God On Trial

We do everything in our power to wake people up. The challenge is how to get people to realize that they are in any danger. In America, if a home is full ablaze, smoke pouring out of every window, the average American will continue to sit on that sofa, and play his video games. For the life of me, I have not been able to wake one single person up, I share information with those that are already awake, but I have not been able to get anyone to acknowledge they are in any danger. Indeed, when I have tried, they become obstinate. I have been threatened with the police twice, once outside my home taking pictures of the sky, and once on a public sidewalk on main street talking with two other guys about Chemtrails and a business woman felt threatened by our conversation because it included comments about the military who was doing the spraying of the Chemtrails. Truth becomes treason under Tyranny, the problem is getting the population to understand that they are under Tyranny. Currently Americans are in full support and defense of the Tyranny being poured out upon them. The important thing to do, and it is the reason that I write, is to take in this knowledge on a personal level, get things straight in our own minds, we cannot help anyone if we cannot help ourselves either, we first have to learn ourselves before we can teach others. You have a faith in God, and in his Son, the Christ, continue learning about them, anchor your faith in Christ and his teaching, not the teachings of man, and not the teaching of the antichrist that Jesus said would come in the conclusion of the system of things of which we find ourselves immersed in right now. Jesus said that many would come on the basis of his name, and mislead many. The anti Christ is not one individual, it is anything that is anti Christ, against Christ and his teachings. Jesus told us that things would get so bad in Satan’s world, that unless God steps in to stop it, no one would live through it, so, believe him, and do not put faith in man that things are going to get better, they are not, they are going to get much much worse, until he stops it, and he will. But like the scriptures tell us, we must be able to recognize him when he arrives, because he told us that many would try to come to him on the basis of his name and yet he would say to them “Get away from me, I never knew you, you workers of lawlessness”. Christ told us that the antichrist would be so convincing that it might even mislead the chosen ones, meaning those hand picked, so it is important to learn the truth about God and his Son. And so I write things that are true about God and his Son. The Old Testament talked mainly about the Father, almost nothing about Jesus Christ, and certainly nothing by that name, the name Jesus Christ does not exist in the Hebrew Scriptures, but the Hebrew Scriptures mention God by personal name almost 7,000 times, the Christian Greek scriptures talk mainly about Jesus Christ. Why is this ? Well I have written allot about that, but the condensed version is this. At the very beginning of the Garden of Eden, an influential angel from heaven, in front of all of the angels of heaven, accused God of being a liar, he accused God of blasphemy against himself. Now, in the interest of Justice, God could not very well represent himself in the trial of this accusation, he could not very well be the judge, jury, and executioner in his own trial, so he got himself a defense lawyer, his first born Son, in whom he had complete confidence that his son would defend him properly, and he chose him immediately at that Garden event, at Genesis 3:15 Christ is appointed as defense council for his own Father. God knew he was innocent of the charges, and he knew that his Son would successfully defend him, but still, this accusation was so serious, and so many, billions of angels were witnesses to this event, that this trial had to go forth, and all the evidence had to be developed and laid out for the entire world to see, and the more people that saw the evidence, the more secure would be the victory of the defense council and the accused defendant. This trial, with God as the defendant, has gone on from the Garden of Eden to our very day, and it will continue, until Christ finally vindicates his Father, and sets him free. This happens at the conclusion of the one thousand year reign of Christ, in which time he fully vindicates his Fathers name, and turns all of his property back over to him. Removes the shackles from God, so that now God can once again be all things to everyone, man on earth, as well as angels in heaven. This however has not happened yet, and the trial of God is about to get very, very, ugly, already we see the mud slinging going on in our skies. We who have faith and trust in God, are legal assistants to Christ, and it is our job, our responsibility to filter through all of the evidence against God, and present the truth about him to others, as well as submit our briefs to defense council. The prosecution will of course, bring up endless false witnesses, and evidence against the accused, (IE, evolution) but in this court, truth will prevail. What can we do? Pay attention to the trial against God, be a witness for his defense, rebuke the prosecutions accusations and misleading questionings, go out into the world and collect evidence and supportive witnesses for the defendant and his council, because by doing this, God and his Lawyer, Jesus Christ, will remember the members of his defense team, as will all of those who were in the courtroom and those in the jury boxes, and it is a good thing to be remembered by Christ and his Father. I am not a layer, I am just a lowly file clerk, making sure that the files get placed in the proper place, so that they can be easily retrieved for reference when they are called upon by any member of the defense team, I sure hope this is you. At John 17:3 we read this,”This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ” taking in knowledge about God is a requirement for life, like food air and water, we need it to live. As I pass on this knowledge to you, take it in, and then share it with others. But as in the case of the ancient Boreans, make sure that what I am passing on is true, carefully examine the scriptures, so that you anchor your beliefs in Christ from his words, and not the words of man alone, not me, not anyone.

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