Good morning Lorraine, I just wanted to take a moment to say, I totally agree with you here on every word you spoke. A sentence here a word there is all I have said about the media. I have plans to write much more on this subject, but I do all that I humanly can as it is. I am just like anyone else, I am not filled with hate like by words might convey, my core personality is this, as long as there is one single person in this entire world, that does not have food to eat, water to drink and a place to live, neither do I , and I will not rest until they do. If I only thought of myself, I would live in someplace like the old, not the new, but the old British Columbia among the rivers and trees, in quiet solitude. I have a deep abiding love of our creator, all of his creation, and mankind, I have a heart full of love for my fellow man, I want the best for everyone first before myself, when we all ban together to rebuild this earth, I want my house to be the very last house we build. Never view the things I write as hate speech, no matter how hateful or obscene the words in the heat of the battle, we are at war, and in the trenches of war, surrounded by those who have been slaughtered, with bullets flying over our heads, with a clearly visible advancing army, running out of supplies and ammunition, is where I find myself, and where every single America truly is right now, and the things I write about are just my desperation to wake them up to the dangers surrounding them, they do not realize, that our enemies are we ourselves, our friends and our neighbors, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, if America is destroyed, it will be by it’s own people. But exactly like you say, the media has the megaphone, and the loudest voice, and they drown out my words, and they spew propaganda, lies, and endless deceptions and distractions. I often rail on CNN because CNN has the loudest voice in this entire world. This entire world listens to CNN. You are absolutely right, Americans are being blinded by the Media, CNN, FOX, MSN. I have mentioned before, my disgust with the American people about their apathetic relationship with the media, and just how evil the media is, man oh, man, talk about hate speech, the media is nothing but. When I say, that Americans, are the most blind, ignorant, stupid people earth has ever seen, of course I am talking about the nation as a whole, and in that context, I mean every word I say. Of course there are wonderful people in this country, like in every country, but we cannot turn a blind eye to the historical and current facts, right now, in the history of man, America is operating as the most evil nation earth has ever seen, and the media is the propaganda machine of that evil. That is why I rail on the television programming so much, and sports, and video games, these things lull people to sleep in the foxholes, when they should be reloading. Healthcare, perhaps my greatest disappointment in my fellow man. Every single person in this entire world, is going to need health care, not one of us is going to escape it, and yet in this country, in America, that is to say Americans as a people, we will actually go fist to cuffs, we will protest in the streets, we will bloody each others noses, to prevent our own dying children from getting the health care they need to survive, and I mean every single fucking word of that. When ever a law maker, and the Americans that put and keep him in that position, prohibits and stands in the way of healthcare in this country, he is actually killing his own children, mother, father, brother, and sister. Tell me, what sort of man is it, that will stand between a doctor and his sick child, tell me, just exactly how evil is that man, this my friends is an accurate description of the average American man, we are all standing in the way of our own health care, in the words of Michael Jackson, “We could all be saving our own lives, but we will kill each other to prevent it” a little twist on “We are saving our own lives” . When an American rallies against health care, he is at the very same time, preventing the health care of his own family and friends. But he is blinded by the media. In all of my life, except myself, I have never in my life heard one single American protest the loading up of an airplane, flying to a foreign country, and drop those bombs on innocent men women and children while they sleep, in the middle of the night, when they had no chance of running, innocent people, who did nothing wrong, who were no ones enemy, this is what America does to the rest of the world. Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabi, these are choir boys compared to America Hitler killed 6,000,000 Jews, America has murdered 65,000,000 of it’s own children for god’s sake. My words are absolutely true, America is the most evil nation earth has ever seen, but the media, hides, and blinds the population to the facts, they actually glorify war, prohibiting the population from seeing the real effects of war, as in, a dead body cannot be shown on the media, America worships trained killers, instead of being appalled and disgusted by them, we hold parades in honor of them, all because of the propagation and the brainwashing provided by the media. Americans worship death, and they protest life. That is the truth of the matter. Soldiers are guilty of cold blooded murder, and they should not be honored, they should be imprisoned, and once mankind is able to get away from the media, long enough for the cobwebs to clear, they will see that. America will spend, just in the last 16 years alone, 22 Trillion dollars that has been actually accounted for, to blow up innocent people around the world. This is deficit money, that is to say, money that is printed out of thin air, backed by nothing, specifically earmarked for war. The actual deficit is in the hundreds of trillions, of printed money, fiat currency, backed by nothing. While America complains about other countries manipulating their currency, OMG man isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, History has never seen a greater currency manipulator that the United States of America. You see, the media brainwashes the American people to the point that Americans believe they are the leaders of the free world, the greatest nation on earth, when they are the exact opposite. Healthcare is one more proof of that, Americans will spend trillions of dollars to blow each other up, and others around the world, but Americans will not spend a dime to heal each other, not even our own children, not even our own selves, we would much rather kill, than heal, that is a hard truth to swallow, but it is absolutely true, look at the facts, 22 Trillion dollars to kill, how much have we spent to heal. Now some claim social security is in deficit, but the truth of the matter is social security has been raided by the government, the bank has been robbed, but even robbed, if you subtract the amount of money Americans contributed into the social security network from their paychecks, from the amount the government picks up from Medicare and Medicaid, that health care safety net drops to almost zero. The problem with health care is greed by the Wall Street bankers who want to profit from illness, that is the total problem, insurance companies. The five tallest buildings in Houston Texas belong to health insurance companies. The problem with Obama Care was not the ACA it was the insurance companies and the corrupt politicians who profit from insurance companies. The only solution to this health care system is a single payer system, until which time man has figured out, that all of his problems, except life itself, stem from money, end money, and all of mankind’s problems, except life itself, end overnight, and none of us can even begin to image just how wonderful life can be for all of us, once the greatest weapon of war, has finally been laid to rest, money.

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