I suggest that you think about what you are saying here Paul. Here is what you said “The Republicans are traitors. They are not protecting our Constitution! They will be so vilified in the future.'” let me remind you, neither party is protecting our constitution, they both are shredding our constitution. The mere fact that we are even having this conversation is proof that the constitution is being challenged, and overwritten. Both parties are destroying the right to keep and bare arms, both parties are equally taking apart the right of free speech, and freedom of thought , if you even think different than the governments agenda, it is now an arrestable offense, IE red flag laws, where against a persons will they can be taken in for observation and under the NDAA can be detained forever. We are actually having national discussions about how to control peoples speech, we are actually censoring free speech in every form of media. We are discussing the disarmament of Americans, including knifes, and in England women cannot even carry nail files. The right to live, a god given and constitutionally supported right, “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” no longer exist in this country, and the shredding of life, literally, is no greater exercised than by the democratic party who offers not one single word of objection to it, indeed, in every single Presidential election the single biggest qualifier for any candidate, republican or democrat is their position on Roe Verses Wade, I speak of the barbaric practice of Americans, no different the the ancient nation of Israel, pulling the heads, arms, and legs off of children while they are still alive. The greatest terrorist nation earth has ever seen is the United States of America, who has pulled the heads off of some 65,000,000 of it’s own children, one forth of it’s entire population, and if this does not qualify as terrorism I cannot image what does, we make ISIS look like choir boys. And as if that were not enough, we then load up on air planes what ever children have some how escaped the abortionist scalpel, and we send them to foreign countries to slaughter children there, blowing them out of their beds in the middle of the night while they sleep and here in America, Republicans and Democrats sit around on their sofas, drinking their beer, with the game controllers in their laps, watching this go down on Fox and CNN like it was the latest Bruce Willis movie. This nation is evil to the core, and voting, taking sides with democrats or republicans is a joining in and acceptance of that evil. If you have bought your tickets, the cap, and the jersey, the hot dog and the beer, drove to the stadium, and are sitting in the bleachers, you cannot then make the claim that you are not at the game. If you show up at the polling booths, you are casting your lot in with that evil, no matter which side you are on, they are both evil.

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