Americans Killing American Children

I have written about this subject more times than I can count, but it goes over the heads of most people, there is nothing that anyone can do, to get Americans to read and think, and I think that the main reason for that is because we have stopped teaching our children the basics, and that was going on when I went to school, I did not begin to learn until I graduated from High School. The United States of America, slaughters it’s own children on it’s own soil. Now when I make this comment, most people get immediately offended by it, because of the religion of Patriotism, and Patriotism is a cult, they are in this cult called America, and like every cult member, they cannot see it. Americans rip the heads, arms, and legs off of it’s own children, while they are alive. Now you need to think long and hard about pledging your allegiance to a country that slaughters it’s own children. These figures are for surgical abortions, where doctors, Americans, that is to say, American doctors, but Americans just the same, as well as, Americans, that is to say, American Women, but Americans just the same, come together, to kill children, in the most brutal form imaginable, there is no way to coat this with honey, to catch more bees, nor should it be, it is a horrible atrocity, committed by Americans, on Americans, on American soil, how can anyone claim allegiance to a country that commits such evil acts, this is the greatest terrorist organization earth has ever seen, and it makes the atrocities committed by Islam, pale in comparison. These surgical abortions do not take into account the Chemical abortions committed by Americans, upon Americans, estimated to be some 250,000,000 children in the United States alone, staggering figures. I want to say this again, to drive the point home, earth has never seen a more evil country than America, and the people that inhabit it, truth of the matter is, as these figures point out, Americans are the most evil people earth has ever seen, and that is being a sugar, coated, honey coated statement, there are no adjectives I know of, adequate to describe the atrocities this country commits on its own soil, to it’s own people, let alone the rest of the world.

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