if not before. Americans should realize that when the President of the United States cannot enter into the building where the currency of the country he is supposed to represent is made, something is seriously amiss. I am not sure if there is even one single American on the Federal Reserve Board. But one thing that I do know, is that Americans do not control the Federal Reserve Board. Continued in the next post.


America has not spent it’s own money since 1914 when the first world war was financed. Since that time, America has operated in the red. World War I bankrupted the entire world. The Spanish Influenza of 1918 killed one third of the world, plus all of those lost to the world at war. The Stock Market and banking system of America crashed in 1929 and in 1933 Hitler was causing trouble in Europe, leading to the invasion of Poland and then World War II started in the 1940’s. Because of World War II the entire world currencies were bankrupt, because the world was just coming out of the first war, then the great depression then World War II. The group of people who financed World War I also orchestrated the depression and stock market crash of 1929, and they also financed World War II . The money for these Wars was ran through the Vatican, that is to say, the Catholic Church. The group of men financing the Wars, financed both sides of the wars, I & II, you can google all of this information, and you will find the Pope in bed with Hitler. When World War II ended, it was the American Dollar that was in the best shape, and the reasons for that had nothing to do with American business savvy, it was because the dollar was being propped up, by the investment group, who to this very day manipulates the worlds currencies. Oil was discovered in foreign lands, mainly at that time, the Arab countries. America had a thriving oil industry, and knew how to mine and produce and refine oil. A deal was struck for technology, that would guarantee an exchange with the oil producing countries, OPEC, that all oil revenues would be exchanged in US Dollars. This developed into the United States Dollar evolving into the Global Reserve Currency. What does that mean.??? That means that every bank in the world had to have a reserve of American Dollars in their bank vaults to exchange for the Dollar against all other currencies. By de-facto, this also meant that all other currencies were referenced against the Dollar. Any financial transaction, that had an out of country component, meant that that country had to reference the transaction to the US Dollar. Resentment of this in the financial sectors around the world, began to develop in almost every country, and this became more obvious and aggressive, after 2008, when Wall Street ripped off practically every country in the world. Continued in the next post.


Below is a posting from Eve about how minimum wages have dropped by 25% and the cost of a college degree has risen by 1120%, and industry continue to broadcast that they have technical jobs that they cannot fill because Americans are not educated enough. I am here to tell you, that if every single person in this entire country had a PHD in every discipline we know of, there would not be one single job added. America is in the business of exporting jobs, not creating them. Last week the government said that the un-employment rate was 6%, you are a real kind of special, like that Sam Shepard speaks of if you believe that. You can rest assured that the unemployment rate is going to skyrocket, not decrease.


The world does what America does, and so the mistakes that America is making the world is following us all into the same pit. With people loosing their jobs, they had to move in together just to survive because the entire monthly salary of one individual was still not enough to even pay the rent of a one bedroom apartment, let alone electricity phone or food. This put stress on other amenities as well like parking cars now, because when people moved in together, they also needed a place to park their cars, which the street parking was already filled up, are you starting to get the picture. When the mass population lost their jobs, the government also lost their tax revenues. The loss of tax revenues meant the loss of social services as well. The country began to deteriorate in every way, not only America, but the world, except China. China completely built and rebuilt it’s entire infrastructure while ours crumbled. They even built brand new cities, where no one even lives. While we have 78,000 abandoned buildings in Detroit city alone, because the people could not even afford the property taxes on them. People in Detroit are so poor, that they cannot even afford water, and the American governments response, turn their water off, GOD BLESS AMERICA. Cities fell into financial straights as well, as revenues from businesses dried up, because their gone. You see, the city councils, all of them, gave giant tax breaks to the big box stores to move into counties across America, and all the big box stores had to promise the city councils for those tax breaks was to put all of the stores on main street America out of business. So the box stores didn’t have to pay taxes, and the small business were put out of business and gone, so the cities were going bankrupt. GOD BLESS AMERICA for putting all of those small businesses out of business, way to go. If you think that there exist a free market society in America, you know nothing about business, and I can guarantee you that you have never been in business. There is no such thing as a free market in America. There in lies another problem, what ever businesses remain in America, refuse to sell the products that they make to Americans. And if you think that is an exaggeration, just test it, call up any American manufacturer and try to buy the products they make, and then get back to me and let me know how it went. American manufacturers refuse to sell the products that they make. All of the products that are sold in the box stores are made in foreign countries, mostly China. Continued in the next post.


So now we will get back to money. We left off with knowledge that all of the nations of the earth followed the lead of America, they tore down their factories and they sent their products to China to be manufactured. Because of that, all of the people in all of the nations of the earth except China, began to loose their jobs. Perhaps, you were one of them. With no more jobs in manufacturing, the only other jobs remaining were jobs in what is referred to as the “Service Industry” . What is the Service Industry, you ask??? It is a job description of jobs that serve people. Let’s name a few so you get the idea. Waitresses, gardeners, mechanics, nurses, doctors, donut bakers, market clerks, bus drivers, hotel keeps. You get it, any job where one person serves another. There is nothing wrong with that, we should all serve one another, it is how we were made. The difficulty lies in that the economic index, that is to say, the cost of living, continued to increase over the years while at the same time our wages are a fraction of what they used to be, and at that, only to those who actually have jobs. This is happening all over the world. It took awhile for the impact of the devastation caused by stopping the very thing, that has built every economy in the world since the beginning of money, with absolutely nothing to replace it with, to be felt. But little by little, one person losing their job at a time, and the world began to feel it. Little by little the line at food banks began to grow, and the lines at un-employment offices began to get longer, the demand for food stamps began to skyrocket, and make no mistake about it, this is only the beginning and it is only going to get worse. China’s gross domestic product has begun to drop, because the savings accounts of the world are drying up. The demand for goods, has been replaced with the desire to eat. Wall Street wanted to increase its profits by closing the factories, not realizing the effects of people loosing their jobs, might impact their ability to purchase the products Wall Street was selling. I guess that Wall Street thought that the United States Government would bail out the people, exactly like it did for Wall Street. But that did not happen, actually the Government did the opposite, when the average American got into financial trouble, the United States government gave more money to Wall Street and the Banking industry, instead of the actual people who were hurting, God Bless America. In addition to giving the Banking Industry bail out money, Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, purchased the mortgages that the banks wrote. In addition to that, the United States of America, God Bless America, evicted the people who got ripped off by the banks, kicked them out into the streets, and gave the houses back to the banks to sell again. God Bless America. And the bad thing of that whole mess is that Freddy Mae and Freddy Mac, are not privately held investment firms, they are run by tax payer dollars, thats right your tax dollars were used to kick your friends, relatives and neighbors out of their homes and into the streets. Are you having trouble following all of that ?? You are not alone, and that is the simplified version. All of those people that got kicked out of their homes, because they lost their jobs, now needed a place to live, that caused a gigantic demand on the availability of rental inventory, so the rents of rental property skyrocketed, much to the delight of the rich banking industry and property management firms. Increased rents meant that less money is distributed into the local economies, but is funneled into the pockets of the already wealthy. To be continued in the next post.


As America does, the rest of the world follows, so all of the rest of the world sent all of their manufacturing businesses out of their countries, to Mexico, China, Brazil, India, Malaysia. Mostly to China. With all of the worlds manufacturing being done in China the country held a steady 16% annual GDP growth rate. for about the past 20 years. With this new found wealth, China began to buy gold, as much as it possible could. With a 16% annual growth rate, this business had to come from somewhere. China was and is still, sucking the life out of every other business on earth. There is no way to stop this now, it is too late. It took 40 or 50 years for America to ship all of it’s businesses to China and set them up, and America did it when it had Money and Gold. China now has all of Americas gold, America does not have any more gold, it has traded it all away. It even spent the gold it was holding for other countries of which they are not happy about. In addition to that, even if America wanted to bring back manufacturing, breaking the contracts with China, bight be possible, but there is not a chance in hell that America has the money to bring those businesses back even if it wanted to. And lets just say America figured out a way to pay to bring those businesses back, the logistics alone, the building the manufacturing plants that they tore down, the building of the steel mills that they closed and sold to china, Even if China paid for everything it cost to bring those businesses back, it could not be done. Rebuilding and retooling America to go back into the manufacturing business is out of the question. America did this to itself, and by proxy of example, did it to the entire world, because the rest of the world did the exact same thing as America did, they de-industrialized. So India and China have for decades been buying all of the gold they could get their hands on, and in third place is Russia. America on the other hand as a nation has not spent one dime on gold. To be continued in the next post.


The largest bank heist in the history of mankind happened in 1971, when all of the gold in all of the bank vaults in all of the world was stolen with the stroke of one single pen. Wielded by President Nixon. A Republican. The people of the world got the printed paper, with nothing but air to back it up, and the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD, and the governments of the world got the gold. We cannot even begin to imagine the party that was thrown by the Bilderburg group, the Morgan’s, the Rothschild’s, the Rockefeller, Warbucks, and others who control the worlds currencies. They all got the real money, the people got the monopoly money. My goodness, I bet the toilets flushed and the faucets flowed with champagne on that night, and the cigar smoke set off alarms two blocks down the street. Not one single American even blinked an eye when this caper went down. This single event changed the entire world as we knew it. Several changes in the worlds financial systems changed overnight. Two major things happened. One is this, and try to get the meaning of it, the value of the fake paper money remained it’s printed value, in addition to that, the gold, which had real value, was released from being held to back up the paper money, was now available to be traded as currency. The result is obvious, suddenly, there was twice as much available currency circulating. The problem was, who had the privilege of getting to circulate the gold, the extra, surplus currency???? You guessed it, it was NOT THE PEOPLE. It was the 1%. As usual, the bankers, the stock brokers, the governments, the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD, and all of their friends, thousands of tons of gold delivered to their door for free. What physical assets that used to sit in vaults to give real value to circulating currencies to the entire world, was now taken out of the vaults and placed into the bank accounts of a handful of entities. This didn’t just double their portfolios, in increased them by magnitudes. Governments suddenly had a budget to work with, and Wall Street went mad. Suddenly the world saw skyscrapers popping up everywhere. Developing countries with there new found capitol began expanding and became the largest purchaser of gold bars, especially, China, and India. At the same time, the United States government began to pay the way, with tax payer money, to move manufacturing companies out of this country, our government paid all of the expenses, including purchasing the land, building the buildings and moving all of the equipment to China, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico. That’s right you paid your hard earned money to loose your job, God Bless This Great Nation, right !!!!! Continued in the next post.


“‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will become abhorrent to them. Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them in the day of Jehovah’s fury. They will not be satisfied, nor will they fill their stomachs, for it has become a stumbling block causing their error. This is a continuation of the previous post. This scripture we are discussing is from Ezekiel 7:19. Notice what the last part of that scripture says, that the gold and the silver, “has become a stumbling block, and it is the cause of their error.” Yes, money is one side of the coin that is at the heart of all of our problems. Ending money, taking away this stumbling block that stands in the way of mankind, would also have the added benefit of ending religious oppression, religion is the other side of money’s coin. Money is causing all of our errors, our problems. Money cannot solve our problems, money is causing all of our problems, and it is the false belief of the religious systems, that is the foundation of the false belief of the money systems. Take away money, and religion collapses. However, most likely what is going to happen, is that religion is going to be destroyed first, and that is in turn going to destroy money. I base this upon the scriptures, because the scriptures tell us that it is the destruction of religion, by the political systems, empowered by the United Nations, that triggers the great tribulation, in which money completely collapses. In the world right now, we find the political systems, wrestling with the religious systems, something elevates this into an all out attack. At the very same time, we see the financial markets of the entire world wobbling like that top that is about to fall over. Once religion is gone or at least disabled, the financial systems will follow immediately. That is why you need to get a firm grasp on religion and it’s structure and origin right now, because right this minute it is all coming down, exactly like the scriptures said it would, you do not have time to play games and watch tv or play ball, you need these precious moments to figure out what is going on and to prepare your mind and heart for it. It is not possessions, or guns, that will get you through what is coming, it is what you believe, and what is in your heart. First you must subject yourself to be taught the things you do not know, remember what Jesus said to his disciples, ” teaching them to observe all the things that I have commanded you”, you must be taught, then you need time for that knowledge to sink down into your heart, that takes time, so you have to start immediately, because the nations battle with religion has already begun, you are out of time, this could erupt into full scale war at any moment, and when it does, it is too late, you will not have time to learn then. If you visit a building with the name Church on it, get out of it immediately, the religious systems, all of them, are going to be led to their destruction by God, because their sins have em-massed clear up into the heavens as we discussed earlier.


“‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will become abhorrent to them. Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them in the day of Jehovah’s fury. They will not be satisfied, nor will they fill their stomachs, for it has become a stumbling block causing their error. ” This scripture is from Ezekiel 7:19. In the financial world right now, every single economist on planet earth is assuring all of us that the United States Dollar, is going to collapse, we do not know when, but they all, to the individual, swear it is coming. It is impossible for the dollar not to collapse, it is way to late to cure it’s ills. Economist tell us, that it cannot be stopped. So because of this, the stock market rallies gold and silver and other precious metals as stable commodities of physical value. There was a time in America when the dollar had physical value, so did the sterling and the pound. What we mean by physical value, is that there was something in a vault somewhere that was a physical object, that could be held in hands and possessed, that had the same value as the numbers printed on the banking notes we refer to as money, currency. You could actually walk into a bank in America and England and trade in your paper money for equal value in physical gold or silver. In America, we had gold notes and silver certificates, and you could exchange the paper money for real gold and silver. The earth grew in population, and at some point, the demand for gold and silver in industry, outpaced its value to currency reinforcement. Most people did not go to banks and trade in their paper money for gold and silver, it was too heavy to carry around, and it was too clumsy for the merchants to handle and process, paper was much easier, and it fit into the cash registers more readily. So as the gold and silver was mined, it began to fill vaults around the world, because no one wanted to lug it around, and it was not safe left at home, and it made the mattress lumpy when it was stuffed into them. Paper currency was adopted throughout the entire world, and no one exchanged physical materials for the paper money. In 1971, president Nixon’s administration, (Lets not blame Nixon, he was only reading the script) passed a law whereby America would no longer store, house, reference to, gold or silver to back up the value of the United States Dollar. All other currencies in the world followed suit. As America does, the rest of the world follows. If this was the case, a thinking person should immediately think, “OK, what happened to all of the gold and silver that was stored up in the vaults around the world by all of the countries.” ?????????????? The easy and simple answer is, that IT WAS STOLEN. Hundreds of thousands of tons of gold and silver was stolen from the vaults around the world, with the stroke of the pen, from the Nixon administration, and the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD. Continued in the next post.


We all, us on the bottom are to blame for all of our troubles, we did this, we are doing this to ourselves, we are the greedy selfish ones. There is only 1 of them, there is 99 of us, what chance do you think that 1 has against 99. What it shows is that humans are cowards and selfish to the very core these days, perhaps we always have been. If only a fraction of us stood up together we could stop all of this, but we are so selfish to the extreme, that we will not even do “nothing” to stop this. What I mean by nothing, is to simply stop supporting the 1%, do not buy their products, what ever their products are, choke off their money supply, and do it one company at a time, until they are on bended knees. If you don’t like the high rent, every single person move out of the property owners buildings, all of them, find out what he owns, and everyone move out, let those buildings remain empty until he is bankrupt, then buy his bankrupt property for pennies and rent it out for a nickel on the dollar, so that the renters have money left in their pockets to hand out to the local economies. Do that to every property owner, until rents no longer take, all of the money that one person makes in a month, forcing us all to double up, just to pay the rent, these property owners will not be satisfied until they get the monthly salaries of 10 people living in a single. We have allowed the property owners to raise rents so high, that the average salary can only pay the rent, driving families into the streets if they want to eat, this is madness, and we are doing this to each other. Same with gasoline, everyone in this country stop going to Mobil, we all get our gas from some other company, soon, mobil will be hurting so bad, that they beg for customers, then we all move on and do the same to Chevron, Shell, Texaco etc, It is as I said, all we have to do is nothing, just do not go there, do not shop there, do not give the 1% your money, and this all changes, but it is the selfish greed of the 99% that is the problem, not the 1%, you cannot blame the 1% for taking the money of all of the stupid idiots that hand it to them. We are the ones to blame, not them, we are the ones that need to wake the hell up.


I Thessalonians 5:3 tells us this, “For you yourselves know quite well that Jehovah’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night. Whenever it is that they are saying “Peace and Security” then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them”. Have you noticed how many times each security council member has said, Peace and Security.


Money is analogous to the Catholic Church, they are both real entities, but they are both, false belief systems.


If no one had a job that paid money, no one would need a job that paid money.


That article on the D.C. Clothesline about agenda 21 should be read. I know it is difficult reading and really boring, but it contains information that answers allot of questions in a short period of time. Perhaps you are safe and warm and comfortable in your home, I hope that you are, and most likely most of you are not in immediate danger of loosing your home to imminent domain, but try to keep in mind that that law does exist, and in this country, there are those who’s property are being confiscated every single day. It used to be that imminent domain was restricted to public good projects, but for the last 30 years since the deregulation of banking laws came into being, that imminent domain laws were adapted to offer corporate takeovers of private land, if it could be attributed to a greater public good use of the property, than what you were doing with the property that you owned. IE, if an apartment building could be built on your property, and could house more people than your single family, that was considered a greater public good, and could force the sell of your property, not to the government, but to private enterprise. What does this have to do with you ? What ever laws are enacted that affect your neighbor, don’t ever think that it cannot apply to you as well, whenever the mood strikes the attention of some bureaucrat. As we speak, Agenda 21 controls the food on your table. The food in restaurants, the food in your markets. Agenda 21 has a foothold on the roads you drive on, and the lack there of. You might not realize it, but in some rural areas of the United States, roads that previously were built to accommodate rural dwelling and land owners and farmers, are being deliberately removed to isolate them and drive them out. Water and electricity are crucial for living and the growing food, and when these utilities are deliberately interrupted in a critical stage of crop growth, the entire years yield is destroyed. There is no end to the influence of big money upon government regulations. Almost all government regulations, are a well funded purchased product. Few individuals are more affected by government regulators than the small farmers of America. Not many Americans realize, that in more and more cities, laws have been passed making it illegal to grow food in your own yards. Probably because of your refusal to participate in the Monsanto government sponsored kill all the bees program so that they can sell their new pollination spray. It has long been the law that you could not bake a pie for your neighbor. It is against the law in most cities, for groups of people to get together in what we used to cal Pot Lucks, where people would cook food in their homes and bring those dishes to parks for everyone to share. Even fewer people realize that there are cities in this country that it is against the law to redirect rain water falling upon your own property. You might think this is ridiculous, and perhaps you are the very ones that need to wake up to the extent that your god bless america is overreaching control of every aspect of your live. If you live in certain areas of the country, and you want to re-landscape your yard, you now must make plans, the plans have to be approved, and are overseen by a government bureaucrat, to make sure that you are not capturing and retaining rain water. That is right, rain falling from the skies, is now metered and controlled by big business, because water is for sell. Even the airspace, the sky above your building, is priced controlled and regulated by our government, god bless this great nation, right !!!!! America, love it or leave it, right !!! Obama has nothing to do with Agenda 21, this started 40 years ago, and has been actively enforced for the last 20 years. I have written about Agenda 21 for 3 years, and to this very day, not one single acknowledgement of it, nor IP-20 nor FATCA, things that should scare the hell out of everyone, and instead, it goes right over their heads.


