Mass Shootings

I don’t believe that one single shot was fired in Las Vegas, except in the head of Stephen Paddock, and I think he was dead before all of the chaos began. I think what the crowd heard was blanks being fired, and from the tapes I heard it was belt rounds. With 20,000 cameras on that day, not one single drop of blood was seen. I called the police, the fire department, the EMT companies and two hospitals, and every single one of them refused to comment. Notice how a couple days later, it was stricken from the media. I do not believe for one second that the Saudis were involved in any way, this event like every single one of the so called mass shootings are, it is staged theater to get the guns, or else, show me the proof that one single person dies in any of these mass shootings. Not that our government will not kill the innocent to perpetuate their agenda, they proved that in Korea, Vietnam, Honduras, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and New York on 911, the Saudis had nothing to do with 911, it was the United States Military that brought down those buildings, we are the only ones who had the technology to turn those buildings to dust, and cut those massive steel beams into 30″ sections so that they fell straight down, turn off the FAA traffic control, and distribute the canned production videos to all of the networks perhaps months in advance, proving that all of the cable and media formats were aware of what was going to happen, owned by the globalist who orchestrated that event, it must have taken years to pull that off. No cameras operating at the Pentagon on that day, really, really. If you pull a card out of your sleeve in Vegas a dozen security officers will pounce on you, but they could not catch one single person being killed or wounded, there is no way in hell that Las Vegas was real, it was all staged theater, just like Sandy Hook, Columbine, Orlando, San Bernardino. Any time a thousand police cars show up to a crime scene, and hundreds of first responders for one single criminal, when children are marched single file, out in the open as sitting ducks for a real shooter, when all of the alphabet agencies show up in front of the cameras to pat each other on the back and say what a good job they all did, and they just happened to all be in town on that day, at that time, at that location, what are the chances, as 2,000 city employees all trample over the evidence if it was an actual crime scene. Hollywood has been making movies for along time, they are real good at creating fake actors, fake identities, computer generated facial profiles, anyone with a photo shop software can create a photo of a person, and then it does not take too much more effort to type a name under that photo. The United States of America is real good at making false identification documents, they have been doing this for witness protection programs for decades along with all federal agents, so making a photo, of a child, and assigning an agent to pose as the parent for that child, crying in front of the camera, and laughing at the idiots buying the story behind the camera, is child play to our government. And paying a grown ass adult a big fat paycheck, and paying off the mortgages for all of the homeowners that surrounded Sandy Hook, is real cheap, to move an entire nation to beg the government to take their guns. It is a fool that believes anything that the United States of America tells them, there is no innocent President, no innocent politician, and certainly no innocent soldier or policeman, and those people who say that we should thank our veterans for their service make me want to puke. Take a look at the sky, that is the United States Military, IE, soldiers, IE, Veterans filling the air all life on earth breaths with the poisons that will kill them all, including their own families, their own children, what sort of animal, kills his own children, just because a suit sitting at a desk tells him too, let me tell you, it is a soldier, a Veteran. Your own government is trying everything in it’s power to kill you all, and yet, you all go on defending them. Trump has not done a gawd damn thing except go to rallies. What sort of idiots are you to believe, that a 23 trillion dollar debt somehow translates to the greatest economic boom in the history of America, while at the very same time you refuse to see your own home towns main street all boarded up, what is wrong with you people. America, the people of America, every single politician, every single city council member, the President of this country, the Supreme Court, all of you people, defend, support, and probably wet your pants, as you demand and protest in the streets, child sacrifice in the numbers greater than 65,000,000 children by now, you people rip the heads off of those children while they are still alive, making the fires of Molech seem compassionate. This country can not be defended, it is the most evil nation of people earth has ever seen, Americans, as a nation of people, are evil to the core. Now I know, every single one of you will say “Not Me” well then who makes up the country that is committing all of this evil ? I was born here, I am 70 years old, an Electronic Engineer, I am not a stupid man, but I still have enough cognitive ability to see things clearly. The most horrible form of blasphemy would be to invoke God in any way in this evil, asking him to protect this evil nation, to protect the leaders of this nation, what a horrible thing to do, to ask God to bless the United States of America, the right thing to do would be to pray to God to destroy this nation and usher in His Kingdom, ok , then you would be on the right track, but praying for the protection of evil, is the very epitome of blasphemy.

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