There is only a hand full of us awake, there is not a hell of allot we can do all alone. Take me for instance, there is only one other person in my town of 4,000 people who is also awake. I do not have one single friend or family member in my town that is awake, truly awake. If a person is watching sports, and playing video games, or painting their house, they are not truly awake, they might have one eye open, but they are still so groggy that they cannot see the light. So, by us all continuing to get people to admit, what they can see with their own eyes, the day might come, when they reach out to their family members , who are the pilots of these planes, and try their best to get these pilots to stop killing their own families. This is being done by the United States Military, and no one is powerful enough to go against the American Military, and an American Veteran, who are the soldiers in the United States Military, are brainwashed Zombies, just following orders. They will kill their own families, if a man with stripes on his shirt tells them too, which is in fact what they are doing right now. The United States Military is NOT controlled by any politician in America. Not the President, not any member of Congress or Senate, the Military of the United States is controlled by the Globalist Cabal that runs the world, and none of us knows who they are. We might think we do, we might say, Rothschild, or Soros, Gates, or others, but trust me, I don’t think for one second that even those in the forefront of Globalist, and the front pages of our magazines, even know who is in reality in charge. There are only two choices in stopping this, one choice is to go after the ones carrying out the orders, and the other is to go after the ones giving the orders. You will never find out who is giving the orders, none of us ever will. And it is America that is doing this to the entire world, and Americans worship their military, the Department of Defense is a Church and a God to Americans, Americans even call a man who slaughters children while they sleep, a hero. You might be offended by that statement, but I can assure you, it is absolutely true, ask anyone who lives in Iraq or Vietnam, or Nagasaki, or Hiroshima. We will never get the support to stop this madness, until the American people wake the fuck up, and see things for how they really are, not how the schools taught them, or what CNN and FOX tells them it is, but the realities of it all, and a revealing of the realities, are made illegal by congress and senate and the Supreme Court. The media is not allowed by law, to reveal the realities of war, notice the quiet weapons for silent wars, IE Chemtrails, and how not one single meteorologist on planet earth mentions one single word about them, because the globalist control the media. This is a war, it is America, against all humanity, a brilliant, brilliant plan by the globalist, because no one in the world would ever suspect America, of all countries to carry out such an atrocity, but that is exactly what is happening.

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