This law gives the IRS the authority to audit any institution who uses the dollar, in any country of the world, and demands an accounting of any transfer of any dollar in any account, in any country of the world. It also demands access to any account in the world that uses the dollar. Therefore, every nation in this entire world is moving away from the dollar, including England. You cannot begin to understand the ramifications of this law, yet, but you will.


The fencing of the American dollar was done under much duress and resentment, by force, because the world adopted it as the reserve currency after World War II. In July of this year, 2014, the United States passed a law the requires all exchanges of the United States Dollar to be reported to the IRS. This means that every single financial system in the world is required to account for all of your banking transactions to the IRS, no matter where in the world you make such a transaction, including your home town USA. That’s right, your local bank is now required to report to the IRS your banking transactions. Even cash transactions are now being photographed at check out stands with ID’s required. Your picture is being taken with and without your permission in more places than you ever imagined. If any bank in the world, does not report to the IRS your banking information and transactions in dollars, then the IRS automatically fines the bank 30% of the entire deposit, and the bank has to pay, not the depositor. If you were a bank in let’s just say Italy, would you want to open an account for an American, knowing that you are going to have to be the accountant for that account to the IRS or pay a hugh fine ??? So American’s are currently finding their bank accounts abroad are being closed, and that they are not being able to open new ones. Banks around the world, no longer want to have anything to do with the American dollar. Simple personal banking transactions, that are no longer welcome by many countries, would of been bad enough. But now, entire nations have lost their confidence in the counterfeit American Dollar. Several nations have come together to form a new monetary exchange system that allows them to divest of the Dollar. Brazil, Russia, India, China, Asia have all signed an agreement to stop using the dollar. In addition to this, the very country that helped form the OPEC countries, is coming on board, to drop the Dollar. The small banks of the world no longer want the peoples dollars, the Nations of the world no longer want the Governments Dollars, is any of this getting to you, or are you still asleep. Several years ago, to the very face of the President of the United States, the President of China, told the world, that the currency of America, is fake, it is phony, it is virtual, it really does not exist. He added insult to injury by saying that America is no longer a capitalistic country, and that China is now a capitalistic country, because China makes things and sells them, and America, no longer makes things. He told the entire world, that our economy is a virtual economy, it really does not exist. Continued in the next post.


Not one single person has mentioned FATCA not one. Not one single person has mentioned BRICS Both of these are going to destroy the dollar, along with the help of derivatives. How is it possible that you remain silent.


FATCA, IRS Global Tax Law, Is Everywhere — Even Russia & China Comment Now Follow Comments FATCA—the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act—is America’s global tax law. And it’s finally here after a four-year ramp up. It requires foreign banks to reveal American accounts holding over $50,000. Bank secrecy? Forget it. Non-compliant institutions could be frozen out of U.S. markets, so everyone is complying. So far, 77,000 financial institutions have registered and 80 countries have too. Countries must throw their agreement behind the law or face dire repercussions. Tax havens have joined up. Even China and Russia are getting on board. The IRS has a searchable list of financial institutions. See FFI List Search and Download Tool and a User Guide. Countries on board are at FATCA – Archive. FATCA grew out of a controversial rule. America taxes its citizens—and even permanent residents—on their worldwide income regardless of where they live. In 2009, the IRS struck a groundbreaking deal with UBS for $780 million in penalties and American names. Yet today, that huge deal seems only a drop in the bucket of what has happened since. Credit Suisse took a guilty plea and paid a record $2.6 billion fine. World Map (Photo credit: shaire productions) With over a hundred Swiss banks taking a DOJ deal and many other developments, banking is now more transparent than could ever have been imagined. But in 2010, when only some of those developments were unfolding, FATCA was enacted. The idea was to cut off companies from access to critical U.S. financial markets if they didn’t pass along American data. Cleverly, FATCA’s tax would be so catastrophic to those effected that everyone has opted to comply. Foreign financial institutions must withhold a 30% tax if the recipient isn’t providing information about U.S. account holders. Now, it seems unlikely that virtually anyone will pay the 30%. They will provide the data instead. The U.S. even announced an agreement in principle with China. And amazingly, Russia too has just come aboard, with President Vladimir Putin Signing Law in 11th Hour to Satisfy U.S. Treasury. The U.S. and Russia were negotiating a FATCA deal until March, 2014, but Russia’s annexation of Crimea caused the U.S. to walk. That meant Russian financial institutions faced being frozen out of U.S. markets. Fortunately for them, President Putin signed a law allowing Russian banks to send American taxpayer data to the U.S. Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) must report account numbers, balances, names, addresses, and U.S. identification numbers. For U.S.-owned foreign entities, they must report the name, address, and U.S. TIN of each substantial U.S. owner. Of course, apart from taxes, U.S. persons with foreign bank accounts exceeding $10,000 must file an FBAR by each June 30. These forms too are serious. FBAR failures can mean fines up to $500,000 and prison up to ten years. Even non-willful civil FBAR penalty can mean a $10,000 fine. Willful FBAR violations can draw the greater of $100,000 or 50% of the account for each violation (and each year is separate). The numbers can add up fast. Court Upholds Record FBAR Penalties, Exceeding Offshore Account Balance. U.S. account holders who aren’t compliant have limited time to get to the IRS. The IRS recently changed its programs, making its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program a little harsher. Yet for those not willing to pay the 27.5% penalty—which goes to 50% for some named banks August 4, 2014—the new IRS’s Streamlined Program may be a good option for those who qualify. The latter applies now to both foreign and U.S.-based Americans. Some still want to amend their taxes and file FBARs in a “quiet disclosure” which could bring civil FBAR penalties or even prosecution. Thus, caution is clearly in order. Indeed, FATCA is making banking transparent virtually worldwide. With Swiss bank deals, prosecutions, summonses, and now FATCA, the IRS has quicker, better and more complete information than ever.


One thing that I forgot to tell you as well, I forgot, that FATCA also applies to American Banks as well, All financial institutions foreign and domestic must report account activities for American Citizens. Britain has also adopted its own FATCA form.


Florida man must pay $2.2 million penalty for Swiss bank account By By Joseph Ax 22 hours ago By Joseph Ax NEW YORK (Reuters) – A Florida man must pay more than $2.2 million in civil penalties for failing to file the required forms for his Swiss bank account, a federal jury said on Wednesday. After a trial that began May 19, the jury found Carl Zwerner liable for failing to report the account to the U.S. Treasury Department from 2004 to 2006, though it found that he does not owe a penalty for 2007, court filings show. U.S. tax regulations require all American taxpayers with at least $10,000 in a foreign bank account to file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, known as a FBAR, in order to assess the proper taxes. The Justice Department, which brought the lawsuit against Zwerner, sought to penalize him 50 percent of the value of the account in each of the four years he allegedly failed to file the reports. The Swiss account, held at Dutch bank ABN AMRO, was worth about $1.5 million during the period in question, according to court documents. Zwerner’s lawyer, Martin Press, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday evening. According to defense filings, Zwerner filed FBARs and amended tax returns for the years in question several years ago after learning of his obligation but was denied admission to a voluntary disclosure program that would have capped his potential maximum penalties. The U.S. government has intensified its pursuit of offshore tax dodgers in recent years, pressing banks in Switzerland to turn over information about American account holders and allowing some taxpayers to avoid prosecution by voluntarily disclosing their assets and paying a penalty. On Tuesday, a former UBS AG banker who pleaded guilty to helping wealthy Americans escape taxes and agreed to cooperate with investigators was sentenced to five years of probation. Last week, Credit Suisse pleaded guilty to one criminal charge and agreed to pay more than $2.5 billion in penalties for helping Americans evade taxes, becoming the largest bank to plead guilty in the United States in decades. The case is U.S. v. Zwerner, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, No. 13-cv-22082. (Reporting by Joseph Ax; Editing by Richard Chang)


FATCA, WHY THIS IS SO SERIOUS PART EIGHT. I am not saying this is going to happen, but if anything could be the trigger to cause the nations to go after religion, it seems to me, that robbing the bank accounts of innocent people, causing people to loose all of their money, and now cannot pay their mortgages or eat , and this causes them to loose their homes, and when this touches ever single person in the world, this could very well be the fuse that lights the dynamite that explodes this world into the great tribulation. Taking the bank accounts of people all over this globe , who are basically innocent is going to touch off unprecedented violence. It seemed to be ok with all of us when the priest of the Catholic Church was raping our children, we all just wanted a little cash to compensate for that, a lot like pimping out our children if you ask me, no one seemed to get really upset about it enough to do anything about it, I am not certain that even one priest ever went to jail, considering the millions of people that Church has raped and killed over the years everyone seems to think it is ok. But maybe when the Church goes after the bank accounts it might be different, because lets face it, most people care more about money than they do about any thing else.