 The solution to most all of the problems of humanity, except for lfe itself, is to end the use of currency. I am in no way suggesting the use of a trade and barter system, because that is just another form of currency, end the use of money, then within days, the problems plaguing mankind will evaporate, and all we have to do to accomplish that is nothing, just do nothing, and it all disappears, including religion, because religion and money are two sides of the same coin, and both are the chief elements of the destructive forces destroying humanity and the earth. Lay down this weapon of money, this god that mankind is enslaved to. Then let mankind, released from its bonds, transform this earth and society into unimaginable beauty. Earths greatest resource, is the human being. But money, restricts human advancement. Almost all human interaction, conversations, attentions, efforts, work, are centered and focused upon money. Having it, making it, spending it, not having it, all of the energy and intellect of man is spent in one from or another on the use and acquisition of money. Stop this madness. End money, and we can all begin to live. How do we do this, how do we get started? It is simple, it is easy, it is elementary. First, no one panic. Everyone keep doing exactly what you are doing right now, it is just that no one gets paid. Show up at your job, continue to do the best you can at your work, like I know you always have. When you need something, food at the market, gas for your car, you go get it like you always have, but you do not have to pay for it. The people who make the food and stock the shelves at the market, keep doing that, nothing changes. The people who work the oil fields, and refineries, keep doing that, nothing changes. Those of you in the manufacturing sector, go to work, make those things you always have, nothing changes, YET. Then appointments can be made of mature people in every city, like a city council, only this time, there is no money to corrupt them. One issue at a time, slowly, easily, no one panic, we gradually adjust our outlook, our needs, the greater good for the whole of humanity, we change our lives, and give up those things that waste and spoil human advancements. We end the waste, starting with paper first. Most accounting will no longer be needed. no more junk mail and advertising, it is no longer needed, the billboards can come down. We do not need a new car every year to impress our neighbors. Give all of those people who currently work shuffling paper from one desk to another, hammers and saws, and we build housing for everyone on earth, one 2×4 at a time. Cities like Las Vegas will end their destruction of human lives. The war on drugs disappears, crime plummets, most crime has as its foundation, the need of money, and the loss of occupation. Those young men will be given meaningful assignments, that will keep them rewarded and exhausted at the end of the day. Mature men, will get them off of the sofas, and out of their beds, and grow them into men, one human at a time. War will end, when the spoils of war, no longer exsist, borders, these imaginary lines we carve the earth up into will come down as we begin to accept our brotherhood, and learn to embrace the entire human family. No more Wall Street, no more banks, no more mortgage payments, no more rents. You can have what you can take care of, you will not have the ability to enslave the masses for your own personal gain. Go to the market, get what you need, but only take what you need. Tomorrow you can come back and get more, so do not panic. Earth will yield its abundant produce, when it is cultivated, instead of exploited. Authorities will no longer dominate us, humanity will guide and rule over us, not oppression. For every one man, who commits an offense against another, he will find a thousand men facing him down to straighten him out, no need for courts who are nothing but a business, no police will be needed, no prisons, justice will be executed swiftly. Money is a lie, it is a false emotional belief system, like all religions, that misleads man down a path that is nothing but destructive. Even if you are the wealthiest person in the world, your life is wasted and tormented because of money and your fear of those who have none. To those who refuse to end money, give it all to them, bury them in it, fill their homes with so much money that it chokes the life out of them the very same way that not having it chokes the life out of the rest of us. Give to them Goldman, and Morgan, and Bank Of England, let them live there, or better still, force them to live there, give them money to eat and drink for the rest of their lives. Think that this is a crazy dream that could never happen ? Well perhaps you could start right now, learning a new subject. I always saw that the person who thinks that they know everything, has not yet begun to learn, Sometimes in our lives, new things arise, new ways of doing things, and new tools for doing them arise, just like the computer, and they change our lives in wonderful ways. There was a time in the world when the American Dollar did not exist. It collapsed in 1929, it will end again soon, as we speak, the nations of the earth are preparing for the collapse of the American Dollar. This time, I suggest that we leave it down, never pick it up and go back to it, and set the example for the rest of the world, how life can be for everyone, when we all begin to live for life, instead of living for the god of money.


Taxpayers are not only subsidizing Walmart’s low-pay workers, but also the obscene pay of top executives. Walmart reduced its tax bill $104 million by exploiting a loophole that allowed eight executives to pocket more than $298 million in bonuses. In short, “the bigger the executive bonuses the less Walmart pays in taxes”, according to Frank Clemente, executive director at Americans for Tax Fairness. #walmarteconomy


More than 50,000 anti-austerity protesters in London marched outside the BBC and Parliament Square today but the BBC refuses to cover them.  Comedian Russell Brand addressed the crowd: “Austerity means keeping all the money among people who have loads of it. This is the biggest problem we face today–all other problems radiate from this toxic swindle. We can organize a fairer, more just society than they can. These demonstrations are the start.” Brand said the group will hold the biggest protest in British history later this year, “Soon we will reach a size and influence where neither the BBC nor this austerity Government will be able to ignore us.”


Shawn Thompson says this, “Of course. Its more important, that billionaire CEO of Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, McDonnell Douglas, G.E. make more money. The poor of one nation are sent to kill the poor of another, so the wealthy may profit. They never cared while you were poor before service, why would they care after?”


FATCA, IRS Global Tax Law, Is Everywhere — Even Russia & China Comment Now Follow Comments FATCA—the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act—is America’s global tax law. And it’s finally here after a four-year ramp up. It requires foreign banks to reveal American accounts holding over $50,000. Bank secrecy? Forget it. Non-compliant institutions could be frozen out of U.S. markets, so everyone is complying. So far, 77,000 financial institutions have registered and 80 countries have too. Countries must throw their agreement behind the law or face dire repercussions. Tax havens have joined up. Even China and Russia are getting on board. The IRS has a searchable list of financial institutions. See FFI List Search and Download Tool and a User Guide. Countries on board are at FATCA – Archive. FATCA grew out of a controversial rule. America taxes its citizens—and even permanent residents—on their worldwide income regardless of where they live. In 2009, the IRS struck a groundbreaking deal with UBS for $780 million in penalties and American names. Yet today, that huge deal seems only a drop in the bucket of what has happened since. Credit Suisse took a guilty plea and paid a record $2.6 billion fine. World Map (Photo credit: shaire productions) With over a hundred Swiss banks taking a DOJ deal and many other developments, banking is now more transparent than could ever have been imagined. But in 2010, when only some of those developments were unfolding, FATCA was enacted. The idea was to cut off companies from access to critical U.S. financial markets if they didn’t pass along American data. Cleverly, FATCA’s tax would be so catastrophic to those effected that everyone has opted to comply. Foreign financial institutions must withhold a 30% tax if the recipient isn’t providing information about U.S. account holders. Now, it seems unlikely that virtually anyone will pay the 30%. They will provide the data instead. The U.S. even announced an agreement in principle with China. And amazingly, Russia too has just come aboard, with President Vladimir Putin Signing Law in 11th Hour to Satisfy U.S. Treasury. The U.S. and Russia were negotiating a FATCA deal until March, 2014, but Russia’s annexation of Crimea caused the U.S. to walk. That meant Russian financial institutions faced being frozen out of U.S. markets. Fortunately for them, President Putin signed a law allowing Russian banks to send American taxpayer data to the U.S. Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) must report account numbers, balances, names, addresses, and U.S. identification numbers. For U.S.-owned foreign entities, they must report the name, address, and U.S. TIN of each substantial U.S. owner. Of course, apart from taxes, U.S. persons with foreign bank accounts exceeding $10,000 must file an FBAR by each June 30. These forms too are serious. FBAR failures can mean fines up to $500,000 and prison up to ten years. Even non-willful civil FBAR penalty can mean a $10,000 fine. Willful FBAR violations can draw the greater of $100,000 or 50% of the account for each violation (and each year is separate). The numbers can add up fast. Court Upholds Record FBAR Penalties, Exceeding Offshore Account Balance. U.S. account holders who aren’t compliant have limited time to get to the IRS. The IRS recently changed its programs, making its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program a little harsher. Yet for those not willing to pay the 27.5% penalty—which goes to 50% for some named banks August 4, 2014—the new IRS’s Streamlined Program may be a good option for those who qualify. The latter applies now to both foreign and U.S.-based Americans. Some still want to amend their taxes and file FBARs in a “quiet disclosure” which could bring civil FBAR penalties or even prosecution. Thus, caution is clearly in order. Indeed, FATCA is making banking transparent virtually worldwide. With Swiss bank deals, prosecutions, summonses, and now FATCA, the IRS has quicker, better and more complete information than ever.


One thing that I forgot to tell you as well, I forgot, that FATCA also applies to American Banks as well, All financial institutions foreign and domestic must report account activities for American Citizens. Britain has also adopted its own FATCA form.


