The Liberation Of Man

This blog is about how the past and  current events of this world are shaping up, to usher in, the Kingdom Christ taught us to pray for. To Jesus, the Kingdom was a real government, and this blog will show you how it can be real for you as well. Here I point out things that are going on in the world, that give reason to believe and hope, that God’s Kingdom is established in the heavens, and ready to begin ruling towards the earth. There is no entertainment here, this is a place of intellectual learning, where the accumulation of this knowledge can save your life in the coming days ahead. My mother used to work those 1000 piece jig saw puzzles. She would start with the borders, and work her way to the center, one piece at a time. Each piece had a different shape, and a specific place that it fit, forcing a piece into another might look initially like it goes there and it fits, but in the final assembly it is learned, that it did not go there. When all of the pieces started to fall into place the picture began to emerge, and you could begin to see the image come through. Likewise with all intellectual learning, it is accomplished one piece at a time, each piece adding it’s own structure to the composite. Each of these postings will give you a piece of the puzzle, and each day, as you ponder what you have learned, life all around you will begin to come into focus, until you reach the point, where you can also help me focus mine. As the scriptures say, one man sharpens the face of another, as steel sharpens steel, I am counting on you. It might seem overwhelming at first, these are things you have never thought of in this way, this is a new way of thinking for you. But notice this, that every single post is logical, it is reasonable, it makes sense, and all the pieces fit, but what it more, is that deep inside of yourself, as a part of your genetic makeup, you already know this stuff, it is just that this world, under the ruler ship of Satan, has overlaid these reasoning’s with all of the misleading trappings he can conjure up, to keep you confused and mislead. Within the context of these writings we will set these things straight, and once again you will see things for what they really are. None of us know the details of how and when the system of things as we know them right now that Satan has created will come to an end, we only know that it will end, because God promised it, and unlike Satan, God always keeps his promises. Jesus said that the condition of man would continue to advance toward the bad, until unless God stepped in to halt the destruction of the earth and everything on it, that no one would be able to survive it. If you will just take a moment to ponder this statement by Christ, you can deduce right now, that that is exactly where things are headed at a rapid pace. The ice caps will be gone, along with that all of the life they support, oil will be used up, and in the search for more oil, mankind will continue to pollute and destroy his environment. Already fracking is destroying our drinking water, soon, there will not be a drop of water to drink on this planet if Exxon has it’s way. Already the EPA and the United Nations own all of the water. But this blog will give you reassuring hope and confidence that God is going to bring the destruction of this earth and the life on it to an end himself, and you can live through that coming destruction, if you will stand with God, and let go of the kingdoms of man, established and ruled over by Satan. This blog will give you reasons why you should stand on God’s side. So welcome here, stay to the end, come here everyday and read a little, then digest it and come back tomorrow for more. Print this out, put it into a binder, share it with friends, pass it around, the more people that know and understand this stuff the better. There are 1080 pages here and I will be adding more as time goes on, read them all, you need all of this to get a complete picture. Let me know what you think.

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