FATCA, WHY THIS IS SO SERIOUS PART SEVEN Already the shock waves of this are reverberating around our globe, every economist on earth is not sleeping right now. There is a chance that China will balk, and if China does not cooperate, the United States will be forced to respond to show face and prove that they are still the super power. This could lead into a gigantic war with no winners only the entire earth will loose. Russia will join in with China, they already have worked out an economic and currency cooperation agreement to destroy the dollar. For the past two years Americans living abroad have been having their banking accounts closed and businesses dismantled by the banks of those countries because it is simply too expensive for the banks to account to the IRS for their deposits and spending records. Almost all foreign countries do not want Americans to even visit them, because they do not want to be forced to keep track of the dollars they spend in that country. Some Americans are even being asked by Governments to actually leave their country. The IRS is putting such pressure on all financial entities of every description, that businesses and governments want nothing to do with Americans or American Dollars. For the past 2 years countries have been boxing up the dollar bills they have had in their banks and sending them back to America. The media has kept this all hidden from us. That is why you need to pay attention right now, because the next step is for the government to take down the internet.


FATCA, WHY THIS IS SO SERIOUS PART SIX Remember how many times I have shown you from the scriptures, and written to you, that the nations of the earth are going to move against the religious systems and destroy them. The World Council of Churches are daughter Churches to the Vatican, they all teach doctrines from the Catholic Church. They have different buildings and different names and different people and different cloths, but they all have the same master. There are 349 different denominations in the World Council of Churches, so combining these with the vastness of the Catholic Church, makes for a gigantic organization, and by the way, the Catholic Church is a member of the World Council of Churches. One forth of the world is Muslim, they also must submit their financial banking records to the IRS and the Vatican Bank, ever since the crusades, that was the war between the Catholics and the Muslims, the two of them are not happy with each other. Imagine how happy the Muslims are right now that they have to turn over their banking and financial records to the Vatican at the orders of the United States IRS. This is more serious than you can imagine, you really need to get away from the TV and pay attention to this, Google this for yourself, find out for your self, whether or not I am telling you the truth, and then get back to me.


FATCA, WHY IS THIS SO SERIOUS PART FIVE Hatred for the IRS and Hatred for the Church are equal in some parts of the world. But combining the two, to groups of people who already hate one or the other is going to be explosive. You Jesuits raped my wife in front of me, and you raped my children in the school, ( this is not a tasteless revelation, they do this for real, Google McMartin preschool, if a full grown man, a priest, pounding a five year old girl or boy is not torture, I do not know what is, and the parents of that child will also live in that hell until they die ), and now you are going to take my bank account and my car and my home. Every Bank in the world now is under the direct inspection of the Jesuits, every financial record in this entire world, is now subject to scrutiny by the IRS which is ran by the Jesuits for the Vatican. Before the money is passed on to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, it is ran through the Vatican Bank. The financial records of every person on earth is now going to be forcefully exposed to the IRS and the Vatican. Are you beginning to see the seriousness of this. You are not given a choice, the IRS is forcing the banks to report to the IRS not you, this is completely out of your hands and you have no choice, even your cash transactions are currently being reported to the IRS and have been since 2010 when this FATCA law was signed. What you purchased is also reported so that the IRS can confiscate it if they wish.


FATCA, WHY IS THIS SO SERIOUS PART FOUR So the IRS is for all intent and purposes is the collection arm for the Vatican, why else does the Vatican need your birth certificate and your social security number, it is because to them you are a human asset. Some one to work and pay taxes of which they collect. If you think this is science fiction, all it takes is a key stroke to find out. This is one reason that they are so against any form of birth control. To the Vatican, every person on earth is viewed as a source of revenue. You would be amazed at just how much the Vatican makes off of you, even while you are growing up before you ever even start to work. Schools are paid by headcount, not grades, the school makes money off of you, by your being in school. The Vatican is the single largest holder of education property and employees more professors and teachers than all others combined. The best universities in the world are owned by the Vatican. The medical industry as well, is owned in mass amounts by the Vatican. More hospitals are in the hands of the Vatican, than the private sector. The federal government, your tax dollars, pays to build the hospitals, and supports the hospitals, the Vatican, gets to keep the profits, that is of course what the CEO’S leave behind. The housing industry is a cash cow for the Vatican. HUD alone brings in hundreds of Billions of Dollars into the Vatican Bank, every year. Your tax dollars are used to build the apartment houses, the low income housing through HUD, then HUD pays the rent for the tenets every month, right into the coffers of the Vatican Bank, your tax dollars going directly into the Vatican Bank, do I need to say that again, why does that not just make you livid ????????????????? Apartment buildings have long been a staple of income stream for the Vatican, ask any resident from the Texas Boarder to the tip of Chile who their landlord is. Once upon a time there was no more land available in Mexico because it was all owned by the Vatican. The prison system in this country has been turned over to the private sector, the oldest consecutive confinement system on earth has been the Vatican, ran by the Jesuits, and still is the largest prison sponsor on earth. The unspeakable cruelty meted out by the Jesuits to internment guest, is literally written in the stone walls of those cells, torture implements still are found functional in those dungeons to this very day, waiting, at the ready. Rape was a common theme for the Jesuits, all kinds of rape, the endless variety of how and who the Jesuits raped were astounding. The mildest form of rape was simple straight rape, by an endless line of Jesuit priest. The husband was imprisoned behind bars in the catacombs of the Church, whose catacombs and cells still exist to this day. The wife was brought in and placed on the other side of those bars, right in front of her husband, where she was raped by the Jesuits, until she died, then, they continued to rape her even after she was dead. This was normal for them, this form of punishment for the man, was routine. They would also bring in the daughters, sometimes right along side the wife, and age did not matter. They also were raped, all the way to death. They also brought in sons of the father, and the sons of the father and the mother were raped all the way to death. Being raped to death was the easy way to go, because the Jesuits were the kings of torture, and the torture could go on until the father, pleaded with the Jesuits to kill his family member. Tortures routinely went on for weeks, months, and in some cases for years, giving time for the wounds and the disfigurements to heal, the broken bones and the stripped skin to grow back and then they would start all over again. If you think that this is an exaggeration, I challenge you to a Google search to prove me wrong, I promise you will throw up before you get past the first hour. This entire world knows that the Catholic Church rapes and brutalizes children, even the Church itself admits it. They call it child molestation. The definition of molestation is ” to disturb, interfere with, annoy ” would you really call a grown man raping, violating a child, boy or girl, an annoyance ?? When that little girl, has her reproductive organs completely destroyed by the thrusting of this Jesuit priest, is that what you call just a simple annoyance ?? And this is not a rarity, this form of abuse has been used by the Roman Catholic Church for 2,000 years. My friends child was raped by a priest, and the priest made the child look at the parents from a one way mirror while he did it. The Jesuits delight in the extreme compilation of physical and psychological torture at the same time. Well the books written about the Jesuits are endless, the inquisitions and the crusades are a part of history that you can research yourself. Why do I mention them now, here. It is because the memories and the hatred for the Church and the Jesuits, runs deep throughout this entire world. The atrocities they committed have not been forgotten. The 14th century was not that long ago, and families still pass down the stories of what the Church has done to them, in their quest for world domination. The tentacles of this poisonous viper run through every fiber of society. As you have heard me say before, the most horrible hideous organization that earth has ever seen, is the Roman Catholic Church.


FATCA, WHY IS THIS SO SERIOUS PART TWO ! Keeping in mind what we discussed yesterday, that the banking industry as we know it today started in the second century, by the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church by Constantine. The Vatican built it’s Bank, completely untouchable by Constantine and any other government because the Vatican was set up as a Sovereign Nation, protected by the Swiss. To this day the Swiss Military guards the Vatican and the Pope. The Jesuits were the muscle of the Vatican, in Mafia terms, the Jesuits do the wet work, they are the enforces of the Vatican, and especially vigilant in collecting taxes, as any one who has ever dealt with the IRS can testify.The Jesuits formed banks outside of the Vatican, in countries around the world. Some rather influential men, became very wealthy because of wise use of the money lent to their banks by the Vatican bank, and this has left them beholding to the Vatican. Some of these families go back more than a thousand years, those ties of loyalty cannot be broken. The influence that these core families have upon the entire world banking industry is unimaginable, these people are not just billionaires, they are all trillionaires, one is reported to be a quadrillionaires. But as the scriptures tell us, Babylon the Great rides on their backs. The Vatican controls them all. And history confirms, that the wealthiest men, the most powerful men in the world, bow down to the Pope, and take communion from him. This is not conjecture, this is historical fact. Recently Obama, made his trek to the Vatican, to take his communion from the Pope as did Bush, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, and others before. Reagan even got special honors from the Vatican, reserved only for a handful of men in 2,000 years, I wonder what he did for the Vatican to deserve those honors.


