Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner

Make no mistake, I am not defending him, but I must say this about this whole thing. You stupid, ignorant, blind, dumb, hypocritical Americans. America, as a nation of people, are involved in the transmitting of pornography, not to just one teenager, like Anthony Weiner did, and is going to spend 21 months in jail for, but to every child of every age in every home in the entire world. Talk about hypocrisy, you fucking blind Americans disgust me. No one on this planet, in the history of man, is more guilty of distributing obscene images, to children, sometimes even of children, to every child on this earth than Bill Gates and Microsoft, and yet you guys are locking up Anthony Weiner, for one single teenager he was corresponding to, of which, she could of, if she wanted to, if she was not a willing participant in, blocked his calls. I have never even heard of someone under the age of 18, who has not had some sort of sexual expression before that age, it is a normal natural human experience. I write extensively and I research topics before I post them to make sure that I can back them up in case I am challenged on the points I make. Myself, and any student of any age, when searching on the internet, like in Bing images will get dozens of pictures in the files, of much more explicit images than anything Anthony Weiner texted to someone he was having a relationship with, of which, she was also involved. She could of stopped that at any time, but the focus is on him, because it will sell media time. Billions of sexting is sent over the internet every single day, and most of that is done by teenagers. If you think for one second that your teenagers are not going to engage in sexual activities of some kind, you have your head up your ass, because you did. But instead of over the cell phone or computer, you were delivering those images live, in real time, up close, and very, very, personal, and all of it before you were 18. Lets not kid each other, you fucking did. If you are going to take down Anthony Weiner for sexting, then take down everyone for sexting, including the greatest sexting networks earth has ever seen, Microsoft and Google, who is right this minute sexting to every single person on earth, and at least half of them under the age of 18. I say this all the time, but every single word is true, the stupid ignorance of Americans astound me every single day.

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