The following is a list of loan recipients that was taken directly from page 131 of the audit report…. Citigroup – $2.513 trillion Morgan Stanley – $2.041 trillion Merrill Lynch – $1.949 trillion Bank of America – $1.344 trillion Barclays PLC – $868 billion Bear Sterns – $853 billion Goldman Sachs – $814 billion Royal Bank of Scotland – $541 billion JP Morgan Chase – $391 billion Deutsche Bank – $354 billion UBS – $287 billion Credit Suisse – $262 billion Lehman Brothers – $183 billion Bank of Scotland – $181 billion BNP Paribas – $175 billion Wells Fargo – $159 billion Dexia – $159 billion Wachovia – $142 billion Dresdner Bank – $135 billion Societe Generale – $124 billion “All Other Borrowers” – $2.639 trillion


Wall Street shipped out all of the jobs in America, and along with that the infrastructure that made those jobs possible, as if to make absolutely certain that those companies could never be started again, they also closed down and dismantles all of the industries that made the raw materials for those industries that gave us those jobs, to make doubly certain that some ambitious American might NOT get crazy and try to strike out on his own and shed his robot shell. So with no jobs in the country, the tax base has declined, people who do not work cannot pay taxes.


The reason that the Vatican collects data and keeps files on everyone is because the Vatican views you as a source of revenue, and if not you, than your family, and if not your family than your business partner. Somebody connected with you is going to pay your taxes, whether you are alive or dead it does not mater to the Vatican. And if you think I am kidding just ask anyone who has been through an estate probate. In one way or another all banks lead back to the original bank, the VATICAN BANK.


The Vatican started the Banking System, via the organizational structure of the Jesuits. Money to open all modern banks originated from the Vatican, That means that all banks answer to the Vatican in one way or another. The IRS is operated by the Jesuits, the Jesuits are THE TAX COLLECTORS. The Vatican was formed to collect taxes, remember.


The Federal Reserve Bank, the OLD MONEY guys, The Bank of England and the Vatican Bank that they all answer too, makes their money by collecting taxes. All taxes collected are deposited into the Federal Reserve Bank. The IRS is the collection agency for the Federal Reserve Bank.


There is a saying that all roads lead to Rome, that is never more true than in the case of money, all money goes through Rome. Remember along time ago I told you that Religion and Money are two sides of the same coin. The financing of so many wars, has been done through the Vatican Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank is owned by the OLD MONEY, it is a privately held Banking System, it has a connection with the Bank of England as well, and therefore it has a direct connection with the Vatican and the Jesuits. They are all connected together in one big happy family. All of the men comprising the OLD MONEY are Jesuit in actuality or related, but none the less controlled by the Jesuits. There is friction between the groups, because some of the men are Protestant Americans, and there is a difference in spiritual beliefs. Wall Street is completely controlled by these people and the Jesuits, it is a completely operated and controlled entity and there is nothing about it that even resembles free trade. In fact almost all trading on Wall Street right now is done by computers, with no human at the helm at all.


England, and in particular, London, is really the financial center of the world, not Wall Street. The old money, answers to the Bank of England, and the Bank of England answers to the Bank of Vatican, who originally formed the Bank of England and financed all OLD MONEY.


The relationships formed with the early banking fathers remain to this day, the Morgans, the Rothschild’s, Warburg, Rockefeller, their heirs, are the men behind the banking system,s and I am sure others we have never even heard of and never will, but it is only a handful of men, who call the shots in the international monetary banking systems. Although, Russia and China are throwing a monkey wrench in the works right now. China has always remained isolated from too much influence of the Church, except in commerce. The Jesuits are in control of the banking and revenue collecting business in all countries, but none more than America.


WARNING 1; The dollar will loose its de-facto standing soon. The dollar has been the reserve currency since World War II. meaning that all nations that wanted to purchase oil, had to use dollars to do it. That is no longer true. All countries and all banks had to have a supply of dollars to do business with. That is no longer true. All of the banks in the world as we speak, because of FATCA, are removing the dollar from their safes and operations, the dollar is no longer needed to purchase anything outside of America. In almost all countries, Americans are no longer permitted to open bank accounts, if they hold an American passport.


Warning – 2

WARNING 2; Why does this matter to you ?? The dollar is going to collapse, there is no escaping it. No country on earth wants to accept the American dollar in trade as we speak. China and Russia have teamed up to make a new global currency exchange and it does not include America, or the American dollar. We have been basically frozen out of international trade and currency exchange, do you understand what that means ?? What FATCA did was the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, CIA FBI, and the IRS and NSA, and the President, all got together and passed laws that make it mandatory for every institution on earth that touches the US Dollar, must report to the IRS or face a 30% bank levy on their accounts. This goes into effect July 1st. And of course they all got your opinion on the matter before they did it.



Warning 3; For decades America has closed down their businesses, and dismantled all of it’s manufacturing infrastructure, sending all of the tools equipment molds and dies and all of our steel and natural resources to China to do all of our work for us. We even enacted a plethora of legislation that would make it impossible for any American to rise up against the wolves of Wall Street and start a business, no matter how small that might compete for one single cent out of their pockets. We abandoned our main streets, and our farmers, our government put all of the small businesses out of business and choked the life out of the American small farmer that supplied this country with food. We allowed oil companies to destroy our housing infrastructure, the bedrock our communities were built upon to support our homes by fracturing the rock that was the foundation to our homes and buildings, and as a bi product of that we polluted our aqua fir to the point that our tap water is now flammable. Just imagine the scenario, of a fire truck showing up to a home to put out a fire, and the water coming out of the fire hose actually explodes, this might to some look pretty funny, but it is really happening in this country. Even if we wanted to manufacture in this country again, it would take decades to rebuild. We closed down our pharmacies and moved them to India and China. Our medical devices are no longer made in this country. Your mothers heart medication comes from India and China, and now they wont take your money, do you see any problem with that ?? America has only one shoe company, Allen Edmond’s whose average price for a pair is $400.00, it is the shoes I wear, and I just priced them a week ago. Even Snap On Tools and Craftsman, went to China. Milwaukee is Chinese. Virtually all clothing in this country is from off shore. Almost everything we use in this country, including our food, our food, our food, comes from foreign countries. Now they are refusing to take our money.



Warning 4: Even if our government retracted FATCA today, it is too late, the damage is done, we put a gun to their heads, and they are not inclined to laugh it off. Besides that even before FATCA, the nations had already caught on that the American Dollar was Monopoly Money and just as real. There is no way for our government to stop what is about to happen to the Dollar, it is already too late, when every other nation on earth has banned it, that cannot be turned around, this country, the government that you pledge your allegiance to, has destroyed your money deliberately, willfully, with intent and malice of forethought, and still, on this day of celebration the horrors of war and death, you honor this nation with your praise, you deserve what this nation is about to do to you, for your blind patriotic allegiance. Your country has lied to you since the day you were born, and still you defend them, it is just amazing. This entire world is telling you one side of the story, and you turn a deaf ear, and only believe what the 5:00 news tells you to believe. Can every nation on earth be wrong about this, when most of them are sovereign nations why do you think that it is ok for the IRS to demand all banking records from all nations ?? What if China came to us and demanded to see and have copies of your bank records, merely because you purchased their products, would you willfully hand over your confidential banking information to a foreign nation ?? No you would not, and neither will they. So they have chosen instead to no longer do business with America. The Nations of the earth no longer need America. America no longer has a manufacturing base that supplies the world with anything that they cannot get cheaper and faster from somewhere else. The world does not need American products, because we don’t have any products to offer them. Wall Street saw to that.



Warning 5; When the dollar collapses, the nations will send the dollars back to this country. Now if you have been watching the football games recently or your head stuck up Sterling’s.. than you were not paying attention, to the fact that dozens of nations have already been boxing up dollars from their bank vaults, and sending them back to America. I find it very interesting in that they are not asking for replacement value in anything, no T bills or nothing, but they want hard assets, land, in comes the BLM controversy. In exchange for our worthless dollars the nations are exchanging them for land and buildings. Do you see a problem here coming down the road, Bundy’s everywhere.



Warning 6: As dollars arrive on our shores, our banks become flooded with worthless currencies, causing skyrocketing inflation. Things become so expensive that they are out of the question, so they are taken by force. I said earlier and others have said the same before me, the most dangerous man in the world is one who cannot feed his family. The shelves of the markets are bare the very first day, and since we no longer grow our own food, it becomes a major problem. Health issues arise because we closed our pharmacological manufacturing plants and we no longer make medicine or medical supplied in this country, so medications are just as scarce as food, once the rioters figure out that they better hit the pharmacies as well as the markets. Since money has become worthless, than goods, things, become currency, and they hit all of the concrete tilt up manufacturing and storage facilities for anything they can trade for food. Self storage facilities are broken into, gas stations are ran dry, and hospitals run out of every form of supplies. Coal fired plants run out of fuel and the electricity goes down. No refrigerators in homes, no way to cook. No sewers because the treatment plants are closed without electricity to run the pumps, remember when I sent you a posting about a composting toilet, you are going to wish you had one trust me.



Warning 7; Gangs of desperate men begin to form and organize together, and they are not kidding, if you think that the Crips and Bloods were tough, just wait until trained military soldiers, angry with their government organize and hit the streets.



Warning 8; Most cities require electricity to operate pumps to deliver water to your taps. No electricity, equals no water. Our government has a plan to deal with civil unrest, and it begins with martial law. The water in the camps will be spiked with things to calm you down, as will your food. The military will begin to round people up off of the streets, the easy ones first. They will do this in a planed structured way. How it is usually done is by dozens of police cars converging upon one house in a surprise raid, they will pick up the target, before any of the neighbors have a chance to respond, and they will be out of there, they will hit an entirely different area later. They will dance around confrontation for as long as they can, but if violence starts, the Russians and Chinese soldiers will handle the wet work.