FATCA, WHY IS THIS SO SERIOUS ??????? We all know, you know very well, that the people who are wealthy enough to seek out tax shelters, have already in place their own network, their own banks, their own buddy system, that good OL’ boy society that scratch each others backs. And don’t you believe for one moment, that the IRS doesn’t know every single tax haven in this entire globe, because they do, there is not one single financial institute in this world that does not have a Jesuit working in it. If FATCA was just about collecting tax revenue from Americans who bank offshore, than the simple solution would simply be to make it illegal for an American citizen to pollute a foreign bank with an American Dollar. Force by law to make American businesses, do their banking in this country. If you are an American citizen, you bank in America period. If you have another bank account in a foreign country , fine, but first and foremost, all of your transactions will be done through the American bank first. Then you can transfer the cleared funds to banks outside of America. That is plain and simple, easy to understand and easy to implement and it does not punish innocent people, innocent banks and innocent countries. But FATCA is not about collecting revenue from the 1%, it is all about, the rest of this entire world, MINUS THE 1%. The 1% will remain untouched, one more reason why recently the American government separated the internet so the the 1% have their own internet now, isolated from the rest of mankind. Every bank in this entire world, now has to report to the IRS. Aren’t you the least bit curious about this ?? Why are you remaining silent on this ?? The poorest countries in the world, will now have the IRS inspecting their financial records. Every person in the world, who has a bank account, and especially those who do NOT have a bank account are going to be financially examined. Think I am kidding. Already in stores across this nation, at stores everywhere, transactions in cash are photographically recorded by those cameras at the register, that is what they are there for, even some stores are asking for ID”s to go along with that photograph. You are followed out the door with cameras, and you are followed to your car with cameras, your license plate is recorded along with the make model color of your car, along with those who walk with you. If you think I am exaggerating ask any person who works in loss prevention of the big box stores, it is all recorded. Every transaction is recorded and all cash transactions are reported. In your land of the free.

FATCA – 10

So, like we said earlier, someone has to pay the taxes for us, because the rich bankers have to get their money from someone. So the Vatican’s Jesuits, the IRS, conjured up the scheme to go after Americans and the relatives of Americans that were living in foreign countries. And since the Jesuits of the Vatican Bank, the enforcers of the Vatican Bank , the IRS, are already working in the banking industry, and that industry owes it’s dept of gratitude to the Vatican for its beginnings, The IRS and the Vatican are attempting to force the banks in all the world, to force their customers that use the dollar to answer to the IRS. FATCA, is all about the banking system, the OLD MONEY, the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, and the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF THE VATICAN, stealing money from the citizens of other countries simply because they have some kind of connection with American dollar. It has nothing to do at all with tax havens, if you think it is all about tax cheats, you are drinking the koolaid, this is all about bankrupting the little guy. The IRS, the Vatican, the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve knows who the 1% are and where they live, if they thought they were cheating or didn’t want them to cheat, they would go after them. No, the IRS is going after all the banks in this entire world, and the poor people and it starts July 1 2014. To be continued tomorrow, but you must understand FATCA

FATCA – 10

Do not make the mistake of fluffing this off, this FATCA thing is more serious than you can ever begin to imagine, remember this, everything that the bible ever said was going to happen has happened, and you can take it to the bank that the rest of it will happen as well. If the Bible tells us that a time is coming that is so bad that without Gods help no one lives through it, you can believe that is exactly what it means. Now I will show some evidence of the Vatican tied in with the bankers.



Now I will work on how the Vatican fits into the FATCA formula. Remember this, God puts it into the hearts of the nations to go after religion. Money is controlled by the Jesuits of the Vatican, the men who wear the black robes are the Jesuits. This FATCA thing is making every country on earth extremely mad at the IRS, which is the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, which is owned by the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD, which is OWNED by the JESUITS, which are governed by the Vatican, the Vatican is the worlds richest empire. SO at the heart of this FATCA thing, is RELIGION.



These FATCA videos are old, and boring to sit through. I post them because you really need this information. It it so critical that you have understanding of so many things, in such a short time. It was three years ago that I began to write these things, and still, no one is listening. You have no concept of what is coming, and if you think that ignoring it, and not wanting to know, and pleading ignorant, is going to make it go away, you will become dead wrong. Life and death decisions are about to be thrust upon you, and how are you going to know which decision to make without knowledge of the issue ?? You are making a big mistake by turning a deaf ear and a blind eye.


FATCA – 12

Next month, July 1 2014 FATCA goes into effect. I have posted so many videos about FATCA to warn you all of what is coming, and only two people have watched them. You are making one of the biggest mistakes of your life, by ignoring the videos I am sending you, I took them all down because no one was watching any of the videos I posted. This reality is going to hit you all square and violently right in the face, and you are going to regret in the worst way, not understanding what is happening all around you, and feeling the dread and the panic, of your entire world collapsing, when all along I was giving you the information to help you survive it, you did not care, so I took it down. You better wake up right now, in July, this entire world changes, you might not see any difference for awhile, but on July 1 the die has been cast, and there is no return. The things I have been telling you, you needed to know to survive, you turned your back on them, you didn’t want to hear about it. Well now you are not only going to hear about it, you are going to be feeling it. Watch the video below, forget the silver and gold, it is too late for that.


