Muslim Refugee Backlash

I stand by what I said, this recent immigration of Muslim males, young in age, without women and children and the elderly, are a Trojan horse, a standing army for the role out of Agenda 21. Exactly the same as the box stores are a part of the take down of the western and European nations, again, they are a part of the role out of Agenda 21. You are right, hatred can be a bad thing. But it can also be something that is righteous. It will never be a good idea to begin to arrest people and confiscate their property, because of something they said, and yet, that also is a part of Agenda 21, the restriction of speech. If we have critical thinking now, we can even hear on television the role out of the restriction of speech that is coming. The 5G network is one more link in that cog, where microphones and RFID readers will be on just about every home, in every store, in every restaurant, in every trash can, in deed, exactly like they say, the internet of everything means, everything on the internet, and that includes every scrap of paper you throw into your trash can, on the internet. Samsung has already admitted, on national television, that they put microphones and cameras right into your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage and your telephones, even your refrigerator toaster and blender. Now explain to me please, why does anyone need a camera and a microphone on a blender ? It is because of Agenda 21, under Agenda 21, and the internet of things, caloric intake of all humans will be monitored. You might be thinking this is insane, that I am crazy, well all you have to do is look it up, it is a mouse click away. This fermentation of religious hatred, is a part of that, it is a deliberate plan, by the United Nations, this refugee crises is planed, it is orchestrated. An estimated one forth of this world is Muslim, they have trillions of acres of un developed land, and as America does, endless money, why is it that Muslims, want to go to Europe, a land where they despise the people, when they can stay on their own land, with their own culture, with their own people, with their own wives and children, what is it that makes these young men want to leave their wives and children to go to Europe, and the Netherlands and America ??? It is America who is responsible for destroying the social structure of the Muslim nations, but this is all planed by the people who control America, and that is not the President, Senators nor the House, and it certainly is not Putin, like Fox, CNN, MSN want you to believe.. America England Germany, are tools of the Cabal to work out their Agenda. And this migration of hundreds of thousands of Muslims into Nations of their exact opposite culture, is deliberately planned to agitate and divide, and the local populations are now beginning to see that something is wrong here. When a person in Sweden, has worked at that job for 20 years, and laid off, and watched himself being replaced by a Refugee, it sponsors resentment, now multiply this concept by the millions and you begin to see why the citizens of these countries are beginning to speak out about what they clearly see is the deliberate destabilization of their own countries. They loose their jobs, they cannot pay their rent, they get kicked out of their homes, they watch a Muslim immigrant – refugee take their jobs and move into their homes, how would any of us respond to that, and that is exactly what is happening. There is a reason why, 7-11’s are owned by a particular sect, why the donut shops are owned by a particular sect, why the gas stations are owned by a particular sect, why the motels are owned by a particular sect, why nail salons are owned by a particular sect. These things are deliberately planed, this whole social restructuring of this entire world is planed, it is orchestrated, and being rolled out right under your nose, and you cannot even smell it. Our minds are being manipulated, by every form of mechanism. And we all need to fight this mind control the best we can, and that begins by all of us beginning to think for ourselves, the operative word here is that we all need to begin to think.

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