I think that most people would view the American flag as a symbol of the country it represents, I find it hard to view it any other way. When I see an American flag, I think of America, it is the first thing that comes to mind. I find it extremely difficult to separate the American flag from America. I also think of the people who make up America, and how they view this flag this symbol of America. I think of how they stand in reverence to it, as if it is a person who has entered the room and deserving of great respect. There was a time in this country, where disrespecting the flag of America could land one with a prison sentence. Walk on it or burn it and you could go to jail, it carried with it a greater judicial protection than the treatment of humans even, slap the flag and go to jail, slap your wife or children, a pint is raised to you for keeping them in their place like a man should. If a person failed to give the flag the reverence that peers expected, and a person could find themselves ostracized, shunned, rejected, fired from employment, kicked out of housing, and in some cases the loss of a family and ran out of town, and that was the lucky ones, disrespecting the flag, as viewed as disrespect for it by others, has cost people their lives, and I am thinking of Jehovah’s Witnesses in particular when I say this. This has not only happened in America, but in other countries as well, America does not own the patent on patriotism, not raising an arm to Hitler was a certain death sentence in Germany. As was not saying Heil Hitler. Cesar of Rome commanded the same veneration, or death. The American flag has been personified, it has been turned into a person, like corporations are now considered as persons. In some cases it even has more rights than real humans do, as does corporations. Tell the world in advance that your corporation is not responsible for anything it does, and it gets off scott free, common law, no longer applies to them, you cannot sue them if they make the claim in advance that they are innocent. That is the American judicial system for you. The American Flag possesses a similar power, where ever it is flown, common law, that is to say, the laws supplied by nature, no longer apply, and therefore the United States of America cannot be sued in any court, in any nation of the world, not even on the homeland, it is above the law. It does not matter, what atrocities America commits upon the world, they are untouchable. As a person, the American flag speaks louder than does any of it’s citizens, but one must ask, what is the content of that speech, and how is it received by the global community. Just how well is the Swastika received on the streets of Jerusalem ? Symbols have a very loud voice. Americans hold their hands over their hearts, in a symbolic pledge of actual dying loyalty , love, and allegiance to this person we call the flag. “I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America” notice those words there, Americans are pledging their allegiance to this person, the flag, not to God, but to the flag. Americans do not pledge their allegiance to God, they pledge their allegiance to a flag, a piece of cloth, much like the paper of corporations, that represent a person, not a God, but a person. This is idolatry, and it is blasphemy. Any time a person pledges their allegiance to what God has devoted to destruction, it is blasphemy. I believe that history should not be erased, and neither does God, he had a bit of history written down for us. I also do not believe that the history of the United States should be erased, but that is exactly what our schools do. Agenda 21 is all about erasing history, currently we are embarked in the erasing the history of even the color of the sky, in reality, in print, in media, in film. There is a current generation of humans, that have grown up until now, that have never seen natural blue skies, some have never even seen the stars, and just to think, that this is being carried out upon this entire world, by America, and the personage of it’s flag. I believe that cemeteries like Arlington, should remain immortalized, and never forgotten, and if I had the power, I would force every single American to visit it. But for a completely different reason than those who hold their hands over their hearts, and offer their lives to a piece of cloth, rather than the one who gave them life. I would never ever want anyone to forget, what these men did. They got on a ship or plane, and they went to a foreign country, and they slaughtered the innocent people there, men, women and children, and they protected the Tyrant and his generals, all because, some man with strips on his shirt, told them to. That is what soldiers do, that is exactly what the American Veterans do. Now a person can turn a blind, stupid, ignorant eye to those facts, but it will not change history, history can and is being erased, but the artifacts, in stone, will remain. America has never been attacked by any foreign entity, America has only been attacked by Americans, exactly like Abraham Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Kennedy said it would be. Wounded Warriors and Gold Star Families, Heroes, are you fucking kidding me. What the fuck did they do, they went to a foreign country, who did absolutely nothing to this one, and blew up a man’s house, killed his wife and children, and you fucking ignorant Americans think that he should some how, respect, worship, adore you all for this, oh, fucking hell no, he is going to do everything in his power to get even. That man coming back in that casket, should never have been in that country, killing those people to begin with, how dare you fucking Americans give this criminal of humanity one second of honor. That man sitting in that wheel chair, should never have went to that country to kill those people in the first place, a life sentence in prison, is much more than he deserves. “You are an American, act like one”. Americans criticize men who wear vests made of bombs, and kill innocent people in market places, oh how horrible, and yet at the very same time, pin medals of honor upon American Soldiers who level entire countries, just exactly how hypocritical are Americans. OH the heroes of 911, let me remind you stupid, ignorant, blind Americans, that it was American Veterans who took down those twin towers, Americans killing Americans, by the thousands, and for all those VETERANS knew, it could of been their own wives, children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, in those buildings that they brought down, just because a suit, sitting at a desk, told them too. You people need to rethink you loyalty, to the representation of the greatest terrorist organization earth has ever seen, that is to say the United States of America, Military and Veterans of War.

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