FATCA – 13

Why FATCA is Bad for America – Update Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on print More Sharing Services The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is having a negative impact on the U.S. economy, U.S. financial markets, American businesses operating abroad and American citizens who work and reside overseas. American Citizens Abroad (ACA) is working hard to educate the legislature and decision makers to inform them of the many dangers of FATCA. Recently legislators and the media have come out in strong opposition to FATCA, some advocate for repeal, others for revisions of the regulations. All our unanimous that FATCA as currently drafted is bad for America and Americans. What is FATCA? FATCA was initially introduced to target those who evade paying U.S. taxes by hiding assets in undisclosed foreign bank accounts. With such a noble goal, and with the strong backing of the Administration, Congress quickly drafted the FATCA legislation and quietly slipped it into the HIRE (Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment) bill signed into law by President Obama in March 2010. Most members of Congress are unaware of the unintended negative consequences this legislation will have when fully implemented in 2014. Key provisions of FATCA FATCA requires foreign financial institutions (FFI) of broad scope – banks, stock brokers, hedge funds, pension funds, insurance companies, trusts – to report directly to the IRS all clients’ accounts owned by U.S. Citizens and U.S. persons (Green Card holders). Starting July 1, 2014, FATCA will require FFIs to provide annual reports to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on the name and address of each U.S. client, as well as the largest account balance in the year and total debits and credits of any account owned by a U.S. person. If an institution does not comply, the U.S. will impose a 30% withholding tax on all its transactions concerning U.S. securities, including the proceeds of sale of securities. In addition, FATCA requires any foreign company not listed on a stock exchange or any foreign partnership which has 10% U.S. ownership to report to the IRS the names and tax I.D. number (TIN) of any U.S. owner. FATCA also requires U.S. citizens and green card holders who have foreign financial assets in excess of $50,000 (higher for those who are bona-fide residents abroad) to complete a new Form 8938 to be filed with the 1040 tax return, starting with fiscal year 2011. Those affected by FATCA FATCA will have serious negative ramifications on the entire U.S. economy and more specifically on • U.S. financial markets and financial institutions • U.S. businesses operating in global markets • American citizens residing overseas • American citizens with legitimate investments overseas The dangerous ramifications of FATCA FATCA constitutes a breathtaking extension of U.S. legislative overreach, purporting to impose upon every foreign financial institution, corporation and partnership the obligation to examine whether and to what extent it must adhere to the application of U.S. law. In many cases, entities electing to comply with FATCA will find themselves in violation of local privacy laws. The cost for this massive reporting bureaucracy is estimated in the billions of dollars for foreign and U.S. financial institutions as well as for Americans residing overseas, not to mention for the IRS itself. Much more significant than the cost and time burden, FATCA creates a direct financial and legal threat to all foreign financial institutions. After much complaint over the direct transfer of information from FFIs to the IRS, the Treasury Department created “Intergovernmental Agreements” or IGA’s. This is a system intended to allow FFIs to release client account information via government to government exchange so that FFIs will not need to violate privacy laws by directly releasing information to the IRS. FFIs must still register with the IRS to abide by FATCA, whether or not the government signs an IGA, to avoid the 30% withholding. An anti-discriminatory clause has also been included in the IGA agreements in order to minimize the possibility of banking lock-out for U.S. citizens and U.S. persons. Nonetheless, U.S. citizens and U.S. persons continue to experience banking lock-out and reduction of services. Many FFIs have simply not referenced FATCA as the reason, citing only “private banking policy.” Suddenly, after years of not calling into question banking policy, U.S. citizen clients are having their accounts closed, access limited, or being denied services all together. FATCA is definitely the cause. Those FFIs that do not enter into IGA are penalized with a 30% withholding tax on U.S. source investment income. A withholding tax on income transferred overseas, such as dividends and interest, is recognized as a fair and effective way of collecting taxes and is built into most double taxation treaties signed by the United States and other countries, generally with a reduced withholding rate. But FATCA provides in addition for a 30% withholding on the sale value of U.S. assets and imposes the 30% withholding tax on ALL U.S. source transfers to non-compliant foreign financial institutions. This is completely different and is confiscatory. FATCA rests on a fallacy: guilty (of tax fraud) until proven innocent; this is a denial of justice as it is known in our Western world. Foreign divestment of U.S. investments is a serious risk The FATCA threat of a 30% withholding tax and the potential exposure to transfer of personal data is inciting foreigners to divest out of U.S. securities and investments. Some foreign banks throughout the world have already indicated their intention to do so and have advised their institutional and private clients accordingly. • The Japanese Bankers Association stated very clearly: In the event that the implementation of FATCA is not practically feasible for the Japanese financial services industry, it would result in substantial confusion in the industry and could ultimately lead Japanese financial institutions to withdraw their investment from U.S. financial assets. ii) • The European Banking Federation and the Institute of International Bankers, which in their own words represent most of the non-U.S. banks and securities firms around the world that are affected by the FATCA provisions, highlighted their concerns: many FFIs, particularly smaller ones or those with minimal U.S. investments or U.S. customers, will opt out of U.S. securities rather than enter into a direct contractual agreement with a foreign tax authority (the IRS) that imposes substantial new obligations and the significant reputation, regulatory, and financial risks of potentially failing those obligations, or may disinvest their U.S. customers in order to reduce their compliance burdens under an FFI Agreement. iii) • This warning from Europe was reiterated in June 2011. George Bock, a Luxembourg-based KPMG partner and head of tax at KPMG, told reporters at a funds event in London that FATCA could cause investors to sell out of U.S. stocks, bonds and other investments, affecting the price of U.S. shares as well as those of other countries in ways that are not yet fully clear. iv) • KPMG conducted a survey in 2011 of leading fund promoters in 12 countries. v) The majority of respondents had assets under management in excess of EUR 10 billion, and more than half of the respondents distributed their shares/units in more than 10 countries. The survey asked: Further to FATCA, could your fund intend to dis-invest (directly/indirectly) from the US? For both the U.S. fixed income market and the U.S. equity market, 6% answered yes. Another 10% for the fixed income market and 7% for the equity market stated that it was thinkable to divest from the U.S. A whopping 29% for the fixed income market and 26% for the equity market replied that divestment depended on the detailed implementation rules for FATCA. In other words, for funds managers worldwide, divestment from U.S. securities markets is a real option. These statements must be taken seriously and should not be ignored. According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, total foreign investment in the United States exceeds $21 trillion. vi) Foreign investment in U.S. securities alone exceeds $10 trillion. The capitalization of the two U.S. stock exchanges is $18.6 trillion. vii) The financial weight of foreign financial institutions is enormous. The 100 Top Financial Institutions worldwide command total assets of $77.6 trillion. More than $55 trillion or two-thirds of this financial power is controlled by non-U.S. financial institutions. Among the top ten alone are seven non-U.S. financial institutions with combined balance sheet assets of $16.7 trillion. viii) In addition to direct control of assets, foreign financial institutions have very significant client funds under management, funds which do not appear on their balance sheets. Among the top 15 Global Money Managers, 7 are non-U.S. financial institutions. The assets under management of just these 7 non-U.S. financial institutions are close to $9 trillion. ix) These are big numbers. Foreign financial institutions have significant power through the allocation of their assets and this should be taken into account in a cost/benefit analysis of FATCA. x) The United States should not be playing with fire when it comes to keeping the country attractive for foreign investment. Risk of funds withdrawal from U.S. bank deposits held by non-resident aliens In addition to investments in securities, foreigners hold over $1 trillion on bank deposit in the United States because those deposits are tax free and the United States represents a safe haven for non-resident aliens. Congress has deliberately established this policy to attract foreign funds so necessary to the U.S. economy. But if a 30% withholding tax may potentially be applied upon transfer of those deposits to an overseas account, the attractiveness of United States banking services disappears. With the IGA currently being signed by foreign governments, the U.S. Treasury is promising reciprocity on information on foreigners holding financial assets in the United States. This is something the Treasury cannot and should not be promising. Already banks in Texas and Florida have protested that broad-based reciprocity will destroy their banking markets; many foreigners residing in Latin America have chosen banking in these states not to evade foreign taxes but for the anonymity and security provided, due to unstable governments inthe countries where they reside. The foreign direct investment component is also vulnerable If future financial transfers out of the United States are perturbed by FATCA, the direct investment component of the U.S. economy may suffer as well. A pull back in foreign direct investment in the U.S., which now represents an accumulated $2.7 trillion, would negatively impact the growth of the economy. Attracting foreign companies to invest in the United States requires not only good business prospects but also a free flow of capital both into and out of the country. With the economy seriously under performing, unemployment high and budget and trade deficits ballooning, this is not a time when the U.S. can afford to lose any kind of investment in its economy, but that is exactly what FATCA will provoke. The huge potential foreign investment losses largely outweigh FATCA revenues Sale of just a portion of foreign holdings of U.S. securities, transfer of some of the foreign-owned bank deposits out of the United States and reduced foreign direct investment would severely damage the U.S. securities markets, the solubility of certain U.S. banks and the growth of the entire U.S. economy. The potential losses of trillions of dollars due to foreign institutions and foreigners divesting out of the United States totally outweigh the meager tax revenue that the IRS will actually collect as a direct result of this deeply flawed legislation. The Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimated that the FATCA bill would raise $792 million of additional taxes a year in the next ten years. xi) Congress never requested a full GAO (Government Accountability Office) cost/benefit study on FATCA. Administrative costs will be very burdensome and costly for the IRS, U.S. taxpayers and, most importantly, for financial institutions which despite a precarious situation in global financial markets, have no option but to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on compliance. The U.S. financial industry is one of the nation’s most competitive sectors in world markets today, and the open access and ability to freely transfer funds into and out of U.S. financial markets has historically been a key reason for that strength. This competitive position will be diminished by FATCA. The U.S. financial industry will find itself isolated from many international transactions. Foreign investors will avoid U.S.-based hedge funds. Foreign hedge funds will avoid investing in U.S. securities and will refuse U.S. clients. Foreign financial institutions will create dedicated entities for handling transactions with the United States, separate from their other business. This will erode the influence of the U.S. banks as the indispensable counterpart when trading with the dollar. As the Financial Times stated: one of Asia’s largest financial groups is quietly mulling a potentially explosive question: could it organize some of its subsidiaries so that they could stop handling all US Treasury bonds? Their motive has nothing to do with the outlook for the dollar. Instead, what is worrying this particular Asian financial group is tax. In January 2013 (subsequent to this article, the date was delayed to July 1, 2014), the US will implement a new law called the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. These rules would partly put the responsibility on the bank or asset manager not just the individual to make this filing the new rules leave some financial officials fuming in places such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore. xii) There is no doubt that in a FATCA world, China will be the winner and the United States the loser. The Chinese have the possibility to circumvent FATCA by passing foreign currency transactions through government-owned banks, as this category of bank is exempted from the FATCA regulations. This provides China with a unique competitive advantage over publicly and privately owned banks in the rest of the world. It provides China an opportunity to transform the Yuan into a more attractive reserve currency for international transactions. It is known that the Chinese want to develop an alternative to the U.S. dollar domination in international transactions. FATCA provides the Chinese with a perfect platform for doing just that. One of the very undesirable consequences of FATCA will be the creation of a two-tier banking system, an upper tier of the larger financial institutions which will comply with the FATCA legislation and continue to deal with U.S. financial institutions and a lower tier, which will refuse to do so. The latter group will provide a perfect cover for precisely the undesirable transactions that the legislation is intended to curb. FATCAs means are diametrically opposed to its ends. It is not only self-defeating, but as an added bonus it fosters irreparable damage to the economy at large and in particular erodes the competitiveness of the U.S. financial sector. The complexity of compliance by FFIs is overwhelming FATCA uses a bulldozer to go