Knocking On Doors

Clarence Sisk I hope that our paths cross to. I really really really appreciate you for writing this, it truly is exactly how things are in the cult. Some of the things we learned there are absolutely true, and taught by no other religious organization in the world, but Christ told us that at the conclusion of the system of things, weeds would begin to grow among the wheat, and now the weeds have taken over completely, and the wheat, cannot even see the weeds, standing side by side with them, it is an amazing thing to watch, how words, can override all other human intellect and sensory intuition. When a mother, will turn her back on her own children, for no other reason than someone tells her to, abandoning a natural mothers intuition and love, that my friends is a cult, any time an organization prohibits it’s members from talking to each other, that my friends is a cult, any time an organization prohibits it’s members from making reference to it’s own publications, that my friends is a cult, any time an organization is ruled over by a handful of men, who change their beliefs at will, and demand others change their beliefs as well, or face the loss of their family, that my friends is a cult, any time an organization teaches as doctrine, and demands it’s followers believe, those things that are in direct opposition to all scriptural teachings and because they are in direct opposition to all scriptural teachings, are in essence, exactly like Satan and Adam and Eve for believing Satan over God, calling God and Christ, a liar to their very face. IE “No one knows the day and the hour except the Father”, and “there is one mediator between God and man, a man, Jesus Christ” “no one has ascended to the heavens, except the one who descended from the heavens. David did not go to Heaven”,(ie, the teaching that members of the slave class are ruling from heaven since 1914) that my friends, is a cult. Any time an organization request from it’s members a letter of obligation, toward future contributions, that my friends is a cult. Any organization, that demands strict political neutrality, while at the very same time, is of itself, a member of the greatest political organization earth has ever seen, that my friends is a cult. Any time an organization, demands of it’s followers, conscientious objection or face the loss of their family, while at the very same time, takes money from the contribution boxes, and gives that money, not for the advancement of Kingdom Interest, but rather hands it over to the greatest terrorist organization earth has ever seen, the United States, Department of Defense, to build weapons of war that slaughter people around the world by the millions, that my friends is a cult. Any time an organization holds as a primary teaching, of a restored paradise earth under Christ Jesus, yet all the while in this system of things, takes money out of the contribution boxes of 8,000,000 people, and hands that money over to Monsanto, who is leading the way to the destruction of all life on earth right down to the bacterial level, poisoning all of mankind with GMO’s, and to Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics who also are leading the way to covering this entire world with nano particles of metals, plastics, nanobots, bacteria and viruses, red blood cell filled tubes at the molecular level, dispersed as aerosols that all life on earth, take in, by consumption or breath, Aerosols, Chemtrails, Geo Engineering, the committing of genocide of all humanity, while at the same time preaching from door to door about everlasting life in a paradise earth, while they are spraying the householder down with Chemtrails that are going to kill them, that my friends is a cult. Preaching eternal life to householders, while at the same time, poisoning their food, poisoning the air they breath and the water they drink, that my friends is a cult. Disfellowshipping members of the flock, for being on the internet, visiting an unauthorized site in the words of one sister, IE YouTube, destroying the relationship of families simply by investigating the organizations dealings, while at the very same time, that very same organization takes money out of the contribution boxes, and purchases ownership in the largest pornographic distribution networks earth has even seen, IE, Google, Bing, Microsoft, Yahoo. And we are not talking about Playboy and Penthouse, we are talking about some really disgusting things, like death rape, mutilations etc, yet, The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society owns stock in the largest Pornographic distribution companies earth has ever seen, while disfellowshipping members for viewing it.That my friends is a cult. No wonder the printing of bi monthly faith building magazines has been stopped. It leaves more time to focus on the distribution of pornography, IE CineMax. I am not talking about donated stock, although I believe that donated stock, like the Rand Corporation of which JW’s own 50% of the company who makes the engines for drones, that slaughter innocent people around the world while they sleep, (talk about knocking on doors), this sort of stock, that is in clear violation of scriptural principles should be rejected. I am talking about stock that is deliberately purchased. Whenever an organization, pleads for contributions, and materials, the use of labor from professional licensed brothers and sisters IE Lawyers, Doctors, Electricians, Welders, Contractors, Carpenters, Architects, Nurses and general labor, to build real estate, and then it in turn sells that real estate that was built by contributions of material, profession, labor, land, for fraudulent profit, that my friends is a cult. This is accomplished by willful intention, the discovering of which was the foundation of my disfellowshipping, to prevent my disclosure. Our Kingdom Hall was completely paid for, built and land purchased by a local brother and donated to the congregation, we all know his name, then in 1973 two years before Armageddon of 1975, the circuit overseer, made the corporation sponsored directive of remodeling, requiring funds in exchange for land and title dead, of which was handed over, by the committee, for profit, an under the table real estate agent commission, by brothers. Once a person is disfellowshipped, no one in the cult, will even acknowledge their existence, not even an immediate family member. This my friends, is a cult. The brother who donated all of the funds and the land to build that Hall, and gave it for free, lived to see that happen, and he was never the same after that, how could he ever be, watching what he gave for free, out of his love for the brothers, then sold by those same brothers for profit. Talk about a test of faith. The exJW community talks of little else except the child abuse and the Australian Royal Commission, and this of course should be talked about, but it pales in comparison, of the WTBTS participation in the genocide of all humanity, and beyond that, all life on earth, because if Geo Engineering is not stopped, nothing will survive it, right down to bacteria. To me, this represents a continuation of cult indoctrination, exchanging one cult for another, and I see it also in the rejection of things that are true, and a return to lies and deceptions. I again appreciate you posting, and I have copied it to my word processor, and will cherish it, and perhaps I will write something along those lines, using yours as a model. I look forward to getting to know you.

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