The theory of evolution is just that, it is a theory. I absorb new information every day, and it is a sign of Character to be able to take that information and filter out the lies and the deceptions in it. I think that when a person believes every think they are taught and told, then it becomes a character flaw when they parrot that disinformation. Listen, I do not have to tools to help you undo what you have come to believe because you have been lied to. Evolution is attractive to some folks because it frees them from the responsibilities of morality and obligation, characteristics unique to human beings of which evolutionist have no answer. Evolutionist also have no answer for many other characteristics of humankind, like consciousness, love, reason, and sense of justice, memory, music, pain, compassion, and death, why did evolution evolve into a state of death for all living things, and something found in all humans, a belief in a higher power, a higher being, it is a part of our genetic code, some call it the God Gene, these things evolution has no answer for. Evolution has not one single fact to back it up, and you cannot present one, because a supportive fact for evolution does not exist, Now you can stick your fingers in your ears and chant “LALALALALA” all day if you want, or you could present an evolutionary fact and we can discuss that. The truth of the matter is, Evolution is the lie, this earth, and all life upon it, this wonderful universe and the precise way it moves and functions, was not born of accident, it was designed. A man and a woman coming together, and nine months another perfectly formed human comes into existence, is no accident, and it is a real stretch to make the claim that a nine month gestation period is simply proof that evolution has condensed the time required for the spontaneous creation of life to the case of humans it has been reduces from billions or trillions of years to now only nine months, it can do that, but it still has not figured out a way of sustaining life, now myself personally, I can spot a character flaw a mile away if you cannot see the flaw in the theory of evolution with that example. Humans are perfectly designed, they are no accident, now you might avoid personal responsibilities and obligations to your fellow man for a time by dodging the belief that life was designed by a person, in lieu of the theory that life designed itself, but the only fact that would prove out is that someone, or something designed life.

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