Chemtrails What Are They


In as few of words as possible I will try to explain Chemtrails to you. Do not make the mistake of thinking that Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory. When the Government actually puts something in writing, it is no loner a theory, it is fact. Chemtrails are a multifaceted weapon of war, they do not do just one thing, they do a host of things, think Swiss army knife. It has allot of tools in one package. The United Stated Department of Defense calls Chemtrails, “Silent Weapons, For Quiet Wars”. The Military of the United States does not make weapons that heal, they fire weapons that are designed to kill, and Chemtrails are not designed to protect anyone, they are designed to kill everyone. What is causing the earth temperature to increase is not green house gasses or carbon dioxide build up in the atmosphere. In prehistoric times this entire earth was a lush jungle of vegetation emitting carbon dioxide. It is heat that is causing this earths temperature to rise. We are covering this earth in concrete and steel, instead of trees and gardens. We are creating huge cities and deserts. Lay yourself down on the hood of a car in the middle of a July month, and feel yourself blister almost instantly from the Sun’s reflected energy, now imagine if you will millions of cars, trucks and buses, utility vehicles, all made out of steel, converging on the road ways of this world, reflecting all of that heat. Vehicles by the millions are turned out every year by the auto manufacturers, we are covering this earth in steel from cars alone. Not to mention the heat generated by their running engines as they sit in traffic on the 405 at 5:00PM or 9:00AM. Notice how your feet blister when you are walking on sidewalks and pavement in the summer, we are covering our earth with roadways to drive our cars. We cut down our trees to build houses and make paper that we throw in the trash along with the furniture sold by IKEA. Instead of photo voltaic panels to produce electricity, we need to build heat voltaic panels, cause we are making allot of heat.

So, because of all of the physical heat that man is producing, not greenhouse gases that they want you to believe, picture the earth as a boiling pot of water, ok, got that image in your head ??

The Chemtrails are made up of nano particles of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Iron, Chromium, Titanium, Fluoride, Lithium, Ammonia, Chloride, fibers of polymers, some tubular as delivery vessels of red blood cells, bacteria, and viruses.

These nano particles of metals act as a lid on that boiling pot of water, the earth. The town where I live has had this year alone 11 months of overcast skies in the central Valley of Southern California, even Seattle, in the past, had intermissions. In the past we typically had 11 months of sunshine.

Mankind is trapped, suspended between the earth and the lid, in the chemically dense atmosphere they are spraying us all down with, dosing us all with every breath we take, until they give us our one final dose.

These nano particles are so small that they enter through cell membranes and past the blood brain barrier and right into our brains, where they short circuit our neurons. All life on this earth contains cells, nothing that is alive, even bacteria escapes these nano particles. We are in a rich agricultural area, almost all of the insects are gone, I traveled 4 hours across our dense farming area and got one single bug on my grill which I took a picture and posted, we almost have no birds left in our farmlands when there used to be millions of them. I cannot even remember the last time I saw a spider, and I almost never see an ant or any other insect anymore. Pay attention, if the bugs cannot live, eventually, neither will we.

These Chemtrails consist of billions of tons of metals at the molecular lever, we have all been breathing them in, meaning that our bodies are now electrically conductive. We are, and always have been, an electro – chemical organism. Our bodies work off of electricity and chemicals. But now the balance of those combinations is upset because of the massive dosing we are getting from every imaginable source of what is going into our bodies from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breath.

Our air is also electrically conductive now because it is filled with these nano particles of metals that float in the air for years, air that we breath. Our lungs, and our blood, is filled with metals now, don’t believe me, have your doctor do a test for heavy metals in your blood. Little by little they are increasing the dose, a few days ago I counted 10 jets spraying all at the same time. Now keep in mind this, those particles float in the air for some estimates are around a year, meaning that every day that they spray, the air is getting more and more dense with metal particles. It is estimated that currently 1 in 16 children will develop autism. Currently 1 in 3 humans have diabetes. Aluminum is widely known to be the cause of Alzheimer and dementia.

What do you suppose happens to our electrically conductive minds and bodies when we are hit with radio frequencies ???

Enter HAARP an antenna array system. Billions or trillions of watts of radio frequency energy from antenna systems around this globe, including under the ocean surface, beam energy across the surface of earth and bounce across the ionosphere. Plasma beam arrays even punch holes in the ionosphere. Because the air is now conductive, and also there is enough magnetic material in the air, the clouds and the atmosphere can be manipulated by someone sitting in front of a computer screen. And by the way, so can you. Ever hear of “Targeted Individuals” look into it. Allot of research has been done on the human brain in the last 50 years, and scientist have learned allot about controlling human behavior through chemistry and electrical brain wave modulations. Because your brain is now filled with conductive material, it is easy for them to control mass populations with radio frequency. Cell towers are not just for cell phones, all sorts of radio frequencies are beamed and received through them. The electrical grid, is a giant antenna system, and an extension of that grid goes through every wall in your house and completely surrounds you, even that mattress you are sleeping on if it has coil springs, can be conductive to radio frequencies, as can any metallic surface, like your car that you sit in all day.

