Thanks Groke it’s always good to hear from you. I am grateful that you are a friend, and that you have an interest in these things that are effecting us all. There are allot of things going on that we might never know, but we all can at the very least acknowledge what we can see with our own eyes and that can be known, and it is those things that I try to stick with, because if we can realize and come to understand those things, then the hidden things might also be revealed. The two things that I focus the most on is religion, because it controls our lives, whether or not we as individuals are religious doesn’t matter, our lives are controlled by those who are, so we need to understand religion, and I focus on Agenda 21, because it is being implemented as we speak and I point out the ways that we can see it happening with our own eyes, if only we would use our eyes to see. Chemtrails are a part of Agenda 21, they are the Swiss Army knife of Agenda 21, with many different blades, Chemtrails are the toolbox of Agenda 21 with many tools in them. Chemtrails don’t just do one thing, but one thing they do not do, and that is control the temperature of the sun, which they are being sold to the public as Solar Radiation Management, as if man could. Listen, 6 years ago I didn’t know any of this stuff, so I am as new as anyone, we all learn at our own rate, I am not a know it all, and I feel like I can learn from everyone, even the things NOT to do. Thanks for hanging in there with me, and one last point, I am a deeply spiritual man, I have a deep faith in our creator, and he promised some things to us and he always keeps his promises. He promised us that he would bring to ruin those ruining the earth, he promised that he would destroy religion, he promised us that righteous men would live on the earth forever, at peace with the animals, and he promised us that in time, we would all have the very same relationship with him that Adam had before he turned his back on God, be there for those days Groke, lets live in the Kingdom Christ promised us, side by side.

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