Brain Washed

Going up against the police and the Military is a fight you will not win, that is just suicide.This is being done by the United States of America to the entire world. America is, our friends, our families. This is Americans killing Americans, just because someone told them to. This is proof, like many of us have been awakened to, that the Military and the Police are cults, they are brainwashed, they are walking zombies, trained killing machines without the ability to think and reason on their own, and the problem is, that their families support them in this brainwashing and participate in it with them. If a wife stands by without protest, and watches her husband kill their children, she is just as brainwashed as he is. And this is exactly the scenario we face today, literally. These Chemtrail pilots have families, but these families are just as guilty as the pilots. America as a nation of people, are all brainwashed, they do not have the ability to think and reason until the day something comes along to snap them out of it. Most of us that are awake, have walked among them. I am 67 years old, and I have only been awake for 6 years, and to Chemtrails for about 2 years, I am an electronic engineer with a great education, I am far from being a willfully stupid man, but the struggles of day to day living trap us all on the squirrel cage of capitalism, and leaves scant seconds of our lives to become aware of any other need save survival. Only America and Americans, the people, can stop this, but it cannot be stopped by shooting down the planes, we are going to have to figure out a way to reach the hearts of people who have been brainwashed into killing others just because they were told to, and this cannot be done with guns. Every single war that has ever been fought, has been done by brainwashing soldiers. World War II for instance, 200,000,000 million people or more lost their lives, and ancient cities leveled to the ground, just because one man stood up in the world and with words alone told us all to kill each other, and we did it. All it would of taken to stop this war is one man with a gun and judicial immunity and all the money he needed to get the job done. This is of course an exaggerated view of reality, but it is also the truth, one man could of stopped all wars. You don’t put a spear through the lion when you find yourself in the Colosseum of Rome, you throw that spear through the heart of Cesar. Then feed Cesar to that hungry lion. This thing with Chemtrails is an absolutely brilliant plan, hiding dozens of weapons in something that people see and live with every day, there could not be a better system of camouflage these silent weapons for quiet wars then Chemtrails. And they are a singular weapon with different blades, Chemtrails don’t just do one thing, they are the Swiss army knife of Agenda 21. They first sedate the patient, then they slice his throat so that he cannot fight back, while at the very same time, blank the minds of the onlookers and family members so that they cannot even see the murder even though it is being done right in front of them, and they themselves feel the symptoms. The only way to stop this is by the dissemination of knowledge, but that itself has been crushed by the oligarchy, starting with generations before us, I learned nothing in school, and that was all planned, and in today’s school system, the nurses don’t just put on bandaids, they administer drugs to put our children to sleep, turning our children into brainwashed zombies. The problem is definitely with Chemtrails, because if they are not stopped, they will kill all life on earth, but the bigger problem is with that member of our own homes, who by their complacency and their apathy, their blind ignorance and their stupidity, have taken sides with the men who are killing them, in essence gripping tighter, the very knife that is slicing their own throats, how in the world do we ever stop this sort of insanity, that has gripped this entire world, because this is a global phenomenon. How do you stop a woman from killing her own children, when every other woman in the world is helping her do it, how do you manage to turn around 8,000,000,000 people who are in a fixated trance of self destruction. In the words of Dane Wigington, short of nuclear Holocaust, this is the greatest threat upon all life, that earth has ever seen. And in my words, the trigger on this weapon is right this minute being pushed by everyone on earth, fighting each other, to get to that trigger, literally, fighting, protesting in the streets, committing acts of violence, not to stop it, but to activate it. The people of America are protesting for their own destruction. For three solid months, the news network of the entire world based in America focused it’s entire efforts on discussing the missing pound of air in a football. That very same network is now focusing its attention on football players kneeling on a lawn. This is the mentality of Americans, they are like that bull that charges that red flag of the matador, the only difference is the stars and stripes, the fixation of a waving piece of cloth is the same. This blind patriotic fervor toward the very nation that is killing this entire world, this religious cult of patriotism, is the first hurdle we must overcome. Americans will die and kill in defense of the institution that is killing them, they are the defense lawyer, for their own murderers. Take a long hard look at just what they are defending now for proof of that statement.

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