Warning 9: The currencies of the rest of the world will begin to collapse as well as the dollar. For decades other nations have followed the lead of the United States and patterned their currencies after America. Copying every single bad example we set. They have produced fiat currencies as well. In addition to that, America has been a bad habit to break, and trusted alliances will find it difficult to sever the relationship. with so many failing markets it becomes difficult for any country to get basic commodities because the entire shipping infrastructure has collapsed. Even formerly strong nations begin to have trouble. The world slips into the worst depression earth has ever seen. The Bible has a name for it, The Great Tribulation, it says that it is a time of trouble that is so awful, that unless God steps in to stop it, no one would be saved. This time of trouble will effect every living creature on earth.



Warning 10: What is coming upon the earth, will take a God to stop. You will not recognize this at first, because you will go on with the normalcy bias, thinking that things are normal, it is just a rough spot in the road and things are going to get better. We are so isolated from the rest of the world in this country, and our media plays a deliberate role in that. Our media is told what to say, when to say it, and who says it. The 5:00 news is scripted by our government. A case in point, as proof of this, is FATCA. Until you read it from me, on my Facebook page, you never heard of it. Your government does not want you to know about FATCA, because if you did, it would scare the hell out of you, and you would panic, just like you are going to do, when it takes effect. You are deliberately willfully ignoring this. I have not heard one word from any of you about this, not one single word. You have only precious moments to learn the things I have been trying to get to you, because when this takes effect, it will be too late to learn, even if you wanted to know, the chaos will be so great, that opportunity will not come. It is difficult to learn, at the barrel of a gun. At that time, and that time is one day closer than yesterday, it will be one tragic event after another, until God steps in. The only person who can save us from what is coming is God, and right this moment is the time for you to get to know him. God promises to lead the nations to destroy religion, this happens before the great tribulation, because the Bible tells us, that it is the destruction of the false religious systems that triggers the great tribulation. You did not know that before, you learned it here. You cannot learn about God at your church, your church does not teach you about God, not even the elementary things, like something as simple as Gods name. Your Church does not even teach you the truth about Gods son, Jesus, they lie to you about him, right to his face, and right to your face, and you just sit right there in your seat and believe those lies. Looking at the very words that God wrote to you, and then having the preacher tell you the exact opposite of what those words say, should be proof enough to you, that something is drugging you. There is a symbol on the building that you call your church, investigate it, find out what it is, what it represents, where it came from, and then get back to me, better yet, get back to yourself, and ask yourself, if this is really a sign, a symbol that you want to have hanging around your neck, for all the world to see, what you truly are advertising that you believe in. If it does not shock, repulse, revolt, disgust and fill you with hate for it, than it is too late for you, you are one of them, you have already chosen your side. When you deliberately, knowingly, willfully, choose to go on believing and practicing and participating in what you know to be a lie about God, you are constituting yourself an enemy of God. Don’t do it to yourself, let go right this minute, of those thing you already know are lies about God, let them go, I am telling you, you are out of time.



Warning 11; Everything I have said and am writing to you about, and using the videos to back up the information, I am also giving you scriptural evidence to support what I say. So this isn’t just some guy talking, this is backed up with overwhelming evidence. There is only one book on this earth, where we learn about God, only one. There is an endless supply of books that comment on the Bible, but the Bible is the group of letters, that God had compiled so that we might learn about him, it is the only book. Some make the claim, that the Bible contradicts itself, that is a lie, it does not. Everything the Bible tells us was going to happen, did, and everything the bible told us is happening is happening as we speak, everything that the Bible tells us is going to happen, right this moment we are eye witnesses, that the nations are preparing for just that. What is it going to take for you to believe.  Pay attention to your surroundings, FOR GAWDS SAKE THOSE ARE TANKS PARKED AT YOUR POLICE STATION !!!



Warning 12: Luke 21:20 “However, when you see Jerusalem surrounded by encamped armies, then know that the desolating of her has drawn near. Then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains, let those in the midst of her leave, and let those in the countryside not enter into her, because these are days for meting out justice in order that all the things written may be fulfilled. Woe to the pregnant women and those nursing a baby in those days! For there will be great distress on the land and wrath against this people. And they will fall by the edge of the sword and be led captive into all the nations; and Jerusalem will be trampled on by the nations until the appointed times of the nations are fulfilled. “Also, there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars, and on the earth anguish of nations not knowing the way out because of the roaring of the sea and its agitation. People will become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. And then they will see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. But as these things start to occur, stand up straight and lift up your heads, because your deliverance is getting near.” Our cities are currently being filled with encamped armies, what is it going to take for you to realize that this time in history is lining up exactly as promised. The armies are here, I am telling you, there is no more time to play with foolish meaningless things, it is time for you to get more serious than you have ever been in your life.


Here is the reason why I am posting this. This is the typical rhetoric that comes out of Washington, to placate the idiots who buy into this. Notice one sentence in this paper, it says that the unemployment figures are improved because people are dropping out of the labor force.It also says that 2.69 million receive benefits. 3 million out of 300 million, makes the unemployment rate 1% does anyone really believe that. That is an inaccurate assessment I know, because children don’t work, and neither do the retired, it is just to simplify the analogy. Current figures for the unemployment rate are in the 6% range, but even that is a blatant lie. I want to remind you that throughout the1990’s and the 2000’s year span, our government paid companies in this country to advertise jobs that did not exist, to foster sentiment in the population, that there were millions of jobs that could not be filled because qualified help could not be found. Even Janitorial jobs ( that did not exist) could not be filled, because we could not find any American that could sweep floors and carry out trash, and sharpen pencils, BULLS. You could send thousands of applications out, and not get one response, and that job would be listed for months, that any child could fill, it was all a decoy. I personally sent out more than 300 applications in one week, and I was broke and the postage killed me. I did not get one single call. I finally gave up and went to work for myself. Still today, I read yesterday that when a Wall Mart opens and list for 300 jobs, tens of thousand of people line up outside. So where on earth does our government get these figures, the truth is, that they do not. These people are spin doctors hired by the government to publish papers to convince and keep a lid on the population, while the government works it’s dirt. If you traced there money, it would reveal that somewhere along the line their pay check is being provided by the government. I went to a Pizza shop in LA, and when I went in there, there were no tables, no condiments, and no pepperoni pizza, and I got the strangest look as if to say what the hell are you doing in here, then I figured it out, it was a front shop, and their real business had nothing to do with pizza, pizza was just the cover up. In Los Angeles, you will find thousands of business, selling the stupidest stuff, their windows lines with the displays of sun bleached merchandise, and there is no way that selling that junk could ever pay the rent, their business is something totally different, this is common business practice and should surprise no one that our government also participated in deceptive business fronts, the FBI and CIA are leaders in this field. Do not listen to the employment figures, half of this country is un employed or working part time. There is probably not even one single retail business that hires full time employees. There is no way that this will get better, it is going to get much worse, as we continue to move businesses to foreign countries, and prevent people from opening businesses in this country. These figures are just one more government lie to trick, mislead and deceive you, you must stop believing in this government, it is not what you want to believe it is. By Lucia Mutikani WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits fell more than expected last week, indicating the labor market was strengthening despite a run-up in applications in prior weeks. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits declined 26,000 to a seasonally adjusted 319,000 for the week ended May 3, the Labor Department said on Thursday. The decline snapped three straight weeks of increases that were driven by difficulties adjusting data during the Easter and Passover holidays and school spring breaks, which fall on different calendar days every year. “Claims, in conjunction with (last) Friday’s employment number, show that we continue to see an incremental improvement in the labor market,” said Ron Sanchez, director of fixed income strategies at Fiduciary Trust Company International in New York. Economists had forecast first-time applications for jobless benefits falling to 325,000 last week. The four-week moving average for new claims, considered a better measure of underlying labor market conditions as it irons out week-to-week volatility, rose 4,500 to 324,750. It remained at levels consistent with an improving labor market. U.S. stocks were trading higher, while the dollar firmed against a basket of currencies. Prices for U.S. government debt were marginally up. LABOR MARKET FIRMING The labor market is firming with employment growth averaging more than 200,000 jobs per month in the first four months of the year. Employers in April added 288,000 jobs to their payrolls, the most since January 2012. The unemployment rate dropped to 6.3 percent last month, compared to 6.7 percent at the end of 2013. The decline has also been aided by people dropping out of the labor force. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said on Wednesday conditions in the labor market had improved “appreciably,” but she added they remained still far from satisfactory. The U.S. central bank has been scaling back its monetary stimulus and is expected to conclude its monthly bond-buying program by the end of 2014. But the Fed is not expected to start raising overnight interest rates, currently near zero, before the second half of 2015. Economists said starting May with a downward trajectory in claims raised the chances of another month of job gains above the 200,000 threshold. “In fact, we expect the level of filings to fall back to the 300,000 mark within the next few weeks, which will be broadly consistent with the economy creating jobs in the 200,000 to 225,000 range on a sustained basis,” said Millan Mulraine, deputy chief economist at TD Securities in New York. The claims report showed the number of people still receiving benefits after an initial week of aid fell 76,000 to 2.69 million in the week ended April 26. The unemployment rate for people receiving jobless benefits fell one-tenth of a percentage point to 2 percent during the same period. It had been bouncing around 2.2 percent since last August and covers people unemployed for less than 26 weeks. “The drop suggests that the trend in the short-term unemployment rate continues to be downwards,” said John Ryding, chief economist at RDQ Economics in New York. (Reporting by Lucia Mutikani; Editing by Paul Simao)