after an ant hill, which is already creating serious backlash against the United States. The complexity of compliance for foreign financial institutions is enormous; after two rounds of Treasury Department draft regulations, fundamental questions remain open about the feasibility of compliance after issuance of the final regulations. The Treasury Department has twice delayed the date for implementing FATCA due to the complexity in developing regulations and the resistance from governments and financial institutions throughout the world. Thousands of lawyer, accounting specialists, software developers and staff of FFIs have already spent enormous time trying to understand the regulations and develop appropriate implementation tools. Just the question of client identity is a major issue since FATCA requires FFIs to identify, and report on, all clients deemed to be U.S. persons. The Japanese banks have several hundred million bank accounts, all with opening forms in Japanese and many not digitized. Today, banks in Canada are not required to know the nationality of their clients; to conform to FATCA Canada would have to change its privacy laws. Many countries find themselves in the same conflict with regard to privacy laws. This invasion of U.S. law into other countries is a source of bad will for the United States. The Calgary Herald published an article entitled Note to Obama: Canada is not the Cayman Islands. xiii) The Globe and Mail reported: In a recent letter to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, Canadian Bankers Association President Terry Campbell complained that the U.S. law takes an end-run around the Canada Revenue Agency and attempts to coerce foreign financial institutions into a reporting and withholding relationship with U.S. tax authorities. xiv) Pass thru payment control is another mind boggling issue of FATCA. In its June 7, 2011 reply to the U.S. Department of Treasury Notice 2011-34, xv) the second round of draft regulations, The British Bankers Association (BBA) stated in paragraph 6: While we understand and support the goals of preventing tax evasion, the most problematic proposal in the Notice is Pass thru Payments. We understand the US Governments concern with the potential for using non-participating FFIs as a blocker to shield US taxpayers from identification and reporting and the intent of the proposal to encourage FFIs to become compliant with FATCA. However, in its current form the proposals are unfortunately unworkable for a deposit-taking global institution. xvi) The Department of the Treasury has pushed forward the date for enforcement of the Pass thru Payment Concept and has opened a dialogue with FFIs on this issue. FATCA is ruinous for Americans and for American business overseas FATCA has turned Americans into pariahs in the international financial world. FATCA requires foreign financial institutions to report to the IRS the names and assets of all clients who are U.S. persons. Consequently, foreign financial institutions banks, insurance companies and pension funds are already turning away American clients due to the costly IRS reporting requirements and the perceived significant legal and financial risks. ACA has received multiple testimonies from Americans abroad who have had their foreign bank accounts closed, been refused entry into a foreign pension fund, or who cannot enter into insurance contracts overseas. How can Americans abroad survive and U.S. businesses develop globally without access to foreign banks, foreign pension funds and insurance coverage? In many cases Americans have been unable to participate in company pension funds or conclude insurance contracts, and as a result are rendered unemployable by this punitive framework. If a U.S. company aims to develop exports, either through a sales representative or its own sales subsidiary, it necessarily must have foreign bank accounts to facilitate payments from foreign clients and to pay local expenses. It must be able to contract insurance plans for its company’s assets and provide pension plans for its employees. FATCA creates an enormous barrier for U.S. companies attempting to penetrate foreign markets with U.S. products and services. This barrier adds to the already burdensome IRS reporting required for foreign controlled corporations The 10% U.S. ownership rule Section 1472, introduced into the Tax Code by FATCA, requires a withholding agent to withhold 30% on any payment made to a non-financial foreign entity unless the payee or the beneficial owner of the payment provides the withholding agent with either: 1) a certification that the foreign entity does not have a substantial U.S. owner(which is defined in FATCA as one holding 10% or more of the company) or, 2) the name and Tax I.D. Number (TIN) of each substantial U.S. owner. Additionally, the withholding agent must not know or have reason to know that the certification or information is incorrect, and the withholding agent must report the name, address, and TIN of each substantial U.S. owner. Hence any privately held, non-listed foreign company which may have financial dealings with the United States must be prepared to declare through the withholding agent any U.S. ownership of 10% or more in the company. There are millions of these companies throughout the world. Furthermore, American citizens are required to report on the new FATCA Form 8938, to be attached to the 1040, the names and addresses of all issuers of foreign shares or partnerships not held with a foreign financial institution as well as the value of the American citizens share of the capital. Hence, foreign companies will have their names appear in tax filings of U.S. citizens and the IRS will be able to put a value on the entire company. These reporting requirements are already shutting Americans out of business ventures abroad. In one case, three partners, two foreigners and one American, were far down the road in developing their business plan for a joint venture, but when they went to the bank for financing, the banker advised the foreigners to evict the American partner because of the IRS reporting requirement. The American literally got pushed out of the venture he had initiated. In today’s global market, this IRS requirement creates a devastating handicap for Americans eager to establish the relationships abroad necessary to promote American business in the global economy. Imagine the reaction in the U.S. if Great Britain, Germany and Japan, to name just three major economic partners, imposed a similar rule. Imagine the problem if Joes welding shop in Dubuque, Iowa has a German partner (with 11% ownership) and has to report to the Bundes Steuer Amt on its forms, in German, the names and German taxpayer identification of the German partner. And, if Joes welding shop also had a Japanese partner and a French partner, each with 11% ownership, its compliance office would require a separate floor. A nightmare just to think of it! The 10% U.S. ownership rule is both politically arrogant and economically unsound for business. In today’s ever more global economy, the United States cannot risk having its citizens excluded from partnerships overseas with foreign entrepreneurs. In addition, the bureaucratic burden of such a reporting requirement on foreign companies and on the worlds financial transfer system will be horrendous. Companies and partnerships will refuse to deal with Americans, or simply refuse to comply with the law. And who can blame them? Reporting requirements of Form 8938 for Americans holding foreign financial assets FATCA requires any American with more than $50,000 in foreign assets to report (Form 8938). Americans who are bona-fide residents overseas have higher thresholds for reporting, $200,000 for those reporting individually and $400,000 for those filing jointly. All foreign financial account assets, bank accounts, securities accounts, annuity contracts, rental properties, insurance contracts, pension plans, trusts and private investments in companies and partnerships. This reporting requirement took effect for tax filing year 2011 (1040s to be filed by April 15, 2012), and this requirement is in addition to the FBAR reporting of foreign financial accounts already required by the Department of the Treasury. Penalties for non-willful failure to report Form 8938 are high: 40% of any under-reported position. The initial fine for not filing Form 8938 is $10,000, rapidly increasing to $50,000 for each fiscal year. Given the high degree of complexity and the breadth of this new reporting requirement as well as the uncertainties attached to Form 8938, there exists a substantial risk of filing error due to confusion and misunderstanding, particularly since the FBAR form uses different reporting criteria. To have an overview of the complexity of the reporting requirement, the information required on Form 8938 includes the names of all financial institutions with which one has a foreign account, the account number, the maximum balance during the year (in U.S. dollars), the foreign currency rate at which foreign amounts were translated into U.S. dollars, the source of the foreign currency rate, whether the account was opened or closed during the tax year and a box to check if the account is jointly owned with spouse. Similar reporting is required for all other foreign assets. Part III of the form requires reporting of a summary of tax items attributable to specific foreign financial assets with reference to the form and line or schedule and line where the income or gain is reported. Compliance with this additional requirement is simply not realistic for a vast swathe of the normally law-abiding filer community unable to afford the expensive services of a professional tax adviser. The fear of data being compromised via electronic and/or paper transfer is also a concern that needs to be seriously considered. FATCA specifically discriminates against Americans residing abroad Americans residing overseas necessarily have bank accounts and other financial assets in their country of residence, just as Americans residing in Kansas have bank accounts, mortgage loans, and pension funds in Kansas and not in California or Virginia. Consequently, most if not all Americans residing abroad will be subject to the Form 8938 reporting requirement and will risk the penalties mentioned above, while only the very few Americans residing in the United States and owning foreign bank accounts or other foreign financial assets will be subject to the same requirements and risks. The law, as written, specifically discriminates against Americans residing overseas. Americans residing in the United States are not required to report their assets for tax purposes, only their income, since federal taxes are levied only on income and capital gains. Why should Americans who are bona fide residents abroad be subject to a more extensive reporting requirement? FATCA reporting by bona fide overseas residents will not bring in significantly more tax revenue since Americans residing abroad first pay taxes in their country of residence. Once foreign tax credits available to overseas filers are deducted from the theoretical IRS tax liability, the net tax revenue due to the IRS is minimal. Most Americans residing in such high tax countries as Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain, Australia and Japan owe no U.S. taxes when they file their 1040. The administrative burden of FATCA imposed on the 7 million overseas Americans is totally out of proportion with any potential tax revenue to be collected. Moreover, FATCA creates serious financial risks for Americans residing abroad as penalties for simple reporting errors could wipe out their entire savings, even though they may not owe any U.S. taxes at all. For the reasons mentioned above, the community of Americans residing overseas is of the opinion that, if FATCA is not revoked in its entirety, bona fide residents overseas should be exempted from the reporting requirement of Form 8938. ACA has proposed that Congress adopt residence-based taxation (RBT) instead of citizenship-base taxation; this would not only eliminate issues of double taxation and double filing; it would also eliminate the need for FFIs to report on Americans resident abroad as well as the requirement for Americans abroad to file Form 8938 and the FBAR. (See ACA’s position on FATCA and ACA’s RBT proposal). Risk of identity fraud Form 8938 provides full disclosure of personal assets and bank account information. It will be filed with the 1040 that details the tax filers name, address, phone number and Social Security number, thus putting Americans abroad at high risk of serious identity fraud, in particular, since the IRS is pushing to have all of this reporting done on-line in the near future. James White, director of strategic studies for the GAO, told the House Oversight subcommittee on Government Organization that there were close to 250,000 incidents of taxpayers’ identity theft in 2010, up from just under 52,000 in 2008. xviii) This is a five-fold increase in the number of instances in just two years. When 100% of all private financial information is acquired with such identity theft, the potential damage inflicted on Americans overseas will be substantial. The IRS is already successfully tracking down tax evaders without FATCA The IRS already has multiple tools to go after tax evaders the QI program, the John Doe summons, the “Hague Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extra Judicial Documents in Civil and Commercial Matters”, Tax Information Exchange (TIE) Agreements, Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties (MLAT) and the “Swift Agreement”. xix) FATCA is unnecessary because the IRS has already been highly successful in pursuing U.S. resident tax evaders. The IRS collected $780 million in settlement of the recent charges facing UBS. The IRS has collected over $5 billion from more than 35,000 filings under the Voluntary Disclosure Programs. Thanks to the Voluntary Disclosure Programs and the information on 4,500 American-owned UBS accounts that were transferred to the IRS as part of the UBS settlement, the IRS has multiple information leads which will enable even more efficient tracking of tax evaders. The IRS is already actively pursuing other foreign banks as a consequence. The IRS has been very vocal about its successes. There is no need for FATCA. Conclusion FATCA legislation is predicated on the faulty assumption that foreigners throughout the world with no predisposition to favor the U.S. will react positively to its attempts to convert them into unpaid IRS agents. Faced with similar investment and personnel options without the legal jeopardy and financial risks, reasonable people will choose non-U.S. alternatives. FATCA implementation will constitute a major disruption of the entire international financial world as we know it today. Reasonable persons and entities will develop effective antibodies to this perceived infection, in ways too numerous and manifold to predict. What can be predicted is that the cumulative effect of this legislation will be a major blow to U.S. economic interests and prestige. At stake for the United States is the potential loss of trillions of dollars of investment, the opportunity for American companies and financial institutions to compete in a competitive global environment and the possibility for American citizens residing overseas to survive and thrive. In brief, the economic future of the United States is at stake. American Citizens Abroad E-mail: info (at) americansabroad.org Web pages: americansabroad.org


