American Wars

I put the blind wilful ignorance of the people, who have actually drifted into the realm of stupidity, they simply do not want to know. No matter how much information is out there about the corruption of war, and how it only serves to kill the innocent and make the bankers richer, the people will to this very day offer up their children to the sacrificial alters of the battlefields, and hold into contempt and shame those who will not. I remember in the 60″s when I was a conscientious objector to the war in Vietnam and refused to go to Vietnam and burn people alive while they slept in their grass huts, and spray them down with Napalm while they were trying to run away, the men of this town I live in refused to work with me, and I could not get a job doing anything although I was an excellent welder in an industry that was begging for welders, no one would hire me. Americans love war, they love their trained killing machines that go to foreign countries and slaughter the innocent, and the rest of Americans sit on their sofas, on their fat Walmart shopping asses, and watch this on CNN and Fox as if it were entertainment like the latest Bruce Willis movie. Americans seem to believe that there is some sort of perverted form of honor in killing innocent people, they hold veterans of wars in high esteem. A modern generational example of this insanity can be found when the movie produced by Hollywood of two Airplanes hitting the twin towers of New York, had it’s primary actors get on various televised programs around the world, and reveal to the public, that is was a script they were following, and they were still convinced that the non fictional aspect of this story line was still out there somewhere to be found, the WMD’s were real, we just haven’t found them yet, but not to worry, they will turn up. And although it was Saudi Nationals that were the stunt doubles in this Hollywood Movie production, who never even bothered to show up on the set, that only served to re-enforce the story line that it was the innocent people of Iraq that deserved destruction, and Americans, in their blind patriotic fervor, were only to quick to slaughter the innocent while they slept in their beds, and we held parades in this country in honor of them. And we give GOLD STARS to the families of those who went to Iraq and killed those people who had nothing to do with the production of the fictional movie 911. We starved to death 500,000 children, words of our Secretary of State Madeline Allbright who said it was worth it. And the American people backed this up 100%. There was nothing that even God himself could do to stop the ancient Israelite’s from throwing their children into the fires of Molech. History testifies to the psychological control of cognitive dissonance has over humans. In the face of all realities, they are blind even to the physical effects of reality. The American people are so morally bankrupt, so debased, so evil, so corrupted to the core, that I cannot imagine, except for an act of God, pulling them up out of the hell they so richly deserve. To this very day, Americans pull the heads off of their own children while they are still alive, there is not now, nor was there in ancient Israel, anything God could do to save those people from themselves, so he led them into captivity. Americans are currently on a quest to kill all life on earth by filling the air with nano particulates of a variety of chemicals that will kill all life on earth, 80% of all hospital emissions are currently for respiratory ailments. We have killed 90% of the insects on earth, and our soils are dead because of the pesticides. These are only a couple examples of the physical realities of our own destruction, that we can see, feel, hear, taste , touch, and yet the cognitive dissonance of Americans leave them powerless to even save their own lives. All of this shows what I have said all along, Americans are the most evil people earth has ever seen, and the wars that they inflict around the world, pales in comparison to what Americans do to their own children, we have dismembered while alive 65,000,000 of our own children, we are indeed the greatest drug dealing cartel, terrorist organization earth has ever seen, and calling family members of the men on the front lines of this terrorist organization GOLD STAR FAMILIES, and now we are giving these returning terrorist that we call veterans free houses, while a family member of mine called these soldiers, “BEAUTIFUL” and people call the CHEMTRAIL filled skies, “BEAUTIFUL” only proves the point, that if there is indeed no God to stop this insanity, our fats are sealed by our own blind willful ignorance. Take for example the LGBT community, who protest in the streets demanding the diversity of immigration of the very people who put them to death in their own cultures. It is allot like inviting Jeffry Dahmer to your children’s slumber party. Try moving the West Hollywood night life into Dearborn Michigan and see what happens to you. America was founded so that the Globalist could break away from the domination and control of the Bank Of England and the Vatican, it is a Masonic nation with ancient goals of world domination and enslavement, disguised as freedom, justice, liberty, when in all reality the prison guards of our enslavement is our friends, our family, out neighbors, our countrymen, who have the keys to our cells, but are drugged into a coma, and I am convinced there is nothing that anyone can do to awaken them.

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