I am not being a smart ass, the things I say are true, no one should be offended by the truth. More people in this country die from car accidents, a thousand times more, than opioids. I have had migraines since I was 11, and I cannot get the very medication, listed in the PDR as specific to migraines, because of this completely irrational hysteria over opioid medications. Opioids have been around for thousands of years, and of all of the pain medications it is the safest and the most effective. There is something else going on here, and that is what people should be looking at. Problem, reaction, solution, problems are created by the government, to illicit a response from the public, so that a governmental solution can be ushered in, which was the goal to begin with. Take away the pain medication from the people, they seek out relief from other sources, in this case, not a controlled medication by a doctor, but from street pharmacist, IE heroin. Now we get the public all up in arms about this evil heroin, so that they support the governmental crack down on drugs, which results in a further erosion of freedoms. The United States of America, could care less about drug addiction, or alcoholics, in fact during war in Vietnam the government gave the soldiers all the heroin they wanted for free, creating hundreds of thousands of drug addicts. The United States of America is in Afghanistan, not to provide freedom and democracy for the people of Afghanistan, but to protect their investment in the heroin distribution. The United States Military has been in the drug business for along time. So has England, the Opium wars. What ever your government is telling you, what they really mean is the exact opposite. In the words of Ronald Reagan, “The most terrifying thing a person can ever hear is,”I am from the government, and I am here to help”. Trump is told what to say, he delivers the speeches he is handed, he has zero power. The question that Americans should be asking is, “Why this sudden interest in Opium ” ??? Our government doesn’t care for one second about our health, nor does any other American care about the health of their friends, their neighbors, or even their own children. Mention health care to someone in America and you better be wearing a football helmet. To date America has spent in 16 years, 22 trillion dollars that they printed, to slaughter innocent people around this world, fake money, backed with nothing, man, talk about currency manipulation, No one comes even close to America. And not one single American complains about the Military machine that terrorizes the world, but when it comes to health care, Americans will bloody each other up over this subject. What sort of man, can look his child in the face and say, “I DO NOT WANT YOU TO HAVE HEALTH CARE” We print money by the Trillions to blow each other up, how about we print up some of that money to heal each other, but, Americans fight against health care to this very moment. Point being, exactly like I said, no one in this country is interested in anyone’s health, not even the health of their own children, so why this sudden interest in Heroin users , and why did our government deliberately turn prescription pain medication users, into heroin addicts ?? I am making the suggestion that once again, it is propaganda, to go after American freedoms, which actually we do not have, just the illusion of in the words of George Carlin, and it is to amplify the need for war, war in Afghanistan, war on the streets of America to take away more freedom, in this case freedom for a Doctor to prescribe what he knows his patient needs, Doctors are afraid to write prescriptions now. The American government, the Military, and the Police, are in competition with the drug cartels for the distribution of drugs , such as Heroin. The war on drugs, this new one, is all about the control of distribution, they want to wipe out their competition, IE the Cartels, so that they have complete control of the drug marked, they could give a damn about the health of anyone. Now, every single word I have spoken here is true, no one should be offended by the truth, what a person should be offended by, is the lies.

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