FATCA – 14

FATCA legislation is predicated on the faulty assumption that foreigners throughout the world with no predisposition to favor the U.S. will react positively to its attempts to convert them into unpaid IRS agents. Faced with similar investment and personnel options without the legal jeopardy and financial risks, reasonable people will choose non-U.S. alternatives. FATCA implementation will constitute a major disruption of the entire international financial world as we know it today. Reasonable persons and entities will develop effective antibodies to this perceived infection, in ways too numerous and manifold to predict. What can be predicted is that the cumulative effect of this legislation will be a major blow to U.S. economic interests and prestige. At stake for the United States is the potential loss of trillions of dollars of investment, the opportunity for American companies and financial institutions to compete in a competitive global environment and the possibility for American citizens residing overseas to survive and thrive. In brief, the economic future of the United States is at stake. American Citizens Abroad E-mail: info (at) americansabroad.org Web pages: americansabroad.org


FATCA – 15

FATCA legislation is predicated on the faulty assumption that foreigners throughout the world with no predisposition to favor the U.S. will react positively to its attempts to convert them into unpaid IRS agents. Faced with similar investment and personnel options without the legal jeopardy and financial risks, reasonable people will choose non-U.S. alternatives. FATCA implementation will constitute a major disruption of the entire international financial world as we know it today. Reasonable persons and entities will develop effective antibodies to this perceived infection, in ways too numerous and manifold to predict. What can be predicted is that the cumulative effect of this legislation will be a major blow to U.S. economic interests and prestige. At stake for the United States is the potential loss of trillions of dollars of investment, the opportunity for American companies and financial institutions to compete in a competitive global environment and the possibility for American citizens residing overseas to survive and thrive. In brief, the economic future of the United States is at stake. American Citizens Abroad E-mail: info (at) americansabroad.org Web pages: americansabroad.org



You have to understand this. In 6 weeks FATCA goes into effect. 6 weeks, July 1 2014. You do not know what that means. Most Congressman and Senators do not know what that means. I am betting that you have never even heard of it before. Why is this so serious, why am I yelling at you through my words. Here is the reason. The United States of America has threatened the economy and financial institutions of every country on earth, effective July 1, 2014. Through the strong arm of the IRS, our government is demanding that all financial institution on earth turn over their records to the IRS, it is the IRS formally auditing ever company, every business, every bank, every insurance company, every stock exchange every person who deals in the United States dollar is now under the audit of the IRS, with the United States enforcing this. I cannot even begin to explain how serious this is, although I and millions of others have been shouting this warning for along time. You must let go of that American flag and your patriotism, you have been lied to, this country is not what you think it is. It never was, and if you take up arms, and fight against the forces that are coming, you will be trying to defend that ghost of a country that you believed in that never was. Who knows how long it will take to feel the effects of HR 2847, but make no mistake about it, all of the financial institutions in the world are up in arms about it, and even if the government were to pull the plug on it today, the damage is already done. The United States threatened the economic stability of every nation on earth, and they are not going to walk away from that. Countries and governments are calling it tyranny and bullying. The nations of the earth have been for several months now closing the bank accounts of people living in their country who have any affiliation with America, do you have any sense of what that means. And notice this, there is not one single word of it on the news in this country, your country is doing this behind your back, the same way that they built the FEMA camps behind your back, the same way that they provided tanks to your police departments behind your back, the same way that they have taken your money and built entire cities underground behind your back, the same ways that they have built freeway systems underground behind your back, that go from Mexico to Canada, from Washington State to Kennebunkport Maine,( I wonder who lives there) New York, Florida, Texas, California, DC, Colorado. They couldn’t fix the potholes in your streets, but they could build super highways connecting all of the FEMA camps together, that you cannot travel on, think I am crazy, just ask anyone who has come up against BLM land that used to be open for travel. Any financial institution, that processes any American currency in any form, must report to the IRS. or face a 30% penalty and other appropriate sanctions, like in being banned from handling dollars at all. Saying that this is an over reach of authority is certainly an understatement, China and England went to war over less, and World War III is being bantered around right now as we speak. Even people who were born here from parents that were just visiting, and they returned from their vacations to their native country and never stepped foot on this soil again, because that child is legally a citizen by birth, that child now must answer to the IRS. As we speak, every nation on earth is trying desperately to figure out ways of keeping the IRS out of their financial records. The IRS is demanding access to every account of every bank and insurance company and currency exchange on earth. No one outside of America, wants to touch the dollar now. This is devastating beyond comprehension. Just because something has never happened before, does not mean it cannot happen now. What is coming, is clearly and easy for anyone to see, this is self inflicted, America is doing this to itself.