This is so true. I am in a hurry to finish posting the things that I feel that I must get up on my timeline for everyone to have reference to, so that I can get on to some of the other things that I also want to write about. This person said something that I will be writing about, and it is this. ” The corporate Revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling”, this is so true. If we could just get Americans to stop their mindless chatter for a few moments and pay attention we could change the world, and all we would have to do is exactly what this person said, DO NOTHING, that’s right, DO NOTHING. Now what do I mean by do nothing, just that, do not take any action to purchase their products, no matter what they are, but it would take all Americans speaking with their pocket books in unison to have the impact required, but it would be effortless, literally effortless to accomplish it. Along time ago it was termed boycotting. Where everyone in ear shot refused to do business with an adversary, usually it was over a dispute of labor related issues. but if, for example we were tired of lets say the prices of gas increasing every single time right before the Christmas Thanksgiving travel time, and at the beginning of vacation time, when the gas companies gouge us because they know we are going to be driving more in our cars here is how we could change it. All of us through social network age on a station, lets just say Chevron, and none of us for that entire year shop at Chevron, not to buy a pack of gum or a gallon of gas, we all go somewhere else for that entire year, if they don’t get our point we continue with our boycott of Chevron, but this year we add Mobile to or guest list. It would only take a little while to have a major impact. Collective bargaining is something that the world has never instituted to effect change because you simply cannot get two humans to agree on anything especially Americans, we seem to take the apposing side no matter where the other side stands, we will just die to keep from helping each other. I do not know of another country where by we actually pass laws prohibiting us from helping our neighbor. Only in this gawd forsaken country. And once again, before you comment to me on this point, do your research, I do not say things that are not true, before I ever post anything I make sure that what I am saying is right. But, we could change everything if we were to just cooperate with each other, and it would require only that we do nothing. When we are tired of paying five dollars for a coke and 7 dollars for buttered popcorn at the theater, we could all change that, don’t go there, boycott that particular theater, pick up the movie at another theater, even if it were to be with the same chain, at least that theater would be hurt in the pocket, exactly like they are hurting us. This can work with everything. Tired of an auto maker who has not figured out how to make an accelerator pedal that doesn’t kill people yet, simple solution, no one buy that car for an entire season, take your problem car back to them and drop it off, do not leave it for repair, do not go back and get it, dump the car in their lap, the same way that they dumped it in yours and then made you pay for it. Tired of outrageous rents, that is the easiest of all to fix, and it would cut in half the rent everyone pays, do not rent, easy, just do not rent that apartment. Pick a building any building, but the more units the better, no one rents an apartment in that building, and the people that already live there we all chip in and find them new places to live, and we can do this because we are all going to get our rents cut in half. In one year of no one paying the outrageous rents of that building, both the bank and the owner will be begging us to move back in at a fraction of what we were paying, because nothing destroys a building faster than leaving it vacant to the vandals. Land lord after landlord, we straighten all of them out. You friend gets fired from his job for no reason, or because the boss needs another yacht. and everyone is clear that the firing is unjust, everyone walk out, every last person, and no one goes back until everyone gets a raise as punishment, and he returns the yacht and takes a cut in pay. Usually when this happens, the company owner will capitulate, and then a few moths later begin to replace people one by one, don’t buy it, everyone do the same thing only this time, double the time off with pay, and twice the raise increase, and twice his reduction in pay, if everyone in the United States would cooperate, and he could find no employees to work for him, it would absolutely work. The foreclosure mess could of been handled the same way, no one pay their mortgages, no one, even if you were a multimillionaire, in joint solidarity everyone cooperate with each other, from California to New York, no matter what bank, even the innocent banks, punish all of them collectively, so that they know this is not going to work, then lower every mortgage until it is one-forth of a persons salary, instead of three-fourths of two peoples salary. Cell phone bills are outrageous, but we could all cut them in half today, by switching carriers, and no one do business with the other one, for an entire year, no one. No carrier would dare to ever raise the price again, and all we would have to do to cut our cell phone bills in half, is dial a different carrier, simply and effortless. But even when Americans could make monumental changes in their own behalf’s, saving themselves their jobs, their money their homes, and that of their neighbors, and not have to lift a finger to do it, they will not, what they will do however, is e mass together and prevent others from helping, that is exactly what Americans are good at, we are much better at blowing things up, than building things up, even when it is completely in our favor. Tired of too many commercials on TV, easy to fix, stop watching that station, all of us, and I guarantee you the frequency rate of commercials would drop overnight. And all we would have to do is nothing, simply don’t watch that channel, you have a thousand other channels to watch. Fixing our problems in this country is effortless, and we do not have to lift a finger to do it. We could all have our jobs back, just stop buying Chinese junk for awhile, pick a company, any company, it doesn’t matter which one, and we all do not buy anything from that company until they bring back that product manufacturing back to this country, Force American manufactures to drop the control of Chinese distribution networks in this country, and force every company that makes products in this country to sell to Americans. We could fix our problems today, if we wanted too, but it would mean that we would have to cooperate with each other, and the competitive spirit of sport, prevents that, Americans think that there is something intrinsically wrong if both people win, someone has to loose. It is not enough that I win, You have to loose. And the name of that is ‘GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP” 



When the Federal Reserve Bank, which is privately held, it is not an arm of the United States Government, it only controls the money of the Government, lend the money for the Quantitative Easing, and also for the Bail outs of the banking system, remember those trillions of dollars we gave to the richest bankers in the world, what those men behind the Federal Reserve board wanted in exchange for the “LOAN” to bail out the banks was all of the toxic assets of those banks, your mortgages for example. So the bankers got your tax dollars, because you have to pay back to the reserve the money they lent to the banks, but these Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bilderberg’s, the group of men that really run the world, are the folks who got all of that bad paper, those mortgages. Rumor has it that almost all mortgages in the US, good and bad, are now in their hands. Soon, when the dollar collapses, people right now who are hanging on to their homes by a thread, will loose those homes to these men, the Illuminati.



Are you kidding me, who  believes that the unemployment rate is 8% it was 8% in the 70″s, the unemployment rate for this country is at least 50%. All retail stores, every single store that has a cash register, employees only part time workers. This country has been importing foreign labor for as long as I have been alive, it is nothing new, however in the late 70 and early eighties we began exporting jobs. It is not the illegal immigrants that is the problem of America, it is Americans that is the problem with America. We have allowed our country to close our factories, and move our corporations to foreign countries in such mass that there is almost none left, and we paid for that move with our tax dollars. Blaming any foreign country, or any foreign citizen for the problems America is having is a major distraction, right up there with hunting for one single persons birth certificate, and a blown up building in a Muslim country. There is not one single illegal immigrant in this entire country, that is responsible for moving Ford, General Motors, General Electric, Boeing, General Dynamics, Apple, out of this country, this was done by our government and supported by apathy of our nation. It did not bother us when our neighbor lost his job, it wasn’t our problem, when he lost his house it wasn’t our problem, the jerk should of learned how to pay his bills. What should anger an American is his government, it is our government that is doing this to us, why is that so hard for Americans to realize. They focus on things that absolutely do not matter, and have no bearing on the subject, and never even acknowledge the real issues. Perhaps the reason that they do this is because their attention span is limited to commercial breaks and sound bites. If Chicago were filled with illegal immigrants, and employed nothing but. it would not even be a drop in the bucket compared to was our government has outsourced. Our country, will not even employ American citizens to even answer the telephones, and the telephone was invented here. This is not the fault of the illegal immigrant, it is our government, and our government is bought and paid for by business, by Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve. There are real serious things headed our way, that we need to focus on, and instead we completely ignore them, and we give all of our attention to Duck Dynasty, and sports. There is a tornado of trouble headed our way, and we are out there painting the fence.



“If the American people ever allow private banks to control their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” Thomas Jefferson The Federal Reserve is a private bank, it is not owned by the United States Government



Clar Sisk This video reinforces what I have written before, that false religion and money are two sides of the same coin. Getting rid of either will get rid of the other. Money only exists because of false beliefs in its necessity, money is not necessary at all, we are only conditioned to believe it is by religious ideologies, when religion is gone, we will quickly discover that money is not needed for anything. Except for life itself, which comes from God, all of the problems that man faces would disappear over night if all of us, every single one of us, would lay down this weapon of money, that is killing all of us. Once we do that, religion will evaporate. Not a belief in God, that will always continue, but we must believe in the truth about God, not Religion.



