Comment On The Bible

Comments On The Bible – Part One

About the Bible. Yes I certainly do have faith and a strong belief in the scriptures. However, it is safe for me to say, that if it were not for what I learned with Jehovah’s Witnesses, I would of known nothing about it. There is a story to tell there, but I will have to save that for another time. As I have said before, not everything we learned by Jehovah’s Witnesses is wrong, it is the Apostasy of the Governing Body that is wrong. That is the name and the premise of a web site I am currently working on,, I couldn’t get It is the Governing Body that has committed Apostasy, not us.

Yes, anyone who knows me knows that I have a strong faith in the scriptures, but not a blind faith, faith out of the assurance I have received from the world around me. The following words might at times seem out of context or off subject, but they are not, they are included to drive the point home, and broaden the view. No other book in the history of man has come under attack as the Bible has, and for good reason, it threatens the rulership and dominance of man over man. I am not convinced any longer, that God actually instructed the writing of the scriptures, but rather they were written because man was inspired by God, to write them. Perhaps he instructed Moses, and it seems to me that I vaguely remember somewhere else where someone was instructed to write this down, but overall, I think that man while under the influence and bathed in spirituality, wrote from their hearts, their perspectives of the moment.

I think that if the Bible writers would of known how much controversy, death destruction and violence would be the result of the words they wrote down, they certainly would of chosen them more carefully. An entire religious belief system was formed, by whether or not to include the letter “a” in John 1:1.

The last verse of John says, “I suppose that if everything that the Christ said and did were ever written down in detail, the world itself could not contain the scrolls written.” I believe that, and that is just about him. The Bible is a very small book, and in today’s world, mankind in general, stubbornly are refusing to read, and I believe that that phenomenon is from the spirit operating in the air, and not the good kind. In our schools right now, through the program called Common Core, we are actually teaching our children not to read, not to write, and not to do correct math. If parents refuse this Common Core teachings, and resist it, their children can be taken away from them for child endangerment and neglect. Truth to tell. In some school districts the emotional reaction of a child doing homework is monitored by the school system through the state supplied computer system and wrist straps. When a child is emotionally conflicted, it is registered by those monitoring the children, a bell goes off to tell the state monitors that a child is emotionally stressed in a home, and up pops the name address of parents and student. This is not science fiction, it is going on right now, and is only going to get much much worse, this is part of Agenda 21. Children no longer belong to parents, they belong to the state. Point of this is, that one of the reasons that people no longer read, is by design, our government doesn’t want people to read, and it is discouraged at a very young age, and if you dig deep, we are returning back to the dark ages when it was actually a death penalty if you were caught reading, I would recommend everyone read Agenda 21, this is a very real document that is being implemented as we speak, and it will return us not only to the dark ages, but to a place of dense darkness such as the world has never experienced, and if not stopped, no one will live through it, and at this point I would like to remind ourselves of the words of Christ, that in the end, things would get so bad, that unless his Father steps in and stops mankind from oppressing each other, and poisoning the earth, no one is going to survive. We are fixed on that path right this minute.

It is impossible for a person to place trust and confidence, a belief and faith in a book they have never read. And even reading a book alone, does not promise a person will understand it. The reason that we have teacher and professors in our schools is because simply reading a book on Calculus or Vector Analysis or Chemistry, or Algebra, or Music Theory, or Physics will guarantee an understanding of the material. I did not learn welding or cabinet making on my own, few people learn how to be a machinist on their own. And even if they did or do, the learning curve going it alone is far longer than having a guide, so long as that guide does not lead them off of a cliff. It is ok to have a teacher of a subject, Jesus was called “The Great Teacher”.

The reason that the Bible is so misunderstood and criticized is simply because people have not read it, don’t understand it and have no reference in which to relate to it. The most important book in the history of man, about the history of man, is the very book, in the typical tradition of the human species, that is illegal to teach in the history classes of America, and in 25% of the rest of the worlds population, so it is no wonder, that this book, is so misunderstood.

It was never intended or envisioned that the books of the bible would cover in detail the entire history of mankind from the garden of Eden to the end of the thousand year reign of Christ. It was also never envisioned that each and every letter in the bible would come under such scrutiny to discredit it. For 2,000 years an entire religious belief system has been designed around the absence of one single letter in the bible, that has led to the conflict and slaughter of millions of people around the world. That letter, the letter “a” at John 1:1 has lead to more misunderstandings of the scriptures than entire libraries of conflicting stories. Another entire religious belief system was developed with the inclusion of the letter “a” at John 1:1 , Jehovah’s Witnesses. The two religious system are in direct conflict and disagreement with each other, one teaches that Jesus actually was God, he just lied about having a Father, because he actually was the Father, just trying to deceive us all, and the other religious belief system teaches that Jesus was who he said he was, and that he actually had a Father, like he said, Jesus was the Son of God, he was not God Almighty. The so called Christian religious belief systems of the world can be divided into those two camps, those who believe that Jesus was the Father, and those who believe that Jesus was the Son of God like he said he was. Those who believe that Jesus was a liar, and those who believe that Jesus was telling the truth.