FATCA – 16

FATCA continuation 3 , What has happened is that the world has grown tired of this Ponzi scheme called the American Dollar, they have caught on, and the point was driven home to them that the United States was never going to honor their monetary commitment for faith trust and value of the dollar in 2008, when America released not just monopoly money on the world, but also a whole pile of bills to go along with it, in the form of mortgages that were skipped out on. Imagine for a moment just what America did to the world in the Mortgage melt down. In the face, IN THE FACE, of the entire world, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, you know the place right, that place you SALUTE THE FLAG TO, did this!!!! It gave the RICHEST BANKS in the world, a TRILLION dollars, which they divided up among themselves. Then our government, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the one you say your PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE too, stole the houses from the public that they ripped off, and gave those houses ALONG WITH THE TRILLION DOLLARS to the richest bankers in the world. OUR GOVERNMENT took all that our neighbors family and friends had, then kicked out our citizens into the streets. Then THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA left the rest of investment countries holding the bills, AFTER, AFTER, AFTER this COUNTRY first took their cash, for the houses that the BANKERS STOLE BACK, and many of those countries were forced into bankriupty on the government level as well as private citizens who invested in American real estate. Do you understand this, do you understand what happened in 2008 ??? The bankers got a trillion dollars PLUS they got the houses back to sell all over again, PLUS, they got the cash from the countries they sold the houses too PLUS they got the money from the original down payments and the monthly payments for all those years from our citizens, our family, friends and neighbors hard earn dollars, earned with sweat tears and blood, not paper and ink. The countries got a pile of worthless paper, our citizens were in the streets, and the rest of the taxpayers had the trillion dollars that had to be payed back. And the world watched this fiasco go down, and many countries and the people of those countries who lost their savings to those toxic assets were hurt beyond repair. NOW I want you to run out to your flag pole and give it a salute and pledge your allegiance to a country that does this sort of crap to it’s own people and rips of entire nations to hand over the proceeds to the wealthiest men in the world, have you not one single brain cell left in your entire head that has not been polluted by American TV to think with. I say to you, I say to you, how dare you support any country in any way that does this to its own people, how dare you. Here is what should of happened. To be continued in FATCA 4


FATCA – 17

FATCA continuation, Because America moved all of it’s corporations out of this country, and prevented new ones from forming, employment collapsed, along with all of the revenue normally generated by a working population. Even service industries suffer, when no one can buy those fries, because they don’t have a job. To keep the population from exploding, because no one has money to buy food, and the government does not have money either because it has lost it’s tax base, the government created a new industry, and it took off like gang busters, it was the most successful business this country ever developed. It was a simple concept. Right out of the IRS textbook. The IRS learned it from the Mafia. The best, most efficient way, of making money, is to MAKE MONEY. So the government went into the printing business, and started cranking out money by the tons, literally, by the tons, to the tune of $200,000,000,000 every single day. That’s 200 billion dollars a day. Now our government is in no way fiscally irresponsible, never may that be said, so the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD backed every single bill with tangible asset, in the form of AIR. Before you begin to think I am crazy now, AIR is actually an asset and is actually sold. In densely populated areas like New York, the airspace above high rise buildings is actually sold and traded to prevent future expansion blocking views. It does not have to be a high rise however, you can sell the air space above a flat piece of land in this country if you want to. But I digress in the interest of humor. The world currency reference was the dollar, some think it still is, I say was, because that is about to change. To the younger ones who do not understand what a reference dollar means, let me explain it’s importance. How the worlds economies work, is by exchanging the various forms of currency that has been developed over thousands of years. ( I am actually against all forms of currency exchange ) The best thing we could all do for each other is to stop using money, it is a false belief system that we need it. Money is merely an implement of score keeping, it accomplishes absolutely nothing, it is an inanimate object of which men slaughter each other over. For the past few hundred years the reference currency was the British Sterling (pound). Reference means, that all of the rest of the worlds currencies placed value of their currencies in relationship to the perceived value of the British Sterling. The world went to war in the 1940’s and after the war was over, the only currency left standing was the American Dollar. So by default, the American Dollar became the reference currency of which all other currencies were valued. Several years later our government under Nixon, worked out a deal with the oil producing nations, the Arab nations, Muslim in faith, that the sell of all of their oil must be done in American Dollars. The economies of the entire world depend upon oil. This is very serious. Pay attention, continues……………………



So what is FATCA ???? It is bill number H.R. 2847 and it takes full implementation on July 1, 2014, parts of it have already been in effect since it was signed into effect in 2011. The serious part of FATCA is that in effect it is attempting to bring every citizen and business, and financial institution in the entire world, under the authority of the IRS. Forcing everyone to present their financial records for the IRS to scrutinize, so that the IRS can be certain, that no financial institution or Government of any country is harboring tax evasion of funds due America. It seems like the IRS is taking lessons from the mortgage industry in America. Where by the banks take the house and all of the money that has been paid over the years for that house, kick the people out, and then also collect the full value of the written mortgage from the innocent complete total stranger just minding his own business walking down the street wearing a sign saying “American Citizen” , by having said government pay for all of those “toxic Assets” those mortgages that the banks foreclosed on. Why did they foreclose those loans? Because the banks doubled the mortgage payments and the people simply could not pay. And they new it. This was the biggest ponzi scheme that Wall Street ever pulled upon the entire world, who invested in those mortgages that the banks knew when they wrote them, could never be paid back. We gave the perpetrator, the banks, about a trillion dollars, and we kicked the victim in the face and put him in the street. In the process, the banks, like bank robbers do, went around to all of the people in the bank who were in the bank during the robbery and had them empty out their wallets, and take off their jewelry, perhaps their expensive cloths as well. What do I mean by this ??? Simple, those smart bankers knew, that those home owners, their friends, and their families would do every thing in their power to keep their loved one in that home that was being stolen from them at pen point. Those friends and family members went to their banks and got all of the money out that they could and gave it to that person who’s home was being threatened, and the home owner also sold everything that he could get his hands on to stay in that house. The bankers did not just steel from the person who owed the mortgage, they also stole from all of those who tried to help him. And they brutalized him and scared him in unspeakable ways, and left this country littered with the scattered emotions of a desecrated nation. Only a fool would take out a bank loan from this day on. Well the IRS is pulling a similar stunt right now, with H.R. 2847 America, sold itself out to the stock market. We gave control of our companies to shareholders. Shareholders have only one interest in a company, profits. To maximize profits, cheap, materials, cheap labor, cheap resources for production cost like electricity, transportation, gas, coal etc. America , at tax payer expense by the way, yes indeed, you paid for American companies to move their entire businesses out of this country, you bought the foreign land, you built the new buildings and you bought all of the equipment to get the company up and running in a foreign country. One more thing, American businesses, with the complete support and enforcement arm of the United States government erected barriers to prevent any foolish American who came up with the idea of starting another business in the United States, that might prosper and offer competition, to that company that you just paid to rebuild itself in a foreign country. Americans were basically prohibited from starting new businesses in this country. Oh and by the way, when you paid to move that company to China, that also meant that you paid to loose your job, and prohibited by law from building yourself another one. Continued in the next post …………..


FATCA – 19

This would be funny, if it weren’t so true, and so serious. For so long I have been trying to pry folks away from their TV and take a look at what is going on around them, but Americans are simply hypnotized, by those moving images like the pendant of a hypnotist, we spend more time on twitter than we do on things that are coming, to take twitter away from us. I have tried in every possible way, for decades, to warn of this impending time, plenty of time to verify that the information was valid and true, but no one took note, in just about another month, things are going to begin to change. I , nor anyone else knows what shape it is going to take, or when it will arrive in full force. It will start off slow, like most governmental tragedies do, but this time in history, the internet transfers information instantly, we no longer have to wait for ships to cross the ocean to deliver that letter from the bank, it arrives in micro seconds. Then it takes about an hour for people to do a run at the grocery stores and wipe out the shelves. I started writing on facebook 3 years ago, not mindless chatter, but things to prepare people of what was to come. We do not know what triggers the great tribulation, the entire collapse of the societies of the entire world, the United Nations, taking over, and destroying the foundation of the belief systems of all of the people on earth, but the Bible tells us that this is going to happen, and when God tells us he is going to do something, he always does it. I have pointed out in great detail verse by verse where the bible tells us these things, and by and large for the most part every word has been ignored, except by a scant few. In 2011, FATCA came into existence, and Americans could not for the life of themselves, tear away from the current sports game or American Idol to even read it, it is simply amazing that such a serious edict from the king, and no one would even bother to read it or listen to it being read, and not a word of it on TV, why? because governments never really want the citizens to know what they are doing until it is already too late and there is no way to change it. FATCA is the most serious law ever written by America, I, nor any one else, can overstate it’s destructive influence. The effects of this law, will devastate, not only this economy, but every economy on earth.