Congratulations to James B. Stewart on a superb New York Times article yesterday on Boeing . As he has pointed out, fully 35 percent of the airframe of the 787, the troubled, if superbly advanced, new Boeing jetliner, is being made in Japan. This reflects a highly organized, subsidy-drenched effort by the Japanese industrial system to succeed the United States as the world leader in aerospace. All in all, 70 percent of the 787 is being manufactured outside the United States, up from less than 2 percent for the 747 in the late 1960s. A reasonable guess — if one that Stewart stops short of suggesting — is that Boeing is going the way of Zenith, Xerox , General Motors, and other erstwhile American industrial titans that have had their clocks cleaned in East Asia. For 99 percent of the New York Times’s readers Stewart’s report was new news but actually most of his information has been in the public domain for nearly a decade. If you doubt this, click here for “Boeing, Boeing,….Gone,” an article I wrote in 2005. My article actually went further than Stewart’s in that it pointed out that, as part of the deal, Boeing transferred its priceless wing and wingbox secrets — its crown jewels — to Japan. The deal was concluded by an already compromised and subsequently disgraced Boeing CEO Harry Stonecipher. It was approved by the George W. Bush administration. All this does not diminish Stewart’s achievement: New York-based and a long way from the action, he has done a Pulitzer-level job in disinterring troubling facts that officials and executives on both sides of the Pacific have worked hard to bury. He has also confounded a pattern of self-censorship among Tokyo-based foreign correspondents. Although informed Tokyo-based economic observers have understood all along that Boeing’s deal with Japan was a Faustian bargain, they have also understood that it was unhelpful for their careers to say so (Tokyo has never been a free-speech zone, least of all in recent times when it has become so easy for Japan’s authoritarian bureaucrats to marginalize “troublemakers”). Tokyo-based foreign correspondents have instead promoted approved themes, notably the myth that Japan has become the basket case of the industrial world. This theme, which I debunked in an article in the New York Times Sunday Review last year, helps the Tokyo authorities fend off American pressure for the opening of Japan’s still closed markets and keeps hot money out of the yen. Back to Boeing. It subsumes almost all the then independent companies that put Neil Armstrong on the moon in 1969. It is the last remnant of an American manufacturing base that once powered the most successful exporting nation in history. How come Boeing’s hollowing out has taken so long to reach the New York Times? Welcome to the information age. It is an age in which information moves at the speed of light — except when it doesn’t. Eamonn Fingleton is the author of In Praise of Hard Industries: Why Manufacturing, Not the Information Economy, Is the Key to Future Prosperity (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1999). State and local governments have awarded at least $110 billion in taxpayer subsidies to business, with 3 of every 4 dollars going to fewer than 1,000 big corporations, the most thorough analysis to date of corporate welfare revealed today. Boeing ranks first, with 137 subsidies totaling $13.2 billion, followed by Alcoa at $5.6 billion, Intel at $3.9 billion, General Motors at $3.5 billion and Ford Motor at $2.5 billion, the new report by the nonprofit research organization Good Jobs First shows. Dow Chemical had the most subsidies, 410 totaling $1.4 billion, followed by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire-Hathaway holding company, with 310 valued at $1.1 billion. The figures were compiled from disclosures made by state and local government agencies that subsidize companies in all sorts of ways, including cash giveaways, building and land transfers, tax abatements and steep discounts on electric and water bills. In fact, the numbers significantly understate the true value of taxpayer subsidies to businesses, for reasons explained below. A fight for transparency On a shoestring budget — roughly $1 million a year — Good Jobs First has for years dug through disclosure statements in all 50 states to compile reports on subsidies. Many of these subsidies exist despite strong provisions in many state constitutions prohibiting corporate welfare. New York state, for example, gets around this because its highest court ruled in 2011 that while the state may not give gifts directly, it can create an agency and let it give the gifts. Good Jobs First does not oppose all subsidies. Rather, it favors transparency in the hope, executive director Greg LeRoy said, that any subsidies will be used wisely to expand the economy and not just prop up inefficient enterprises. The data on welfare paid to companies come from Good Jobs First’s Subsidy Tracker 2.0, an improved Web tool that examines subsidies by linking subsidiaries to parent companies. The older version of the tool obscured the benefits to brand name corporate parents such as Apple, Google, Toyota and Walt Disney. The size and range of the subsidies the tool has uncovered helps explain the burdens taxpayers must bear because so many major corporations rely on welfare for much or all of their profits rather than earning them. Such burdens are especially hard on the poor. The bottom fifth of households in all but one state pay a larger share of their income in state and local taxes than the top 1 percent of earners. This means that corporate welfare effectively redistributes from the poor to those rich enough to own corporate stock. Many forms of subsidies to business are excluded from Subsidy Tracker 2.0. For example, Good Jobs First does not count federal subsidies. It also leaves out indirect subsidies like perpetual monopoly rights of way for pipelines as well as rules that limit competition in pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and a host of other industries. Phil Mattera, the organization’s research director, starts with publicly announced subsidies. With his small staff, he then gathers whatever records state and local governments make public or disclose through various Freedom of Information Act–type laws. We know far too little about taxpayer support for business because of the ways governments do and do not collect data. Boeing’s $13.2 billion in state and local subsidies is more than its pretax profits for the last two years. Federal, state and local governments publish exhaustively detailed statistical reports on welfare to the poor, disabled, sick, elderly and other individuals who cannot support themselves. The cost of subsidized food, housing and medical care are all documented at government expense, with the statistics posted on government websites. But corporate welfare is not the subject of any comprehensive reporting at the federal level. Disclosures by state and local governments vary greatly, from substantial to nearly nonexistent. Good Jobs First has prodded some states to expand disclosures. In many cases, though, the amounts and terms of corporate welfare are unknown because state and local governments assert that the information is confidential. The best estimate of total state and local subsidies comes from Professor Kenneth Thomas, a political scientist at the University of Missouri at St. Louis. In 2010 he calculated the annual cost at $70 billion. No serious challenge has been made to this conservatively calculated figure, which in 2014 dollars comes to $75 billion. That is about $240 per person — nearly $1,000 annually for a family of four. That amounts to more than a week’s take-home pay for a median-income family with two parents and two children. Few people realize the cost, however, because it is not represented by a deduction on their paychecks. What appears, rather, are burdens they bear in the form of taxes and Social Security. Too big to fly on their own Good Jobs First found that just 965 companies collected 75 percent of the value from 25,000 subsidy deals identified in Subsidy Tracker 2.0. Boeing’s $13.2 billion is a bit more than its pretax profits for the last two years. It is also equals a stunning 70 percent of the $18.2 billion of equity owned by Boeing shareholders. Measured against the number of commercial jetliners sold — 648 last year, at an average of nearly $79 million per plane — these subsidies come to more than $20 million per aircraft. While the subsidies did not go just to commercial jets and were not for one year, those figures give some perspective to the huge amount of money that taxpayers lavish on Boeing. Boeing declined to comment. Second on the subsidy list is Alcoa, the old Aluminum Co. of America, which benefits from 91 subsidies totaling $5.6 billion. On the basis of its pretax income for last four years, that amounts to all the pretax profits Alcoa shareholders can expect for the next 189 years. Alcoa operates in 35 countries, so I also calculated its state and local subsidies against its share of U.S. business for the last three profitable years. Measured this way, the subsidies equal 17 years of pretax U.S. profits. These facts may surprise Alcoa shareholders, since the company makes virtually no mention of these gifts from taxpayers in its annual 10-K disclosure report. The only mention of subsidy is in terms of how Medicare drug benefits for retirees will lower annual pension costs, explaining about a nickel on each dollar of subsidy that Alcoa collects from American taxpayers. In response to the findings, Alcoa said that, due to complexities in electricity pricing and to closing part of its New York smelting operation, the value of the subsidy was significantly less than Subsidy Tracker showed. Taxpayers who want to understand the full dimension of their burdens should demand that Congress require and pay for detailed annual statistical reports showing every federal, state and local subsidy received by corporations, including the value of indirect subsidies like those perpetual rights of way to pipelines and other legal monopolies. Without that information, we have no idea of the true cost of welfare or the cost of propping up companies that, evidently, cannot make their way on their own. David Cay Johnston, an investigative reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize while at The New York Times, is a best-selling author who teaches the business, tax and property law of the ancient world at Syracuse University College of Law. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera America’s editorial policy.



The information I am including about the Illuminati are not to be taken as some sore of endorsement of them, just the opposite. As a child my father talked to me sometimes about the world condition and politics, and I remember him mentioning the name Rockefeller and Rothschild , and that the president of america didn’t really control the country, neither did the Senate or house, but rather the country was controlled by large corporations and bankers. This information is not obscure, it has even found it’s way into pop culture. Today we see everywhere the signs being thrown up that represent the Illuminati. it seems odd to me, that in particular, Americans, are unable to view beyond their cast vote, who really pulls the strings, for the puppets we call politicians. All conversations in our governments, all of them, are centered around the discussion of the collection and distribution of money. All of our political efforts, are about money. The largest resource that earth has, is the human resource, and yet every waking moment of human existence, is in someway controlled by money. Almost all conversations that we engage in, our entire intellectual focus, has its foundation the subject of money. Our television programming is centered around money, usually how best to spend it. The conversations within the screenplay, are centered around money, and usually the problems being faced within the plots are caused because of the lack of it, and too much of it in the hands of the powerful. Money and the oppression that it buys, and believe it, oppression is the only commodity of money, it the primary tool and catalyst of religion. Do away with money and religion will quickly fade into obscurity. Jesus said, you received free, give free, and there is only one faith on earth that lives by that, and how curious it is that they do not view themselves as a religion. The world might, but they do not. The Illuminati is all about money and the domination of those without it. Do away with money, and I am talking about all forms of currency, not even puke shells will be traded for goods and services, then the Illuminati would disappear. That day will come, when all forms of money and currency, and the evil that money buys, will be gone.


