Well maybe after we finish going to war with Iran, we can then turn our attention to the homeless. But here in America it is illegal to feed the homeless or house them. This is why there is no hope, because most people in the entire world, support and defend oppression, this earth can feed and house everyone, it is just that most people stand between the gifts god gives for free, and the people that need them the most. Here is an example, I have a family member that does not want the homeless to sleep on the grass of the park, they want them arrested. There is a ditch running through our oil town that flows with toxic waste from the oil industry, one day we are driving over the bridge and they noticed people sleeping by the stream of waste, and made the comment that they were going to call the police on those people. This town spent around $100,000,000 on a sidewalk that stretches across the city, through eminent domain tearing down all of the buildings to do it, they built a public restroom, which is always locked because the homeless would use it. This is the mentality of the American people, and until we arise to the level of human, there is no hope for the homeless, until we all find ourselves homeless.

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