Most of the things that I write stand in stark contrast to how almost the entire rest of the world thinks, most of the world holds the exact opposite view than I possess. Now it could be that I am completely wrong in all of my views, and I am willing to deal with that the best that I can. I do have 3 children, two girls and one boy, they all have children of their own, and I have family members that are still alive, and I look after my sister. I am shunned by all of my family, including my children, no one in my family talks to me, because of how I think, and what I believe. I don’t know how they think, or what they believe, because we never speak. My views alienate everyone from me. The things I say, drive everyone away. I try to make sure of the things that I believe, and almost always, I explain why I believe them, how I came to those beliefs, and what references I have for them. Almost everything I write about, are elementary things, because mankind is stuck there, we have not yet been able to crawl out of that intellectual ditch, no matter how many ropes, ladders and bridges have been built for us, we seem to continue to crawl around in the muddy bog, our feet entrenched in this quicksand of mental mire. I tell the truth about things, while the world passes laws that make the truth illegal, truth is treason under tyranny. We teach our children absolute lies in school, state owned computers are handed out to students to take home, WIFI sends audio and video feeds to state monitored control rooms from that computer, and that child can be removed from a home, if a parent teaches that child the truth, and that child parrots learning to it’s teachers, it can be viewed as child endangerment, and this is where we find ourselves, in a world, where believing things that are true, can put you at odds with the law, exactly like George Orwell said in 1984. It gets to the point where a person is actually afraid to tell the truth, for fear of loosing all they know. In schools today, if a teacher teaches students the truth, they can be terminated, and their credentials revoked. Same with Lawyers, and Judges, tell the truth, and you can be disbarred, and often times, truth is not allowed in courts, nor is evidence or witnesses. In Glen Becks book Agenda 21, this is the scenario, where people are afraid to even let it be known that they have an opposing view, from that of the state. It can mean their lives, and this is where we are headed, and this is the danger of which drives me, to put aside those things I want in my life, that I need in my life, that I desire in my life, because with out life, none of those things can we have. It is a self sacrifice for me, and people like me, to warn of the path we are all on, and that we are in imminent danger if we don’t turn around and go back to the world of our forefathers. It is the end of my life and yet I find myself in the greatest struggle of it. I would love to be sitting among the rivers and trees and listen to the music I helped make, instead, I dwell in this anguish of immersion in a world hell bent on self inflicted annihilation by people who have lost all ability of rational reason and natural god given morality. When mankind has degenerated to the point, where the sanctity of life must be argued to defend, instead of involuntary reflex of protection, it has ceased to be a civilization, and this is exactly where America finds itself today. Every 4 years the number one topic of debate in Presidential elections, is about a persons stance on abortion, is he for killing children or is he against killing children. This has become the deciding factor in a candidates fitness for the highest office in the world, and just to think we call it the land of the free, that is of course unless you are a child, and the president happens to be pro-choice, then your freedom is under threat. Continued in the next post …..

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