When we think about why it is that we all are in so much financial pain, and we have so much of our population sleeping out of doors, and yet the stock market grows every single day, and our current debt is 17 trillion dollars, with 70 to 100 trillion dollars in off the book notes, comparing it to the underground freeways and cities and prison camps, military weapons for our police departments, spying network covering not only every person in the united states, but every nation on earth, it is not difficult to see just exactly where that money went, not to mention greasing the palms of everyone along the way, and all of the hush money that had to be paid out, or the funeral cost of those who would not be hushed. Not much for them to worry about paying that money back, they never had any plans on paying it back. 17 Trillion dollars, just since Clinton, and that does not even come close to the 70 – 100 Trillion off the books. Staggering unimaginable amounts of money. Now, think even beyond that for a moment. How much money was spent as the normal budget allowed, you know, without going into debt. Tapping into the federal reserve is going above and beyond what they collected through normal annual revenue streams. Let me set you straight on something for all of you who blame all of the financial difficulties we are having on the people who get food stamps and entitlement programs, every single one of you is going to get there, where those people are right now, you are going to be, so you need to re-think your stand on the subject of food stamps, and entitlement programs. It is the United States Government that initiated those programs, and enforces them by law, stop criticizing people for obeying the laws that your representatives that you voted for and put in office made for them, you did it, suck it up. Social Security is the law, and if you do not except food stamps, and you have children, you are dragged in for child endangerment. You guys do not know what you are talking about. If you do not like the laws, change them, but stop blaming others for the things that you asked for. Social Security is 900 billion, but take into consideration this. It is grossly mismanaged, it has splinter drains, it was contributed to over the years, and has been tapped into for decades. All that is required to balance the budget, a figure that has been bantered around by economist for fifty years, is a 15% consumption tax, a tax levied upon the sell of an item across the board, everyone pays the exact same tax when ever anything is purchased, except medical, and money exchanges. In addition to balancing the budget, it would also reduce the footprint of waste, which would have the net benefit of lowering the necessary budgetary figures. But Wall Street will never hear of a balance budget, are you kidding me, tap into there cash cow, the federal reserve, over their dead bodies. Our GDP is about 4 Trillion, it would be more if we could somehow convince American business men to stop moving their companies to China. If we would simply back off of the military spending a bit, we would not even need the 15 % consumption tax, but we all know that that is never going to happen. So all of this belly aching about the budget and deficit is nonsense, it is a smoke screen for the powers that be to raid the Federal Reserve. Now to the total tune of some 100 Trillion dollars in totality, a staggering amount of money, and completely out of the question to pay back, it cannot be done, do you understand that, that much money, can never be repaid. And every nation on earth, that we owe that money to, has figured that out now. America was the only country that had the ability to print its money like we did, because our money was the reference standard. To buy our bonds and treasuries, and goods and services, the other countries had to use real money, not fake money like we have. They used their real money to buy our fake money, our counterfeit money, our fiat currency. And they have found out, that we do not have any real money to back up our fake money, they now realize that the ONLY money we have is monopoly money, it is not real. The monetary systems of the earth, all of the governments are very angry with America, because we ripped them off. They watches us as we sold them worthless paper that they bought in good faith with their pension money, and we gave their pension money, along with another Trillion dollars that we borrowed, and we gave it to the spoiled brat rich kids on Wall Street, to take that money and go out and play with it.

Think about that for a minute. What if someone you trust, some one you have done business with before, came to you with a need and an offer of a guaranteed deal that you could not loose on. And you had worked all of your life, and saved all of your money to retire on, and the deal looked so good, and you trusted them so much, that you handed over all of your retirement money to them. Then you stood by and watched them, hand your money out, to proven derelicts, with not a drop of collateral. And they didn’t even say they were sorry, they did it right in your face, and never even flinched. Then the derelicts complained that they didn’t get enough of your money, so to quiet them down, the trusted business partner you thought you had, you watched as they went and borrowed another trillion dollars from someone else and handed it over to the spoiled rich kid brats. Not a dime went to you, and not a dime went to the common folk, the people who were originally ripped off before you even got involved. You see they knew exactly what they were doing all along, the had already ripped of the original investors, the original home buyers and their family and friends who chipped in money to get them started and keep them in those homes, before they even started on you. Sort of like a car lot, that sells nothing but stolen cars. They stole those houses from the people, then sold them to, client, after client, after client, until you bought that stolen property. Finally you got caught with stolen property, you lost your money, and then you watch as the bank, buys the property from the thief with your money, and gives the house back to the thief to sell all over again. The thief gets, the cash from the first buyer, takes the house back, gets cash from other clients, gets cash from your pension fund, steels the house from you when the bank gets the house back, gives it to the thief to start selling all over again, plus additional money because the thief had to do all of that hard work collecting all of that money, and you get a bag of dust for all your trouble.

Now how eager are you to enter into another financial arrangement with that whole mess of people. This is what our Wall Street bankers did to the world financial markets in the late 90″s to 2008, they are really upset about it. The whole thing could of and should of been handled differently, and I’ll tell you how it should of been handled next…………


After more than a decade of negotiations, China and Russia have agreed to a natural gas deal worth about $400 billion that represents a major step not only in global energy markets but also in geopolitics.

Despite the size and scope of the deal—it will last for 30 years and require Russia to eventually deliver 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year, according to a post China National Petroleum’s website—it may not have a significant short-term financial effect, experts told CNBC.

Still, the deal signals changes for several key global issues, not just energy. And it will give Russian President Vladimir Putin immediate bragging rights in the face of recent Western sanctions against his country.

Although the exact pricing of the deal has not been disclosed, most analysts have been anticipating its details for some time. Some of those analysts have pegged the value of the deal at around $400 billion. Renaissance Capital analyst Ildar Davletshin wrote in a Wednesday note that he estimates “a limited financial impact” on the valuation of Russia’s Gazprom. In fact, he writes that if total exports to China remain at 38 billion cubic meters, then construction on a natural gas pipeline to China may actually decrease the company’s overall value.

Keith Crane, director of RAND Environment, Energy, and Economic Development Program, said he agrees that the deal doesn’t change anything for either party in the short term, especially as the price remains undisclosed.

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Sasha Mordovets | Getty Images
Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller and CNPC General manager Zhou Jiping shake hands as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping look on, Shanghai, May 21, 2014.
Some much needed investment capital

Still, Crane said that the ultimate legacy of the deal may be that it will give Gazprom a badly needed source of investment capital. While this will largely finance the pipeline to China—the company is responsible for all infrastructure on its side, and the Chinese will handle construction in their own country—Gazprom is also involved in other projects. Among them is the planned “South Stream” pipeline through the Black Sea, which he said could see some benefit from added liquidity.

Impact on natural gas markets

Once the natural gas pipeline to China is completed, Crane said, the global gas markets will become more integrated. According to economic theory, greater integration brings greater price efficiency, so the direct connection of East and West markets should theoretically herald better market conditions. Integration has been a trend in the market for some time through liquefied natural gas, he explained, but there is no better way than a direct pipeline to make this change.

Boost for Putin at “Russia’s Davos,” and a June meeting with Obama

Although Gazprom may not see short-term benefit from the deal, at least one man in Russia will reap immediate gains. At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which began Thursday, Putin will be able to boast to his country’s economic elite at “Russia’s Davos” that their nation remains enticing for foreign investment, said Lauren Goodrich, senior Eurasia analyst at geopolitical intelligence firm Stratfor.

“It will be [Putin] riding high, not only this deal, but a string of very large deals with China,” Goodrich said. “[He’ll say] ‘The West keeps on saying that we’re bad for investment, but we have a lot of investment coming in.'”

When Putin meets with President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a World War II commemorative event on June 6, he’ll also be able to flaunt this $400 billion deal as a sign that his country is not at the mercy of Western sanctions, Goodrich said. The ability to demonstrate financial security in the face of continued threat of sanctions was essential for the Russian leader, she said.

“Putin had to get this deal done today, period,” Goodrich said.

Russian-European trade dynamic
In addition to allowing Putin to take a stronger stance against Merkel and Obama, the deal will also affect the nature of Russia and Europe’s energy trade, experts say. In essence, Crane said, Gazprom was facing a monopsony, or a single buyer, in the European Union: It sent over 80 percent of its natural gas exports westward, according to Stratfor, while European consumers benefit from an increasing variety of gas options.

“It is important for Gazprom to get outlets for its gas, if it alienates Europe much more. Plus, it has a need for a bigger market,” Malcolm Graham-Wood, founding partner at energy consultancy HydroCarbon Capital, told CNBC.
Goodrich said the deal will not only give Russia more options, but force its European customers to “at least keep decent relations with Russia on the energy front,” lest Gazprom divert more of its supply to the East.

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Russia’s new approach to China
While “Russia has historically shunned China,” this deal represents a turning point in Sino-Russian relations, Goodrich said—not necessarily making them political allies, but at least making them significant economic partners. She said that Russia has had a “historical nervousness of having China inside the country,” but sanctions from the West have forced that to change in a “big, big way.”

Now China will not only have an energy partnership with Russia, but Beijing is also in talks to acquire a stake in Gazprom’s Vladivostok liquefied natural gas terminal and a 19 percent stake in Russian oil company Rosneft, according to Stratfor.

China’s important stake in Russia
As Russia sees a new economic partner in China, Beijing has found an investment in the future of its neighbor. It is tough to make any firm predictions, but this new stake may give China some leverage inside of Russia, Goodrich said. Still, this will mostly be relegated to economic sway, not direct political clout, she added.

‘So much more secure’

Perhaps more important for Beijing than a stake in Russia is the promise of greater energy security gained by the deal. The Chinese energy market is “incredibly vulnerable” to the situation at sea, Goodrich said. Recent tensions in the South China Sea, in which China unilaterally began drilling near islands claimed by Vietnam, only underscore how important it is for Beijing to secure more land import options, she said. China, she added, becomes “so much more secure” with the added diversification of its energy supply. But beyond the source of the gas, the Gazprom deal helps China address its rising energy consumption.

“It makes sense for China to sign up for as much reasonably priced gas it can,” Graham-Wood said.

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China’s battle with pollution

China faces a significant uphill battle in terms of pollution, but an increase in natural gas can only help, Crane said. As Beijing seeks to close more coal power plants it hopes to meet the population’s consumption needs with natural gas, he added, explaining that this switch “could have a pretty significant impact” on air quality.

Russia’s entrance into East Asia

While modern Russia has long made overtures to East Asia, the construction of a Gazprom-connected pipeline into China will give Moscow a physical stake in the region, Goodrich said. And once the project is completed, Russia can begin to look to other countries for partners—or rivals.

“Russia can start playing these countries off each other,” Goodrich said. “And this will create a fun new dynamic because this will be the first time we’ll be able to see Russia play around again in East Asia.”

—By CNBC’s Everett Rosenfeld. CNBC’s Katy Barnato contributed reporting