Humans Live On Earth

Look all around yourself, touch those things, feel them, see how wonderfully you are made, look at you children, if you have any, what a miracle of life they are, look up into the heavens at those stars and planets, and how this physical universe seems to go on forever. See this earth teaming with live, in endless variety, review that scripture in Genesis 1, ” In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” . In the opening words, in the very beginning of scripture we find two different dimensions. One heavenly, and one earthly. The scriptures a full of earthly events, there is almost nothing in the scriptures that describe the inner workings that go on in the heavens. The scriptures promise that the earth remains forever and that righteous men will live on this earth forever. There is no reason for us not to believe that at some point in the future this universe will also be populated by righteous people, and this is a core belief of Mormons, that righteous couples, mimicking our first parents, Adam and Eve, will be taken as pair to other planets in distant universes to start life there, but the difference being, that the Mormon pair will have the experience of living in a world ruled over by someone who became an enemy of God, and where that led mankind, and they will never allow that to happen again. Currently, there is no life on any other planet, the challenge against god must be solved first, and we have a ways to go on that. The small group of people that the bible speaks of as being chosen to go to heaven, IE the 144,000 spoken of in Revelation, are assigned to help Christ rule over, this earth, man, and the future universe. Why only a small group ? Well that is because God created a physical universe that he wants populated by humans, heaven was never intended for humans, earth was. Those chosen to co-rule with Christ as Kings and Priest to mankind are chosen from among man because they have the experience as living on earth as humans filled with evil and all it’s trappings, the other angels in heaven have never experienced what it is like to be human, they have never felt pain, death, heartache, suffering, hunger, thirst. Those chosen from among man will actually also rule over the other angels, because they have their earthly experience, and also they have proven themselves faithful to God all the way to death, like Christ did. To be a member of that group of people requires that a person would have gained life experience, and proved themselves faithful to God, a child could not do that, therefore children do not go to heaven. To date the scriptures tell us that no one has been brought to heavenly life except Jesus Christ himself, all of the rest of the dead remain in the grave until the resurrection, the resurrection happens in the future, under Christ rulership, we are still under the rulership of Satan. Perhaps any of you might believe that you are going to heaven when you die, well ok, but there is not one scripture that supports that, that is something that the schools of Satan, IE, the churches teach, and it is a part of the very first lie told by Satan when he said “You positively will not die, but rather, you will become just like God” IE living forever in heaven like God does. God says the when we die we return to the dust from which we came, to believe otherwise is in reality calling God a liar, and believing Satan over God. The scriptures speak of a resurrection of even the unrighteous, to a life on earth, where they will be taught by God, if the listen to him, like Adam and Eve should have, they will never have to die again. Immortality is not given to the angels in heaven, nor will it ever be given to any man, as a man, the scriptures tell us that Christ had to remain obedient to God, and prove himself faithful to God all the way to his death. The 144,000 are required to do the same.There will forever be God himself, his firstborn son Christ, and the 144,00 who have proved themselves loyal to God all the way to death, this group of persons will have immortality, meaning they cannot be destroyed. All of the rest of the angels in heaven have not proved themselves faithful to the death, therefore they do not have immortality, if they choose to, they can still sin against God and be destroyed, like Satan and his angels will be. There is a physical universe, and it is there that God intended for man to live, and it is not up to us to argue with God about where he wants us to live, we are not allowed to do, think, and believe just anything we want to without receiving the rewards of those. Let God decide where he want you to live, and just like Christ, not your will, but God’s will to take place, and if God decides that he wants you to serve as a King and Priest in heaven then ok, but keep in mind the words of Paul when he described with a list of those who will not be allowed in heaven, the scriptures are clear, only a select group of people go to heaven, where as the majority of man, almost all of them, will live in the physical plane of existence, either way, do the will of God, and be there.

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