Ever hear a ringing in your ear, usually one ear, up around 15 thousand cycles. That last only for a few seconds ? Sudden mood changes for absolutely no reason what so ever? Can’t sleep ? Panic attacks that you never had in your life before, often in the middle of the night you wake up to them ? Need a riot to protest something, no problem that is around 15 megahertz or so, lets just dial up one and watch those protesters change moods on a dime. Need a sudden panic buy or sell on wall street to up your portfolio, no problem, call NSA and they will transmit a panic session for you. The brains of humans are now conductive and are able to be manipulated by remote control. Notice that you are sleepy all of the time?Strange rashes come and go, joint pains you never had, and we cannot leave out that persistent cough you have developed, kind of dry most times. That low level respiratory difficulty you are having, those funny noises your sinuses are making as you breath in and out at night when you are laying down, it is not that I know your medical history, this is happening to all of us right now. By making your brain, your organs, your heart your lungs, conductive, it is then allot easier to microwave them, go outside, see those microwave transmitters on your corner that looks like a fake pine tree, you guessed it buddy, cooking you. The birds are filled with these nano particles as well, flying closer to the sky as they do, and when they fly close to a tower, zap, they fall out of the sky by the thousands. Fish in the sea, who have been drinking in this aluminum particles for decades, then hit with HAARP, and wash up on shore. Microwaved right in the water like a bowl of soup. Ever put a piece of aluminum in a microwave and watch the sparks fly, well all living things right now are getting filled up with aluminum, this includes you, your children, your pets, your bacteria which you cannot live without, YOUR BRAIN, then someone turns on the microwave on for you. Ever feel a little zap in your brain, I thought so.

Now lets talk a little about Chemtrails and a world wide land grab. If you go to YouTube and type in “Wildlands Project” you will find a map of the United States. See those black dots, that’s where people are gong to be allowed to live, all of that red and yellow stuff, no people allowed to live there, it is all going to go back to nature, back to Wildlands before man messed with it. Agenda 21 wants the people off of the land and into stack and pack housing, 200 square feet for a family of 5. 165,000 units being built in New York already, and China has about 8 ghost cities.

Because the atmosphere is no longer neutral, but is charged, it can be manipulated electrically, the Military printed that they were going to own the weather by 2025, and they almost do right now. It is well documented that the California drought has been man made. By steering the jet stream, the Geo engineering scientist can cause droughts in some areas and floods in others. Then they can cause floods in the drought areas and droughts in the flood areas. By doing this, it keeps the farmers from growing crops. They plant the seeds, and they will either have a flood or a drought, in either case their crops will not grow, if they do not have crops to take to the market, they cannot make their mortgage payment and get kicked off the land, then the corporation gets the land and puts in Monsanto GMO crops, the Geo engineers steers the weather in favor of the corporate farmer because his land mass allows for that. So systematically one farmer at a time has fallen victim, entire nations have been brought to their knees by Geo Engineering, ie Chemtrails, New Zealand , Australia, Ireland, Venezuela , Chile, Brazil. No crops, no food, no food higher prices, starvation, civil unrest, violence, crime, war. These Chemtrails are a crime against humanity on every level imaginable, and a few that we cannot even. Starvation is a form of population control, and no where is that more evident than in Africa where weather manipulation by Chemtrails has been going on for decades.

Chemtrails decimate economies, when entire swaths of acreage get destroyed by drought, as is the case in California, entire towns go belly up and die, no jobs, no one can make their mortgage payments or even rent, which spreads exponentially, when even a bubble gum machine goes out of business, someone is affected. There is no such thing as a real estate recovery, the foreclosures have just went back to the banks, and instead of the banks putting the houses back up on the market, they are forming rental agencies of their own and renting the houses out, often for much more than the mortgage would have been. Then has served to heard the cattle into the cities and off of the land. Another way of getting people off of the land is to just burn them out. Chemtrail planes spray aluminum and magnesium nano particles over forested areas, then set them on fire, and of course blame that fire on some campers. The magnesium and aluminum burn extremely hot and spread very fast, faster than any fire department could ever control. The fires in Australia are a good example of that. People are refused to go back to their lands now because they are considered toxic and off limits.

Chemtrails contain biological agents, bacteria and viruses packed into little shuttle poly tubes with red blood cells for them to feed on in their journey. Respiratory ailments are epidemic, as are cases of pneumonia. Nona particles assemble themselves into structures inside our bodies and brains, locking together like a hand full of magnets, Lego, into nanobots. Fungus, parasites, pathogens, diseases are sprayed by this delivery system. Now this is all documented, it is not just me telling you a story, go to YouTube type in Chemtrails, and if you care to, you can watch all types of scientist walk you through this stuff for the rest of your life. This is not a theory, you can walk outside and look up into the sky and see it for yourself. Agenda 21 wants 90% of the population dead by 2030, and if this is not stopped, they will reach their goal.

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