Waveform Propagation

Propagation is the increasing of, adding to, a cause or event. An example would be the slipping of tectonic plates in the ocean which then forms a tsunami wave of gigantic proportions. Another example would be a radio transmitting antenna, which from a single point then radiates waveform s in all directions. Another example would be the striking of a drum skin, then that tiny impact propagates that impact upon neighboring molecules, and those molecules then bump up against their neighbors, and so on until the entire room is filled with vibrating energy we perceive as sound, all from a tiny strike of a stick against a taught diaphragm. The human voice is a form of waveform propagation, where by tiny vibrations from our vocal cords can project sound vibrations large enough to actually damage our hearing. Kind of like that que ball in pool, breaking up the triangle of racked balls, and the energy of that que ball hitting that front ball then bumps all the rest and energy is spread out in all directions, and added to. As I have written dozens of times, Chemtrails, IE GeoEngineering, is the Swiss Army Knife of Agenda 21. Chemtrails don’t just do one thing, they accomplish many things, and I am certain that some of those things we know nothing about at the present.and perhaps never will. But there are things that we do know because they publish them. Here is just one aspect of Chemtrails. Microscopic particles of metals, called Nano particles, are sprayed into the air all over this world, by the United States Military. That is what the whole Paris Agreement is all about, it is the nations of the world signing an Agreement that gives the United States Military permission to fly over their countries airspace unrestricted, without getting shot down. Once the air is filled with nano particles of metal, the air is now conductive. When all living things that breath air, breath in that air, they also become conductive. These nano particles traverse the blood brain barrier, and enter into the brains of all living things that have brains. Once an organism is made conductive, it can be controlled by electromagnetic energy, up to and including, switched off. That’s right, switched off. You are now conductive, and your involuntary nervous system can be turned off, meaning your heart and lungs stopped, killing you, by the flip of a switch from the other side of the world. When you study Chemtrails and Agenda 21, it really is the most brilliant form of warfare man has ever created. Getting the population to protest in the streets, begging for their own destruction. As they did, when Trump suggested that Chemtrails were a bad idea. This picture that you commented on is a visible example of microwave energy being propagated throughout that conductive spraying of nano particles in the air over that country. Whenever you witness cloud covering over your head in your country that looks like that it means that it is being hit with microwave energy after it is sprayed and spread out. Your brain is an electro chemical organism, and by applying electro stimulation to your brain in a controlled fashion, frequency tailored to the specific areas for the desired effect and response you can now be controlled, sub-conscientiously. You can be made to see things that are not there, smell things that are not there hear things that are not there, but most importantly respond to instructions, as military soldiers do, on both sides of the war battlefields, as in the 3rd largest army in the world, laid down their weapons in complete surrender. The United States Military has been using mind control and mind altering techniques for decades, and have all but mastered it. You have heard the term MK Ultra, think of Chemtrails and microwave propagation as MK Ultra for the entire population of earth. Want proof of this, just try to explain Chemtrails to a person who is not awake, and watch them give you back that Fluoride stare. The microwave energy can also manipulate the weather because our atmosphere is now conductive, and the Jet Stream can be moved, as can all weather fronts, causing droughts in one area and floods in others, then reversing that, causing floods in areas that were ravaged by drought. This accomplished many things. It herds the population out of the afflicted areas, it destroys agriculture, and it destroys the fresh water supply, control the food, control the water, you control the people, you can also starve them and dehydrate them to death.

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