Whenever thousand of policemen, hundreds of EMT and Police cars show up, and massive media attention from the main street media, and all of the suits of the alphabet agencies show up at a site all at the same time, for one single supposed shooter, this is all staged theater to perpetuate an agenda, prepared weeks or months in advance, and they were all ready to go. The United States of America has signed on to the Small Arms Treaty of the United Nations to disarm America, that is to say, they are coming after your guns. Brainwashing the American children that guns are the enemy, while at the very same time, those that they call to protect them are wearing guns, actually bringing in guns to the very scene of gun related trauma. This is why I speak so much about the blind ignorance and stupidity of Americans, not capable of even seeing what is in front of their own faces, scared to death of that evil gun, while the cop that is actually wearing a gun, is comforting them. Don’t be taken in by this, event in S…a….u….g….u…s is all staged theater.

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