It is not Gods will that the nations of the earth be saved, it is God’s will that the nations of the earth be destroyed. Daniel 2:44. The United States of America is owned and operated by Satan, as are all other nations on this earth, from the Garden of Eden, to this very day. The scriptures are clear, God’s Kingdom will be set up on earth, as it is in heaven, like Matthew 6:9 instructs us to pray for. It does not matter if a person is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses or not, these are scriptural principles, that apply to all of mankind. This land, the planet, this magnificent universe, are not going to be destroyed by God, it is man that is destroying this earth, not God, and at the very forefront of that destruction is the United States of America. We should not be praying for evil to continue, just because it exist, we should be praying for it’s end. I think there is a bit of confusion in the concept of nation verses people, while they can be referenced to each other, even Christ himself, and once again at Daniel 2:44 we read that even God promises to destroy all nations on earth, but not all people, and it is improper to pray for the survival or the prosperity of what God has devoted to destruction. The bible promises that a small group of people would survive the coming destruction of the national groups, but most people will choose to align themselves with earths nations ruled over by Satan, and stand in opposition to God’s Kingdom. Mankind will be separated out on Judgement day, but Judgement day comes, AFTER Christ has ruled over the earth for 1,000 years. Judgement day is a period of time spanning one thousand years. God does not bring back to life those destroyed by his own hands, when God kills a person, it is not a mistake in judgement, it is a deliberate act, and he does not make a mistake, when God kills you, you stay dead. It was Jesus Christ who initiated the concept of warning mankind, to take the side of God’s Kingdom. Immersed into a Satanic world, like you said, a, Sodom and Gomorrah, that we live in now, mankind is shielded from the knowledge of God’s Kingdom, that is the last thing Satan wants man to learn about. Telling others about God’s provision for them to be saved out of this destruction is an obligation and responsibility of all those having faith in God’s Kingdom arrangement. This warning about the destruction of the nations of the earth gives those with an ear of inclination toward God a chance to lean toward his side. We are not the judge of who lives and who dies in the upcoming destruction of evil, that is up to God . But a person can make a deliberate choice to go against God, and when he does, this will be his end on that day. I cannot stop a man from pushing his foot to the floor, and running his car off a cliff, but I would be just as responsible for his murder, if I had a chance to warn him of an impending danger, and didn’t, that principle is even written into our penal codes today. I warn people of the dangers and the certain death of all of mankind if we do not stop GeoEngineering for the same reasons. I do not think for one second that I am going to be able to get one single person to put the brakes on this, because in 6 years I have not been able to get one person to even acknowledge what they can see with their own eyes, this is how blind mankind is to the religion and the cult, of Patriotism, “OH MY GOVERNMENT WOULD NEVER DO ANY THING TO HURT ME” !!!! Christ did not let, and God has never let, things run their course, both of them have always issued warnings of a course of action, so I am in good company when I warn others as well. Christ promised a time yet ahead of us, that upon his return, a small group of people would join in on his side, while the majority of mankind would take the broad path that leads off into destruction, denying that, and ignoring it, is a rejection of God, and automatically places a person in opposition to God, and on that day, that is not going to be a good place to be standing. Now I am not saying that the people of America should be annihilated, I am saying that those in control of this nation should be removed and dealt with, God is the one who will annihilate all evil. Just because evil exist is no reason for a person to pray for evil to advance and prosper, indeed, a person should pray for evil to end.

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