In either case, neither camps can call themselves Christian, because none of them teach nor do they practice bible based principles of Christianity as laid out by Christ himself. One of those camps are the largest contributors of soldiers that go to foreign countries and slaughter innocent people, men, women , and children, by the millions while claiming to be followers of Christ. The other camp, know primarily for preaching door to door, and claiming to be conscientious objectors, apposed to war, have been recently discovered to be a major financial contributor and stock holder in the building of the weapons of war and armaments used by those soldiers of the other camp. One group provides the manpower, the other group provides the weapons. This falls a bit short of the principles of Christ as demonstrated at the garden of Gethsemane when Peter took his sword and cut off the ear of the soldier.

There are no religions on the face of this earth today, who represent the teachings of the scriptures in any way. Not those of the Mosaic Law Covenant, not those of the teachings of Christ.

From the Garden of Eden until our very day, mankind has still not found a way, to live by the principles set out in Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. What man has discovered however, as initiated in the Garden of Eden and continuing to our day, and finding conclusion at the end of Revelation, is the endless slaughtering of each other in the most horrific ways possible, mankind has mastered that. All the while making the claim, that the Bible is so full of contradictions that it can never be understood, so why even bother. While ignoring every word God said, mankind blames God for planning in advance the evils of man.

While holding in comparison the Bible in one hand and the history of man in the other, it is easy to derive the conclusion that there is no God, and that the bible is just a book of fictional stories about fictional characters, that is of course, until one investigates. And that is exactly what is required, a sincere, comprehensive, objectionable, disciplined, examination. Just give the Bible a chance, and it will reveal itself to you.

Written under inspiration, what does that mean ?? Inspiration means to be mentally stimulated to do something, a sudden brilliant, creative, timely idea. It is a descriptive noun, not an adjective. It does not mean that God himself grasped hold of the hand and pen, and forced the writing of the Bible himself.

In his infinite wisdom God inspired man to write from his own prospective and life experiences. For the most part God has always dealt with man on man’s level. He gave as good as he got, and usually it was tit for tat, you do this to me, and I am going to give it back to you. So many of the critics of the scriptures seem to focus on those recorded passages of Gods perceived revenge and judgments, never giving consideration as to what caused God to act out in that way. It is not the time for writing about that right now, but let me just give a sentence or too on the subject, that might help give confidence in the scriptures. It is man that filled the earth with violence with the aid of disobedient angels who came down for the expressed purpose of destroying life on earth. The goal of destroying all life on earth has never departed them, that is still the goal of Satan and his angels, he thought that he could get Adam and Eve killed before they had children and end it right there, but in Gods wisdom, that did not happen. So Satan turned his attention on to the basic instinct and morality of man, suspended in a world filled with desperation and the violence that desperate men inflict upon each other. Satan perhaps thought that he could destroy man by having his angels breed with women, keeping them pregnant at all times with the offspring of angels, who were sterile. The scriptures said that the angels took all of the women they wanted. How many angels were there, perhaps billions, we don’t know. Without a doubt, human men were never given a chance at normal relations with women when the angels took over the earth. When we look into Greek mythology, we can clearly see how that meshes with what we could imagine life on earth before the flood, when God said “All flesh has ruined it’s way”. He was left with no choice but to destroy the genetic manipulations cause by Satan and his demon angels who were hell bent on destroying everything that God had made. This genetic manipulations by Satan has never ended. He was alive when the earth and man came to be, and he knows how life on earth was formed. We are all being genetically manipulated right this minute. The food we are eating, is designed to go into our DNA and snip out sections and install new genetic codes. This is happening to the animal kingdom, and all life on earth, some of it being done through the air we breath, via Chemtrails. Think I am crazy, case in point, Zika !!! This is a genetic alteration of the human DNA by man made virus delivered by a genetically modified aerial delivery system, mosquitoes.

For the moment and for this writing, the last point I want to make on the subject of a revengeful God is this. It was Satan and his demons that inspired human sacrifice. The first human sacrifice inspired by Satan was at the Garden of Eden, and the victims were Adam and Eve. The second human sacrifice in the history of man was just outside the Garden of Eden, the son of Adam and Eve, Abel. Of the first four humans on earth, Satan saw to the sacrificing of three of them. And he never stopped. Human sacrifice continues to this very day, except it is on a far grander scale today, and some people even consider it normal, and it is now protected by law. 65,000,000 million children have been sacrificed on the alters of abortion clinics by American doctors, for those of you who still wave your disgusting flag. And might I just say this, in a nation that claims to be Christian, followers of Christ, no wonder Muslims call us infidels. Talk about hypocrisy. There has never existed a nation on this earth more evil than the United States of America. How is it even possible that any rational human being could look at the wholesale slaughter of 65,000,000 innocent children, and think of it as anything but the most evil. One more reason why blind patriotism and nationalistic pride disgust me practically more than anything else. Christmas is not a celebration of the birth of Christ, it is the celebration of child sacrifice. Of all of the holidays, to me, it is the most despicable.

