Agenda 21 Donald Trump

This is the official copy of Agenda 21 from the United Nations, it is a real document, it is nothing to laugh about, it is something to be taken deadly serious, they are not kidding about this. The Paris Accord, ie Agreement is about the acceptance and the implementation of this document, and if you are in agreement with the Paris Accord, and you support it, then what you are doing is saying that you want Agenda 21 to be implemented. Until you have read this document, you have no idea of what you are asking for. All of those protestors who were angry at Donald Trump, because he suggested that America back out of the Paris Agreement, not one of them has read this document. Under the Paris Agreement, if it is actually implemented, here is what your life will be like. You will not have sex with your own husband or wife, your wife will be bred by the man of the states choosing, sex between married couples will be forbidden. No one will own property of any kind, not even a screwdriver or hammer. You will not own a car, you will not own a home, the one you think you own now is going to be taken away from you. You will live in an assigned area, if you venture outside of that assigned area, your tracking device will alarm the police and you will be arrested and imprisoned. A woman will give birth, but she will not be allowed to raise the child, the child will be raised by the state. You will not be allowed pets of any kind, not even a goldfish or pet spider. Earths population will be reduced from 8,000,000,000 to 500,000 where that number will be maintained. the term Cull is a polite term for slaughter. Talk about counting calories, your caloric intake will be monitored, through constant urine analysis, and your urine better be deposited in the toilet where it’s readings will be sent over the internet of things to the authorities. Share a cookie with a friend, or pass on food to another and when that person eats it, it will be registered, and then investigated, when they use the bathroom. You will eat the food you are given, no more, no less. You will take your medication as and when prescribed, and the readings will be sent over the internet of things. Every scrap of paper will be accounted for, by nano dust and nano bots, even the trash you discard, is registered, that empty milk carton, is registered, and filed under which trash can it was placed in. On television right now, if you will only wake the hell up and pay attention, you will hear the term “The Internet of Things” and what they mean by that is “Everything On The Internet” right down to the panties you are wearing, where you bought them, what day and time you bought them, how you paid for them, who sold them to you, where they were made, what color they are, and their exact location to the foot 24 hours a day, that means, take them off at any time, and the government is going to know about it, where you are taking them off, how far away from your removed panties you are, who is in the same room with you, and their complete identity. Your exact location on this planet, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no privacy of any kind, ever, not even your thoughts will be private, because all emotional responses will be monitored at all times. I imagine that you think this is insane, but everything I have mentioned here is already being implemented, you have only moments to stop this, and the entire world went crazy when Donald Trump stood up to the world and said this is a bad idea. You have your work cut out for you to convince your family, friends and neighbors to take Donald Trumps side and stop this. This entire world is protesting that they want this, and no where greater than America, where the people are begging for this, protesting in the streets for it, and all the while, in their typical, oh so American, blind, stupid willful, ignorance, have not a clue what they are asking for. They view it as a major convenience that they can buy this gizmo that tells them where their car keys are, or that pair of heels, or anything that that tracking device can be stuck to. They view it as a convenience that while they are in the supermarket, they can dial up their home refrigerator and find out how many cans of beer are left and if they should buy more, never giving it a thought, that once on the internet, the government knows as well as does your human resources manager at work, and your doctor and narc-anon group. Not to mention your Samsung TV watching you smoke that bong, and sending the video to DHS or DEA. Industries are installing in their restrooms toilets made by American Standard that send urine analysis reports to the HRS office in factories, they are also being installed in rest stop bathrooms across this nation, do you really think that that highway patrol officer just got lucky when he pulled you over for a DUI when you pulled back onto the freeway ? Get in an argument with your wife, that’s right Alexi is sending that microphone feed to the local cop shop, and to child protective services for child endangerment living in a toxic household, think this is some kind of Joke, it is happening right now. Every single television you buy right now, is wired to the internet. Smart meters are wired to the internet, that is how you get your electric bill, that blender on your kitchen counter, plugged right into your smart meter, that led that you think is just a light is actually a laser microphone and camera, we built laser microphones in the 70’s as experimental electronic hobbyist when we were kids, now they are in everything. You do not want Agenda 21, you might think you do, but trust me, you don’t, and yet you are begging for it. Your silence is your acceptance of tyranny.

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