Self Defense

I look forward to a time in the history of man, when there is no longer a need, for guns, or self defense, among men, or against vicious animals in the wild. But that is not the world we live in yet, but one day it will come. Until that day arrives, there is a need to protect ourselves from evil in the world. I hold to my beliefs, that a man has the right to protect himself from harm, by any means necessary. Manchester was a false flag operation, as are most of those types of events, they are sponsored by the government to perpetuate an Agenda. Don’t think that soldiers will not kill innocent people, because that is all that soldiers do, on both sides, is slaughter innocent people to perpetuate the Agenda of their respective governments. Police have become, not the protectors of the people, but soldiers of the government, those are tanks at your police stations. Call the police for help these days, and you are the one most likely to be put on the ground, or shot dead, they are no longer our friends and protectors, things have changed, and that is what we all need to be aware of, and look into, there is a global Agenda being implemented in this entire world right now, and the police have been militarized to enforce this Agenda. This implementation of Agenda 21 can be seen with your own eyes once you become aware of it, it is all around you. The Chemtrails, IE, Geo-Engineering over the heads of England and this entire world, is the Swiss Army Knife of Agenda 21, it doesn’t just have one function, it has many, but one thing in particular that it does not have, and that is, it has nothing to do with curtailing global warming, in fact, it is an aluminum lid to global warming, it actually is making the earth warmer, the exact o[opposite of it’s stated claim. Remember this, whatever the government is telling you, what they really mean is the exact opposite. When they tell you that they are doing this to stop global warming, what they really mean is we are going to do this to increase global warming. Likewise with the police, the actions of the police are to increase crime, not stop it or prevent it, they want more of it. Taking the guns away from normal people, clears the path for the criminals. This happened in America as well, the police took the guns away from the people, and when they did, crime skyrocketed. Your first response will be, that is a lie, it is legal to own a gun in America. And for most Americans that is true. But, take that gun out of it’s holster, even in self defense, will cost you your life, the hammers of hell will come down on you and you will spend all that you have ever acquired in your life on lawyers to defend yourself. You have the right in America, to keep your gun locked up in your safe, take it out and display it, and it will cost you more than you could ever imagine. Even physically protecting yourself without a gun, is considered assault, and your attacker can press charges against you. A man who protects his wife against a rapist, can serve time in jail, because the struggle was between his wife and the rapist, not the husband, he was not threatened by the assault, his wife was, self defense of your family has been thrown out the window in America. We have perverted justice of natural law, and have framed mischief by decree in this world. And the answer to this dilemma, is not to empower the criminal, or add more police to protect the criminal, it is to allow the common man the right to protect himself. I submit to you this, that suicide bomber in Manchester, was not a suicide bomber at all, it was a chunk of meat from the butcher shop, blown up by your local cop shop, to instill hysteria in the population to garner support for more police. You want to reduce crime, reduce the police, and let men protect themselves and their families, without losing their jobs and their homes to lawyers and courts.

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