Forrest Fires

There are many fires around this country right now. Perhaps there have always been this time of year. But one thing has always stood out in my mind about this phenomenon, of random fires in different parts of the state or country, all starting at the same time, I have seen this happen for decades. I have not read anything about this, so I cannot offer any outside source for this next thought, it is simply my own, it is just a thought. As kids in the scouts we used to take a magnifying glass and start fire with it. We built solar ovens to cook hot dogs and hamburgers with, using just aluminum foil and the sun. Think about this, the Military is filling our skies with metals right now, in particular, aluminum, if you were to have your blood tested for aluminum now it would be off the charts. Have you ever had the experience of getting the wrong time punched in on your microwave oven, and watch your food catch fire in it. Have you ever seen what happens when a piece of aluminum foil is placed in a microwave oven, sparks everywhere right. Now the typical microwave oven is 1100 watts of power, and can start a fire, quite easily as some of us have experienced. Now I want you to take a moment to think about this seriously for a few moments, and don’t just apply this to today, think about this happening tomorrow, and years from now, when technology increases. Imagine if you will, a dry forest that is already a tender box, ready to go up in flames because it has not gotten any rain for 10 years. During that 10 years it has been sprayed with aluminum every single day, along with volatile manganese, then that forest is hit with not just 1100 watts of power, but billions of watts of power, think HAARP. Then think why would they do this ? One reason is control, they want to get people off of rural lands and into the cities, they want to round them up, like cattle. They do this by famine, starvation, drought, flood, pestilence, disease, and fire, and storm extremes. all controlled by making the air conductive, and then manipulating that conductive air with electricity. Right down to the cellular level, including the firing of synopsis in your conductive brains to control your thoughts, or lack of thinking, short circuiting your thought patterns, to turn your brain off, in some cases actually putting the population to sleep, and I am not talking about just the intellectual sleep, I am talking about literal sleep, many people complain about being sleepy all of the time, they just cannot seem to wake up, and I am just one more of them. We are conductive now, and are bombarded with high power microwave energy 24 hours a day, and it is about to increase drastically when the 5G network is rolled out.

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