America Is A Cult

There is a certain kind of mindset that allows a person to be sucked into a cult, and I was one of them, that got sucked into a cult. One would think that once a person escaped a cult, that they would not be so quick to enter into another one. But my experience since I have been out, is the exact opposite. Humans have a genetic disposition that drives them to be accepted, and a feeling of belonging to something greater than themselves, it is normal, it is natural, it is how we were put together, perhaps not in all, but certainly in most,, humans will often put others ahead of themselves, and my experience has been that this is true of people who are in cults. Often, if not in every single case, a cult member will put the interest of the cult ahead of family. Cults are not only found in religious faith based cultures, they are found in an endless variety of forms. Police and Military are cults. These people are so brainwashed that they will actually go to a foreign country, kick in the front door of someones home that they have never seen in their lives before, and shoot the men women and children dead, just because a suit, sitting at a desk in another country, told them to. Shooting people dead is kind, compared to what America normally does to innocent people as a function of their brainwashing, take Vietnam for example. What America did to the people of Vietnam were unspeakable crimes, agent orange, Napalm, this gel gasoline they would spray on people and watch them running on fire and laugh about it. Take Nagasaki and Hiroshima, those people were vaporized, and those left alive were horribly disfigured and burnt. America did this, this cult we call America. Innocent people, who had absolutely nothing to do with the war. America watched on CNN the televised event, called Shock and AWE of Iraq as America dropped bombs on an unsuspecting innocent population of people, killing hundreds of thousands of them in the middle of the night while they lay sleeping in their beds, tactical nuclear weapons were used on the ground, and to this very day, children in Iraq are born with serious gross birth defects. And then what did America do after that, we held parades in our city streets with military fly overs, in a blind patriotic fervor of our brave men and women who participated in that atrocity, and we held them in our esteem. Americans are in a cult called America, and they don’t even know it. This was not a hidden event, it was televised for the entire world to watch, and we did. The United States of America also televised another atrocity committed by the United States Military, the destruction of the Twin Towers of 911, while those towers were occupied by American citizens. Innocent, men, women and children, slaughtered by the United States Military and to this very day, in blind cult mentality, the media, CNN, FOX, MSN continue to claim that Saudi Nationals flew planes into the twin towers, and because of that we had to attack a completely different country who had nothing to do with it, and blind, stupid, ignorant Americans accepted that, as the cult devotees that they are. Most police are ex – military, and the police are in a cult as well. One of the trade mark features of cultism, is that the followers of the cult, participate in the abject evil that they can see with their own eyes, but are un able to recognize it. Even when the actions of the cult are in direct opposition to every known sense and sensibility, in direct opposition to all known natural human responses, as if hypnotized, even to the point where a cult member will actually kill their own children, ie, medical care as in blood transfusions, just because the cult tells them they have to. Cults always separate families from each other, that is one of the main traits of a cult, is the loyalty of and toward the cult must trump the devotion and love of the family, the cult come first before family. The United States Military is a cult. I have lost several friends here on this Facebook page, people I have had a deep respect and appreciation for over this issue of the United States Military, filling the air with microscopic Nano particles of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Fluoride, Lithium and bio agents, covering this entire earths atmosphere, in an attempt to block out the sun they claim. It has a cute culturally sophisticated title to it that gives it an illusion of legitimacy, it is called the Paris Agreement. But a cult leader, never tells the complete truth they blend the truth with lies. Never underestimate the power of a cult, people will walk right over a cliff to their certain death, just because a cult leader tells them to, just like obedient American soldiers do. An American soldier will slaughter his own wife and children, if his superior officer tells him to, as we speak, that is exactly what they are doing, and every single one of you, are witnessing this happen right this minute, the slaughtering of all humanity by this cult we call America.

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