Abortion Part Two

I don’t want my words to hurt you or anyone, they are only meant to help, but sometimes they come across as shouting I know, but it is only a desperate warning in a time of great distress. I have heard before that I am guilty of abortions as well because my tax dollars fund them, and I suppose a legitimate parallel could be drawn there. Christ did warn us, that to be completely free of sin we would have to get out of this entire world, which he knew was impossible, so he said, don’t worry, I am getting out of here for you. My tax dollars are also contributing to the genocide being committed against all humanity by the United States Military, and the slaughtering of innocents all over this globe by Americas war machine. Certainly an argument could be made there, it is the very same argument that those who make firearms are guilty of the murders they are used in. I suppose we could argue that the men who constructed abortions clinics are guilty of participating and facilitating in them. It could also be said of God, using the same logic, that he is guilty of all evil, because he provides life to those who do evil. And some do make that claim, that Satan is actually a part of God, therefore it is more God’s fault than Satan’s fault for evil in the world because God sustains Satan. But these intellectual reasoning have specious fallacies that are obvious. The point you make that the government being responsible for cancer because it provides treatment for it is a case in point for specious arguments, However, there is justification for your comment there in reality, because it is well documented that the United States Government is involved in creating disease to provide the cure. That is what Big Pharma is all about. I view Abortion as murder, so within the context of that view, justification to murder someone in one country, just because someone murders someone in another country, is a completely foreign rationalization for me to comprehend, and I must admit, I do not have the intellectual capacity to wrap my head around that. Killing a child in America, just because someone kills a child in India, is a completely foreign form of logic to me. However I am aware of, and history testifies to, nations, simultaneously participating in conception rituals en-mass, so that on a specific date 9 months later, a child could be sacrificed in mass numbers. The fertility of Easter, so that 9 months later, on December 25, Saturnalia, children, babies wrapped in bundles, placed underneath evergreen trees, trumpet horns and drummers to drown out their screams, thrown into the fire, alters of false god’s made of stone, Molech. Christmas, the most evil holiday Satan ever created is a holiday of child sacrifice, and then he tried to pin that evil on Christ. This argument of committing evil acts, because evil acts are committed, is once again specious. One cannot justify committing atrocities simply because atrocities are committed, where would that sort of thinking lead us all. Just because one woman murders her child, should in no way result in all mothers murdering their children, I cannot imagine a more demon inspired concept. This is in defiance of all reason, however, in today’s world, because of the Patriot Act, I could be locked up and held forever without representation for having an opposing view, the very view that I possess. Abortion rights are the law of the land, and having an opposing view in opposition to the government is considered a national security threat. In today’s world, because of the NDAA, any view, contrary to the national laws, is viewed as terrorism and a threat to national security, and it does not matter what country I am in. I am not in support of making abortions illegal and driving them underground, but that does not mean that I am in support of them. Yes, I am in support of the death penalty, but I am not in support of wholesale slaughtering of innocent children or adults. My stance on war is well documented. Even God is in support of the death penalty, so I am in good company on that point. Planned Parenthood does provide many services besides abortion, I am in no way suggesting that it be closed or de-funded. When a mothers life is at risk, then the doctor should inform her, and in those cases I am all for saving a mothers life. If a child has a serious debilitation that would condemn them to a life of torture than the humane thing to do would be to help them no longer suffer, of course. In cases of rape, as long as the baby is healthy, abortion will not end that traumatic experience, put the child up for adoption if need be, but I hold, that the child had nothing to do with the rape, and is innocent of that crime. There is no way to legislate human sexuality, it was a gift from God so that humans could give pleasure to each other, and we were designed perfectly for that very purpose, it was the enemy of God and man, that interfered in that arrangement. Humans are sexual, it is how we were made, and it is a wonderful, beautiful, healthy human ability and emotion, it was never meant purely for procreation, he could of made us drop from trees. If that were the case, a woman would be fertile 30 days a month, 365. But there is a time and years for that, and then it ends, and a younger generation takes over, and she can relax. I think all health issues should be 100% free, no co-pays. I am being treated for cancer, I know first hand how difficult co-pays are to meet, and it is a crime, when we print money to blow up the world, but we fight each other tooth and nail, over health care. No doctor or nurse or any heath care professional should pay a dime for education. And birth control in every form should be free and unrestricted. The idea that teenagers are not going to have sex is extremely naive, because I have never known anyone who waited until they were out of their teens to experience sex, it just does not happen. Teenagers do not have money, the condoms are locked up and they are too embarrassed to ask for them. There should be 55 gallon drums of condoms on every street corner. This would cut down on unwanted pregnancy, and, the morning after pill should be available no question asked from every single pharmacy, no parental permission required. Finally, we should teach our children about sex period, not to scare them, but how wonderful, beautiful, and loving it is, but it comes with responsibilities as well. I would much rather my child have sex in their bedroom, then at a party gone wild. End the legislation on human sexuality, get the government out of our bedrooms, enact no laws against what people do behind closed doors, legalize prostitution, it will never end as long as money is required to live, end money, and all of our sex lives improve overnight.

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