Will Veterans Stand Up

We want to always believe in the best of people, it is how we are made. I would like to believe that Americans will stand up and do the right thing, but all evidence is too the contrary. In order to become president in America you have to support Roe Verses Wade. It comes up as a qualifier every four years, in which if a person wants to be president they have to approve of an American woman pulling the heads, arms, and legs off of their children while they are still alive, this is child sacrifice no matter how you slice it. Americans have killed one forth of their entire population in the most horrendous way man has devised, 65,000,000 million of them, throwing children into the fires of Molech was humane by comparison. This is the truthful condition of American morality, and as if that were not bad enough, American Veterans then go to foreign countries and slaughter innocent children there by the millions as well. American Veterans guard and protect the poppy fields of Afghanistan, then put the heroin on military aircraft and fly it to the streets of America, where the police carry on with protecting the trafficking of drugs, and are given a stand down order for MS13 because the United States Government needs them on the streets to get the cash to fund the black ops destabilizing nations around the world, which is the goal of the United Nations, get rid of national sovereignty, in preparation for a one world government which every single American President has warned us about. This is why the Police do not fight drugs, because the United States and it’s Military and Police are the biggest drug dealers this world has ever seen. It is difficult to imagine that Veterans would suddenly wake up and realize that they have been tricked, because if you try to explain to a Veteran what is really going on, they are in your face protecting their cognitive dissonance in the face of all evidence, they will reject even the words of their Commander and Chief, if he contradicts their pre conditioned belief systems that they fight for freedom, when in all reality they fight for the bankers who launder the drug money. Some simple examples of cognitive dissonance of Americans are the narrative of 911 which is a preposterous lie, and because of that lie Americans, as a nation of people, then said well if Saudi Arabia attacked us, then of course that means that we need to attack Iraq , and the Clean Air Act of course means that we must then fill the air with trillions of tons of nano particulates, viruses and bacteria, which Americans can see happening right in front of their eyes, and yet at the same time become enraged at the suggestion that what they can see is actually happening. They will actually protest in the streets to demand that it continue, that is what the Paris Accord was all about, giving the American Military the right to fly unrestricted over the air space of just about every nation on earth, spraying the Chemtrails filled with nano particles of aluminum, which if not stopped, will kill all life on earth. This is global genocide, being committed by American Veterans. Imagine if you will, being a soldier in a military aircraft, flying over your own town, where your wife and children are living, and filling the air they breath with these poisonous chemicals that will kill them. Now as outrageous as this might sound, it is going on just like that as we speak. American Veterans, killing their own wives and children, just because a suit sitting at a desk tells them too. So I do not have any confidence that Veterans are ever going to wake up to reality because they are brainwashed zombies trained to suppress all normal natural feelings and emotions, turn them off, bury them deep inside, so that they can commit the greatest atrocities man has ever devised. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are examples, those people did nothing to America, but America vaporized them, while protecting the Imperial Palace. Voting is a perfect example of cognitive dissonance, because it is 270 men who place a President into office, and yet Americans will turn out by the millions to the polling booths, when the constitution says that their votes go directly into the trash. And few are more eager to vote than veterans.

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