Even if this was repealed tomorrow, the damage is already done. If it goes through, it will destroy our economy, but even if it does not, threatening all of the worlds financial institutions is a foolish foolish thing to do. Banks around the world are closing the accounts of Americans. Americans are loosing their jobs because employers do not want the added accounting cost of employing them. Investors are trying to get their money out of American banks as we speak. Foreign investment in this country are in the tens of trillions of dollars, and now they want out. China has opened the door to them, I am telling you guys, this is deliberate and it was planed, and when our banks collapse, and our people go crazy, our militarized police, the Russian troops, the tanks, and the concentration camps are all prepared for us. This is not fear mongering, this is real. I hope that you have been paying attention, but of all of the things I have posted, almost no one has left indication that they watched the videos or read what I wrote, just a couple of people, you all have been thinking I was wearing that tin foil hat, but I have been saying this for years now, it would not of hurt you, to take some time to read this and to watch the videos. July 1st, might come and go without event, it might take until compliance is ignored and the countries are punished, before the trouble starts, but on the other hand, if one major country pulls out of the American stock exchange, one by one they all will follow. China has established it’s stock exchange already, Japan, Italy Germany, Russia Australia, Brazil, Chile, have all agreed to get out of the dollar and move toward the yuan, Strange since Germany was so entrenched in the Euro, and is the financial underpin of Europe, if Germany pulls out of the Euro, well you can just imagine what a mess that is going to be. The reason I think that this was all planned is because no one could be this stupid, no one. You do not sick the IRS on your worst enemy, because as soon as the IRS has finished with your enemy, they are going to want to know what you have been hiding, so the law of the jungle has always been, that no one would even dare call the IRS on anyone. So to send the IRS to all of the citizens of the world, the United States, has something up it’s sleeve. I am not saying when any of this is going to happen, but I am saying that it is going to happen, what day, I do not know, but the Bible is clear, a time of trouble comes upon the earth during the time that the good news about Gods kingdom is being preached to the entire world, and right now, that is happening. This trouble is so bad, that without Gods help we cannot live through it, that does not mean that the last man is standing, it just means that it is obvious to deduce that left un restrained, the difficult time will kill us all, and we are all aware of it, and realize it. Every economist on planet earth, has been warning at the top of their lungs, that the way Americans are treating money, will collapse, this collapse can be scheduled and deliberately triggered, by the same people who took down the twin towers, went after the Weapons of mas destruction, decimated Afghanistan looking for Bin Laden, while claiming to go after Al Qaeda, then giving Al Qaeda a seat at the security council. The same folks who brought you the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, required to spray the Vietnamese population with Napalm. This all might sound like the worst nightmare in the world, but if you only would of read what I have been writing you would have found, that in reality all of this is good news, because all of it is a precursor to the establishment of God’s kingdom, in which he is going to restore this earth, and humanity, to conditions that are impossibly wonderful for us to even imagine. The governments of earth, including the US, must go, to make way for Gods kingdom, because he will not share his kingly power with wicked human rulers. Religion, and money are two of the tools that Satan uses to torment people, and they will be destroyed soon. So while this may look really bad, it is actually going to work out for the good of all mankind. Don’t be afraid, just watch what God does, he is going to bring all nations to their knees, then he is going to destroy all of them, but first he destroys religion, because he blames religion for the shedding of all of the blood that has ever been spilled upon this earth, watch for the United Nations to go after religion, then everything else happens fast. To destroy religion, perhaps, mankind needs to be locked up for that so that they do not try and stop it, for their own protection, perhaps, they are imprisoned so that God can do what he needs to do, and perhaps the collapsing of the dollar ends up being what caused us to be locked up, I really do not know, but it is going to be interesting to see how all of this develops. Just do not get crazy and scared to death, the end of this system is coming, and God has it all under control, and the way that you know that he is in control, is because he told us all in advance what to look for, the order of the events, and exactly what he was going to do, so have faith when you see the things being done that God said he was going to do, he will do the rest of what he said as well for all of us, a beautiful paradise earth, and life without end.


FATCA continuation 2,

This meant that when ever any country wanted to buy oil, it had to first convert it’s currency into dollars. For every drop of oil sold, because of this exchange, someone got a cut of that.

Because of the nations being forced into maintaining a supply of dollars necessary to purchase petroleum products, it was convenient for those countries to also except the dollar in day to day purchases of other goods and services in their countries along side of their own form of currencies. You might say that they had dual parallel currencies, forced upon them, by the monopoly of the dominance of the American dollar if they wanted to buy gasoline for their cars, and oil for their industries. We in this country are so isolated from the rest of the world, and our TV’s keep us so busy that we have not a clue as to what is going on in the rest of the world. But imagine if every time you were rang up at the supper market and you saw that cash draw open up and it had trays for the YEN and the DOLLAR, and if you wanted to buy something, like a barrel of oil for your factory, you first had to go to the bank and get a pile of YEN’S to purchase that barrel of oil. When you are forced to do your business using the currency of an oppressive foreign government, that drags your women and children out of the house in the middle of the night, and beats you over the head in front of them, how long do you think it would take you before you would develop resentment for them ?? Think that never happens, that America would never do that, ask any soldier, any soldier that has come back from Iraq or Afghanistan, or Viet Nam. You are never going to learn about America, by watching American TV.

This forced monopoly upon the worlds monetary systems has fostered enormous resentment of America.

All of the banks in all of the world must stock a supply of American Dollars, whether they like it or not. And the value of their own money is contingent upon the value of American money. Did you understand that, do you get that. What their money is worth, no matter how successful their country is, is dependent upon the perceived value of the American dollar. Look up the definition of perceived.

From 1980 until today, America began to print money, that it could not back up, not with hard assets, nor with the tax base of it’s working population. America destroyed it’s own tax revenue base, when it gave in to the temptation of the greed of Wall Street ( which personally I think was all planned) and sold out this country to a communist country, lot, stock, and barrel. And when I say lot I mean just that, 35% of the buildings of New York are reportedly owned by China, because China no longer wanted to exchange goods for bonds, because they felt that American money was worthless, so they began to demand hard assets, land, and buildings, in exchange for their loans. China moved heavily into real estate, and our rents are reflecting that. China is dissolving this country, one brick at a time, and we are doing this to ourselves with everything we purchase from them. What is about to happen to us, Americans deserve every bit of it. Look at those FEMA camps as debtors prisons, because it was our debt that put us there.

Because America is the reference currency of the world, we can print money with impunity, it is our money, and we can make as much of it as we want. And that is exactly what the Fed is doing. Remember, the Federal Reserve is a private company, it loans money to the United States, that the Tax payers have to pay back, but it itself’ is not owned by the government. It is owned by a private Cartel of the worlds wealthiest men. Their only expense, their only capitol outlay, for making this product that they in turn sell to our government for face value, is the cost of ink and paper, oh and by the way, the cost of the ink and paper is also passed on to the taxpayers. Think of it this way, if you could do this without getting arrested, if you could print a 100 dollar bill, and all you had to spend to do it was pay for the ink, and paper, and then you found a poor sucker that didn’t understand what he was doing to pay even for the ink and paper, you could do quite well don’t you think. And if you could force entire nations to use your product, you could do even better, right!! This is government protected counterfeiting, make no mistake, that is exactly what it is, and the tax payers are the money launderers, they just don’t realize it. They take this monopoly money, and force it upon the world, and then take the money they printed and give the fake money to the banks to lend out, but the catch is that once the pen touches the paper with the dollar amount, it is instantly converted from fake money to hard currency. Then, along with tax dollars, which wash that funny money clean and turn it into legitimate money by means of your sweat and labor. Thus the terminology when you are referred to as slaves of the elite, the Bilderberg’s and Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller’s and Carnegie’s and gawd only knows who else. They lend out fake money but by virtue of your sweat and blood you owe back real money, your salary, for your hard work, as a human resource. The elite get you to put in forty hours a week or more, and time away from your family, and all it cost them to get you to do their bidding, is paper and ink, which you paid for as well. OH and by the way, I left out the part of where all the time this money floats around the monetary system, they get to also, in addition, collect interest from it. Quite the scam isn’t it. They just sit on their ass, and make money by the tons every day, while you break your back, and your kids have no dad. Sad to say, but all we have to do to stop this, is nothing, is we do nothing we can end this madness, tell them we are not going to play the money game anymore. Go to work, do our jobs, but no one exchanges not one single cent, and it all stops. Continuing in FATCA 3…………………………



Humans learn a different way than animals, we have to have time to digest things, to think them through to reason things out. I wish I could say that you have time for that, but I cannot say that. Things are moving much faster than even I expected. The Bible said that it would come in one hour. That does not have to mean a literal one hour, but it could. You can always go back to the beach, and the coffee shop, and the night clubs and the ball games, after you have read what I have written you. It does not take that long, and if I can take the time to write it you can take the time to read it. If you have sent me a picture of an American flag then I know that you have not read a word I have written. It would not take you long to Google the key words that I give you so that at least you can see that I am telling you the truth. When folks make no comment, I also know that they have not read what I have written, because there is no way a thinking person could keep from commenting on what I have been writing. We have no idea when they will take the internet down, but they will do it suddenly, cell service will go as well so that you will not be able to tweet. You only have these moments to learn this stuff, and none of this is on TV. Soon, next month every bank in the world is going to have to answer to the IRS, no mater what you might think right now, this is going to go very badly. The world has been hanging on by a thread economically, now the IRS wants that thread. Sovereign nations are every angry with America right now. I posted most from Canada simply because it is about eight hours of listening and I didn’t have any more time. I listen to every video I post, there is something you need to know in all of them. Google FATCA, what could it hurt, you can always message me and tell me I am full of it.