From the earliest days of man, the sacrificing of children especially has been a part of the worship of Gods, not the true living God, but of the Gods made of brick and stone, the dead gods. The ones that never were alive. People to this very moment still shout and exclaim, God bless America, the greatest child sacrifice nation earth has ever seen, yes, child sacrifice is still very much a part of religious adoration. Imbued with religious fervor, the United States Military continues to sacrifice the lives of innocent children on the battlefields of corporate greed around the globe. By it’s own admission, starving to death, 500,000 children of Iraq, and we call those who participated in this atrocities, Gold Star Families, and pin medals on the soldiers for honor and valor, how disgusting. The United States Military, at 10:am, on the morning of 911, brought down the Twin Towers on the top of the heads of innocent children, women, men, police, fireman.. And then we called them heroes. Then we picked a country, any country, it didn’t matter, and in the middle of the night, while the innocent were sleeping, American Military soldiers, in their blind ignorant patriotic fervor, slaughtered the innocent. God Bless America, you stupid stupid ignorant people.

So, having vented that, the nation of Israel was suspended in a world filled with the alters of child sacrifice several thousand years ago. Perhaps the alters of Molech were like today’s Starbucks, one on every corner. They were described as being built in the high places surrounded by evergreen trees and having Asherah poles by them. A sacred pole to honor Asherah or Astarte. Celebrated by the holiday called Easter in modern times, the goddess of fertility. Fertility for the purpose of sacrificing the child on that very altar. There were ritual breeding sessions to deliberately get pregnant on a certain day, so that the child could be delivered on December 25, wrapped in a bundle, and placed underneath the evergreen trees at the altar. Get pregnant in March on Easter and deliver that child in December at the alter 9 months later, to be thrown into the fires of Molech. The celebration of Saturnalia continues to this very day, only now, Satan has hitched, pinned, it to Christ, blaming him for it. History is littered with the shredded wrappings and bows of the most evil holiday Satan ever created, and yet still to this very day, on December 25, around the world, millions of people join in with Satan and drag wrapped bundles from underneath the evergreen trees, and blame it on Christ. It doesn’t mean that to me they claim!!! It is what it means to Christ that should matter to them, and they should imagine just how he feels about a holiday erected in his honor, that leaves behind the legacy of gift giving of a live child, thrown into fire. Christ was alive for the thousands of years before the first century when child sacrifice was an established tradition among men, and it was called Saturnalia, he was also alive after the first century, when that celebration was renamed in his honor as a mass for Christ by the Catholic Church.

To this very day, there are breeding clubs around the world, that breed women in time to deliver a child on the abortion tables of the world, on the very day of Saturnalia celebrations.

When the nation of Israel was formed, the Jews adopted the practice of sacrificing children from the surrounding nations, in defiance of the living God. Even King Solomon got involved with it. Through out the history of God’s dealings there was nothing he could say or do to make the Jews stop throwing their children into the fires of Molech.

Man has been at war with each other since Cain and Able, but the first 4,000 years were particularly brutal and violent. War in those days meant that no living thing of the opposing side was left alive, no second generation to seek revenge, even the animals were slaughtered, that is just the way wars were fought in those times. There were no prisoners to take. Like for like, sole for soul, whenever God was involved in a war with man, he played that war by the rules man set up. And he left the reminders of his involvement for all to remember, and in some cases, had those reminders written down for future generations to be reminded. Some paint God as cruel and heartless, vengeful, a God of war not peace. God did not start the wars, he only finished them, when he or his were being threatened. If need be, God can become whatever he needs to be, to work out his will, and if that means coming down to the level of man and fighting man on his own terms, God can do that if he so chooses. First rule, don’t fight God, you are going to loose. And it will be like for like, eye for eye, tooth for tooth soul for soul. You kill one of his children, he will kill one of yours, you kill a pregnant woman, he will kill one of yours. Don’t do it. He will not leave your relatives behind to start things up all over again.

None of us are ever going to have the answer’s to how, why or whens and whos of the first 4,000 years of God’s dealings with man, and the endless wars of those times, until those involved come back to life and tell us. The Bible was never meant to detail those events or time periods. We can however view the Bible as an honest forth write congruent narrative and reflection of those events it mentions. Details missing, holes in stories, things left out, of course, but judge the book by what it did include. The Bible tells the story of the conflicts and the evil deeds and dealings of man on man rule. It also hints at the fateful challenges man made against God, and the outcome. The Bible gives us little snippets of events in the early years, of the good, the bad, the ugly and the decent side of man, and in some occasions, Gods response to them. The Bible does not sugar coat anything, if anything, it reveals the very worst, not the very best of man. For instance the reason for one of the most cataclysmic events in the history of man, is only one sentence long.

No one is flattered by the Bible, not God, not Man, and not Christ, this book is the most honest biography of all three ever written by or about individuals. If anyone, or any of the writers were ever trying to pull the wool over our eyes, and paint some sort of misleading, glory seeking, praise of or about themselves, the Bible is a calamitous failure. And it is just for these reasons, that it is the greatest story ever told. Part 2 to follow.

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