Why I Write

Almost everything I have written on Facebook, now more than 2 million words, are because of and in response to things people have said to me. If I think that there is something to be gained for others to read those comments, I copy and paste them as posts. That is why sometimes things might not make allot of sense, or some might think, gee, why and where did that come from, I don’t get that. So just take what you can from the postings, you need to know this stuff, either now in this world, or in that to come. I don’t waste your time with things that do not matter, this is not the time in any of our lives for the mundane, we are at war whether or not you understand or recognize that at this moment. The United States of America Military system has developed weapons that are silent, they call them “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” Go to YouTube and watch some videos about this. Instead of atomic bombs, they have developed weapons that are breathed in by humans, and then cause individual cells to explode rather than an entire body. Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it. But check it out, remember, I always make sure that what I am telling you is true and I give references. These bombs are being sprayed upon you as we speak and in the coming days I will post more pictures of this in progress, but any of you can go outside and watch it happening. You cannot feel an individual cell explode, but when enough cells have exploded then you begin to feel the effects of it, allot like cancer, it happens one cell at a time, until the day your body can no longer fight it. You cannot see an airborne virus when you breath it in, and airborne viruses are being sprayed upon you right now. Sounds evil doesn’t it, but war is evil, it is always evil. Intellectual viruses are just as real, and they also kill. An intellectual virus was sprayed upon Adam and Eve and as a result of that virus spreading to all of mankind through our first human parents, we all die. The things I write are to help you build defenses against intellectual viruses, and a healthy immune system, by helping you to be able to distinguish between healthy cells and an invading virus that seeks to destroy you. There are things that can enter your body or your mind, that can destroy you, and I want you to live. Much like the poisons that are being sprayed upon us all right now, they are not designed to kill us today, they are designed to kill us tomorrow, or get us killed tomorrow. Adam did not die on that 24 hour day, but he did die 930 years later, within the day, spoken of as being one day with God. Christ will return, and he will rule for one day, God’s rest day, in which he will return mankind to God’s original plans for man, including the life of those who have died of natural causes, not at Gods hand, if you die at God’s own hand, you stay dead. On Christ return, the broadest portion of mankind will perish, never to return, because they welcomed, grew, loved, fostered, spread, the viruses of destruction upon themselves, their families and upon mankind, I speak of the same intellectual virus that struck Adam and Eve, it is to the invasion of the virus of thought and belief, that man dies at the hands of God, what you believe matters to God, not all beliefs are acceptable to him, and they never were. It is the virus injected into Adams intellect that says that it does not matter what you believe, but that is a lie, and it cost Adam his life. Don’t let it cost you yours, what you believe is a life and death matter, your thoughts can get you killed when Christ returns, if you are found in direct opposition and fighting against him on that day, he will be victorious. So, this is the foundation of what I write and the reason for it, to iron out those belief systems that are false, and that can place you at odds against Christ and God’s Kingdom. On that day, he returns to end the false belief systems established by his enemy, do not be found clinging to them.

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