Muslim Attacks

The reason that I cannot pass this on is because it is an absolute lie, that Muslims took down the twin towers. The twin towers of 911 were taken down by the United States of America Military, perhaps even, upon members of their own family, on the heads of it’s own people while they were at work at 10am, not 3am while most people were home asleep, but in morning rush hour, for maximum impact. Any housewife, in Taft California, can climb onto a backhoe and dig out that plane that supposedly landed in Pennsylvania. No planes were used on any event on 911. No planes hit the twin towers, no plane hit the Pentagon, and no plane crashed in Pennsylvania. It serves no one to perpetuate a lie, except liars, stop this. Having said that, Islam is not a religion of peace, it is a religion of war, exactly like Christendom is. The greatest terrorist organization earth has ever seen is the United States of America, that is not an opinion, it is a historical fact. Yes, Muslims have committed horrible atrocities against the world, and against their own people, especially women, cutting off their genitals, and having sex with young boys, while claiming death to homosexuals, it is an evil, evil religion, but then again, it is choir boys compared to Catholicism, and 349 different denominations in the world council of churches pattern their doctrines after the Vatican, primary of which is the lie that Jesus is God Almighty. Great big huge giant mistake to accept refugees of Muslims into western society, individualists aside, these two cultures are diametrically opposed to each other and blend as well as oil and water. The European migrant influx is not an humanitarian aid, it is the importation of a standing army by the globalist, that is the very reason why it is all young men, and no women and children. America is asleep, that statement you made is true. Americans, as a nation, as a people, individuals aside, are the most stupid, ignorant people on earth, they cannot even see the sky above their heads, literally. There is no hope for America, it is too late, the only thing people can do right now is get their minds prepared for what is coming. And that is why, and what, I write. Case in point, take a serious hard look at the demeanor of Donald Trump, he is not the candidate we came to know, he has been gotten to, he has been silenced, and now, like a good boy, delivers the speeches he is handed, in unexpressed monotone, or face the consequences. Notice that Eisenhower gave his speech on the Industrial Military Complex, on his way out the door. Kennedy warned us of the group of evil men that wanted to enslave this entire world, and was killed two weeks later. All of the things promised, are dissolved, like every president before him. You Americans need to start seeing things for how they really are, and take off those rose colored glasses of bling patriotic fervor, and religious ideologies. Trump is going to do what he is told. Look past the podium people, listen deeper than the words, don’t carve out your own eyes with the bayonets of patriotism.

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